Join Prune to learn how to see energy, feel energy, and perceive energy in your own unique way. Able to see, feel and work with energy since a child, it took Prune until her 30s to understand that not everyone experienced this as their reality. And yet, it is possible for all of us. Making it possible is why Prune designed the Enhanced Energy Perceptions (EEP) course.
The full EEP course consists of four classes, for you to progress within according to your own timeframe. The objective of the course is to reconnect you with your own innate ability to see/perceive energy as well as to work with your intuitive wisdom ways of knowing. This is an integrated approaches course that will merge Shamanism, Energy Medicine and Consciousness Energetics.
  • Learn how to perceive energy through your own primary sensory lens
  • Weave your energy perception into your life, your relationships and your practice
  • Become skilled at working with distance healing through enhanced perception
  • Receive the Enhanced Energy Perception attunement
  • Deeply connect to your intuitive wisdom ways of knowing and healing
Class 1
This is the first class in the EEP course, and introduces students to the various sensory types, the basic techniques of...
Class 2
The second class builds upon the skills learned and experience gained in class 1, and explores soul archetypes, yin and yang of the elements...
class 3
The third class in the EEP course introduces students to the main access points to the energetic web, and explores deeper into...
class 4
The final class in the EEP program will take students' perception studies deep into the energetic core, to learn to effect healing at this...

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