There are exciting opportunities to train with Prune, either in person, or via her online courses. She is an inspired educator whose passion and skill is in sharing energy and health understandings and making them everyday knowledge.
Prune has been guided to offer programs that have at their essential core the objective of empowering, enlivening, freeing and reconnecting the Soul in each of us. There is no single approach to finding this depth of liberation and reconnection. It is as simple as feeling the Soul joy of being with a child who is laughing in delight, and as complex as embracing our individual fears, limitations and personal demons so that we can truly live the life that we came to experience.
Here is what others have said about her teaching

Grateful thanks for your inspired and careful handling of the workshop over past three days..It was truly a privilege to be there and to witness and the share in all the energy movement and transformation which was happening in that sacred space. Thanks so much Prune