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"Thank you.  And thank you for being you.  I have been to a lot of workshops in my day and it is rare that I feel a sensation of true integrity coming from the person leading it.  I don't feel any dissonance between what you say and what you do.  That's an extraordinary quality."
  • Spring Energetics: Release your Radiance

    New Spring Energetics Program – Launches April 1st! Imagine if you could work with Prune every day for a whole month, allowing you to connect to your place of peace and balance with daily support and guidance so you know exactly what to do. Come on a journey with Prune and learn how to: Drop […]

  • Enhanced Energy Perceptions 2

    New dates announced for EEP 2! Apr 3-6 in Cornwall ‘Life transforming! EEP gave me the gift of seeing everything in a totally different way. It connected me deeply with other people, with nature, and with all of creation.’ – Learn how to perceive energy through your own primary sensory lens – Weave your energy […]

Completed Courses

  • Re-Visioning the Soul – Initiation

    Glastonbury, Spring Equinox 17-20th March 2019 So many of us express a desire to be connected to our Soul Path or our Soul Purpose. And yet so many of us ask How? How will I know it? How do I find it? What do I have to learn in order to connect to my soul […]

  • The Wisdom Womb – January 18-21, Heerde, Netherlands

    The Wisdom Womb – Initiating the Healing and Power of Woman Prune has created this sacred retreat for all women, inviting them to experience and discover the immense depth of power and vitality of the Divine Feminine, housed and nurtured within the womb and womb area. It is a power and wisdom so often denigrated, […]

  • Healthy, Energised and Empowered; Energy Medicine for Women with Prune Harris

     September 29th&30th 2018 class in Rotterdam, Netherlands
    This 2 day class is for women everywhere who wish to understand more about how they can live a balanced, joyful, empowered life.
    When we are able to understand our energy system and how to balance it through simple and powerful exercises, we are able to create and maintain health, vitality and balance. Join Prune in this 2 day class to learn how you can live your fullest, healthiest life.

  • Enhanced Energy Perceptions 1

    New dates announced for EEP 1! Nov 7-10 in Cornwall ‘Life transforming! EEP gave me the gift of seeing everything in a totally different way. It connected me deeply with other people, with nature, and with all of creation.’ – Learn how to perceive energy through your own primary sensory lens – Weave your energy […]

  • In Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Sacred Tour of Ancient Cornwall, Oct 6-12, 2018

    In Cerridwen's Cauldron – The Magic and Mystery of Cornwall Cornwall, October 6-12, 2018 ‘I am so honoured and delighted to be facilitating this Cornish Pilgrimage. Each year, I listen to the spirits of the land to see where is waiting for us,  where is opening to us,  and where is calling for us to […]

  • The Healthy Healer – One day class in Dorking – November 27

    Do you give your time to look after other people or animals? If the answer is yes then this class may change your life. The Healthy Healer is designed for all levels of knowledge and experience (from the complete beginner to the most advanced) and is for everyone who works with caring for others, physically, emotionally […]

  • US Energy Medicine classes with Prune Harris; The Healthy Healer, and From Plateau to Prowess

    Fredricksburg, Virginia. May 17-19th, 2018Prune will be teaching two Energy Medicine courses in Fredricksburg Virginia this spring. Day 1: open to everyone. The Healthy Healer. This class is for everyone who works with caring for others. This may be Healthcare Practitioners (mainstream and new paradigm), parents, teachers, those supporting people with mental health or special needs etc. In this […]

  • The Wisdom Womb – Initiating the Healing and Power of Women – First US Class

    The Wisdom Womb – Initiating the Healing and Power of Woman  Prune has created this retreat to work with shamanic energy medicine techniques to help women discover the immense power and vitality of the Divine Feminine that is housed and nurtured in the womb and womb area. It is a power, wisdom and vitality that […]

  • Wisdom Womb 2 – the Healing and Power of Woman

    The Wisdom Womb, part 2 – the Healing and Power of Woman Our 2nd Womb Wisdom gathering will allow for the initiation of the healing and POWER of woman. This is where we get to move from release into regeneration, from woundedness into creativity, from observer of our life into powerful creator of every aspect of […]

  • Energy Anatomy – Monday, January 22nd 2018 – 1 day post-class

    Glastonbury. January 22nd, 2017What do our energy systems look like? How do our 9 energy systems fit together? Where are the access points that allow us to influence the systems most effectively?   Join Prune Harris for a visual extravaganza of colour and interconnectiveness as she explains the dynamic dance of our energy bodies. Able to see […]

  • EEM Foundations Year 2017

    Prune is teaching an EEM Foundations class this year in Glastonbury! Class dates are:Class 1 – May 18-21stClass 2 – August 3-6thClass 3 – Nov.2-5thClass 4 –  Jan(2018) 18-21st For info on how to register, see below The Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Classes in Glastonbury is a one-year program designed for those people desiring in-depth coursework […]

  • Summoning the Sun – Sacred Tour of Orkney – September 16-22

    Summoning the Sun – Healing the Divine Masculine Orkney Islands, Scotland – September 16-22, 2017 During the powerful energy of the Autumn Equinox, Prune will lead this work in Orkney to work with an immense Yang Portal energy housed within Orkney. We will be a small gathering, working with the intention of balancing the Divine Masculine […]

  • The Cosmic Tree; introductory shamanic course – November 12-15, 2017

    To maintain small class size, there will be two sets of dates for both Class 1 and Class 2. And to maintain the group energy that we will be creating, we aim to keep the groups intact for both classes, so in choosing the group which best suit you, make sure to confirm the dates […]

  • Healing the Spirit; Healing the Soul – Bristol, December 2-3, 2017

    Bristol. December 2nd and 3rd 2017In this two day class, Prune will use Energy Medicine and Energy Anatomy understandings to share techniques on how to work with, and heal, the Soul level matrix of the body. Understanding the anatomy of the Soul allows us insights into how to bring energetic adjustments to ensure continual healing […]

  • Cauldrons of Power, Consciousness and Transformation

    During these three days together Prune Harris and Jyotish Patel will facilitate a journey through each of powerful energy centres of the Dantiens. In the Celtic tradition, these three immense energy centres are known as the three Cauldrons, and they house the energies of individual power, transforming beyond duality, and collective consciousness. Building on the […]

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