New dates announced for EEP 2! Apr 3-6 in Cornwall

‘Life transforming! EEP gave me the gift of seeing everything in a totally different way. It connected me deeply with other people, with nature, and with all of creation.’

- Learn how to perceive energy through your own primary sensory lens

- Weave your energy perception into your life, your relationships and your practice

- Deeply connect to your intuitive wisdom ways of knowing and healing

Join Prune to learn how to see energy, feel energy, and perceive energy in your own unique way. Able to see, feel and work with energy since a child, it took Prune until her 30s to understand that not everyone experienced this as their reality. And yet, it is possible for all of us. 

When we are born we are all able to perceive energy but as we grow our socialisation diminishes this ability within us. Yet, as practitioners and healers, it is essential that we are able to deeply perceive the energy of our clients (it is also a wonderful skill to have within all of our relationships). 

The Enhanced Energy Perceptions  (EEP) course is designed to reconnect you with your own innate ability to see/perceive energy as well as to work with your intuitive wisdom ways of knowing. This is an integrated approaches course that will merge Shamanism, Energy Medicine and Consciousness Energetics.

The full EEP curriculum consists of four classes, for you to progress within according to your own timeframe. Each class is residential, at a beautiful site within the sacred energy of Cornwall. Classes start Wednesday early afternoon until Saturday midday and are intensive, so be prepared to work!

Date: Wed 3rd April- Sat 6th April 2019  

Location: Elmswood House, Tywardreath, Cornwall

This is a beautiful venue that has held the energy of EEP several times now. Gentle and powerful, it is perfect for our needs.  Cornwall is great for accessing energy inside and outside, so bring your wellies!

Cost: £530 including tuition, lunch on the Thursday and Friday

There are a few rooms available at Elmswood House for those who wish to stay on site. This can be arranged directly with on a first come first served basis.

New dates announced for EEP 2! Apr 3-6 in Cornwall

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