The Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring (PAM) Program was created by Prune to offer graduates of EEM further online training to deepen and advance their skills and practice. There are two levels and each level is built around 12 specific clinical topics that will arise in your practice again and again. Prune writes an in-depth exploration exploring the topic and accompanies it with an hour long video of her working around this clinical topic in a live session with a client. It gives you the chance to watch Prune navigate the energy of the client, listen to how she presents the issue to the client and the language she uses, as well as explore how to master the clinical skill and why you would choose that particular way to work with the client.
Please note, this is only for practitioners of EEM as Prune talks of clinical methodology and skilled approaches to client work.
Use the buttons for more information on the topics in each level.
If you are interested in individual clinical topics to study to advance your practice, you can find many in the Clinical Skills Series.

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