Glastonbury, Spring Equinox 17-20th March 2019

So many of us express a desire to be connected to our Soul Path or our Soul Purpose. And yet so many of us ask How? How will I know it? How do I find it? What do I have to learn in order to connect to my soul path?

In a new 4-day residential course, Prune Harris and Jyotish Patel will help you to explore these questions and deeply connect into the understandings of your soul. Prune and Jyotish have shared a path of learning and teaching together for many years, and are now delighted and honoured to offer Re-visioning the Soul, a course borne out of their own journeys into the depths of their souls, interweaving energy medicine, consciousness energetics, shamanism and corporate leadership practices.

Through a series of soul initiations, Re-visioning the Soul enables us to connect into and craft the Way of the Soul.  We learn to listen to the voice of our soul and engage in a dialogue that creates a lasting connection with our inner depths. This graces us the ability to weave the soul needs and soul song into our everyday lives, so that we are truly and effortlessly living our soul purpose.

When we live from the spark of the soul we embrace creation, moving from one moment of perfection to the next moment of perfection. We emanate vitality and strength, bringing a necessary courage and joy to all of humanity. Our resiliency is vast, our consciousness expands beyond previous limits of awareness, and our energy body transforms into greater and greater health.

If your Soul is calling you to fully claim your place in your own life, in all of creation and to become guardians of the Earth Community, then we’ll see you there.

Date: from 6 pm on Sunday 17 March, until 2.00 pm on Wednesday 20 March 2019.

Cost: Early bird price £650(until January 31, 2019) / full price £795 including tuition, shared accommodation and food

Location: EarthSpirit Centre, Glastonbury

- Vegetarian meals: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners.

- Shared Accommodation for 3 nights. There is limited availability of twin or single accommodation, and special dietary options, available for a supplemental charge. Please let us know the specifics of any food requirements after registration.

Jyotish is an advanced Eden Energy Medicine and Zero Balancing practitioner who has pioneered the application of Eden Energy Medicine into the world of business to complement organisational learning and development programs.

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