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Love your Liver; the first online offering in Prune’s ‘Commitment to the Soul’ program

A six month online programme with natural health expert, Prune Harris

£90 - Designed to last for six months with weekly blogs, recipes and videos to nourish your Liver health, the Love your Liver program is now available to use and engage with at your own schedule. You can make your way through the material as fast or slowly as your own liver wants to, and it will all be available online for 12 months from when you sign up.
Join Prune in this six-month exploration of how to deeply cleanse, nourish and support your liver. Did you know that the Ancient Chinese understood that Liver is the Seat of the Soul? It is responsible for the emotions of kindness, generosity, and self-love and when Liver is in balance we are able to access the energy and wisdom to create the pathways forward to realise our dreams.  Physically, the liver is responsible for over 800 jobs in the body and its health is foundational for: 
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Emotional Balance
  • Enthusiasm for life
  • Moving Creative thought into Creative Action
  • Transmuting the inner critic into the inner friend
  • Eyesight and Eyehealth
  • Transforming judgement, anger and criticism
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Inspiring the peaceful warrior spirit within each of us
When the liver is compromised and being a bit sluggish about doing its 800+ jobs, our whole body system begins to suffer. It can suffer silently and internally, it can suffer with fits of anger or bouts of crippling fatigue. It can be insidious or explosive.
During the six months, you will embark upon an educational and experiential journey that can transform your Liver health and your connection to your Soul. Prune will facilitate and lead this journey with:
  • Weekly videos tips demonstrating easy and powerful techniques to support your liver
  • Soul Food; weekly nutritional advice for balancing and nourishing Liver as the Seat of the Soul
  • Weekly blogs with ongoing energetic, scientific, and anatomical information on Liver health and transformation
  • Online community forum
Nutrition is a vital component in helping the Liver organ function in its fullest, healthiest way and because of this, the LOVE YOUR LIVER program will offer weekly nutritional advice as well as how to support the liver through energy exercises, breath understanding, and consciousness energetics techniques.  The weekly videos and blogs are all designed to aid, step by step, one week at a time, the deep balancing and restoration of your Liver organ, in order to free the Liver energy so you are able to connect with your unique Soul Path.  
Liver is at its most creative during the Spring months. By beginning our work together on February 1st, a day sacred to the Celts, we will be in alignment and harmony with the rhythms of nature, aiding our Soul journey through the cosmos.

This 6 month adventure to discover your healthiest Liver and what that means for your health and life, begins on February 1st and costs £95 if you sign up by January 21st, or £120 full price.

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    1. Hi Vickie,
      Thanks for the message, and the Love your Liver program is available for you to take at your own pace now. All of the material is online, and there are weekly blogs, videos and recipes for 26 weeks, and with a subscription your get access to it all fro 12 months, so you can do it as a pace that suits you, and have time to go back and do any bits of it over and again! Also, all the material is downloadable for you to keep if you wish to.
      cheers, Collin

    1. Hi Therese,
      The material will be online for a year, to give everyone plenty of time to catch up on things they missed, or review things they particularly resonated with. cheers, Collin

    1. Hi Therese, The material will all be hosted on the Love you Liver program page, as will comments and questions that are posted, so there will be no need to have Facebook. Cheers, Collin

  1. Hi there,

    Once the year for Love Your Liver is completed, will there be a way for us to access the videos and information later on? Or will there be the possibility of Prune offering it again?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, and sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, the material will be available on the site for the whole year, and we haven’t even thought about offering it again yet!

  2. Prune,
    I would love to take your online class. I discovered you through Eden Energy Therapy and have been enjoying your videos on Facebook. Will this class be recorded? There are a few weeks that I may miss it live.
    Also, can I pay with a US credit card?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Charlene,
      Thanks so much for your interest, and your question. The videos, as well as the blogs and other material, will be posted on the Love your Liver page in the members area, and will be there for you to watch, read, re-watch, etc… in your own time… It is not a live webinar program, so any time zone, any schedule! And, you will be able to pay with a US credit card, once we iron out some glitches. If you choose the ‘register interest for non-uk, non-paypal’ option on the payment page, we will get an email, you will be confirmed, and we will send an online payment link when our technical gremlins move on!
      cheers, Collin

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