The Wisdom of the Womb; Soul, Sex, Sensuality and Power

Do you know, that when you were born you were born with all the eggs that you have produced in your fertile cycle? That means that when you were in your mother’s womb, you already had those eggs.
Just as your mother was a baby girl with all her eggs inside her mother’s womb.
This means that your grandmother’s womb held the baby girl with her eggs, one of which became you. You (in your egg form) were inside your grandmother’s womb.
OMG! I have known this fact for decades, but it still blows my mind and heart. Because I am a woman, and because they were women, I was inside my grandmother’s womb (a grandmother I never met as she died when my mother was young), and yet, we are linked through our wombs down the generations of women. The power and sacredness of the womb is something that can never be captured by the bio-medical view of the ‘uterus’.
And often, we come to sex with no concept of the power, the sexiness, and the desires of the womb. Have you ever thought about the different types of orgasm you experience?
Energetically, there are three different types of orgasms; the clitoral orgasm that is gorgeous and sends waves of energy and warmth from the external genitals (clitoris, labia), into the vagina where it gets transmitted through the penetrating flow everywhere in the trunk. Sort of on a scale of 4 or 5. Lovely. The aura enlivens, the electrical system dances and waves, the radiant circuits glow, the chakras get a good dusting.
The vaginal orgasm is a bit deeper than this. This is the stuff of the famed g-spot (although what that is I have no clue!). The energy of this orgasm begins deeper in the body, not quite the womb, but in the vagina, the clitoris, the perineum and as it waves through the body it has a deeper core to it. 7 or 8 on the orgasm Richter scale. The chakras shift and expand pop, pop pop, the electrical system sparks brighter, the aura gets strengthened, the radiant circuits bloom.
And then there is the womb-gasm. This is the full engagement of the fibres, nerves, and consciousness of the womb as well as your clitoris, vagina, perineum. It rises and rises, until it is held in the womb, to be released in a watery fire explosion through all of the lower body, reaching into the heart field and taking a second explosion as the empowered electrical field of the womb meets the electrical field of the heart. Off the scale. These are often the orgasms that release a load of emotion with them, either tears, laughter, both, or simply emotions that are so big that for a few breaths they roll through you again and again as you experience them as too powerful for words or consciousness. The aura explodes into colours and connectivity, the radiant circuits gets wired in power and grace, the meridians become super charged and balanced, electrically everything is aligned and connected in flow and power, and the energetic core comes alive. And this is the difference between the 3 types of orgasm. When you experience a womb-gasm, the energetic core starts shining your bright soul light through your physical body, through your energetic body and into the world. You literally light up the world. This is all to do with your womb, and is irrespective of whether you are giving yourself an orgasm, whether you are having oral, penetrative, anal or any other kind of sex. Any kind of sex can be womb sex, and any kind of sex can be far, far away from even touching soul/womb connection.
What I really want you to hear, is that as women, there is only one way to shine this soul light in this way, and that is through connection to the womb. When you are in relationship with your womb, compassion for yourself is at the very centre of your experiencing and your sensuality comes into every part of your life. You notice the world around you, you experience your essential role in it. Your soul is sensual, and when you are in relationship with your womb, you are a sensuous being, loving your world and your life.
Sensuality is so very different from sexuality. Sensuality is to do with the experiencing of the senses, sexuality is to do with sex (or gender, but in this article, we are going to be using the word ‘sexuality’ to refer to sex rather than gender).
The reason that there is a HUGE difference between sensuality and sexuality is that one isn’t loaded with social and personal expectations! Sensuality is touching, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing. I am a deeply sensuous person. I love touching things just to feel them, the texture of food is as important to me as the taste, I notice and adore the smells of the universe, I notice all the little sounds around me (from someone grinding their teeth, to the birds starting their morning warm up). Are you sensuous? Are you in relationship with them? Do you ever thank your nose just because you can smell? When you see that soul-touching sunset, do you feel amazed at your own eyes as well as the colours in the sky?
When we are deeply connected to our womb, each of us have the ability to be exquisite beings living a sensual, soulful experience.
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Your womb is filled with wisdom!

Do you listen to the immense wisdom of your womb?
I am so fascinated by the womb. It holds an energy unlike any other in the body and when I look at it, one of the things I see energetically that most intrigues me is the way that it is connected to so much more in the body; the heart, the kidneys, the breasts, the soul. Filaments of golden light emanate from the womb, connecting, questing, asking for you to reach your consciousness down to her so that she may show you more. And this is whether or not you still have a womb. If you are a woman then the energy of the womb is within you.
The womb is deeply sacred. She is the power that sits deep inside us, guiding us and wanting us to greet her and know her secrets. She houses our creativity and our fertility, not just for our physical children but also for all of our creativity and fertility. She will take our pain and fear deep into her house to protect us and help us walk our way forward in our world without having to experience their proximity. She is fierce, burning with rage if our children are threatened or wronged. She is fire and water perfectly balanced, living in close relationship with the soul, and when we are listening to her, when we are connected to our womb, we are never alone. We know our power, we know our strength, we know that beauty is what is held inside and we emanate that power, strength and beauty through our whole body. When we are in relationship with our womb, we are mighty women, able to laugh and to cry openly and easily, able to galvanise communities with the warmth of our connection to self and others. Each of our wombs are connected to the womb of the world, and from there, we are always nourished, always loved, always wanted, always belonging. The power and sacredness of the womb is something that can never be captured by the bio-medical view of the ‘uterus’.
When you are in relationship with your womb, your sensuality reaches into your soul and every part of your life. You notice the world around you, you experience your essential role in it, you are a sensuous being, loving your world and your life.
Click on the player below to listen to Prune sharing more about the amazing power of the your Womb, in a recent interview on the Energy Medicine Summit.
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What is special about the Autumn Equinox?

This evening we will experience the Autumn Equinox. At 1.54am UTC the Earth’s central plane (the equator) passes the centre of the sun. At this time the Earth’s axis is not tilted either towards or away from the sun meaning that the length of the day is equal at all points on the Earth’s surface. The days and the nights are also of equal length. Although the exact point of passing is at 1.54am UTC (2.54am here in the UK) the unique energy of the Equinox time cocoons us for three or four days and happens twice a year in Spring and autumn. These equinoxes partner the summer and winter solstices in being points in the cosmological turning of the wheel.

So there is a very special energy building around us and will still be here for the these next few days and I wanted to share with you some of the characteristics of this energy.

The most striking difference when we come into the equinox times is that there is a stillness in the energy of the earth. Like a pause. A time for balance. It hangs in the air and sits on the grass like blanket mist, touching all of the earth and her inhabitants with a gentle invitation to pause, balance and feel the stillness.

We can choose to work with this pause in different ways. This is the time to honour the fruits of the spring and summer and begin to prepare for the turning inward that occurs during the darker days and longer nights. Perhaps we do more work in our dreamtimes, or find that our mediations have a different quality to them. For many people sitting in stillness at the equinoxes is easier than at other times where there is a more inherent push/pull energy surrounding the Earth. Perhaps this is a time when you are called to reconnect with friends, to celebrate the continued rich harvest of the heart that friends bring to us year in and year out and the fulfilment of the soul that such friends enable.

Have you ever stood in the middle of a see-saw (teeter-totter for those of you in North America), standing with one foot on the left branch of the see-saw, and one on the right? Knowing that you holding the power of balance, movement or stillness in your body and your legs. If you intend your weight and energy through the left leg then that side of the see-saw moves toward the ground. If you intend your weight and energy through the right leg then that side of the see-saw moves to the ground. If you centre your weight and your energy that you remain still, in balance. This is the place that we exist within during the 3 days of Equinox enegy.

For many cultures this Autumn Equinox encourages us to begin to pass within. A little like one part of our being is still in the activity and joy of the shift from Summer to Autumn, and one part of our being is in the stillness and depths of winter.  Gradually we turn our attention away from the external and enter the depths of ourselves. Our intentions can be around gathering understandings about the spring and summer learnings, and taking time to assimilate such understandings so that we might learn the lessons (the easy ones and the challenging ones) of the last 6 months.  You might do this though taking meditative walks through nature, being in silence for several hours, journalling, singing or dancing the shift between movement and stillness.

This is also a great time to connect into the moon.  This is because the moon closest to the Autumn Equinox, known as the Harvest Moon, has a very special astrological attribute. For a few days around this Harvest Moon, that occurs on Monday night, the timing of the moonrise is different from the rest of the year. Usually, the moonrises 50 minutes later each day. But during the time of the full Harvest Moon, it switches to rising a little under 50 minutes each day. This aids the feeling of stillness, of potential shift, and readies us for the moment towards winter. Take time to notice the moon rise over these next few days. You can deeply ground this shift in your own being by working with a powerful energy medicine technique to support the Stellar Diamond energy system, especially at sunrise, sunset or moonrise. This supports your energetic core to keep you expansive and safe as you move through the seasons and grounds you into the cosmic web to ensure your vitality and wisdom.

With blessings to you at this special time of year,  Prune

Horrible Headaches and what to do about them!

How many of you know A.A. Milne’s wonderful collection of stories, ‘Winnie the Pooh’?. I grew up being read those stories and have loved reading them to my children. One of our favourites is when Pooh and Piglet try to trap a Heffalump. Poor little Piglet gets terribly frightened in the Hundred Acre Wood and in the dead of night runs away shouting, ‘Help! Horrible Hairy Heffalump!’ at the top of his tiny little lungs. Well today I want to write about what to do when you are wanting to shout, ‘Help! Horrible Hairy Heachache!’.

Headaches are always due to congestion in the head area. Not one of us has ever experienced a headache when we feel wonderfully relaxed and delighted in our lives. We experience headaches when we are stressed, off balance, feeling like we are overwhelmed and juggling too much. In other words, headaches are our whole-body system telling us something is off-kilter and out of balance.

One of the big factors in headaches is the level of toxins that we have in our body. The liver, kidneys, and large intestine are the primary organs that deal with the processing and elimination of toxins from the physical body. The lungs are also involved in the way in which they move carbon dioxide out of the body. Energetically, the aura and the chakras are the most important systems for removing toxins from the whole-body system.  And it is this aspect of balancing toxicity to prevent and treat headaches that I want to concentrate on in this article. We will explore other ways to work with headaches in subsequent blogs.

The most common reasons for having too many toxins in the physical body are;

  • eating food not suited to our body’s nutritional needs
  • side-effects of medication
  • hormonal imbalances
  •  drinking more alcohol than our detoxification systems can manage

The most common reasons for having too many toxins in the whole-body system are

  • 1st and 2nd Chakras too congested to be processing effectively
  • Being un-grounded
  • Stress creating Triple Warmer emergency response
  • Compromised connection between the head and the heart

So,  headaches are the symptom of imbalance. Mostly this imbalance is in the chakra system and the meridian organ systems that manage toxicity, they can be closely linked to hormones and stress, and (the good news), you can do something about them!

Because they are the yang support partners to Liver and Kidney, (elimination organs), Gallbladder and Bladder are often working hard to keep the balance when Liver and Kidney are struggling. Think about those times when the wife in a relationship has just got too much to do….the husband comes in to play a bigger role in the relationship with family/work/home. He has to pick up the slack. But meanwhile, the wife is really struggling, totally overwhelmed with what she is trying to manage, and it just doesn’t stop, the workload keeps piling up. At this point the stress in the situation begins to affect the husband and whereas at the start, he had been able to manage the situation really well, with a bit more work, now he is feeling stressed and strained too. This is exactly what happens within the relationships of yin/yang partners in the meridian system. When Liver or Kidney are overwhelmed with trying to process toxins, Gallbladder and Bladder step up and try to hold the balance. But this wonderfully wise energetic solution should only be a short term measure, and if Liver and Kidney continue to struggle (perhaps we continue to eat food that isn’t good for us, or to have that extra glass of wine) Gallbladder and Bladder begin to really feel the strain too. With the Gallbladder and Bladder meridians encircling the head (and especially the scalp) then when they feel a sustained strain one of the physical symptoms we experience are headaches.

I should specify at this point, that for most people it will be EITHER  the liver/gallbladder relationship OR the kidney/bladder relationship that mostly shows up for you. If you experience headaches then as you do the exercises below you’ll notice that one of them simply feels better to you, you will resonate with it more than the other exercise. That one is the one that you will use most often. There are many videos on my YouTube Channel that show you ways to help shift your headaches. If you click on the links below you will be taken to them.

For Liver/Gallbladder headaches

  • First, work the neurolymphatic points under both breasts and either side of the sternum and either side of the clavicles (Liver and Gallbladder neurolymphatics)
  • Do a crown pull to create space for the energy in the head to rebalance
  • Massage the scalp above the top of the ears as deeply as you are comfortably doing so (Gallbladder 7 and 8). I call this one the Gallbladder buzz!
  • Massage the sides of the breasts (GB23)
  • Massage the place on your outer thighs where your fingers touch if you are standing with your   arms straight alongside your body (GB31)
  • Massage the place between the first and second toes, but an inch or so towards the main section of the foot (Liver 3).
  • Finish by slowly raking up the insides of your legs, through the groin creases and up the front of the body, crossing your hands over your heart and taking a few releasing breaths here.

For Kidney/Bladder

  • First massage the area underneath the clavicles (Kidney Neurolymphatic Reflex points) and across the pubic bone (Bladder Neurolymphatic Reflex points) as deeply as is comfortable
  • Do a crown pull to create space for the energy in the head to rebalance
  • With one hand gently hold the  neurological processing point ( middle finger and thumb either side of the bridge of the nose and index finger on third eye) and with the other hand gently hold the power point (the indentation where the neck vertebrae meets the skull)
  • Take three breaths here.
  • Place one hand flat on your forehead and the other hand flat on your abdomen below the belly button. Take several breaths here until you feel your headache shift.

You can watch me doing these exercises by clicking here ;

Liver /Gallbladder balancing for headaches

Kidney/Bladder balancing for headaches

They can be wonderful to do when you have a headache, but also remember to do them when you feel like the pressure is building for you. Doing them regularly can help balance the systems to prevent headaches.

We will look at other ways to work with headaches next time.

With love, Prune

What does the Daily Energy Routine do for you?

Often in my blogs I cite Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine as a foundational starting point for beginning to evolve your energy systems towards patterns of full health and vitality. Donna’s great book, ‘Energy Medicine’, explains the Daily Energy in several chapters.

In this blog, I thought it would be useful to summarise why the Daily Energy Routine is so transformative. We are a living, pulsing, highly co-ordinated electrical and electromagnetic organism. Scientists such as Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, William Bengston, James Oschman and Rupert Sheldrake (to name just a few) are bringing understandings that our whole-body system is not governed by the brain as was the primary thesis in the 50s,  or our genes as was the primary thesis of the previous 30 years. Rather we are held, nurtured and developed through a greater energy field. The energy systems that make up this greater energy field are subtle, electromagnetic and electric, and are what in Consciousness Energetics I refer to as the ‘whole-body system’.

David Feinstein has written a quite brilliant article on the 6 Pillars of Energy Medicine and if you haven’t read it then I highly recommend it for helping yourself become deeply familiar with the terminology and  premise of the energetic paradigm. His article can be found here . We have been so steeped in the terminology and precepts of the biomedical paradigm that there is much about the energy paradigm that can seem hugely woo-woo! But it is grounded in ancient understandings, science and practice-based evidence.

So, the basic principle of the energy paradigm is that our energy moves in patterns of optimum health and vitality. When we are tired, stressed, or in danger, our energy patterns move into patterns of survival or maintenance. Such patterns can either prime us for fight/flight or freeze, or they can make us tired, clumsy or forgetful. This then slows us down, inviting sleep. During the sleep time when much of the active functioning of the body (sight, movement etc) is slowed down, the energetic patterns are able to find their balance back into the template of optimum health and vitality. What can really mess with these instinctive patterns of optimum health and vitality is sustained stress, threat or tiredness as we simply don’t have the energy/time/space in our lives to recharge. Thus, the patterns that are trying to respond to stress or tiredness become more and more entrenched in our systems until these patterns have become patterns of imbalance. Over a period of time, such patterns can result in ill-health.

The Daily Energy Routine affects much within your energy systems. Doing it regularly begins to establish new patterns of health, and supports those that are already in their effective and healthy patterns. It provides a vast foundation for all of your health and well-being to improve. You can watch the Daily Energy Routine on my Youtube channel.

