In this class, the final stage in the EEP program, we take our perception studies deeper into the Energetic Core to enable healing of the matrix or grid level.

Through the previous three classes of EEP we have learnt to perceive, understand and navigate the Energetic Core through the Stellar Diamond, the Grounding 8, and the Assemblage Point. We have also been beginning to connect into the electrical Earth Energy and thus understand the manner in which we, as humans, experience and house the vast cosmic energies of the Earth and the Heavens.  

With these combined learnings, we are prepared to work with the Taiji Pole, the deepest level of our whole-body system, to move beyond duality and heal the rents and wounds at the soul level.


"Life transforming! EEP gave me the gift of seeing everything in a totally different way. It connected me deeply with other people, with nature, and with all of creation.'

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