This class will build on the EEP understandings of Classes 1 and 2 with specific focus on how to work with specific portal points within the interconnective web of creation.
Literally, how we can use the energetic access points within our energy systems that connect us into the greater web. We will deeply explore the sacred medicine of the Assemblage Point through Consciousness Energetics approaches and discover the role that the Assemblage Point has in our work with Energy Perception.
(Please note that in Yr 2 of EEM you will learn about the Assemblage Point and how it can be worked through EEM approaches. Our focus in EEP will be quite different although both approaches are complimentary to each other)
In EEP Class 3 we will also deepen our ability to align ourselves to the rising yin Earth Energy.
"Life transforming! EEP gave me the gift of seeing everything in a totally different way. It connected me deeply with other people, with nature, and with all of creation.'

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