Sign up now for PAM level 1  - Register before September 1 2018 and access four scheduled PAM teleconferences over the next 12 months.

Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring program- Level 1

A 12-part online programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris

£260 (or £22/month for 12 months)

Prune has created this program with the objective of helping you develop your skills and provide a bridge from student to confident practitioner.

The program includes:

  • 12 articles on Clinical Methodology relating to specific energy medicine topics
  • 12 videos (approximately 1 hour) with Prune demonstrating clinical approaches to specific energy imbalances

Clinical topics have been chosen that may present again and again in your practice.

  • Competence and confidence with body work
  • Energy Testing those difficult clients
  • Working with clients who have experienced sexual abuse
  • What to do when a client’s health no longer improves
  • Tools for Trauma
  • Working with loss and bereavement
  • Working with clients with chronic illness
  • Understanding reactivity
  • Exploring Adrenal fatigue
  • Self-care for the practitioner
  • Working with children
  • How to choose the most appropriate homework for the client

Sign up now for PAM level 1  - Register before September 1 2018 and access four scheduled PAM teleconferences over the next 12 months.


  1. Hi Prune, will you ever be coming to the states for a workshop or class? I have really enjoyed your video’s and would be honored to take a class with you.
    And do you ever do Skype work / sessions? Thank you.
    God Bless you! Korine Konzet

    1. Hi Korine, it is lovely to hear from you. I will be in Virginia early May. I’m just securing the dates now, so it will be up on the website soon. It will be lovely to meet you in person!
      with love, Prune

  2. I’d love to experience a foundation course or workshop in person in 2019. Course/tour plans listed somewhere? I offer healing clay exfoliations and body work as a professional esthetician. I have regarded Donna’s energy release work as saving my life. Discovered and shared your seaside video hundreds of times with sensitive clients as a resource for them to begin knowing about energies and healing modalities. Compliments to you.

    1. Thanks for being in contact, Joan. I am in the process of securing venues for my courses next year and then they will be listed on the website soon. In March I will be in Somerset teaching a residential course on Soul Initiation, in October we will be Ireland for a pilgrimage, and there will be quite a few ongoing classes in between. I’m so glad that you are sharing those videos, thank you. Much love, Prune

    1. Hi Liz,

      Lovely hear from you, and glad you are thinking about the PAM program. The PAM program is available for you to start whenever you wish, and to do at your own pace. The material will be accessible online for 12 months, and is all downloadable too. Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

      Cheers, Collin

  3. Is it necessary to have done EEM Foundation year and 2nd year or is it possible to enroll anyway? I have worked with energy for years, also practiced for many years as holistic psychotherapist. Done one 8 wk basic course and finishing off a second one that’s 12 weeks. I’m going to enroll for the 2019 Foundation course. Am also seeing Advanced EEM practitioner. This programme you are running sounds brilliant.

    1. Hi Peggy, it sounds like you are doing some GREAT work. The Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring program won’t really make much sense until you have done the foundations course so I really suggest that you wait until then. It is because I don’t explain any of the protocols that I’ll be working with as I’m assuming that the student is already well versed in them. The online courses are much more based on how to work with yourself rather than a client and my course builds on the client experience that the student in the Foundations and Certification Program get. What I explore in the videos and articles are ways to track and work with the protocols at deeper levels. Once you have finished foundations then it will be a much more worthwhile program for you to engage with. I very much look forward to being with you in the future, with love, Prune

    1. Hi Kathleen. Looking at the rate today it would be about $325 for the 12 week program. Obviously it changes a bit each day depending on the exchange rate, but that is about the figure you’ll be investing for the Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring Program.
      Much love, Prune

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