This evening we will experience the Autumn Equinox. At 1.54am UTC the Earth’s central plane (the equator) passes the centre of the sun. At this time the Earth’s axis is not tilted either towards or away from the sun meaning that the length of the day is equal at all points on the Earth’s surface. The days and the nights are also of equal length. Although the exact point of passing is at 1.54am UTC (2.54am here in the UK) the unique energy of the Equinox time cocoons us for three or four days and happens twice a year in Spring and autumn. These equinoxes partner the summer and winter solstices in being points in the cosmological turning of the wheel.

So there is a very special energy building around us and will still be here for the these next few days and I wanted to share with you some of the characteristics of this energy.

The most striking difference when we come into the equinox times is that there is a stillness in the energy of the earth. Like a pause. A time for balance. It hangs in the air and sits on the grass like blanket mist, touching all of the earth and her inhabitants with a gentle invitation to pause, balance and feel the stillness.

We can choose to work with this pause in different ways. This is the time to honour the fruits of the spring and summer and begin to prepare for the turning inward that occurs during the darker days and longer nights. Perhaps we do more work in our dreamtimes, or find that our mediations have a different quality to them. For many people sitting in stillness at the equinoxes is easier than at other times where there is a more inherent push/pull energy surrounding the Earth. Perhaps this is a time when you are called to reconnect with friends, to celebrate the continued rich harvest of the heart that friends bring to us year in and year out and the fulfilment of the soul that such friends enable.

Have you ever stood in the middle of a see-saw (teeter-totter for those of you in North America), standing with one foot on the left branch of the see-saw, and one on the right? Knowing that you holding the power of balance, movement or stillness in your body and your legs. If you intend your weight and energy through the left leg then that side of the see-saw moves toward the ground. If you intend your weight and energy through the right leg then that side of the see-saw moves to the ground. If you centre your weight and your energy that you remain still, in balance. This is the place that we exist within during the 3 days of Equinox enegy.

For many cultures this Autumn Equinox encourages us to begin to pass within. A little like one part of our being is still in the activity and joy of the shift from Summer to Autumn, and one part of our being is in the stillness and depths of winter.  Gradually we turn our attention away from the external and enter the depths of ourselves. Our intentions can be around gathering understandings about the spring and summer learnings, and taking time to assimilate such understandings so that we might learn the lessons (the easy ones and the challenging ones) of the last 6 months.  You might do this though taking meditative walks through nature, being in silence for several hours, journalling, singing or dancing the shift between movement and stillness.

This is also a great time to connect into the moon.  This is because the moon closest to the Autumn Equinox, known as the Harvest Moon, has a very special astrological attribute. For a few days around this Harvest Moon, that occurs on Monday night, the timing of the moonrise is different from the rest of the year. Usually, the moonrises 50 minutes later each day. But during the time of the full Harvest Moon, it switches to rising a little under 50 minutes each day. This aids the feeling of stillness, of potential shift, and readies us for the moment towards winter. Take time to notice the moon rise over these next few days. You can deeply ground this shift in your own being by working with a powerful energy medicine technique to support the Stellar Diamond energy system, especially at sunrise, sunset or moonrise. This supports your energetic core to keep you expansive and safe as you move through the seasons and grounds you into the cosmic web to ensure your vitality and wisdom.

With blessings to you at this special time of year,  Prune


    1. Hi Bonnie. The Full Moon energy is really powerful and can have a very strong effect on some people. Do you do anything to honour the full moon? Sometimes a very simply ceremony such as lighting a candle and honouring the amazing cosmos around us, can ground our energy more, and then it can find a natural resonance with the moon.
      Also, sometimes when people are really affected by the moon, they need to go outside and be fully in the moonlight for a while. Think about wrapping up warm and sitting in the moonlight with a blanket and simply allowing your energy system to find that deep resonance. Give it a go, and let me know. It saddens me to think that you hate that full moon. As a woman, the moon governs the tides in your body, as well in the great body of Mother Earth. It is simply pulling your tides a bit strong!

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