Click here to do the Daily Energy Routine with me.

Specifically, the Daily Energy Routine helps;

  • Grounding (Hook Up, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Celtic Weave, Four Thumps)
  • Cross-over pattern in your whole-body system (Homolateral Cross Over, Wayne Cook, Celtic Weave)
  • Neurological processing (Wayne Cook, Homolateral Cross Over, Crown Pull, Hook Up, Zip up, Neurolymphatic reflex massage)
  • Increase oxygen (Freeing the Diaphragm, Crown Pull)
  • Eyesight (Four Thumps, Connecting heaven and earth)
  • Sense of safety (Zip up, Hook up, Celtic Weave, Four thumps)
  • Metabolism (Four thumps, Connecting heaven and earth)
  • Connectivity with self and others (Four thumps, Zip Up, Hook Up, Celtic Weave)
  • Relieving stress (Crown Pull, Freeing the Diaphragm, Hook up, Celtic Weave)
  • Recovery from ill health or disease (Homolateral repatterning, Celtic Weave, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Four thumps)

The Daily Energy Routine takes less than 10 minutes and can transform your life. The energetic paradigm does not have to be a mystery to any of us, it is tangible, effective and empowering.

Enjoy! With love, Prune

Introducing…..The Magnificent AURA

In this blog we are concentrating on how to increase vitality in your aura. We really need a healthy aura. First, perhaps I should define what an aura is. Aura, biofield, energetic spacesuit, call it what you will; it is the space around us which energetically we fill and claim as an extension of ourselves.

For some people this space is large and robust…..those people who walk into a room and we feel their presence before we even see them. For others it can be small and fragile. Think of someone who desperately doesn’t want to be noticed (perhaps you are at a dance and you just can’t dance and really hope that no-one asks you to do so!). At that time you have brought your aura, your energetic space, really close to your body trying to become invisible and not noticeable. Or think of times when you feel shocked or exhausted and like every thought and intention can penetrate into you and make you feel even worse….in those times your aura has collapsed inside you to protect your very core.

Here are some of the attributes that having a strong aura can bring:

  • Feeling grounded
  • Being able to connect to others more easily
  • Feeling protected
  • Increased vitality and joyousness
  • Better ability to absorb nutrients such as vitamin D
  • Better boundaries
  • Less tiredness, more energy
  • Increased intuition
  • Mental clarity
  • Physical/Muscular strength
  • Being less stressed, and more relaxed
  • Understanding the bigger picture
  • Protection from environmental pollutions such as electromagnetic pollution from computers, wifi etc and toxic chemicals in our air

So who wouldn’t want to know how to bring health, vitality and resiliency into their aura!

Donna Eden’s exercise ‘The Celtic Weave’ is a wonderful way to work with your aura. You can do it with me on this video.

Another wonderful way to strengthen and revitalise your aura is by regularly doing the Dragon Breath or Ujiya breath. This wonderful video by Ekhartyoga demonstrates how to do it.

Our energy follows our thoughts so we are going to stay with the theme of breathe and work with a breath based visualization; below is a short and excellent way to strengthen and revitalise your aura. Enjoy!

First tune into the space around you. To me, the aura looks like an incredible, dynamic weaving of miniscule filaments. It is always moving, turning, changing, going deep into the body here, skipping the surface there, moving quicker in some places than in others, filled with colours and patterns, criss crossing. It can look like an incredible dance with thousands of dancers all dancing on the same dance floor around all of your body. Each of the dancers have their own unique and beautiful moves, never once getting in the way of or stepping on the toes of another dancer. At the edge of this incredible field of energy is a membrane; fluid and tough, holding all of your energy intact and strong. So now you have that picture of what is going on around you. Tune into your own unique dance and let your breath explore that space all around you.

When you are ready, breathe in, consciously bringing your aura close to your body, allowing that membrane to come closer to you, bringing the whole web of dances closer to your skin. At the same time feel your chakras expanding within your body as they get fuelled by the energy in your aura.

Now breathe out, inviting the outer edge of your aura to expand away from your body, perhaps 3 or 4 feet around you in all directions. Allow your chakra energy to fuel your aura as it expands.

Continue to do this for several breaths, enjoying revitalising your aura and reaping the benefits of having your unique aura strong and resilient around you.

With love, prune

The Wind Points

This week, I’m excited to share with you a very valuable Energy Medicine understanding. Recently, I have noticed that many of my clients and loved ones have been having real challenges keeping the wind points in the body stabilised.  

The wind points are access points where the energies of the environment can enter the body if the biofield is not vibrant and resilient. Do you recall your grandparents telling you to always wear a scarf on a windy day? Well, they were right. And first up, we have to be aware that the ‘wind’ points are just about when it is a windy day. ‘Wind’ in the Chinese understanding means an force of external environment or climate, and therefore can carry various types of external energies into the body, including damp, dry, wind, and heat. Once this external energy is in the body then the point is open and unprotected. It is now a portal where your vital life energy can leave you and the mischievous affects of the external climates can continue to flood into your whole body system.

 These energies are called various names in the ancient Chinese texts, including the Wind points, Climate points, and (this one makes me laugh every time) the 5 pernicious devils!  It is very common for us to have challenges with the wind points when we are ill or when the seasons are changing, but I have rarely seen so many people have such sustained challenges with the wind points during a stable season. So, this blog is to help share information about the points and ways to keep them stable. 

First; the location of the points: 
1. The powerpoint at the top of the neck where the spine joins the skull (Governing 16)

2. The points one inch either side of the powerpoint and one inch up (Gallbladder 19)
2. The point where the spine of the back joins the spine of the neck( Governing 14)
3. The points just behind the earlobe (Triple Warmer 17)
4. The top of the head (Heart Neurovascular/Governing 20)
5. The trapezius muscles above the clavicles (easily reached muscle that goes from the neck to the top of the arms) (around Gallbladder 21)

You can watch my video demonstrating the location and correction of the points here

If you know how to energy test you can energy localise any of these points and test to see if they are strong or weak. If weak then you can correct them as below. If you don’t energy test then you can simply work in the following ways on any or all of the point. Be mindful if any feel more vulnerable to sensitive than others and give them especial attention. 

Trace figure of 8s deeply into the point on the skin for a minute or more, before then tracing the figure 8s from the point out through the biofield several centimetres off the body.This will probably need to be done several times over 3-5 days to really keep the point vibrant and resilient to external winds. 

You can also support the wind points by spinning a glass crystal over them and most definitely by wearing scarves when you go out into the wind!

If you are someone who doesn’t like the wind or feels affected by being out in the wind then you may need to work with these points every time that you go out in wind, until your points are more and more resilient. 
I hope this is useful to you and helps you keep your energies stable and joyful.
with love, Prune

Alignment and purpose; the Assemblage Point

This blog is inspired by Strictly Come Dancing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it is a television show in which celebrities pair up with professional dancers over a series of several weeks to entertain the audience with their journey into dancing (or not, as the case may be). There are lots of sequins, bare chests, toe flicks and gossip. And just sometimes, there is something that transcends the ordinary.

This weekend proved to be one of those times. When Jay McGuiness came out to dance his 3rd week dance, everyone recognised they were seeing something extraordinary. (click here to view it) The audience when wild, and the Strictly fans all over the nation went wild. Why? Yes, he could dance, but there was something else….

When Susan Boyle strode onto the Britain’s Got Talent Stage at the age of 47 and announced she wanted to be famous and sing like Elain Paige, the watching nation were mockingly cynical, and yet most had tears in their eyes by the end of her song and she now sings to packed concert halls. Why? What does she have that can touch so many people? Watch Susan here

When Paul Potts walked onto the stage, with barely enough confidence to put one foot in front of the other after the years of bullying he had endured at school, the studio audience were mildly impatient. And yet they were on their feet by the end of it and The YouTube video clip from the show has had more than 140 million views, making it one of the top 100 most watched YouTube videos.  Why? What did we all see?

We saw each of these people connect into their soul, their deepest essence, and live from that place. They expressed not only their essence, but their connection to it. And when such alignment happens we all see it and know it. Even if don’t think you are someone who can see energy, you can. We all can and do every day, we simply don’t have the language to talk about it. And without the language, we can’t describe it or define it as a shared experience, so it gets lost as something intangible. But intangible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Yes, ‘Seeing is believing’ but also ‘believing is seeing’. So, when we watch Jay, or Susan or Paul, we all see something extraordinary. We see someone moving into alignment with their deepest essence and living it. And as they move into that place, not only do they transcend the ordinary, but they inspire us to recognise that it is possible for us too.

There is an aspect of your energy anatomy known as the Assemblage Point.

It is usually 15-30cm in front of the chest area and is connected by energetic threads, like silver filaments deep into the energetic core, where we house our essence. This Assemblage Point is one of the most remarkable aspects of our energy, not only because it regularly moves to adjust to different situations and perspectives, but its sheer luminosity denotes it as something connecting the human and the divine in our embodied human experience. I can get very excited about the Assemblage Point!

  • It is the only part of our energy anatomy that has its own biofield
  • It receives information and takes it into the energetic core as well as expressing information from the energetic core
  • It is connected to our Chakras, the Dantiens, the Taiji Pole, Grid, the Stellar Diamond
  • It filters our perceptions

One of the best ways I can help you understand the effect of the Assemblage Point is to for you to think of a time that you have fallen in love. The whole world turns rosy! That neighbour/relation/colleague that has always been so annoying in your daily life, suddenly becomes quite an OK guy and you even share a joke together. The sunsets are extraordinary, food tastes better, the wind in your hair is caressing (instead of frustrating!), you can find beauty in all of the world. How? Why? How can life be experienced so differently simply because you are in love? The answer is held in your energy. When we fall in love, the Assemblage Point moves, sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly, depending on its original position. As it moves, we see the world differently. We experience the world differently, and thus, the world is different. Our energy fields hold our consciousness and when we change our energy fields, our consciousness changes.

So, if you didn’t click on those links to watch Jay, Susan and Paul, then go ahead and do it now. Watch for how, when they begin to sing or dance, they transform. Energetically, their Assemblage Point lights up and begins to vibrate as such a deep resonance that the chakras change their vibration, the aura changes its vibration, their entire energy changes; they are literally rewired as they sing/dance. And we can notice it show up in their eyes, their body stance, and in the fact that their nervousness disappears; it is transformed as they transcend the personal.

One of the clearest examples is to see Paul Potts when he is getting ready to go on stage, when he is presenting himself to the judges, and asking the assistant to turn on the music. His nervousness and insecurity is thoroughly apparent. Then we catch a glimpse of him as he prepares himself. Watch his eyes! You’ll see the moment that the assemblage point comes into alignment as his eyes suddenly shift deeper, and become more focused; the nervousness goes and he stands there a pillar, a strength, composed. And then he opens his mouth and magic happens as Nessun Dorma pours from his soul. But then, watch once he finishes singing. Within a second, you see his smile suddenly droop, his eyes shift as he is simply Paul standing in front thousands of people waiting to be judged. His assemblage point has moved back into its ‘usual’ position. Of course, the more he sings, his confidence grows, his personal power and energy grows and his Assemblage Point remains in its enlivened, empowered position.

With Susan Boyle, The Assemblage point begins to move as she hits the higher note (BY) of the opening sentence ‘I dreamed a dream of time gone BY’. By the time she starts the second sentence ‘I dreamed that life would never DIE’ it is fully in its aligned place and from then on it seamless beauty. Her Assemblage Point stays in place as she walks off the stage, but as she turns once she is called back on by the judges, it slips. Not much, she is still in her deep alignment, but is suddenly aware of where she is and what she has just done. Her assemblage point looks more resilient than Paul’s and his disclosure of years of bullying helps explain that.

And finally, to finish where we started; Strictly Come Dancing. In the clip that I have put on, you get to see the very start of the dance where Jay and his partner are sitting at the table. It is AMAZING to watch his assemblage point as it is literally moving between where it ‘usually’ sits and where it is about to be transported to. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Hanging out in front of his chest and then shifting higher, connecting right into the 6th chakra so that it hovers somewhere in front of his nose (often,  when I’m teaching about the Assemblage Point I’ll ask people to think of the Snitch in the Harry Potter movies as there are appropriate similarities!).

And then, with Jay, the instance the music starts, the Assemblage Point settles into its inspired, aligned position and he moves. Interesting as he actually holds the bridge of his nose for a second at the exact point it settles in. Whether that was choreographed or spontaneous, I don’t know, but it makes great sense energetically. From that point on, the dance is quite remarkable, and is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you even if you don’t like dance. We are all humans, and seeing such human transformation speaks to our depths and our essence. And, what I love about watching Jay’s energy is that over the previous few weeks, his Assemblage Point is changing its ‘usual’ position. So, now, at the end of the dance, it doesn’t return to where it was in Week 1, it is raising, enlivening, shining brighter, and being the guiding light that will carry him forward. And maybe, just maybe, inspire a few of us towards our deepest alignment too.

with love, Prune


Nutrition for the Elements

In this blog we are going to explore some of the foods that can affect our meridian organ system and therefore our health. We are currently in the season of Autumn, which in the Chinese 5 Elements model, is the season that corresponds to the element of Metal. As you can see from the diagram, there are two meridians in metal; the Lung (Yin) and the Large Intestine (Yang).

Together they really hold the balance for how we can move from lacking in trust of others or needing to overly-control, into experiencing the balance of trust and inspiration.  If you feel like you need to control every aspect of your life, or if you find yourself unable to complete something in your life, needing instead to repeat the same patterns over and over, then the likelihood is your metal needs some help!

The metal energy in balance is truly inspirational. Think of a person that you know who you trust to be someone with a deep integrity, someone who is able to be see listen to and consider all sides of a story and then to bring wisdom and insight into the situation. Someone you know who would never tell a lie, even if the truth is uncomfortable. Some who aspires to be the very best that they can be, and who inspires you to be the best that you can be.  Those are a few of the essential qualities that metal in balance can aid within us.

Another important consideration with Metal, is its role is the last of the 5 elements in the model. The cycle begins with Water, flows  to Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, and as such, this last element holds the place of completion. The reflection and centring energy of Earth moves towards completion as we sit in Metal.  But, it is not as if the energy of the cycle stops in Metal, as it continues into Water, bringing with it the energy of rebirth, of moving into a new pattern of growth. In order for us to be able to work with the energies of this season, our Metal energy needs to be moving in its fullness and balance.

There are many energy medicine techniques that can help with balancing all of the elements, and the one that I am sharing today is the way that certain foods hold the nutrition and vibration that suits specific meridian organ systems more than others. This of course, will be specific to you and your whole-body needs, and as discussed in the blogs on self-testing, test test test before you ingest! If you need reminders on how to self-test read here  .These blogs also have links to video so you can watch how do self-test effectively. Also, needless to say, don’t eat any of these foods if you are allergic to them, simply because they may be beneficial for a specific meridian. You are wonderfully, totally, marvellously unique collection of energy, consciousness, expression and physicality. Work with this information in the ways that can most nourish and support you.

Central Meridian: Water, sardines, spirulina, bee pollen, propolis, raw honey

Governing meridian: Meat, fish, eggs, dairy food

Water Element

Kidney: Water, kidney meat, foods rich in Vitamin A and B, parsley, green pepper, green leafy vegetables, wheat germ and green peas. Strawberries, lemons, oranges, egg yolk, beans, nuts and yoghurt.

Bladder: Foods rich in Thiamine (B1) such as peas, beans, wheat germ, whole grains, fruit, cabbage, eggs, yeast. Also Calcium foods such as bone, dairly, eggs, green leafy vegetable, beans and nuts.

Wood Element

Liver: Liver and foods containeing Vitamin A such as green leafy vegetables, parsley and green pepper)

Gallbladder: Nofat food sources of Vitamin A such as carrots, parsley and other yellow and green vegetables.

Fire Element

Heart: Foods that contain calcium, Vitamin B and Vitamin E, such as brewers yeast, wheat germ, bone, dairy products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, peas, beans, nuts, strawberries, lemons and oranges.

Circulation Sex: Foods rich in Vitamin E such as wheat germ, green peas, green leafy vegetables.

