If there is another person in the room as you are reading this then don’t let them leave….it will be of benefit to you both! One of the most simple and powerful energy techniques that we can share with another person is the Spinal Flush.

A spinal flush can help bring balance to:

Fatigue. Dizzines. Brain fog. Nausea. Indigestion. Negative emotions. Digestive issue.The nervous system. Insomnia. Hormonal imbalances.(Really, the list is endless…..)

By massaging either side of the spine in the spaces between the vertebrae, we are able to affect change within the whole-body system. And this is because these powerful points, known as Shu Points in Chinese medicine, work to stimulate and balance the movement of lymphatic fluid, bring balance to the nervous system and helping us move from stagnation into movement, from restriction into expansion.  Watch a demonstration of the Spinal Flush here on Prune’s YouTube channel.And the great news is that you can do this fully clothed so literally, you can offer and receive a Spinal Flush at any time, any where.

I have yet to meet anyone who can’t give a good spinal flush, but it is like much that we share with another person, it can take time and feedback before we get it right. So be patient with yourself and patient with your partner as you are learning how to give each other the spinal flush that suits their system. Ask if the pressure is correct for that specific point. The objective is to massage each point as deeply as is possible without causing any pain. You will find that some days there are certain points that give a lot of discomfort, and these are the very points that need to be worked the most on that particular day, in order to bring balance to the specific meridians organ system represented by the painful point. In general, and as with all energy balancing approaches, the more regularly you do a Spinal Flush the greater the benefits as the superficial imbalances become non-existent and the deeper health challenges are able to be addressed.

The Spinal Flush is one of our most powerful and simple daily tools to stay healthy, joyful and vibrant. Kids LOVE them (as long as you don’t do it too tickly) and it is a great way to share health and happiness with those you love. It is even easy to incorporate into a long hug with your loved ones.  I hope you enjoy getting and giving a Spinal Flush.

With love, prune


  1. Thank you so much Prune. This contribution comes at the perfect time. I met someone who has a problem with her lymphatic system. She has one extremely swollen leg. Could this be helpful for her? She studied herbalism and is open to self healing techniques. I was telling her about massasing neurolymphatic points. Thanks again Prune. I love watching your videos!

    1. Hi Josie, absolutely. When there is swelling in the body then working with the Neurolymphatics points is a great way to help the whole body system with lymph movement and detoxification. Much love, Prune

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