Consciousness Energetics is the weaving together of health, vitality, consciousness and the easy connection to an individual’s soul path. This is mindfulness in action!
We are living in times of great transition, socially, economically, spiritually, and ecologically.
Consciousness Energetics understandings give us the map to help navigate these dynamic and challenging times that are ripe with opportunity for each of us to raise our vibration and become part of dreaming our collective future into being.
We are not powerless. We are more powerful than most of us can conceive.
And there are millions of us all working to create a better world for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and all of the inhabitants of our Earth. Yet, many of us can feel disorientated as we try to navigate some of these unknown pathways.
Consciousness Energetics teaches the tools we need to move forward together. 
There are three main threads to the Conscious Energetics courses: Enhanced Energy Perception Program, the Commitment to the Soul program, and residential CE courses that weave Energy Medicine and Shamanic understanding to help us learn how to thrive in radiant awareness. 
Enhanced Energy Perceptions
This is Prune's central Consciousness Energetics course, in which students learn skills and techniques to experience and interpret energy...
CE Courses
A range of courses teaching a weaving of shamanic and Energy Medicine understandings, including introductory classes and residential...
A Commitment to the Soul
When we are connected to our Soul we feel joyful, peaceful, loved, eager for life, energised, empowered, strong and vibrant. We know...

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