Below is a list of Imaginal Health's upcoming courses, both Energy Medicine and Shamanic training.
Imaginal Health offers introductory level courses for those just beginning their exploration of Energy Medicine, all the way up to specialised Clinical Modules for experienced practitioners. Similarly, there are a range of online courses, and one-day or multi-day residential courses, providing options to accommodate today's busy schedules.
We are sure you will find something which resonates with where you are and what you need now. Click on the class title below to learn more and for registration details. Enjoy!
  • The High Vibration Heart – Online Program

    If you are a member, (if not logged-in, do so first here) use this button to to access The High Vibration Heart; the second online offering in Prune’s ‘Commitment to the Soul’ programA 12 Week online programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris£95Join Prune in this 12-week exploration of […]

  • US Energy Medicine classes with Prune Harris; The Healthy Healer, and From Plateau to Prowess

    Fredricksburg, Virginia. May 17-19th, 2018Prune will be teaching two Energy Medicine courses in Fredricksburg Virginia this spring. Day 1: open to everyone. The Healthy Healer. This class is for everyone who works with caring for others. This may be Healthcare Practitioners (mainstream and new paradigm), parents, teachers, those supporting people with mental health or […]

  • The Wisdom Womb – Initiating the Healing and Power of Women – First US Class

    The Wisdom Womb – Initiating the Healing and Power of Woman  Prune has created this retreat to work with shamanic energy medicine techniques to help women discover the immense power and vitality of the Divine Feminine that is housed and nurtured in the womb and womb area. It is a […]

  • Wisdom Womb 2 – the Healing and Power of Woman

    The Wisdom Womb, part 2 – the Healing and Power of Woman Our 2nd Womb Wisdom gathering will allow for the initiation of the healing and POWER of woman. This is where we get to move from release into regeneration, from woundedness into creativity, from observer of our life into powerful […]

  • EEM Foundations Year 2017

    Prune is teaching an EEM Foundations class this year in Glastonbury! Class dates are: Class 1 – May 18-21st Class 2 – August 3-6th Class 3 – Nov.2-5th Class 4 –  Jan(2018) 18-21st   For info on how to register, see below The Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Classes in Glastonbury […]

  • Healing the Spirit; Healing the Soul – Bristol, December 2-3, 2017

    Bristol. December 2nd and 3rd 2017In this two day class, Prune will use Energy Medicine and Energy Anatomy understandings to share techniques on how to work with, and heal, the Soul level matrix of the body. Understanding the anatomy of the Soul allows us insights into how to bring energetic […]

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