1. Dear Prune and Team,

    I’m a little late on this and not on the right page I guess ….
    … but I just want to say thank you so much for the mighty menopause program
    with all the great exercises and insights!!!
    Hope there will be more in the future 🙂 …
    It just makes my day brighter 😉 …
    So, thanks again and have a beautiful holiday season

    1. Dear Edna, it’s never too late! So pleased to hear your comments. Wishing you a wonderful midwinter, with lots of time to cosy up, have long deep baths and enjoy connecting with friends and family over these long nights.


  2. I would like to sign up for your newsletters and become a member, but am unable to do so. When I click the link (“Contact Us/Join Mailing List”) on your home page, it gives me the message, “This page is only available to members.” I cannot find a way on this website to become a member. Can you help?

  3. Hi Colin

    Thank you for your reply, I can now access all of the weeks for each of the Liver program but for one small thing. I can’t access the recipes for weeks 1-7 for some reason. Following that, weeks 8-26 are fine. I also have the heart program and that is fine.

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I know what it is like when you make changes on a website other things can suddenly change.

    I’m loving all of the great information that Prune is providing, her work has helped my health a lot over the past few years.

    Thank you Lynette

  4. Hi Prune

    I can’t access any of my orders now, I’ve purchased both Love your Liver and High Vibration heart and have been having problems with accessing these over the past couple of weeks. I still need to download some of them and I’m being told today that I don’t have any orders at all.
    Could you please have someone sort it out for me. I did leave a message on the heart page some days ago as I could only see the first 4 weeks at that stage but I didn’t receive a reply.
    I’m not sure whether this is the wrong way to try and contact you. If I don’t receive a reply by tonight I will try emailing.
    I live I Australia so I can only do your online courses.

    Thank you
    Lynette McKay

    1. Hi Lynette,
      So sorry about this, and I am working on it. We changed one of the pieces of the website structure, and it seems like some things have been lost in the process… I have put all the HVH pages back on, so if you can get access to the program, you will now have all the weeks back, and I will look into the Liver program now too. Sorry, and it should be resolved very soon. Collin

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