A 12 Week online programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris


Join natural health expert, Prune Harris, in this 12 week online program to explore how to navigate through the menopause years with your health and sanity intact! (and the health and sanity of those around you). The menopause years bring huge hormonal changes to your body, your vitality, your perceptions of life and your place within it.
For many women, the pre-menopause years begin to bring changes that might at first be subtle, such as mood shifts, changing body shape or increasing tiredness, but these subtle changes can ramp up into hormonal havoc as hot flashes, anger, exhaustion, and pain charge up your life. The menopause is mighty indeed.
In this 12 week online program Prune will facilitate understandings of how to begin to balance the changes and the hormones in your body so that you are able to live in harmony  with these hormonal changes and the opportunities presented within it. For, as the menopause hormones initiate great change within the whole body system, they present an opportunity for you to reclaim the power of your balanced health and explore the vastness of your empowered woman’s wisdom. Rather than a living torment, the menopause can be an amazing rites of passage from one phase of your life to another phase, filled with richness, vitality and joy.
Each week, in blogs and videos, Prune will present techniques and understandings for you to learn how to:
  • Balance your hormones
  • Manage weight gain/loss
  • Stabilise your mood
  • Engage with the fullness of life
  • Activate your vitality
And you can share your explorations and thoughts on the Mighty Menopause forum; a online place for women to gather for knowledge, information and supportive community.
With these techniques and understandings, your menopause can be a time of balance and healthy change. Be part of the growing revolution of women who look forward to the menopause and the post-menopausal years as a time of power, wisdom, health and vitality.

Program starts on September 6th .

£95 for 12 weeks online course, the content of which is all fully downloadable.


    1. Hi Janice, Yes, absolutely. This course is designed for those who are going through the menopause as well as those who wish to be empowered with knowledge and techniques before such a powerful transition time arises. With love, Prune

        1. Hi Christiane, sorry it has taken me a while to see this! I’ve been wonderfully busy with the end of the summer holidays and getting the children ready for school! The Mighty Menopause program is for any woman over the age of 35. We are going to be exploring ways to help hormones in preparation for the menopause, during the menopause, and post menopause. With love, Prune

        1. Hi there, the Mighty Menopause program is for any woman over the age of 35. We are going to be exploring ways to help hormones in preparation for the menopause, during the menopause, and post menopause. If you feel called to it then I’ld love to explore these themes with you, With love, Prune

  1. Hi prune¡¡
    Is this course played on real time or can we access info and videos the moment we can and as many times as we need?
    thanks for your attention
    erika salinas . mexico city

    1. Hi Erika,

      Lovely to hear from you, and great that you are thinking about the Menopause class. It won’t be in real time, in that there will be new material posted weekly, and a reminder email sent out at the time, but all the material will be available online for 12 months (and all downloadable for you to keep what you want to refer back to) so you can go through the class at your own pace. The online discussion will be more relevant in keeping with the weekly schedule though…

      Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask,

      Cheers, Collin

  2. Hi prune! Can I access the 12 weeks video & articles via my iPhone? I don’t have a computer so just checking before I purchase!
    Many thanks,

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