Small Intestine: Vitamin B foods such as yeast, wheat germ, yoghurt, buttermilk, liver, green peas, green leafy vegetables.

Triple Warmer: Organic iodine found in seaweed (kelp) and raw or slightly cooked fish. Also foods high in Vitamin C and B such as citrus fruits, green peppers, and green leafy vegetables

Earth Element

Spleen: Vitamin A as found in yellow and green leafy vegetables, tripe, sweetbreads, citrus, green peppers, buckwheat, bone meal and dairy products.

Stomach: Vitamin B foods such as wheat germ, whole grains, liver, brewers yeast, tripe, yoghurt, fish, kelp.

Metal Element

Lung: Vitamin C foods such as green peppers, citrus and increased water

Large Intestine: Fibre, Water, yoghurt, honey, liver, buttermilk, brewers yeast and green leafy vegetable

(Source: Touch For Health; Nutrition for Meridians)


With love, Prune


Energy Medicine Solutions to Daily Life

The purpose of this blog is to give you the techniques that are a quick fix to our daily situations. There is a vast amount of information available to you about how to work with energy medicine techniques. Even in these blog pages there are literally hundreds of techniques, tips, and protocols. But what do you do with it? How can you most effectively incorporate such knowledge into your daily life?

The Daily Energy Routine is the foundation of your work of evolving your energy into balance and health, and when you do it daily then there will most likely be a big improvement in your situation. If you do it more than once a day then even better! But there is a big difference between using Energy Medicine techniques as a stand-alone technique to do in a one-off daily sequence, and weaving them in as necessary while you move through your day. And the bridge from using them just once in the day to using them as needed is consciousness.

We need to be able to be aware of how our energy fields are at any given time. And that means two things; the first is the ability and willingness to check in with yourself, the second is the understanding of how each of the energy techniques that you have in your tool kit affect you.

If you don’t know how it feels to you when you are grounded or ungrounded, then when will you know how to do extra grounding techniques? If you don’t know how it feels when your aura is attached or detached, then how will you know when to strengthen your aura? And , before you stop reading this with the thought ‘I’ll never be able to do that!” know that interpreting our energetic situation is not hard to do, we just need to pay attention.

We are all energetic beings. Our very survival depends on us being able to interpret situations around us, so we really are wired at every level of our consciousness to interpret energy.  When we understand this then it is simply the case of forming the habit of checking in with yourself.  And we do this all the time!  How often in a day do you tell yourself,  ‘I’m tired’, or ‘I’m hungry’, or ‘This computer has made my brain fuzzy’. We do notice how our energy is, we just don’t have a culturally supported language for expressing it.

For example, most of us have experienced the sensation of having sat for a while and then, upon standing, feeling a flash of dizziness; energetically this can indicate that we are ungrounded or that in some other way, our energy has become stagnant. There are simple tools to work with both of those situations. Consciousness Energetics means rather than thinking, ‘Oh, I was dizzy then.’ and that being the end of it, we can adjust our energy in the situation so that it is continually evolving into stronger and stronger patterns of optimum health; that way, feeling dizzy when you stand can become a thing of the past.

Below is a list of common situation and choices of energy medicine techniques that you can apply directly to affect change and bring greater coherence and balance to your whole-body system. My suggestion is that you try the one technique that calls out to you, and if you don’t feel better after doing it then move onto the next one. Notice how you feel before you do the exercise and notice how you feel after; in this way you really begin to figure out what you need to do in any situation. It becomes instinctive. Of course, these are generalisations, but remember that our energy fields are so deeply wise…often all that is needed is the slight shift/push in the right direction and then the wisdom of your energy takes over, correcting what and where as needed. (All of the exercises below are on individual videos on my youtube channel and on my website)

Ungroundedness.: Spoon your feet, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Hook up

Feeling vulnerable: Hook up, Zip up, Celtic Weave

Tiredness: 3 thumps, Activating the Cells, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Crown Pull

3pm slump: Massage Neurolymphatics or share a Spinal Flush with a friend, Hook up, Nourish the Mind, Homolateral Crossover

Feeling overwhelmed: Wayne Cook or Neurological Processing Exercise, Hook Up, Activating the Cells

Frustration:  Activate the cells, Hook up, Activate the Cells, Sedate Triple Warmer, Crown Pull

Feeling reactive: Hook up, Activate the Cells, (Sedate Triple Warmer regularly as part of your larger EM program), Homolateral crossover

Sadness: The heart loop, Hook Up

Sluggish to wake up: Hook up (and hold for a few minutes), Homolateral crossover (you can do it in bed, under the covers and still have your eyes shut even!), The Three Thumps

And! The really great news is that you will find that there will be one or two exercises that help you out in almost every situation. They will become ‘yours’. This is because it will be the key correction for your whole-body system to form cohesion around. For me, Hooking up while doing the Dragon Breath will correct just about anything that is moving out of balance. That doesn’t mean that I don’t also do other exercises, but I know what I need to do to deeply affect immediately change and get everything moving into balance. Have fun exploring what one exercise is your daily essential.

With love, Prune

The Amazing Spinal Flush

If there is another person in the room as you are reading this then don’t let them leave….it will be of benefit to you both! One of the most simple and powerful energy medicine techniques that we can share with another person is the Spinal Flush.

By massaging either side of the spine in the spaces between the vertebrae, we are able to affect change within the whole-body system. And this is because these powerful points, known as Shu Points in Chinese medicine, work to stimulate and balance the meridian organ system, relax Triple Warmer, balance the movement of lymphatic fluid, bring balance to the nervous system and can even activate the Radiant Circuits. Watch a demonstration of the Spinal Flush here

One of the primary reasons for the Radiant Circuit activation is simply that you are in the amazing position of being able to give and to receive healing caring energy with another person. Never underestimate the effect of sharing touch in helping our systems move towards health and joy. It is one of my daily delights to give a spinal flush to my husband and to get one in return.

We do have corresponding points on the front of the body, known as Mu points, so if there isn’t another person with whom you can exchange a Spinal Flush then it is still possible for you to bring the same benefits to your whole-body system.

This picture shows the positioning of the front neurolymphatic points and you can watch this video  of the daily energy routine to  see one way to effectively work with them.

I have yet to meet anyone who can’t give a good spinal flush, but it is like much that we share with another person, it can take time and feedback before we get it right. So be patient with yourself and patient with your partner as you are learning how to give each other the spinal flush that suits their system. Ask if the pressure is correct for that specific point. The objective is to massage each point as deeply as is possible without causing any pain. You will find that some days there are certain points that give a lot of discomfort, and these are the very points that need to be worked the most on that particular day, in order to bring balance to the specific meridians organ system represented by the painful point. Today as my husband gave me a Spinal Flush, the Stomach Shu point was really sore (it made me yelp!). That lets me know that the Stomach meridian organ system needs some extra attention today. I will work my Stomach Mu points throughout the day to help continue to bring balance and health to this system. (It also invites me to explore what occurred yesterday that brought imbalance to my stomach meridian system).

In general, a spinal flush can help bring balance to:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of grounding
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Negative emotions
  • Digestive issue
  • The nervous system
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • (Really, the list is endless…..)

And as with all energy medicine approaches, the more regularly you do a Spinal Flush the greater the benefits as the superficial imbalances become non-existent and the deeper health challenges are able to be addressed.

The Mu and Shu points are our most powerful and simply daily tool, I hope you enjoy getting and giving a Spinal Flush.

With love, prune

Supporting your yin energy during pregnancy

In our last blog we looked at the importance of grounding and hydration when pregnant, in this article we are going to explore the yin energy that supports all of the hormones and the life of the baby. There are three meridian organ systems that are primary in the maintenance and balancing of the yin energy in the whole-body system.

  • Kidney
  • Spleen
  • Liver

All three of these meridians start in the feet and move into the area of the body where the heart resides, and this brings us to the fundamental and most important yin energy in the whole-body system; responsible for overseeing our physical, spiritual, emotional health, our vitality, our hormonal health and is also intimately related to the health of the baby; The Heart.

The heart is the most electrical organ in our body, with an electric and electro-magnetic field that is easily measurable. Every day in hospitals hundreds of thousands of ECGs are taken, reading the electrical energy of the heart. Your baby grows within the rhythm of your heart beat and will know your heart beat and be calmed by it for many many months after birth; as babies developing in the womb it is a sound we know through every physical and energetic system we have, even before we have the ability to hear. Like all sound, the heartbeat is a vibration and one that we can feel every second of the day if we attune to it. Take a moment as you read this to notice your own heartbeat.

The electrical energy of the Earth is brought by liver, kidney and spleen to our heart and carried deep into the human electrical system. In fact, even writing the term ‘human electrical system’ is a little misleading as we cannot have an electrical system that is separate from the electrical system of the earth. We draw electrons from the earth, into our body and in doing so bring in our ‘chi’ or vital life force. There can be no such thing as a separate ‘human electrical field’, and when we think of the baby then he or she has an electromagnetic field that is inside the electromagnetic field of the mum, who is within the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

From  the dense electrical heartfield, electrical, electro-magnetic and subtle energy are dispersed throughout all of the system. In Chinese medicine understandings the Heart is known as the Emperor. It is not only the primary power of the whole-body system, but the primary yin organ too, regulating all functions and organ systems. But for the heart to do its incredibly wise regulatory job, it needs to be nourished by the yin energy that is brought from the earth by Kidney, Liver and Spleen.

Within our hormonal system, the Kidney, Liver and Spleen meridian organ systems work with a myriad of jobs to produce, regulate and support the endocrine system. And of course, all three meridians travel through the area that the baby is growing within. But there is also another, and deeply important meridian that connects the heart with the uterus and baby: the Bao Mai, also known as the Uterus Vessel.  So hopefully we are building a picture here (both incredibly complex and beautifully simple);

The heart needs to be strong to help the baby and mum during conception, pregnancy, birth and afterwards.

For the heart to be strong, Liver, Kidney and Spleen must also be strong as they are the primary sources of nourishment of Heart’s yin energy.

So how do support Liver Kidney and Spleen?

  1. Regularly do Nourishing the Mind, and end by tracing figure 8s from the heart to the baby and back again. Take time to sit with one hand on your heart and the other on the baby.
  2. Trace your meridians each day
  3. Work the yin/yang loops for Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. This connects the yin energies into their partnering yang energy which can be deeply supportive.
  4. Do Connecting Heaven and Earth
  5. You can also do the Peaceful Heart exercise regularly to connect you to yourself and your baby.


With love, Prune




Energy Medicine for Pregnancy

A few of my beloved students are pregnant at the moment and so I decided to write a series of blogs on how energy medicine and consciousness energetic approaches can help during those wonderful, challenging, intense 9 months. It is a topic close to my heart, having trained as a pre-natal educator, a breast feeding councillor, spent 2 years working with homebirths as an apprentice midwife in the highlands of Nova Scotia , Canada, and then several more years as a doula at the local hospital.

I love the vastness of the process of pregnancy and birth, it is sacred, powerful and beautiful. At the same time, for many parents, it is a time of confusion, conflicting emotions and advice, physical challenges and overwhelm. The purpose of these articles is to help parents navigate through the months before, during and after the birth of the baby, using energy medicine to be balanced, healthy and empowered. I will also write a separate article for practitioners who are working with EM.

For many women, the first that they know of their pregnancy is either when they realise that they haven’t had their monthly bleed, or they start getting hit with waves of nausea. Being pregnant brings immediate hormonal, chemical and physiological changes in a woman’s body, and these in turn bring about marked emotional and cognitional changes. Oftentimes, tiredness and nausea are present during the first few months of pregnancy as much of the bodys resources are given to the creation and nourishing of the developing fetus. At this time it is of vital importance that the woman daily nourishes her own energy in order to be able to give all of that necessary life-force to the baby.

Be grounded and hydrated

Be grounded and hydrated. I know, I know, so many of my blogs stress this as important, and that is for the very very simple reason that it is! There really is nothing as important in our energy system as our ability to be grounded. When we are, we are continually bringing in the electrons that blanket the earth and provide our life-energy or vital-force. These in turn, enable our electrical and magnetic fields to operate at their optimum, as long as our cells are well hydrated. So, for me, hydration and grounding go together as one concept. It is almost impossible to be well grounded without being hydrated. So, if you are someone who struggles with grounding or if you aren’t sure, then regularly do simple techniques like Connecting heaven and Earth, or Spooning the Feet.

If you struggle to drink enough water then fill a litre water bottle and commit to drinking it by lunchtime. Once you have done that, fill another and commit to drinking it before bedtime. Quite quickly, your body will become used to being well hydrated and you will really notice if you begin to dehydrate, feeling more tired, befuddled, and listless. Using a water bottle is a great visual prompt as you can see how well you are doing and how much more you still have to drink in your allocated time. During pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume increases by 50%. Blood  is 92% water, and carries oxygen to all the cells of the body, in fact, to both the body of the baby and the mum’s body. Good hydration is vital.

We will continue to explore energetic understandings for pregnancy next time by exploring how to nourish the yin energies of the body.

With love, Prune

The Microcosmic Orbit

Some meridians are both organ meridians and extraordinary meridian. Donna Eden calls these the Radiant Circuits. I have chosen to call them by one of their original TCM names of the Extraordinary Channels, as they really are extraordinary. Yes, they carry radiance, but they also carry the wisdom of the Energetic Core out through all of the body, into and through the biofield and then out into the greater energetic matrix of the universe. They are the Penetrating and Belt channel, the Yin and Yang Bridge channel, the Yin and Yang Regulator Channel and the Central and Governing Channels. The most extraordinary attribute of the Extraordianry Channels are that they can go anywhere. They hold a deep wisdom and radiant consciousness that can carry through all of the aura, the chakras, the energetic core…everywhere. They transcends any one single system.

In this blog we are going to explore the magnificence of the Central and Governing Channels. Central runs from the pubic bone up to the mouth and it is the meridian we activate when we ‘Zip up’. It is a yin meridian. The governing runs from the sacrum up the back and over the head to the mouth. It is a yang meridian.

In reality the energies of the Central and Governing meridians continue to form one continuous loop, meeting deep inside the lower dantien and also in the back of the throat. Thus, rather than thinking of them as two separate meridians, we can understand that they are a beautifully balanced yin yang loop running around our energetic core, holding the energy of the chakras and helping to seal, nourish and protect our whole-body system. The governing meridian brings energy and vitality into the brain, while the central meridian helps hold the heartfield strong and coherent, allowing us to experience our place within the world in safety and wisdom. One of the unique aspects of the Central and Governing meridians is that as well as flowing in the direction  I described above (central up the front of the body to the mouth, and Governing up the back of the body to the mouth) they actually flow in both directions at once, with the yin of central also continuing the yang flow of governing around the body from the mouth back down the front and under to the sacrum. The Governing meridian likewise allows the yin energy of Central to flow up over the head, down the spine and around to the pubic bone. Such movement along the yin yang channels enhances communication through all of the organs and organ meridian systems.

Even at this point, they seem pretty wonderful don’t they! But this is still only their functions at the superficial level.  As Extraordinary channels they also create the heavenly orbit which is also known as the microcosmic orbit. It is through this microcosmic orbit that the energy of the governing and central meridians is carried out from the superficial right through the aura to the auric membrane. It is magnificent to see. When the microcosmic orbit is active everything within the whole-body system is more active and vibrant. It is both a shield of loving protection and a beacon of loving radiance, attracting all that is beneficent.

So, how to work with the central and governing meridians.

  • Tracing Central and Governing meridians
  • Doing the Zip up regularly
  • Doing the Hook Up regularly

The way that I love to activate the microcosmic orbit is to

  1. Hook up the central and governing meridians by placing them middle fingers of each hand in the belly button and the third eye. If those places don’t resonate with you then try alternate hook ups shown here. Continue to hold the hook up while you work with the instructions below.
  2. As you inhale, breath up through the energetic core from beneath the feet, up the central Taiji Pole, to the crown of the head.
  3. As you exhale, send the energy of the breath out of the central and governing meridians, visualising breath and light moving from the superficial meridians right out through the aura to the auric membrane.
  4. Continue to hold the hook up as you work with several rounds of breath. The more you do this, the more resilience and enlivened your microcosmic orbit will remain.

