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The Peaceful Heart.
Join Prune for free! 31 days of videos to help you connect into your peaceful, joyous heart. Videos range from 4-25 minutes long and each one has a different energy exercise, understanding or meditation. Prune offers this program with blessings from her heart to yours.

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Prune has over 100 videos demonstrating energy exercises for health and vitality. Find the ones that transform your life! You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

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Click on the player below to listen to Prune sharing more about your Wisdom Womb, and how to connect into it, on a recent interview on the Energy Medicine Summit.
Radio Interview: Reclaim your Power
Health Benefits of Energy Medicine for Positive Health magazine
Hormonal health and Happiness for Positive Health magazine
Contributor to Making Energy Medicine our own
For Indigenous teaching stories Prune collated during her work with Mi’kmaw Elders;

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