This page is for students and practitioners of Eden Energy Medicine as well as for those students who have trained with Prune in Enhanced Energy Perception. There are free resources as well as programs and classes.
The Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring (PAM) Program was created by Prune so that graduates of EEM can have further online training to advance their skills and practice. There are two levels and each level contains 12 videos of Prune doing live sessions with different clients. Each session is based around a different theme, is approximately an hour and is accompanied by an article that explores the themes presented in the session. Please note, this is only for practitioners of EEM as Prune talks of clinical methodology and skilled approaches to client work. For more info click on the button.
Although at the moment, Prune is not offering private mentoring sessions, she still offers group mentoring to practitioners in groups of 3-6.
Although many of Prune’s blogs are useful for the skilled practitioner, there are some that contain clinical methodology that make them only accessible to someone trained in EEM. They are all free and you can access them here. ew text about Practitioner content. Buttons consist of PAM topics individually, the two PAM programs, Practitioner Blogs, and Clinical Mentoring