Enjoy! With love, Prune


Self-Testing: Muscle test

As we explored in our last blog there are three main ways that you can self-test your own energy systems. It is important to ensure that you are grounded and hydrated prior to testing and it is good practice to get your energies balanced and cohesive before you start testing by doing the Daily Energy Routine. (You can read more about these pre-checks here).

In this blog we are going to be concentrating on using specific muscles, testing the flow of energy through your muscle in order to determine whether the food is beneficial, neutral or detrimental for you.

All of the muscles in our body are governed by specific organ meridian systems. So, for example, the muscle that runs either side of the spine (sacrospinalis) is governed by the bladder meridian system. If we have tightness or pain in this muscle then working with the bladder meridian can release, relax and balance the meridian, which in turn balances the muscle. And this is true for every muscle within the musculature system. When we use muscles as a self-testing tool, we are assessing the overall balance of the muscle and then placing food within our energy systems (usually on the Solar Plexus because of its relation to the digestive system organs) and retesting the specific muscle, to ascertain if the energy of the food is in resonance with our system.  Remember that our energy fields are dynamic; ever changing to the environment, our thoughts, the vibration of the colours around us, electro-magnetic currents…and many many more change factors. When we place food within the centre of our energy system then our body’s energy fields change.

  • If the vibration of the food enhances the energy in our system then the muscle test will show strong.
  • If the vibration of the food is neutral for the energy in our system then there will be no change in the test.
  • If the vibration of the food is detrimental and cannot be assimilated or metabolised by our body, the muscle test will weaken.

So, first, we need to choose the muscle that will be reliable for us. Click here to watch the video of me demonstrating the various muscle based self-tests.

  • Identify which muscle you want to work with.
  • Keep practicing self-testing with Yes/No truths. For example, ‘My name is (your name).’ Test. ‘My name is Mickey Mouse’. Test
  • Don’t be worried if you at first you are not 100% accurate. Keep practising the self test until it becomes much more accurate.
  • Always make sure you are well hydrated when you are energy testing.
  • If you are someone who is often ungrounded (or if you are feeling a bit ungrounded/flighty/stressed) then rub your feet with a spoon before you energy test in order to have the correct polarity in your body.

When we are working with self-testing in this way, we are communicating with the energy of the muscle that is being tested, in order to attain information about the specific food/energy system. This means that it is important to remain non-biased as you test, or the powerful energy of your intention can affect the accuracy of the testing. If you are testing a piece of chocolate cake and you are determined that the cake is going to test strong for you, then guess what, it is probably going to test strong! And not because the muscle really is holding its integral strength, but because you are not listening to what the muscle is telling you. If you were to meet someone for the first time and after the initial handshake all you did was talk about yourself, you would come away with very little information about that person. It is the same with self-testing. If you are already talking yourself into one understanding (I am going to eat that cake) then your ability to listen to what your energy system is telling you will be very limited.

When we use self-testing to determine which foods our body can digest and metabolise, usually there are big surprises when we discover what we can eat on that specific day, and what we can’t eat effectively. Donna Eden and David Feinstein regularly advise, ‘Test before you ingest’. We can feel so much more energised and healthy when we are fuelling our body just as it needs rather than taking up precious energy resources trying to digest food that isn’t suited to our body.

Good luck, bring the spirit of curiosity and play into your energy testing practice, and enjoy the results of eating to the needs of your body, mind and spirit.

With love, Prune

Self testing: The Sway test

One of the greatest empowerment tools that you can have in your daily life is to be able to test your own energy. You may want to find out if you are grounded, or whether you are fully hydrated, you may want to test a specific energy system, or test to see what food your body best resonates with. Over the next few blogs, I’m going to be concentrating on tips and techniques for ensuring that your energy testing is easy and accurate. For ease and most common (and essential) application I will concentrate on using self-testing for food for the first explorations of self testing,  looking at deeper ways of working with self-testing in a later blog.

The first and most important understanding is that energy testing is a process of communication. Self-testing is an art that, in most cases, you acquire through practice and developing a language of communication with your body.

Our energy fields are continually changing. They are a marvellous dance of dynamism. When we think of something joyful our energy fields shift and change, when we think of something saddening our energy fields shift and change; we are essentially dynamic. And it is exactly this dynamism that we are working with to communicate the overall needs/balances/imbalances of our energy system when we are self-testing. Thus, if my overall energy is doing OK and I bring some food into my biofield that is detrimental to me (i.e that my energy cannot assimilate or metabolise) then my whole energy system will fluctuate and actually become less-energised. If I self-test at this time with focused and non-biased intent then this will be communicated by the energy test indicating a weakened energy state.

There are three general ways to self-test;

  1. Using a sway test
  2. Using a muscle test
  3. Dowsing

In this article we will be concentrating on how to self-test food using a sway test, but first it is important to energetically set yourself up so that there is a greatly reduced chance of inaccuracy in your testing. There are a few key things that can seriously compromise our energy systems

  1. The first is not being grounded so if you are learning to self-test or if you are someone who struggles with being grounded then bring in a simple energy correction by spooning your feet. I explain this more fully at
  2. The second situation that can compromise our energy system, and thus the effectiveness of the self-testing, is if your body is dehydrated. We are all aware of how water conducts electricity (precisely the reason we don’t balance an electric radio on the edge of the bathtub!), well, we need good conductivity of our electrical energy systems in order use energy-testing.  It is a good idea to drink water prior to self-testing so that you rule out dehydration as a possible negative influence on the accuracy of your testing

It is also a great idea to do the Daily Energy Routine (DER)  before you test as that way you’ll be in your tip-top energetic shape whereby communication with your energy systems is going to be more enhanced than if you are feeling quite discombobulated.

So, once you know you are grounded and hydrated, get into a centred and balanced standing position.  Do not be right against a wall as, with this test, your body is going to sway either forwards or backwards depending on the results of the self-test.

  1. Take a few breaths in this position so that you can really feel your balance. Have the intention of being really grounded and yet really light within your own centre of gravity. Self-testing using the sway test can be difficult if you are feeling ‘rigid’ within your body frame. Doing the DER can be a great way to lighten yourself if you are feeling a big stiff and rigid.
  2. Take the food that you are wanting to test and hold it on your solar plexus.
  3. Bring your consciousness to being open to whatever information your whole-body system will show you. Do not bring a bias into the testing (‘Oh, I really want to eat this and want the test to be strong’ or ‘I know I’m allergic to gluten so this bread is bound to be weak’). Keep your focus on your breath and your centre of gravity as you allow your energy fields to interact with the energy field of the food.
  4. Observe which way your body moves:
  • Forward sway (towards the food); the food is beneficial for you
  • Backwards sway (away from the food); the food is detrimental for you
  • No sway (no movement); the food is neutral for you

As mentioned earlier, this technique can take practice to learn how to deeply listen to the communication from your energy system. There will be some of you who do it and from the first time it is easy and accurate. There are others who may have to practice for a while to feel confident about the results, and there are still others of you for whom this test won’t resonate (don’t worry, there’ll be two other forms of energy self-testing that we’ll explore in the next blogs).

To watch me demonstrating the sway test on video you can click here

Let me know how you get on,

with love, Prune

The Sacral Chakra by Jyotish Patel

 The second of the seven major chakras is the “sacral” chakra. It is located in the  sacrum and pelvic area. It is about our relationships, creativity, erotic sensuality, control and money. The second chakra is the seat of pure creative energy through which we connect with the deepest voice of the self, the deepest stillness and wisdom.

The translation of Svadhisthana its Sanskrit name means “her special abode” In this area resides stored ancestral energy and a portion of the collective unconscious. The very nature of the force fields of this center act as a block for the rising of the jewel maid, the kundalini energy through the energetic core and beyond this chakra.

In yogic philosophy is the notion that energy generated and activated through this chakra may be raised upwards to higher levels of awareness, and integrated as a creative force for internal growth. It houses the energy for procreation but its great potential is to activate higher centers within the energetic core.

In religious orders throughout the world, the power of the sacral chakra is specifically addressed. At one extreme are the monastic, religious paths which advocate retaining the full sexual powers inside the body for transmutation to higher potential. The polar opposite is the tantric school of yoga, which prescribes and instructs the aspirants in ways to achieve “oneness” through energy inherent in sacred sex. In both, the power of the second chakra is being harnessed in hopes of advancing the individual along the spiritual path, towards the point of unity and a closer, deeper relationship with to the Universal Soul.

The sacral represents the journey from dependence to independence and individuation, realizing we are a separate entity from our parents and family. We learn about the polarity of opposites, Yin and Yang. While the Root Chakra is satisfied with survival, the 2nd chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment. Relating and relationships with the opposite sex are explored here, sometimes bringing experiences of jealousy, betrayal, control and power plays.

The second chakra holds our innocence, (inner sense) free, pure and unafraid. It is the energy of who we were before life’s challenges and lessons. The umbilical cord that connected us to our mother sits at the top of our second chakra, it is also the energetic cord that connects us to creativity, radiance and a source of our natural healing potential. People with strong capacity for healing often feel as though the umbilical cord is still active and they are receiving information from the cosmos. The insights, intuition and knowing of the second chakra are not mental.

The gift of this chakra is experiencing our lives through feelings and sensations. It is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. The energy of this chakra allows you to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation occurring within your body. It allows you to experience this moment as it is, in its own fullness.

One of the challenges for the second chakra is the conditioning of our society, where feelings are not valued, where passion and emotional responses are kept in check. We also experience the wounds of our collective cultural struggles over many sexual issues partly arising when, on one hand sexuality is magnified and glorified, and on the other hand it is rejected, creating confusion and imbalance. This can result in excessive second chakra activity, when a person’s focus resides in this chakra, everything is flavored by sensuality and sexuality and events are interpreted from that viewpoint. It can lead to a disconnect from the body, the wellspring of feelings, enjoyment and sensuality.

Thoughts, feelings and experiences filtered through the second chakra, that influence your perception may include expressing your creativity, comfortable with your sexuality, able to receive nurturing from others, the need to need to control, or give your power away, addictive traits, excess guilt, shame, anger, and judgments, difficult to make money, standing up for yourself, everything can feel like a crisis.

Sacral chakra resonates with Radiant Circuit energies and ceremonial magic.


“I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life”

Life is pleasurable! I embrace and celebrate my sexuality! I have and attract deep and meaningful relationships”

Thyroid Disorders: Finding Resonance by Tara Beck

In June of 2011, my eyes were opened to the modern epidemic of thyroid disorders.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that month, and I didn’t even know what that meant.  Researching further, I discovered that thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer have all been growing at exponential rates in recent years.  Thyroid cancer, in fact, is now the fastest growing type of cancer.  Studying this condition in both myself and in my clients, I now understand that the thyroid gland is a dynamic, vital and beautiful part of our anatomy.  Although the thyroid is amazingly complex with numerous chemical and biological functions, it can also be surprisingly simple to work with using the proper balancing techniques.

There are many contributing factors that can lead to a thyroid condition.  Direct links to the small intestine, adrenals, triple warmer and spleen, pituitary, hypothalamus, thymus gland, stomach and throat chakra are all relatively common. The throat chakra in particular is unique from the other chakras because it has 7 chambers running vertically up the length of the throat, while other chakras are shaped more like spiraling disks. Each of the 7 chambers of the throat chakra correlates with one of the other chakras, and these chambers are where the information from each chakra is metabolized, sorted, and assimilated with the other chakras. The throat chakra chambers continually seek resonance with each other, and with us. When resonance cannot be attained, chambers can become blocked and trap energy. This trapped energy can significantly interfere with the health and vitality of the thyroid, which sits like a fragile butterfly within these chambers. These blockages also prevent us from fully accessing our wisdom and experience.  We can only speak freely from unblocked chakras, so blocked chakras can severely limit our ability for full and complete self expression.

So what is resonance, and how do we achieve this optimal state?  To answer these questions we need to first understand the relationship between our chakras and our soul.  As our soul progresses, all of our experiences are stored within our chakras, and each time we begin a new journey, we build upon the wisdom of those previous experiences that are already encoded in our chakras. We’ve all known a baby or child who has been called an “old soul” or “wise beyond their years”. Some young people just seem to have an adult-like knowledge and an understanding of concepts that they haven’t learned but just seem to know.  These old souls and the great wisdom they carry are incredibly important during trying times when the world needs experienced individuals to lead us through change.  In fact, we are currently approaching an apex in our human existence, and this is a very challenging, powerful and critical time.  Fortunately our planet is currently loaded with old souls, who can help us navigate toward solutions.  It’s like we’ve been here before, there are better ways of being, and our chakras hold that information.

With the information stored in our chakras, we all come pre-equipped with the skills and knowledge to help change the course of our existence, and we only need to tap into ourselves to access these resources. When we achieve this internal connection, and are able to realize what we know, feel what we know, and move with what we know at a very deep level, then we create resonance within ourselves. We somehow know, see, hear and feel our inner drumbeat, the driving force inside that compels us to study certain subjects or draws us to certain people, places or animals.  When we tap into our inner soul path, it is like something inside of us suddenly comes alive. This is resonance, and it feels mighty. There’s a power, a knowing, a wisdom and our soul truly sings when we finally lift the veil of what we’ve forgotten, and begin to remember who we really are.  We feel alive and complete.

Maintaining resonance can be challenging in a world where traditions, norms and conformity are sometimes valued more than individual self-expression.. Our schools, religions, politics and communities each play a part in defining and reinforcing what is true or not true, right or wrong, moral or immoral, acceptable or unacceptable and good or evil within our respective cultures   However, the knowledge stored within our chakras provides each of us with our own personal compass to navigate our life. This internal compass carries the wisdom of our past and will inevitably conflict with some of the cultural standards and opinions.  Conflict with our inner voice is typically the instigator of activism, or on a more subtle level, simply choosing the road less traveled.  It is also this inner voice that moves us to engage with ourselves and with our community in more meaningful ways. Think of what it felt like when you suddenly became inspired to take up painting or photography, or resolved to leave your comfort zone to join a social group or take singing lessons, or completely changed careers, or decided to have a child. There’s often an internal impetus in our life choices that push us toward resonance with our chakras and our soul.

Often thyroid disorders are associated with a lack of “speaking up for yourself”. But it’s so much more than that. Speaking up doesn’t necessarily have to come through your words.  It can be expressed in choices that you make in your life that bring harmony to your inner voice.  Finding peace within ourselves and living comfortably within the set structures of our community is a delicate dance where heart, mind, intuition and compromise all play together. Given the location of the thyroid at the intersection of all these paths, it is not surprising that thyroid problems can manifest as a result of these struggles.  When we find peace within ourselves, the thyroid will thrive. When there is congestion and a lack of true expression from your soul, it is difficult to keep our thyroid gland healthy regardless of diet, medication or supplements.  The thyroid will be a lot more forgiving of our diet, lifestyle and stress level if we are truly walking the path we were destined to walk.

If we are able to find resonance where we can live and love peaceably within our culture and in harmony with head and heart, it provides a protection to overcome other factors that might otherwise provide a challenge to the thyroid. Finding our resonance within ourselves can activate our body’s natural ability to heal and feel more joy. We won’t be so easily triggered by outside circumstances when we have peace within. It doesn’t require meditation, but it provides a similar result. Having clear channels through our throat allows us to access all of the wisdom from our chakras, so we experience our life in a more connected, complete way.  Also, when all of the chambers are open and unblocked, we are able to speak and move in a way that reflects the awareness of them all. We feel more whole, because we are accessing the totality of our experience.

Here is a simple and fast exercise that can be done daily to immediately help clear congestion in your throat chakras:

  1. Starting in the center of the throat over the thyroid, use the index and middle finger of both hands. Stretch gently one set of fingers going up to the jaw, the second set of fingers stretching down to the collar bone.
  2. Following the diagram of the chambers, repeat this for the 6 remaining vertical columns.
  3. End by using your thumb and middle finger to do a very gentle butterfly pinch right on top of the thyroid gland to reset it
  4. Repeat daily to help heal the throat, the chakras and the thyroid.

Support your thyroid gland by making a choice today that resonates all the way down to your soul. Maybe for you that means saying “no” to something without feeling a need to give an explanation. Maybe it means starting to write that book that’s bubbling up inside you. Maybe it means clearing some time for a walk or a visit with a loved one. Maybe it’s learning something new that’s always called to you.  Maybe you have always dreamed of visiting a place, and now is the time to bring that dream into life. Whatever makes your heart sing, your body leap and your soul delight. Let it begin.

