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Full class video of Prune’s fascinating class on the elements, Diving deeper into the 5 rhythms

Are you a Lung Metal or a Bladder Water? What is the difference between the character of a Yin Wood and the character of a Yang Wood? How can you identify these differences in others?

Join Prune for this full day class to deepen your exploration of the Yin and the Yang of the 5 Elements. This video takes you through the understandings of the Traditional Chinese Medical model of how we work with Eden Energy Medicine. For example, we know that if we are going to be sedating Triple Warmer then firstly we hold Stomach 36 and Triple Warmer 10…..but why? Why these specific points on the TW and ST meridians?

What is the Horary Flow and how can we work with it?

In this video Prune works with Rhythm points and Horary Points as she takes her class ever deeper into the subtleties of the Rhythms in order to enhance your understandings and practice of Energy Medicine for, health, vitality and connectiveness.

This class has been designed for current students of EEM as it provides key essentials of TCM that are not taught within EEM and yet are the building blocks of your practice.

The video clip above is Prune’s introduction to the Class video. The Class video comes with a class handout included. Enjoy!

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