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  1. Hi Prune,
    Hope all is well with you .
    I am interested to be a certified practitioner i n energy medicine .i live in jordan (middle east and the closest place to me to take classes will be in UK . I am willing to go once a year to UK . But all classes I noticed required to travel like almost every month which make it very costly for me. Is there anyway I can get these certification without traveling many times to UK or by online.
    I really appreciate your help.
    Bless you and my best regards

    1. Hi Hanan, Donna Eden’s courses can all be found at Her certification program meets 4 times a year for 2 years. She does offer online courses, but not for certification. It really is a very stringent and intensive program so any less time wouldn’t be suitable. Also, because the teaching involves a large amount of supervised hands on work it does need to be in person. with love, Prune

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