With love,


About the Author: Tara Beck is an Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner and founder of Energy Passage.

Do you experience learning difficulties?

This blog is exploring a conscious energetic approach to working with learning difficulties. You have all heard the adage that there is no bad weather, only people with a bad understanding of how to dress for the weather. Well,  I firmly believe that none of us have learning difficulties, but rather we are in an educational system that makes learning difficult for some of us.  Everyone of us can learn. We learn to crawl, walk, and talk. Nothing that we ever have to learn at school is more complex, so we all have innate and magnificent ability to learn, we simply need to be supported in a learning environment that suits our specific style of learning.

There are a few different learning modalities;

Visual, Aural, Verbal, Kinesthaetic, Logical, Social and Solitary

Many of us learn kinaesthetically or through the creative arts. I am a visual learner: I cannot remember a person’s name until I have visually matched the energy of the name to the energy of the individual.  Stories of great deeds played out by heroes only become relevant once I have watched  the living story unfold in my minds eye/ imagination. Despite studying the theory many many times over, I simply could not understand how the earth/sun/moon moved until my friend and teacher, Dr Cheryl Bartlett first showed it to me with an orange, a tangerine and ping pong ball, and then, because it was still hovering on the edge of my understandings, walked me through it on the floor with her representing  the earth,  me representing the moon and a willing passerby representing the sun. At that point I understood it and have never lost that understanding, because it bridged from the head knowing/the brain knowing, into the whole-system knowing. The relationship that I have with that piece of information is now fully embodied.

We cannot underestimate the extent to which we need to have a whole-system approach to learning . I know children who have to tap on their bodies or drum their fingers on the table while they are in a classroom or learning environment; they are trying to bridge the gap between the non-kinesthetic and kinesthetic approaches to learning. Others need to doodle to bridge the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Others sit with their arms crossed and their legs crossed over like a noodle, attempting to hold the cross-over systems strong and resilient in the face of a difficult learning style. When I am writing these articles I love to be surrounded by noise (like a busy cafe or a train station), and if I don’t have that then I have very loud music playing. Again, the external stimulation and the vibration of the music weaves the left and right brain hemispheres together allowing me to access information in my consciousness, subconscious, the collective consciousness and higher consciousness. It takes me much longer to write when I don’t have that stimuli and my writing is more flat/less vital.

Most of the approaches within the mainstream educational system appeals to left brain learning. Logical, rational, sequential, linear.  This is a great way to learn if that is how you learn. And an almost impossibly dull, rigid and flat way to experience your ‘education’ if that is not the way in which you learn.  For many of us (children and adults), we need creativity within the learning process.

When I sit in a classroom (of adults or children) I observe a few energetic facts: many individuals are energetically and neurologically disorganised before they enter the classroom. Poor quality sleep, the effects of being around screens, foods with sugar in for breakfast, stresses at home, stresses at school; all of these greatly affect our ability to stay energetically organised and thus our ability to learn. But even when there is good energetic organisation prior to being in the class, if the style of learning is not suited to that individual then the individual’s energy patterns first move into  homolateral, and then into neurologically disorganisation (the cross over patterns of the brain lessen).

So, what can you do about it if you are in an educational environment that works with left-brain models of learning?

(Please note that all the exercises below are shown on my Imaginal Health youtube channel 

Before you enter the learning environment:

  • Full Daily energy routine

More regularly you can do any of the below: (several times a day)

  •  Wayne Cook exercise (standing or sitting version) or/and the exercise to enhance neurological processing
  • Crown pull
  • Celtic weave
  • Homolateral repatterning
  • Hook up

Remember, you not only want your energy system to be organised and coherent, you want it to be resilient as well; able to keep the patterns of health and vitality even when under stress such as trying to learn in a non-supportive learning environment.

When you are in the learning environment

Figure 8s: An effective energy technique to help you in this situation is to visualise figure 8s horizontally across your body as you are listening/watching the educator. If you are not someone who finds it easy to visualise then draw small figure 8s with your finger ( this can be in the air, on your hand, on your leg under the desk if appropriate). Make it so that one else can see the movement.

If it is easier for you, you can bring a very slight weave into your body, allowing the energy of your body to move from side to side in a figure 8 pattern. This movement should be imperceptible to anyone else in the class.

You can also smooth big figure 8s around the eyes. This is such an easy and natural thing to do that others in the class either don’t k notice it, or don’t think anything of it.

Breath: a really effective way that i have worked with people who struggle with dyslexia/dyspraxia/dysgraphia etc is to teach them the Dragon Breath. They do it everytime they do the DER and especially the Wayne Cook/Crown Pull and Hook Up. I tend to find that people either resonate more with the standing wayne cook, the sitting wayne cook or the neurological processing exercise. Once it is apparent which one most affects change and balance in their energy systems then that is the one that they work with. So, each time they do that exercise, they work with the Dragon Breath. After only a few days the whole-energy system picks up the pattern that when working wth Dragon Breath, the neurological processing abilities cross over and come into balance. We can use this repatterning when in the classroom situation. There is no need to do the exercise of wayne cook etc, you can simply move into Dragon Breath and have the energetic patterns remain vibrant and able to process the information.

After you leave the learning environment:

  • Ground: if your energy is scrambled or disorganised then it is most important that you ground. This may be through any of the grounding exercises discussed in earlier blogs  (see tab on side menu) by running around, stamping your feet or being outside in nature. That is why having children play outside in the playground between lessons is so very important.
  • Hook up

If you still don’t feel you have organisation or clarity in your whole-body system then:

  • Wayne Cook or Neurological processing exercise (with Dragon Breath)
  • Crown Pull

( And if you are someone who feels very frustrated or deflated after being in a learning environment then can do Activating the Cells as soon as you leave the classroom. And then the exercises mentioned above).

Two more things to mention:

Sugar greatly increases the likelihood of becoming neurologically disorganised. I’ll write more on this in a later blog.

I have often seen children who are very neurologically disorganised come into clarity and organisation when they are around animals. The Horse Boy Foundation has some amazing research to support this. A great reason to have an animal friend in your life or your child’s life.

With love, Prune

The Root Chakra by Jyotish Patel

The first of the seven major chakras is the “root” chakra. Its physical location is at the base of the spine in the perineum. Our basic foundations and personal sense of security, instinct, survival and basic human potentiality reside here. It serves as a conduit for sexual energy and for the creation of new life.

Within this chakra lies the dormant creative energy of the coiled serpent, the jewel maid, the kundalini. In The mythic image, Joseph Campbell says: One may think of the kundalini on this level as compared to a dragon; for dragons, we are told have a propensity to hoard and guard things and their favorite things are jewels. They are unable to make use of them, but just hang on and so the values of their treasury are unrealised, lost to themselves and the world. On this level, the serpent queen kundalini is held captive by her own dragon lethargy. She does not know, or can communicate to life that she controls, any joy; yet will not relax her hold and let go. Her key model is a stubborn here I am and here I stay, which can be seen simply as condensed, or gross consciousness. The challenge, lessons, healing and growth then is to evolve at this level the cold dragon grip of your own spiritual lethargy and release the jewel maid, your own Shakti (energy) for ascent through the energetic core to those higher spheres where she will become your spiritual teacher and guide to the bliss of pure consciousness.

Muladhara or root chakra is symbolised by a red lotus with four petals. It’s during the first seven years that we learn about where we fall in our relationships with siblings, parents, our community, and how we relate to them. A healthy root chakra connects you with vitality to your family of origin, your immediate society and to the global community. It is a place where our tribal instincts reside, where we preserve our lineage, where we derive our sense of identity with all of humanity and nature.

Therefore, thoughts and experiences filtered through the root chakra, that influence your perception may include beliefs inherited or learnt from family, unfinished business between you and your parents, limiting beliefs about personal survival and money, personal boundaries that you maintain, difficulty to bonding with others and often sick or suffering from illness. It is also responsible for the fight/flight/flee when survival is under threat, often bringing balance to the root chakra involves harmony through conflict.

The root chakra resonates with the primordial force of the earth serving as a receiver for the earth energies. It propels energy both up from the earth deep into the energetic core carrying life force and down the legs providing grounding, stability and strength. Prune reminds us, an important piece in this understanding of your energy anatomy is that the first chakra acts as the pilot light for stoking and firing up the energy through the whole of the chakra system. The chakra system holds the movement and fluidity of energy through the energetic core, so when the root chakra is congested and compromised one of the places that gets especially congested is the crown chakra.

The rising flame through the ignition of the pilot light in the root fires the person with a kind of excitement, they are both grounded and filled with a dynamic upward moving energy. This robust kinesthetic energy leads to a sexy, earthy quality that empowers, providing a drive for a huge YES to life.

As you learn about chakras, you’ll discover that balancing them is a practice you can develop, especially if you think of it as a process of not just living your life, but actually loving your life.


I love my body! I trust my body’s wisdom! It is safe for me to be here! I have a right to be here! The earth supports my needs!

How do screens affect us?

Rewiring our energetic software for our modern world.

Growing up as a child and youth in this modern era is an amazing, dynamic and stimulating time of daily technological advancements that are uploaded to devices ever attached to our fingertips. It can also be inherently stressful, with no or little time or space for more traditional ways of interacting with friends, nature or the broader social community. There are days when, if allowed (!) my 14 year old son would be sitting in our living room, playing computer games with 5 or more of his friends, while each are firmly ensconced in their own living rooms.  All their communication is being done via either the headset or the typepad.  The constant thrum of social cyber living is in most rooms of most houses as computers, smart TVs and mobile devices provide entertainment, social networking, chat time, news, information, shopping and many other ‘needs’ . Bruce Lipton reminds us that the average child has access to more information in their backpack than was ever available to Maggie Thatcher or Ronald Reagan! We live in a very different world of information than ever before. And there are huge pluses to this, but there are also huge downsides.

Energetically we evolved at time when our greatest stresses were drought, famine and the sabre-tooth tiger. Occasionally there was a threat from a neighbouring clan.

These are all very quantifiable stresses, and usually quite rare. We faced them as a social community and created solutions and survival strategies. I have already written on the general way in which our energy systems are having to learn how to redefine or evolve beyond our traditional concept of threat and danger (Surviving or Thriving) but in this article I want to concentrate on the ways in the we all, and especially our children, can use energy medicine techniques to help with both the insidious and overt stresses of our technological age.

I have plenty of opportunity to observe children. I grew up in a home of 6 children and an open door, and although I have only two children there is a constant stream of other children coming and going through our house with sleepovers,playtimes, visits and regular drop ins. I know for some parents that isn’t  their ideal situation, but I love it. And there are a few things that I notice as I see children’s energy before, during and after interacting with screens (tablets, Xbox, television).

  1. The organisation of the energy fields before screen interaction and after screen interaction are significantly different
  2. Up until about 60-90 minutes of screen time, the extent of post-screen disorganisation  depends on the extent of pre-screen organisation
  3. No-one is unaffected by being on screens, no matter how organised their energy fields or how short a time they are on the screen.
  4. Games that involve adrenaline (fighting/racing/shooting/being chased etc) have a more immediate and greater effect on the organisation of the energy systems than games/screen time that do not produce adrenaline.  It also takes longer to correct or re-organise their systems.
  5. Some children (and adults) have more sensitive energy systems and as such are more affected by the energy fields of electrical devices.

So, as ever with energy medicine, the good news is that you can do something about this! It doesn’t mean ban your children from being on screens, or give up your job because it involves being infront of a computer. Rather, learn how to keep your energy systems balanced so that you and they are more resilient to interacting with screens, and know what to do after you have been using screens in order to minimise the negative effect and to evolve the energy systems into full health, resiliency and vitality.

What happens when you sit in front of a screen for longer than your energy systems can hold? At first the aura reaches out to the screen, assessing it and interacting with it. If you are reading information (such as a cooking recipe) then this interaction minimises as your aura recognises that it has an electrical and electromagnetic energy, but isn’t sentient. The energy from the screen can still freeze your electrical energy around your eyes but often just moving away from the screen and moving through your daily life (in this case making the recipe that you have just looked up), your energy fields will adjust themselves back to coherence. This is much more likely if you are in a good place of organisation and resiliency in the first place (keep doing that Daily Energy Routine!)

If the screen interaction is a game, music video, YouTube video etc then the aura continues to interact with it in a much more dynamic way. After a while, this begins to drain the aura until the aura in front of the trunk and face is thin and holey and often detaches.

Meanwhile, the cross-over patterns in the body increasingly become more and more homolateral, the ability to process neurologically also becomes compromised and after a while, the ability to stay grounded or with the correct polarity also becomes compromised. Time after time, I see a child with a dynamic, vibrant, connected energy system, sink and sink when involved with a screen until they look like someone who is managing a chronic illness.  Without energy medicine techniques, the patterns do eventually rebuild, taking anything from a 30 minutes to a few hours  but meanwhile, you are managing a child who is feeling dreadful. This can show up as them being hyperactive, restless, exhausted, moody. Does any of this sound familiar? And how about if you think about yourself, at the end of day on a computer?

So, what can you do about it?

Daily techniques that help repattern your energies after you have interacting with a screen.

  1. The Four Thumps
  2. Activating the Cells (Expelling the Venom)
  3. The Celtic Weave
  4. The Zip Up
  5. The Hook Up

Usually, this little series of exercises is enough to bring organisation right back into the system. If still feeling less than vibrant and energised then you or your child can also put in the Crown Pull and the either the Wayne Cook exercise or the Neurological Processing exercise.  All of these mentioned exercises can be found on videos at my website or my YouTube channel

with love, Prune





Why do the Daily Energy Routine?

Often in my blogs I cite Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine as a foundational starting point for beginning to evolve your energy systems towards patterns of full health and vitality. Donna’s great book, ‘Energy Medicine’, explains the Daily Energy in several chapters.

But I thought it would be useful to summarise why the Daily Energy Routine is so transformative. We are a living, pulsing, highly co-ordinated electrical and electromagnetic organism. Scientists such as Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, William Bengston, James Oschman and Rupert Sheldrake (to name just a few) are bringing understandings that our whole-body system is not governed by the brain as was the primary thesis in the 50s,  or our genes as was the primary thesis of the previous 30 years. Rather we are held, nurtured and developed through a greater energy field. The energy systems that make up this greater energy field are subtle, electromagnetic and electric, and are what in Consciousness Energetics I refer to as the ‘whole-body system’.

David Feinstein has written a quite brilliant article on the 6 Pillars of Energy Medicine and if you haven’t read it then I highly recommend it for helping yourself become deeply familiar with the terminology and  premise of the energetic paradigm. His article can be found here . We have been so steeped in the terminology and precepts of the biomedical paradigm that there is much about the energy paradigm that can seem hugely woo-woo! But it is grounded in ancient understandings, science and practice-based evidence.

So, the basic principle of the energy paradigm is that our energy moves in patterns of optimum health and vitality. When we are tired, stressed, or in danger, our energy patterns move into patterns of survival or maintenance. Such patterns can either prime us for fight/flight or freeze, or they can make us tired, clumsy or forgetful. This then slows us down, inviting sleep. During the sleep time when much of the active functioning of the body (sight, movement etc) is slowed down, the energetic patterns are able to find their balance back into the template of optimum health and vitality. What can really mess with these instinctive patterns of optimum health and vitality is sustained stress, threat or tiredness as we simply don’t have the energy/time/space in our lives to recharge. Thus, the patterns that are trying to respond to stress or tiredness become more and more entrenched in our systems until these patterns have become patterns of imbalance. Over a period of time, such patterns can result in ill-health.

The Daily Energy Routine affects much within your energy systems. Doing it regularly begins to establish new patterns of health, and supports those that are already in their effective and healthy patterns. It provides a vast foundation for all of your health and well-being to improve. I have two videos on YouTube showing the Daily Energy Routine, one a little shorter than the other.

Click here to watch do the  longer explained Daily Energy Routine with me.

