1. Hello Collin,

    Since about a month ago I haven’t been able to access my High Vibrational Heart course. Could you help me with this?

    Thank you very much

  2. Hello
    I purchased the course High vibrational heart in February and did the first two weeks. But then I had to make a break and now I can’t enter it again. Every time I try to get to my course I am told that I first have to buy it. It’s visible on my account, but somehow I don’t manage to enter again.
    Could you please tell me the exact way I have to “go” on your website to be able to access my course?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Warm wishes from Switzerland

  3. I would like to sign up for your newsletters and become a member, but am unable to do so. When I click the link (“Contact Us/Join Mailing List”) on your home page, it gives me the message, “This page is only available to members.” I cannot find a way on this website to become a member. Can you help?

    1. Hi!
      I had replied to your comment, but see now that it didn’t load, so you must be wondering why no-one got back to you! Very sorry about that. Anyway, thanks for your help in pointing that out, and it has been resolved, so hopefully you will still sign up for the newsletter, and see some course offerings that appeal to you.
      cheers, Collin

  4. Hi Colin

    Thank you for your reply, I can now access all of the weeks for each of the Liver program but for one small thing. I can’t access the recipes for weeks 1-7 for some reason. Following that, weeks 8-26 are fine. I also have the heart program and that is fine.

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I know what it is like when you make changes on a website other things can suddenly change.

    I’m loving all of the great information that Prune is providing, her work has helped my health a lot over the past few years.

    Thank you Lynette

  5. Hi Prune

    I can’t access any of my orders now, I’ve purchased both Love your Liver and High Vibration heart and have been having problems with accessing these over the past couple of weeks. I still need to download some of them and I’m being told today that I don’t have any orders at all.
    Could you please have someone sort it out for me. I did leave a message on the heart page some days ago as I could only see the first 4 weeks at that stage but I didn’t receive a reply.
    I’m not sure whether this is the wrong way to try and contact you. If I don’t receive a reply by tonight I will try emailing.
    I live I Australia so I can only do your online courses.

    Thank you
    Lynette McKay

    1. Hi Lynette,
      So sorry about this, and I am working on it. We changed one of the pieces of the website structure, and it seems like some things have been lost in the process… I have put all the HVH pages back on, so if you can get access to the program, you will now have all the weeks back, and I will look into the Liver program now too. Sorry, and it should be resolved very soon. Collin

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