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  • In Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Sacred Tour of Ancient Cornwall, Oct 6-12, 2018

    In Cerridwen's Cauldron – The Magic and Mystery of Cornwall Cornwall, October 6-12, 2018 ‘I am so honoured and delighted to be facilitating this Cornish Pilgrimage. Each year, I listen to the spirits of the land to see where is waiting for us,  where is opening to us,  and where is calling for us to join them. When I recognised the deeply familiar voice of the Spirit of Cornwall, I was touched to the core of my soul. The theme for this year’s Cornish Pilgrimage immediately became apparent; Magic and Mystery, two characteristics that Cornwall resounds with.  The archetypes held within this pilgrimage have also come forward and there are three of them to guide our way over the 5 days of pilgrimage;  the Mystic, the Witch and the Warrior. Do you hear them calling your Read More Here…

  • Summoning the Sun – Sacred Tour of Orkney – September 16-22

    Summoning the Sun – Healing the Divine Masculine Orkney Islands, Scotland – September 16-22, 2017 During the powerful energy of the Autumn Equinox, Prune will lead this work in Orkney to work with an immense Yang Portal energy housed within Orkney. We will be a small gathering, working with the intention of balancing the Divine Masculine so that human consciousness can expand in balance and harmony. We will be in some stunning landscapes, and soak up the heritage of thousands of year of history, but this will be an active, empowering shamanic workshop, not a tour in the ‘tourism’ sense. The Orkney Islands are an archipelago to the North of the Scottish mainland, with some of northern Europe’s most striking and best preserved Neolithic and Bronze Age sites. Our trip will concentrate on the main Island of Orkney, Read More Here…

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