Click here to do the shorter version

Specifically, the Daily Energy Routine helps;

  • Grounding (Hook Up, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Celtic Weave, Four Thumps)
  • Cross-over pattern in your whole-body system (Homolateral Cross Over, Wayne Cook, Celtic Weave)
  • Neurological processing (Wayne Cook, Homolateral Cross Over, Crown Pull, Hook Up, Zip up, Neurolymphatic reflex massage)
  • Increase oxygen (Freeing the Diaphragm, Crown Pull)
  • Eyesight (Four Thumps, Connecting heaven and earth)
  • Sense of safety (Zip up, Hook up, Celtic Weave, Four thumps)
  • Metabolism (Four thumps, Connecting heaven and earth)
  • Connectivity with self and others (Four thumps, Zip Up, Hook Up, Celtic Weave)
  • Relieving stress (Crown Pull, Freeing the Diaphragm, Hook up, Celtic Weave)
  • Recovery from ill health or disease (Homolateral repatterning, Celtic Weave, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Four thumps)

The Daily Energy Routine takes less than 10 minutes and can transform your life. The energetic paradigm does not have to be a mystery to any of us, it is tangible, effective and empowering.

Enjoy! With love, Prune

The Chakra; Concentric Layers of widsom

Jyotish Patel continues sharing insights on the Chakra system with exploration of the layers within the chakras. His introduction to the Chakra system can be read here.

The chakras have a number of correspondents, just as the five elements do in the Chinese system. Each Chakra has physical location in the body and is associated with a nerve plexus, endocrine gland and physiological and emotional attributes.

As well as emanating energy in concentric layers or rings, the Root chakra opens downward and the Crown chakra opens upwards. As such,they play a special role in pulling energy into the body. The root chakra pulls the energy up from the Earth, rises up through the body to meet the energy being pulled down from above via the Crown chakra. In this way they constitute essential and interdependent energies of Earth (yin) and Sky (yang), harnessing the power of the Earth and the cosmos. The Root chakra simultaneously sends energy back down to earth to ground us and release energetic toxins just as the Crown chakra sends energy upwards that connect us with the energies of the cosmos.

Each of the seven chakras also has seven layers. These may spin in the same or different directions depending on whether a particular chakra layer is receiving, releasing, storing or processing information as it adapts to the shifting energies in the dance of life. The innermost and densest layer is located at the spine touching and interacting with the basic grid system within the energetic core. Remember these layers of the chakras also extend out at the back of the body. It can be easy to think that the chakras only emanate out of the front body as most of the images that we see are of the front body, but they act equally on all sides of the body (front, back, sides). When Prune sees chakras, she describes them in two interconnected ways. The first is as the swirling discs of energy, but the second is as bowls that sit on top of each other. Imagine 7 bowls sitting on top of each other, each connected by a central column.

You can see in the picture that the vibrational energy of each chakra is represented by colour and also by the depth of the chakra. The base chakra is especially dense and thus represented as deeper than most of the others.But Prune reminds us not to get caught up in the belief that the Root chakra is always Red, or the Solar Plexus is always yellow. These colours traditionally shown simply capture the general vibration of the character of the chakra, not the reality of it for you, at this moment. You may have root chakras that show mostly purple today, or heart chakras that show deep red or orange. The chakra system is dynamic, continually changing and moving.It is a kaleidoscopic wonder!

So, the inherent movement in the chakras is generated by the energy moving through the energetic core from the Crown to the Root and  from the Root to the Crown. In the process of individual development, however there is a flow of energy from the base up, which further activates the movement of the chakras. Normally, this upward progression from the first chakra to the seventh would occur over the person’s lifetime. However, specific practices that have been created and discovered over centuries to stimulate the chakras, and  thus accelerate person development. Some examples of these practices are  pranayama (breathwork), dynamic dance, meditations, affirmations, ritual and Sound Bath  These discoveries often formed the framework of the secret teachings of the mystery schools, internal alchemy, healing rituals, and devotional practices.

In yogic philosophy the opening of the central pathway or energetic core is the initiation of the accelerated awakening process. Deep within the Root Chakra, at the base of the spine, a massive amount of core energy is stored. This is known as Kundalini energy. When activated through energy and spiritual practices, this massive energy moves upwards through the energetic core and activates the major processing centres of all of the chakras. As this energy enter a chakra the increased vitality causes the wheel of the chakra to spin faster, expanding the vortex of the energy farther out from the centre of the chakra, stimulating and enhancing any and all functions. The effects are not confined to the energy centres only, but become manifest throughout one’s entire being.


The Heart is loved by Spleen

How is your spleen energy?

One of the most important relationships within the meridian and organ system is between spleen and heart. In my recent blogs we have been learning of the complex and dynamic energy of the heartfield and how it is the governing energy of the body. We have also explored how to help stabilise that heart field.

So now we are turning our attention to one of the key energy systems that nourish the heart; the Spleen. When we think of Spleen energy we should think of nourishment.

The Bai Hu Dong tells us ‘the spleen is the essence of the element earth. The highest function of earth is to nourish all creatures so as to give them form.”

Powerful, gentle and nurturing, Spleen is the yin aspect of the Earth Element. When our Spleen energy is balanced then we are in a place of natural abundance, we are able to receive the abundance of the earth, knowing we are nourished and provided for. Spleen needs to be in balance to integrate or metabolise the activities, experiences and thoughts of our daily life, and its relationship with Heart is central to such integration.

Because Spleen is also responsible for giving form, it works in keeping the physicality of our body elastic and ‘bouncy’…if you have bits of your body that are getting saggy then you know that you need to give Spleen energy some help! With its relationship within the collateral system, Spleen 21 as the Great Luo point is also responsible for nourishing the blood which is of course vital for the energetic and physical health of the heartfield.

When we look at the picture of the horary cycle below we can see how Spleen energy flows into Heart energy.

Donna Eden notes how many people who have heart attacks do so within the hours of 9-11am, which is the hours in which Spleen energy is at its height within this horary cycle. This is because of the vital role that Spleen plays in feeding its nourishing energy into Heart. If Spleen isn’t vibrant and balanced then there is very little juice to pass onto the Heart system and depletion of the heartfield occurs.

So, how do we keep Spleen vital and balanced? Spleen energy, more than any other energy in the whole-body system, is impacted greatly by stress. We see that Spleen sits across the horary wheel from Triple Warmer, and Triple Warmer governs our fight, flight, freeze response system. Because of the relationship between Spleen and Triple Warmer they are hardwired to draw energy from each other. In traditional Chinese medicine understandings, such relationships that sit across the Horary wheel are called the Wife/Husband partnerships because each needs to be in continual balance with the other.

When our Triple Warmer energy is triggered into high alert due to stress, then the very first place that the Triple Warmer system draws energy from is Spleen. And Spleen gives its energy willingly and in abundance. This generous giving helps marshall Triple Warmer in its defence of the whole-body system, or it simply reassures Triple Warmer thus bringing the system back down of alert and into harmony. Spleen and Triple Warmer also are the energetic components of the immune system with Spleen being the parasympathetic (nourishing) and Triple Warmer the sympathetic (defensive). So, hopefully, you are getting a good picture of how vital it is to keep your spleen energy balanced.

This video shows a few ways in which you can keep your spleen energy balanced. Do the exercises regularly to keep spleen vital and juicy, helping your integration, your immune system, your ability to thrive and your heart nourished.

With love, prune




The Deep Heart

Donna Eden writes, ‘The heart is awesomely intelligent, having every single receptor that the brain has. It thinks. It remembers. It feels, knows and loves. It is hard-wired for bliss.” And when you activate the bliss of your own heart then all hearts that you touch are reminded of their own innate capacity for magnificence and bliss.

The deep wisdom of our heartfield is the most captivating energy to sit within and share with others. It guides our intuition, processes our experiences and acts as the magnificent conductor of the orchestra that we think of as ‘us’. Today I want to write on one of the most profound of the complex energies of the heartfield; an energy field I call the Deep Heart.

How many of you have experienced pain, tightness or tension underneath your left shoulderblade? And for those of you who do, have you noticed that when you are stressed, especially with emotional stress then that tension increases. Often, finding ways to lessen the tension is really difficult, no matter what self help tools you have in your pocket. I have noticed over the years that behind the heart organ itself there is often a pocket of heart energy that can get to be so big that it pushes out from under the shoulderblade itself. This is what I mean when I write of the deep heart. It is the way in which some of the emotions and energy are purposefully held in a protective pocket behind the heart.

Imagine a cave behind the heart, a place where you can put all of the heart emotions that you can’t quite process. All those times when your heart has struggled to process something, and you know you are retreating into the deep heart, the cave of the heart, to figure things out. Sometimes we sit in the cave of the heart and bring understandings forward, sometimes we leave the cave having added another layer of non-processed heart-thoughts/emotions. Such energy can sit deep in the heart cave quietly waiting until you are able to return to process, or it can start shouting loudly that you need to figure it out! Think of pain in your body as being SHOUTY CAPITAL LETTERS letting you know that your attention is needed.

There are various ways in which you can work to balance the deep heart. If you are experiencing pain around or under the shoulder blade then don’t forget the most simplest of pain techniques..the magical hairbrush. Chose a hairbrush that has plastic bristles with little rounded knobs on the end as they don’t prick your skin. Then simple tap the hairbrush all around the area that has the pain. The hairbrush helps disperse the congested energy and can often quickly relieve the pain. And it isn’t simply a short term solution either. When we remember that we are able to change and evolve our energy habits then if we regularly use the hairbrush in places where there are patterns of pain or tension then we are able to open up enough space for the healthy energy patterns to re-emerge. And you may find that using the hairbrush all around the shoulder gives some relief from times when the area is painful because of excess energy in the back heart, but at the same time, sometimes it really needs to be processed through the heart. A wonderful way to do this is to connect the heart with the root chakra.

On the left side of the body, draw an imaginary line straight across from the armpit crease, and another one up the body from the left nipple. The point at which these two lines intersect is a powerful access point into the energy of the heart. Bunch your first and second fingers and your thumb together (called a three-fingered notch) and place the fingertips of your bunched fingers in this heart point. With your right hand also form a three fingered notch and place that just inside the right hipbone. Hold these points together for a few minutes. This is a wonderful way to connect the wisdom of the heart into the wisdom of the root chakra, and thus the whole chakra system. We will be learning more about the root chakra in Jyotish’s next blog.

You can bring greater energetic consciousness to this exercise by spending the few minutes while holding the points, concentrating on your breathing, on relaxing and also sending love and gratitude to your heart. While you are doing so you can bring your attention to the cave of the heart and bathe that area with love and gratitude too. If there is a particular person or experience that you know is needing processed and is likely sitting in the deep heart, then you can also send love and gratitude to that person/experience.  As  one of my teachers, Mi’kmaq Elder Murdena Marshall, recognises,  “Love is the main ingredient of wellness.”

This is a powerful exercise and done regularly it will help bring a deeper balance and peace to the heartfield that governs so much of our whole body system.

With love,


The Chakras: Bridging physical and spiritual worlds by Jyotish Patel

Your physical, psychological and spiritual evolution is reflected in your chakras. Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through the chakras. They are an energetic imprint of your personal story as well as the template to realise the clear light of bliss.

In yogic tradition, the theory of the chakras is related to the belief in a universal soul with which the individual’s soul can unite. They reflect how the unified consciousness of humanity is divided to manage different aspects of earthly life. All of your senses, all of your perceptions, all of your possible states of awareness, everything that is possible for you to experience, is mapped in your chakras. Beyond the specifics are elaborate pictorial and mythological associations which have developed over the centuries. These poetic statements and myths share the visions and experiences yogis have encountered as they have activated the specific chakras. The body is considered to be “the Shrine of the Spirit” where the power of nature dwells. An understanding of each chakra will suggest that knowledge of the yoga system enables access into the rich and ancient reservoir of the body’s natural wisdom.

The human experience can be demanding and often damaging to our true nature. How have you designed yourself to function, that you are not honouring? Has your uniqueness felt misplaced? Why did you go so far out of balance? What did you lose sight of?

The normal, unstimulated awakening or energising of the chakras follows a natural progression in human growth, often considered in seven year cycles.  This is the inherent order of progression, although in all the chakras, the layers are acting and overlapping each other all the time. Their functions are with us throughout our lives, although each one prevails or leads the dance at different times depending on our life process. Energetically the path through life may be seen as a spiral, where we perceive life issues from the different window of perception of the seven chakras. We interpret our personal history and our relationships through these portals. The same issues, the same questions come up in each period of our lives as we spiral upwards but have different implications as our vantage points change.

Insights into the challenges you have chosen to overcome and living in conscious partnership with your chakras will empower you to experience the pure consciousness that lies within each one of us. We need only learn that we already posses the required energy to live our highest destiny.

Time to honour you, time to regain balance within self and refer within to know yourself and your connection to the web of creation.

_________________________________________________________________Bio; Jyotish Patel EEM-AP. Jyotish’s Energy Medicine Journey began in 1996 when he met Donna Eden, building on his life long fascination with energy, he has been feeling the love and energy ever since. Delighted to be part of the Year 2 teaching team.

Founder of Inspiring Energy an enterprise created to empower and inspire individuals, families, communities, and organisations to live in conscious partnership with their body’s energy systems to ‘connect’,’ create’ and ‘grow’.

 He has pioneered the application of Eden Energy Medicine into the world of business, creating and delivering innovative programmes designed to bring a new awareness to individuals, leaders and their teams to optimise their health and performance within orgnisations.

Jyotish is a certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, certified Zero Balancer, Touch for Health Practitioner and an Aromatherapist. Drawing on his diverse background and over twenty years of experience in the Healing Arts, he is a able to offer an integrative approach with intuitive insight to help facilitate client’s optimum health and radiance.

He collaborates with Prune Harris on various engagements including creating new approaches to client work and practice, co teaching ‘The Illuminous Chakra” workshop and in bringing EEM to Charitable Foundations.

Jyotish maintains his primary practice in Lewes close to where he lives in rural E Sussex with his partner Lianne, daughter Anousha and Leela the spaniel. He is inspired by shamanic practices, consciousness studies, loves cooking, yoga, being in nature with family and having fun.  contact:

Guardian of the heart

We are continuing with our exploration of the intricate and intimate energy systems governed by the heart, and in this article we are going to concentrate on the vital role played by the Pericardium. The organ of the pericardium encircles the organ of the heart and is known as the Heart Protector, or in other translations of ancient Chinese understandings it is referred to as Circulation Sex. This is because much of its energetic workload is related to the flow of circulation in the body and with healthy sexual and reproductive function.

In traditional Chinese understandings the heart system sits in the element of Fire, with its yin protector, Circulation Sex (or the Pericardium) and with its yang partners Small Intestine and Triple Warmer. This positioning of Heart in the Fire element helps fire hold the energy of love, passion, and joy when in balance, and panic, hysteria and withdrawal when out of balance.

Fire can be warming and nourishing; we use it to cook the food that nourishes us and we have all known the joy of coming into a warm fire when we are cold. We also know how much we are affected when we are with people who we would define as nourishing our heart. Perhaps for you it was your grandparents, or a special friend who you know always accepts you just as you are. Perhaps it is your spouse or lover. Our life would be much more sparse without them stoking and feeding our heart fire.

On the other hand, fire can be destructive and all-consuming. How many of us have had addictions that we wish to break, but we find such an addiction is essential fuel for our fire. Whether this is cigarettes, caffeine, sex, gambling, unhealthy food, facebook (!) such fuel to an out-of-balance heart fire drains our life-force and brings disorganisation to the entire heartfield. At these times the fire of the heart is flaming too high and then near depletion, weaving a spiral of imbalance.

Circulation Sex (Pericardium) is the main protector of the heart. As the yin protector, its job is to protect the heart from anything that would knock the heartfield out of balance. Think of Pericaridum/Circulation Sex as a wonderfully wise guardian of the heart that looks at each external event/experience/interaction and assesses whether it will allow the event/experience to be allowed into the depth of the heart. I visualise my Pericardium as a wonderful Celtic Warrior, either ready for battle or to roar with laughter and have fun with all of the other systems, depending on what is called upon; a system that loves life and lives it with depth and passion. She is magnificent and powerful in her strength and her humility guarding not only the Heart, but all of the yin systems and even our energetic core that houses the soul.

