Summoning the Sun – Healing the Divine Masculine

Orkney Islands, Scotland – September 16-22, 2017


During the powerful energy of the Autumn Equinox, Prune will lead this work in Orkney to work with an immense Yang Portal energy housed within Orkney. We will be a small gathering, working with the intention of balancing the Divine Masculine so that human consciousness can expand in balance and harmony. We will be in some stunning landscapes, and soak up the heritage of thousands of year of history, but this will be an active, empowering shamanic workshop, not a tour in the 'tourism' sense. 

orkney0917The Orkney Islands are an archipelago to the North of the Scottish mainland, with some of northern Europe’s most striking and best preserved Neolithic and Bronze Age sites. Our trip will concentrate on the main Island of Orkney, where the majority of ancient sites are found, and on the Island of Hoy, the scene of the Orkneys’ most stunning natural landscapes.

The tour will span 6 nights and 5 full days, between September 16-22, 2017. Accommodation, all meals, transportation on the Islands, and admission to all relevant sites, and Prune’s leadership in exploring the energy of the Yang Portal, and carrying out sacred work, is included in the tour price. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to Orkney, either by air or ferry, suitable travel and/or medical insurance, and any alcoholic beverages and incidentals during the tour.


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