But sometimes, sometimes, this powerful yin protector gets a little too protective. At this time, the energy of Pericardium can start being too much of a gatekeeper/bodyguard, and can actually begin to restrict the ease of the heart with the overprotection of the heart energy system. This especially happens when we are falling into a pattern of self-criticism. There are few things we experience that are more insidious and threatening than the ways in which we can think of ourselves. ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not kind enough’, ‘I’m not strong enough, pretty enough, brave enough….’My mother was right….’my father was right’… ex-boyfriend was right…’i’m overconfident, …i’m not as clever as you…….I’ll never be any good at this…..

You will have your own particular patterns and words of self-destruction, little insidious thoughts that play out from deep in the subconsciousness and take out vast parts of the coherence and vitality of your energy system. And it is these thoughts that can overwhelm the pericardium.

Often when people are experiencing the feeling that the heart is being ‘squeezed’ then it is the pericardium that is working a little too hard and is creating an imbalance in the connective heartfield. When this happens it is important to work with the energy of the pericardium to remove such a limiting pattern and return to expansiveness again.

A wonderfully simple exercise that can help the heartfield by bringing the pericardium and the heart back into resonance is The Heart Loop. This involves tracing the heart meridian forwards from the armpit to the edge of the little finger and then immediately tracing the pericardium meridian backwards going from the middle finger, over the palm of the hand, up the inside of the arm and ending in the centre of the breast/pec muscle. Return to the armpit in one fluid motion and repeat again and again creating a loop. We are working with a circle of energy here, strengthening the heart energy to reassure the pericardium and then relaxing the pericardium to reassure heart. Brilliant! You can do this anywhere, anytime and enjoy the benefits of bringing the heartfield into greater balance. To watch a video of me doing The Heart Loop click here.

We have a delight in store on Monday when Jyotish Patel writes his guest blog on the overview of the chakras. I have watched incredible healers working with the chakras and yet Jyotish’s connection with the chakras remains the most profound. Just like some people can connect to horses on a different level, or dogs, or cats, and others can connect to trees or plants on a different level than most, one of Jyotish’s gifts lies in his connection to and understanding of the chakras.  On Monday his blog reflects on how the unified consciousness of humanity is divided into the chakras in order to manage different aspects of earthly life. Over the next few months Jyotish will be a regular guest as he moves from chakra to chakra.

with love, Prune

The Wise Heart

‘The heart has reason that reason cannot know.’ Blaise Pascale, 17th Century

The energy of the heart is one of the most complex that we have within our energy systems. All of our human energy systems play into the heart field so that it is a rich, complex, every changing weaving of information, processing and wisdom. As we move through these next few blogs I am going to try to do so  in a logical step-by-step process (!) so you are able to build your knowledge base for how the heart regulates and commands the entire function of the body, (You can read The True Heart here for the first blog I wrote on the heartfield), and also how easy it is to balance and influence the heartfield.

So what do we know about the energetic anatomy of the heart?

  • The heart meridian runs bilaterally from deep inside the armpit, down the inside edge of the arm and off the inside of the little finger. Because of the electrical component of the heart, the heart meridian is one of the most electric of all of the meridians. This is why it is such a powerful component in the Earth Electrics exercise that I have already written on.
  • The heart chakra spans the length of the sternum and surrounds that area on the front, sides and back on the body. Jyotish Patel is going to be writing regular guest posts on the chakra system so I won’t leap in with too much info here, but the heart chakra has a very special aspect to it within the chakra system as it acts as the central chakra. There are three above it and three below it. The energy from the earth is pulled into the first three chakras, the energy from above us is pulled down from the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras into the heart chakra. From this place of centrality, the heart holds and moves the relevant energy throughout the body and the other energy systems.
  • Within the heart field is the Anchor Point, a minor chakra, that anchors the Assemblage point into the energetic core. The Assemblage point determines how we perceive ‘reality’, or we could say it is where our inner perspective of the world meets the world, thus informing and reinforcing more about our internal perspective of the world. (This is a vast and fascinating topic in its own right so I’m not going to spend more time on it here but we return to this in future blogs.)
  • The golden hearts are also in this heart field. A portal into and out of the body, they are closely linked with the radiant circuits and the energetic core. I have written about them in
  • The electromagnetic energy of the heart goes out from the chakra several feet from the body. When we meet another person it is the electromagnetic field of the heart that envelops us. Someone with a strong heartfield can fill a whole room with the grounding, loving energy that the heartfield emanates. When we are in the presence of someone with this heart energy then our own heart energy finds a deeper resonance.  It is possible for everyone to experience existing within this heart field as it is our most natural ability, but many of us have learnt patterns of being that prevent us experiencing this deep resonance. It is a primary objective of Consciousness Energetics to empower you to rediscover it and to know how to evolve your energy patterns so that more and more you live within this resonance of health, vitality and connectiveness.

Below is a simple exercise that you can do to affect the heartfield. It helps to ground and centre the heartfield, aiding it in finding the deep coherence necessary to govern the body. It is great to use to help evolve your heartfield in general or to use specifically when you are feeling disparate or emotional. If you have the image in your mind of the heartfield being beautiful pulsing music moving from the heart centre out around you by several feet. Like an incredible symphony, all the notes flow in harmony to create the overall piece. If this is not how you feel..if you feel that one part of the orchestra is a little squeaky or that then percussion is banging too hard, or perhaps the brass is playing a different piece of music completely! Then this exercise can bring the orchestra back into its cohesion.

  1. Place your left hand over the sternum in the centre of the heartfield
  2. With the fingertips of your right hand tap the back of the left hand between the little finger and the fourth finger which are the second and third points on the Triple Warmer meridian. Find the rhythm that is most settling to you and continue to tap for as long as you need to begin to deeply settle. You will notice that although this may take 30 or more seconds at first, as you use this exercise more and more it may only take a few seconds for your heartfield to make the necessary adjustments and find its resonance.


With love, Prune

Living in the True Heart

For the next few blogs we will be exploring the extraordinary energy system of the heart, and discovering ways in which we can support it. The heart is the most important organ in the body. Even if we consider the practicality of our body functions we quickly realise we can live with only one kidney, we can live with only one lung or if our gallbladder has been removed, but we can’t live without our heart.

In its physical aspect it is responsible for two main functions

  1. Pumping blood throughout our system and carrying the essential nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the organs
  2. Removing the metabolic waste and carbon dioxide that are generated when these essential nutrients are consumed.

But as well as the vital physical aspects of the heart, it also has an emotional aspect. Of course,  as with all of our energy systems we are an ever-dynamic composition of the merging energies between the physical, spiritual, cognitional and emotional aspects.

In our understandings of the heart, we are very familiar with the concept that love is something that is held within, and generated by, the heart. In our modern cultures we have forgotten a lot of our traditional knowledge about the emotions produced by and governed by our organs, but if we explore some of the old adages or metaphoric turns of the English language we can still recover some of the old knowledge that was essential guides to health until the onslaught of the bio-medical age. These understandings were based in ancient science of the ‘Four Humours’, expanded upon by Hippocrates and made famous in England by Nicholas Culpeper in the 17th century. These understandings were still being used in mainstream medicine until the mid 1900s, and so we can talk of someone being ‘bilious’, reminding ourselves that the emotion of anger is held in and produced by the Liver. When we talk of feeling ‘deflated’ we refer to the way in which the Lung energy governs inspiration or grief. We are all familiar with both the language and the experience of having a ‘gut feeling’ illustrating the wisdom that the gut holds and can inform us with.

Each of our organs have memory cells, wonderfully explored in Candace Pert’s book Molecules of Emotion:The Scientific Basis Behind Mind-Body Medicine (Scribner, 1997). As a paradigm-blowing piece of scientific understanding based on her years of research in opiate receptors, she writes ‘“We know that the immune system, like the central nervous system, has memory and the capacity to learn. Thus, it could be said that intelligence is located not only in the brain but in cells that are distributed throughout the body, and that the traditional separation of mental processes, including emotions, from the body is no longer valid.”

Well fortunately, this beautiful fact is something that we are familiar with when considering the heart. We deeply, intuitively know that love is something that is not created in the brain, but rather it is primarily created, received, and experienced within the heart.

And if we look at Chinese medicinal understandings, the heart is the Emperor or, (being a yin organ), is the Empress of the whole-body system. One of my favourite descriptions of the energetic components of the heart is expressed in the Daoist classic, “Contemplations by the Huainan Masters (Huainanzi)”, written ca. 110 B.C. (that is a very long time ago!).

The heart is described as the “the ruler of the five organ networks. It commands the movements of the four extremities, it circulates the qi and the blood, it roams the realms of the material and the immaterial, and it is in tune with the gateways of every action. Therefore, coveting to govern the flow of energy on earth without possessing a heart would be like aspiring to tune gongs and drums without ears, or like trying to read a piece of fancy literature without eyes”.

So we begin to build a picture of the heart as a governing rhythm that regulates and commands the entire function of the body. And this is exactly how I see the energy of the heart moving through all of the interrelated energy systems. It acts as the gentle, wise, passionate and compassionate conductor of your entire orchestra. The HeartMath Institute is doing a vital and wonderful job of educating people about the ways in which they can help understand and balance their heart energies and we will explore more of their concept of Heart Coherence in the upcoming blogs.

So, I’m going to leave you with a simple energy medicine exercise to help balance your heart rhythms. It is called ‘The Peaceful Heart’ and you can do it with me on my youtube video .

  1. Bring your first two fingers and your thumb together in each hand to form a three-fingered notch. With one hand place your fingers in the centre of your chest (a midpoint in the sternum). This activates the heart energy as well as connecting deep into the endocrine system.
  2. With the other hand place your fingers just above the bridge of the nose. This powerful point is near the start of the bladder meridian, it is the centre of the 6th Chakra and also our neurological processing point.
  3. Take 3 conscious breaths while your fingers are connecting these points.
  4. Place a three fingered notch in the hollow of your throat (the point on the midline where the edges of the collarbone stop). This is a deep point of integration and relaxation.
  5. Place your other three fingered notch on the top of your head, about 2-3cms back from the hairline. This is a neurovascular point for the heart meridian and holding it brings the emotional aspect of the heart into coherence and balance.
  6. Take 3 conscious breaths as you connect these second set of points.
  7. Finish up by crossing your arms over your chest with your fingers tucked into your armpits (your thumbs can simply rest on your chest wherever they comfortably fall.) Gently squeeze your arms together as you take three more breaths in this position. If it feels good to you then allow your upper body to move in a rhythmic flow from side to side. This helps stabilise the rhythm of the heartfield.

You can do this exercise anytime that you want to feel deeply centred and peaceful and in doing so you help stabilise and expand the heartfield. You can also use this exercise as first-aid when you are feeling overly emotional or overwhelmed so that you can return closer to your place of peace and vitality.



With love, Prune



The Earth Electrics

I want to share with you something that has changed my life. When my Mum died several years ago we had a ceremony a few months after her death and placed her ashes in a special place in the garden, planting a copper beech sapling in the same place. That little sapling is now a magnificent tree of nearly 20 years old. I greet it everyday as I drive into my Dad’s farm to look after our chickens and bees, and often my children will have their car window down ready to tap a leaf as we drive past and call ‘High five, Granny Mo!’. It is a sacred place for all of us.

One day, a few years after her death, I was sitting with the tree, spending time in meditation and journeying. I sat cross-legged, facing the trunk. The ground was fairly damp and as I sat I buried my fingertips deep within the soil, anchoring myself in the earth. After a while I noticed that a lot was going on in my energy fields and so I brought my consciousness to what was happening and realised that there was an electrical energy moving through me that was much stronger than my own normal electrical energy. I watched, fascinated, as a deep, incredible wave of energy pulsed through my little finger and up my heart meridian into my body. My aura was beginning to move in great waves of 8s and spirals and such a deep relaxation took place within me that it felt as if I might never move from that spot. For those of you who have been lucky enough to have a really great treatment with someone that left you feeling recalibrated and relaxed in every cell in your body…well on that day, sitting there with my fingers in the soil, it looked and felt like I was getting the best treatment I had ever had!

After a while, the waves lessened, almost like my body had received all that was necessary, and the activity in my energy systems began to lessen. The treatment was over. I felt completely charged up, like my whole being was full of balanced, revitalised energy. I have been in many sacred sites where the energy of the earth revitalised or informed me, but I had never experienced anything quite as tangible through my meridian system as I had just experienced. I had been plugged into the electrical energy of the Earth. I wondered if this was specific to my connection with this sacred place and tree….was this a gift from Mum? I left it for a few days, enjoying my vitality and radiance, before doing the same exercise in a different place. It was just the same. There was a way to plug into the electrics of the earth for our own healing.

We are familiar with the concept that we have electromagnetic energy all the way through us and around us. That is why grounding is so important and we have explored that in previous blogs. We know that the Earth has a North and South Pole and as such is an electromagnetic organism as well. We walk on a blanket of electrons that cover the surface of the earth and with each step we suck in these electrons through our soles (as long as we are holding the correct polarity and our kidney energy is strong). So we have all the science to understand that we absorb essential, life-giving energy from the Earth, and now we have a way to tap into that. All we need it a little time and some soil and it is possible to tap into the electrics of the earth so that we get an electric treatment more organically powerful, and healing than any practitioner or machine can give us.

I have taught the Earth Electrics to many students who love to experience the deep revitalising healing it provides them. It can be done in your garden, in a park, in a field…anwhere you can sit or lie with your fingers in the soil. And it really is that simple. You can enhance your energy in order to be able to get the most out of working with the earth electrics by doing your Daily Energy Routine and massaging your hands and feet before you start, opening them to allow the flow of energy to move through you unimpeded. And then you simply sit or lie on the ground outside in a position that you can easily hold for 5 minutes or more. Once you are comfy, bury your fingertips in the ground so that earth is right over your nails. Sometimes the connection is established within a minute or so, other times it takes several minutes and you can hold the position for as long as you have available to you. Relax and enjoy the gift of the earth’s electrics moving through your body.

For some people they experience excess energy or tension leaving their body leaving them relaxed and recharged, others feel energy moving into their system leaving them relaxed and recharged, and others experience both of these directions. But the important factor is that it leaves them relaxed and recharged.

I have seen powerful and profound changes occur in people who work with this exercise regularly, not only in their health and vitality, but also in their connection to themselves, others and all of Creation. Try it, experience it, and if you are inspired to do so then leave a reply and let me know how you get on.

With love, Prune

Homolateral Repatterning

One of the key understandings in working with your whole-body system, is that vital and wonderful energy patterns can become damaging energy habits. We all have energy patterns for optimum health and vitality. When we are stressed, tired, overwhelmed or shocked then these optimum patterns change into emergency response reactions. And, in the moment, this is a good thing! It helps move us through those extreme times. When the stressor is removed, and we get a healing night sleep then, if all is well, our healthy energy patterns re-establish themselves. But, ( and unfortunately it is a BIG BUT), many of us have been experiencing stressors for so long that our energy patterns are now stuck in a habit of non-health. And by non-health, I mean any way that your energies are working that don’t hold optimum health and vitality. So if you are prone to negative thinking, or feeling overwhelmed, if you have settled on having messed up hormones, if you feel it is OK to be reactive or aggressive, if you have pain in your body, or are working with a chronic illness….if you are anything other than radiant and brimming with health....then you are working with energy patterns that have become entrenched within your system.

In the previous few blogs we have explored ways that you can begin to change these patterns

  • Doing the Daily Energy Routine
  • Working with your adrenal glands
  • Tracing your Radiant Circuits
  • Working with Dragon breath

but I wanted to wrap up this exploration of surviving or thriving by letting you know just how possible it is to change these patterns.

It generally takes about 6 weeks to evolve a pattern of imbalance into one of health. And that is 6 weeks of doing the exercise at least once a day. The knowledge of this timeframe is held in our spiritual traditions ( Moses up the mountain, Jesus in the wilderness, Buddha under the tree) and in our science understandings (research working with repatterning the brain or learning how to move again after a stroke has  shown that at least 40 days is necessary).

So, to change from patterns that limit you to patterns that expand you, you need to commit to 6 weeks. For most people that is doable and the results are so empowering and rewarding.

Clients and students that I have worked with have moved themselves out of addictions, negative thought patterns, chronic pain, general disillusionment. They have returned to health from cancer, IBS, ME, PTSD (to name only a few) and, even more importantly, they have stayed well.  When you repattern your energy fields back into your template of health and vitality, then you have tools that mean no matter what life brings to you, you are able to remain in your balance and health.

The exercise I want to focus on in this blog is the homolateral cross-crawl. As we explored in the ‘Fabulous Figure 8’ we have an interconnective figure 8 pattern throughout our whole-body system. If this crossing-over pattern is not holding then it can take a lot longer to correct any patterns of ill-health, disease or negativity. We have to cross-over in order to function well and to share and maintain the new template of health.

We are familiar with the concept that the left brain governs the right side of the body and vice versa. We can look at the double helix of our DNA and see the cross-over at that intimate level. Each of our organs holds a cross-over pattern within it, that help determine healthy function. When we are tired or stressed then this pattern switches to more of an all over straight line pattern (homolateral meaning ‘same-sided). When this happens, instead of cross-overs through the body, we are walking around looking more like robots, with everything being a bit disparate and dysfunctional. It is a response of your whole-body system in order to make you tired. ‘Sleep’, shouts the body, ‘I need to repair and restore!’. And if you do sleep, then those amazing cross-over patterns come back into your system and you wake feeling refreshed and vital.

When I watch children whizzing through their day, most of them are crossing-over beautifully. Then, at whatever time that little one starts to get tired, the cross-over begins to switch between being homolateral and being crossed-over. After 30-45 minutes this switching moves over into being homolateral until the child sleeps. It is a wonderful part of our energy and is programmed to keep us healthy. The challenge is that many of us don’t sleep when we start getting tired! In fact, many of us are tired for most of the day and collapse into bed, we sleep and wake up still tired. That is why the caffeine and sugar industries are thriving!

But remember, the good news, is that we can evolve our energy patterns. So if you are someone who is chronically homolateral, you can help your energy systems switch from a homolateral habit into a healthy cross-over pattern. As we were evolving many millions of years ago we would have been walking and running for most of the daylight hours. This is nature’s way of making sure that we continually reinforce the essential cross-over pattern. How many of us walk for 6+ hours in our daily lives now? Not me! So doing the homolateral cross-over exercise can be a wonderful way to start your whole-body system move back into health.

If you suspect or know that you are chronically homolateral then you will need to do this exercise more than once a day. When you correct an energy pattern through doing an exercise then it may hold for 23 hours and 59 minutes until you do it the following day, but more likely when you are starting to repattern your energy, it will hold for a little while (anything from a few minutes to a few hours or until you start getting tired/stressed etc). Over time, this repatterning is accumulative and while perhaps at first your system was only holding the new pattern for a short while, as you do it day after day then it begins to hold longer and longer until it is repatterned back into your optimal health template. So the more often in a day that you can do the homolateral cross-over the better, as it will help hold the changing patterns in all of your energy systems.

Repattern your energy with me here on my Youtube channel.

Start working with it to really bring about profound changes in your whole-body system and move yourself from simply surviving into thoroughly thriving .

With love, prune

Thriving or Surviving? The power of the Adrenal Glands.

In the question of how we move our whole-body system from one of coping/surviving/managing life/managing stress into one of being able to thrive, the adrenal glands really are central to the issue.

Sitting on top of the kidneys and responsible for the production of adrenaline, the adrenal glands are governed by Triple Warmer, a meridian and a key player in the protective systems that keep us alive when we are in life-threatening situations. As we explored in, when our Triple Warmer energy perceives we are in a life-threatening situation a series of physiological and energetic processes are enacted that result in us moving our whole-body system into an emergency response reaction. At this point, adrenaline begins to be pumped into our body, triggering cholesterol and estrogen (other stress hormones) to also activate.

One really important fact here is that generally, your body has to choose between making stress hormones and making reproductive/sex hormones. Anytime Triple Warmer rolls out the protective systems then it is stress hormones that begin to rule your body. This is one of the reasons that women can get so hormonally out of balance when they are experiencing long-term stress….the stress knocks out the equilibrium of the reproductive/sex hormones and can send the whole hormonal system into disarray; irritability, sleeplessness, fatigue, polycystic ovaries, fibroids, thyroid imbalance..the list can go on and on. It is a blessing that women’s hormones cycle so regularly as women tend to see the results of stress in their system quite quickly (over a timeframe of only a few months). As long as you are empowered to make the necessary changes (and that is what energy medicine gives you), then you can move your hormonal system back into balance, vitality and health.

The affect of Triple Warmer setting off the protective alarm is the same in men’s systems, with testosterone getting out of balance and leading to a build up of tension, intensity, overwhelm and sometimes aggression. But one of the challenges with men’s hormones is that the symptoms of imbalance can take longer to show up which means that by the time they do they can be deeply entrenched patterns, such as prostate cancer. Such deep patterns take more work and time to change back into ones of health.

So how do you know if your triple warmer is engaged and your adrenal glands are overworked? Stress knocks us so off balance, it is addictive and accumulative. This means that even when you know you are stressed, tired and should be looking after yourself, you instead find that you are doing even more work or that suddenly it is imperative that you completely clean the house. You lose your centre and you lose your balance when the adrenal glands are producing adrenaline and cortisol in excess.

When I see someone whose adrenal glands are working too hard then it looks like their whole system is buzzing. Think of how you feel when you feel affected by caffeine…that buzzing feeling deep inside that seems to work throughout all of your cells. Now think of the visuals of that. It is like the aura, the organs, the meridians, the skin, the brain…all are buzzing with an slightly crazed electrical energy, released by the adrenal glands to help you to fight, flee or freeze in order to resolve your perceived life-threatening situation. But if your stressor is your work, your home, your relationship, your financial situation, or the stories told by the media, then your poor adrenal glands are never getting a break. They are working 24/7.

At first it looks like the whole system is buzzing, ready to burst out. Then, after a few weeks or months, it looks like the system is internally collapsing. The best image I can think of is for you to think of your adrenal glands as a black hole that are consuming vast amounts of your energy.

At this point a level of fatigue is settling in and even after a ‘good night’s’ sleep’ you’ll wake up tired. Many people will be turning to sugar at this point as sugar can keep fuelling the adrenal glands in their desperate attempt to keep producing adrenaline. And it will be sugar that never satisfies (which in turn of course plays havoc with your metabolism and your over all energies as the sugar toxifies your system)

If the situation doesn’t alter significantly, then after several months most people will start heading towards adrenal burnout, which is a full system collapse. This can take months or years to come about and months or years to heal from. I work a lot with people who have ME/CFS and without exception they are experiencing adrenal burnout.

So, interested in balancing your adrenal glands? There are three videos that I have up on my youtube channel that are specifically geared to working with triple warmer and the adrenal glands.

Massaging the adrenal gland neurolymphatic reflex points is a great way to support the adrenal glands.

‘Balancing Triple Warmer and Spleen’   will let you keep supporting your triple warmer system. This is a great one to do daily or several times in the day, especially if you know that you are managing stress.

The second video is the ‘Hormone Hook-Up’ which focuses specifically on helping release and balance your adrenal glands in order to bring overall vitality to the whole hormone system. If you are working with stress and compromised adrenal health then this is great to do every few days for several months until you feel that you are back on track with your true health and vitality. You can make such a huge difference to your life by helping balance your adrenal glands.

With love, Prune

Survival of the fittest

The survival of the fittest is one of the most damaging myths of our modern culture. The overarching structure in nature is co-operation and mutual symbiosis. Whether we look at ants or elephants, a pride of lions, or the Emporer Penguins, there is the focus on the collective. I’ve recently become the honoured keeper of bees and as I’m learning about their complex social structure, the most striking feature is the emphasis on the health of the community. If an individual needs to be sacrificed for the good on the whole, then it is a necessary action, but that is a far cry from the central concept of the survival of the fittest.

This myth has as its central tenet the understanding that all beings are self-serving and those who are weakest are worthless. But, more accurately, nature holds that everything has its place in the intricate design of Creation, and no place is more important than the other. Even those who live in hierarchical societies, such as baboons or wolves, understand that the hierarchy only exists because of the interdependence of each individual on other individuals. It is not about mastery but about interdependence.

Now let us think of ourselves. There is more DNA in your system that isn’t yours, than there is that is yours. Cancer cell biologist, Joan Borysenko, informs us that of our 100 trillion cells, only 10 trillion are human mammalian cells. The rest are bacteria that live within you, and on your skin. In the gut alone there are over 4lbs of healthy bacteria that are essential for your well being. Infact, when you understand that there is more non-you DNA than you-DNA then it creates the question of who are you? Are you an individual or are you a symbiotic organism? If we think of Planet Earth as a grand organism teeming with other organism then perhaps each of us is a miniature representation of the Planet. If you didn’t have the good bacteria in your gut system then not only your digestion but your immune system, your vitality and your very life force would be severely compromised. So you need that bacteria just as much as it needs you. You are a symbiotic organism, not an individual.

So throw out the concept the only the fittest survive. It is incorrect, and always was, although it perfectly suited the worldview of the mainstream culture that created it in the 19th century. And all of this is important as we begin to realise that life is not about fighting for survival. Survival should rarely ever have to be what we are hoping to achieve. Life should be about living, about thriving, about discovery and enlightenment.

And our energy fields hold this understanding deep within their templates. Yes, we have an incredible protective system that can take over most of the functioning of the physical and energetic when necessary, but we also have the template for optimum health and vitality that operates at every level of our energetic anatomy. And it is this pattern of optimum health that we need to encourage daily and there are so many ways that we are able to do this. It is one of the most wonderful and empowering aspects of understanding our energetic anatomy and the way it affects our physical body; that we really can affect deep and lasting change by working with exercises and simple techniques.

So some of the most effective ways that we can help activate our template for optimum health are: click on the links to watch them on my YouTube channel

  • Doing the Daily Energy Routine 
  • Tracing our Radiant Circuits
  • Spending time outdoors (See my earlier blogs on grounding)
  • Spending time with friends, and loved ones, including our beloved animals. This is another way to activate those powerful Radiant Circuits
  • Working to balance your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are central in your ability to thrive rather than survive and in the next blog I’ll explore much more about them.

Working with the Daily Energy Routine and the Radiant Circuits start allowing the changes from your survival and protective patterns, back into the patterns of optimum health and vitality so can begin to truly thrive rather than simply survive. Doesn’t that sound great?

With love, Prune

Surviving or thriving?

Energetically, each one of our energy systems are involved with keeping us alive and allowing us to live our most balanced, vital experience. They hold the balance between our ability to survive and our ability to thrive, a balance that is dynamic and changes with every thought or situation.

Whatever your cosmological view, I hope we can all agree on the fact that we are not here only to survive, we are capable of far more than that. When we are in survival mode then we are living the most constricted existence we are capable of. Surviving is hand to mouth existence. It is having to fight for your place. It is having to continually effort to be heard or respected. Surviving is feeling joyless. Surviving is that feeling you get some days when you wake up and the only thing you look forward to is being able to go back to bed at the end of the day. Surviving is stress.

When someone is in this survival state then there are several things going on simultaneously in their energy systems. The hind brain, or reptilian brain, is running the show sending a cascade of stress hormones through the body and shutting down your neo-cortex capacity for logic and creativity. At this point you are operating within a vastly reduced capacity. Your Triple Warmer system is also in high alert, meaning that there is ultra-vigiliance through all of the meridian system, the aura, and the chakras and the Celtic weave. For many people this triggers a lack of groundedness, the heart energy sinks either internally for protection, or it literally bottoms out so that it looks like the heart energy is sagging and defeated. A highly defensive, well-armoured hopelessness would be the best way to describe the effect that being in survival mode long term has on your energy systems. How your energy fields react to all of this superstructure patterning will be specific to you, and that is why stress is so very difficult for the bio-medical approach to effectively treat.

At this point, we should emphasis that there are sometimes in our life when it is very relevant for us to move into a survival mode and we are perfectly created in order to do so. Perhaps we need to cross a busy road and we need our hyper vigilance in order to do so safely. Perhaps we are in a traumatic situation such as a car crash and need our whole body system to go into survival in order to deeply heal and repair injuries etc. We can always trust that there are times when we truly do have use of the incredible ability of our whole body system to keep us alive, just as a zebra does when it runs from a predator. But the essential difference is that when our energy systems were becoming so finely tuned such survival threats were short lived. Stress came into the system, (a sabre toothed tiger), emergency responses get activated (we get ready to run or hide), the situation changes (the tiger goes away), our energetic and physical state assesses the situation has passed (blood starts to flow between the hind brain, the limbic brain and the neo-cortex) and we return to a peaceful, balanced equilibrium (adrenaline is no longer produced and can be processed out of the body).

The huge difference in our modern existence is that for most people, we are living within survival hyper-arousal every waking minute. And if this is your energy pattern in your waking minutes then it won’t change when you are asleep, meaning at best, sleep that isn’t restorative and at worst, an inability to sleep.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do to help change your energy patterns from that of survival to that of thriving. So what does it feel like to thrive?

Thriving is living the most expansive existence you are capable of. It is that feeling that nothing is insurmountable, even if it is challenging. It is seeing the magnificence in all of creation. Thriving is when you know that you are swimming downstream in your life. Thriving is being able to burst out laughing with no hesitation. It is being able to live from your heart centre with trust and openness. Thriving is being able to say, ‘I love myself. I love all of creation’.

Over the course of these next few blogs we’ll explore how you can change your energy patterns from those of survival to those of expansiveness and openness so that you can live your highest destiny.

With love, Prune


The fabulous figure 8

In every one of our energy systems there are figure 8 patterns. They move from the greatest reach of our aura, down to the deepest part of our foundational energetic matrix. Donna Eden calls this energy system the ‘Celtic Weave’, after the incredible celtic knotwork imagery that holds the figure 8 as central to its spiraling, interconnecting designs. For understanding your energy anatomy it is an essential piece of the grand puzzle.

These figure 8s are absolutely packed into every energy system you have. You see them in the double helix of the DNA, they run through the meridians, they weave through the chakras, and our aura is the most intricate and dynamic celtic knot image you could ever wish to see. The 8s weave vertically, horizontally, some so tiny you can barely make them out and the largest of them going from beneath our feet to above our head in one grand movement. They are 3D and 2D moving in their own specific rhythm (some fast, some slower). They are amazing.

So what do all of these figure 8s do? They have two main purposes, 1. To connect. 2. To carry information.

The figure 8 pattern connects within individual energy systems, but it is also the connection between the individual energy systems. It is like the glue that holds the energy systems together. It is also vital in connecting the left and right, front and back, and the top and bottom of our body. One of the key actions in educational kinesiology (Brain Gym) is to have children waving their arms in big figure 8s, another key way with working with children who are dyslexic is to have them draw 8s on a large piece of paper with both hands simultaneaously. It can also be great to do figure 8s over the eyes as  we tend to either hold or lose the crossover figure 8 pattern through the midline, so by making sure that the figure 8s are strong you can help ensure that your neurological processing stays healthy and that you can stay in your centre rather than becoming energetically scattered.

So, we have seen how the 8s connect. How do they carry information? The 8s are like the worker bees of your energy bodies.  Silver 8s in your systems  flying throughout your energy bodies.  They hold an energetic template of light that they continually activate and reinforce. This template informs both the physical and energetic body of its healthiest, most vibrant state and everytime you work with figure 8s then you are helping to activate and reinforce this template of health too.

The 8s also work to process information between the different levels of the cognitional, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Elder Murdena Marshall, a First Nation teacher of mine, would tell me that the longest journey any of us ever have to walk is from the journey from the head to the heart. It is the figure 8s that carry information between the head (cognitional) and the heart (emotional and spiritual).

Because what happens in your energy bodies affect what happens in your physical body, working with figure 8s is a great way to help your tissue heal. If you have an injury such as a cut, a wound or a burn then drawing figure 8 in the energy field over the injury (not on the skin but a few centimetres above) enhances the connectivity of the skin , tissue and muscles so you literally weave the structure of the body back together.

My favourite way of working with the Celtic weave is to put on some fun music and then bring figure 8s into every part of my body by tracing them in the air with my hands and my arms. If there are areas that are feeling a little less than vibrant then I’ll draw those 8s directly on my body until that area feels fuller, and revitalised.

Enjoy working with the fabulous figure 8s in your system, and feel the benefit of doing so.

With love, Prune