Consciousness and Weight

Weight is an issue that is packed with reference: personal, familial, ancestral, sexual and cultural.  There are few topics that can have so many powerful correspondences attached to them.  Some people want to lose weight, others want to put it on, many would love to be able to take a bit of weight from somewhere on their body and place it somewhere else. My daughter and I were speechless when in a the lingerie department of a department store recently we came across a several pairs of pants with a built-in padded bum! Coming from my family genetics such a padded accoutrement had never crossed my mind!

Too  much or too little weight can be related to serious health issues such as malnutrition, diabetes and heart disease. Bulimia and anorexia compromise the quality of life for thousands of women every year, and increasingly men. According to Anorexia and Bulimia Care, “The UK has the highest rate of eating disorders in Europe and also of self-harm. Exact figures are hard to know. Those quoted in studies etc are only the tip of the iceburg and one must differentiate between figures for those receiving treatment as opposed to those suffering.

Recent figures suggest that 1 in100 women has a clinically diagnosed eating disorder (approx 269 thousand females in Eng and Wales alone) and over half have a ‘serious issue with food’ that wouldn’t be clinically diagnosed but causes them significant trouble. Estimates vary, but between 11 and 13 million people in this country have psychological issues or problems connected with food that often leaves them in effect on a permanent diet.  1/4 of adults admit they feel guilty after eating.  1/4 of adults also say that they think they would be happier if they were thinner (when in fact they are not overweight).  6/10 women say they cannot stand the way they look and only 1 in 25 is totally happy with their body.  1 in 6 women and 1 in 10 men regularly skip meals in an attempt to control their weight. On the other end of the weight see-saw is obesity, which is suggested at being more than 50% in the UK.

And of course, this continues to make weight a hot topic. Most highstreet popular magazines devote thousands of pages a year telling you something about your weight, and whatever it is, it’s unlikely to be self-empowering.  Or it purports to be self-empowering within the article and then every second page has advertisements selling slimmer, sexier yous; Slimming pills, slimming drinks, diet fads, exercise crazes!

So, to write an article of the fullness of weight issues is outside the scope of this blog. Energy medicine and Consciousness Energetic approaches can be powerful with all aspects of weight issues, from reconnecting individual self-esteem, to changing negative eating patterns,  to rebalancing your body’s ability to digest and assimilate the  nutrients in food. Because of the complexity of the issue of food and weight, and the way that it is a continual battlefield of advertising companies, multi-national corporations, and political entities such as Dairy Boards or the Sugar Lobby, this may necessitate sessions with an experienced EM practitioner. But there is also a lot that you can do yourself to ensure that your relationship with food and nutrition becomes one of balance, health and vitality.

  1. Do the Daily Energy Routine to ensure that your basic energies are connected and stable.
  2. Keep the first and second chakras connected. They are responsible for moving many toxins out of the energetic system
  3. The Spleen and Liver organ meridian systems are of great importance for metabolising the food you take into your body. You can help balance them by ‘Spleen balancing exercises’, tracing your meridians doing massaging the neurolymphatic reflex points. You can help balance your liver system by regularly working with the Activating the Cells exercise.
  4. Self-test your food. If you don’t test strong for the food then don’t eat it. Use this communication tool with your body to know what nutrition your amazing body needs to keep it fuelled exactly as is needed.
  5. If you are working with changing eating habits that no longer serve you then there are many powerful tools that you can use. The main Neurovasculars, the Heart tap, the Triple Warmer smoothie; in fact anything that is related to triple Warmer and resonates with you. You can read more understandings about triple warmer here.

I hope this is helpful. With love, Prune


Nutrition for the Elements

In this blog we are going to explore some of the foods that can affect our meridian organ system and therefore our health. We are currently in the season of Autumn, which in the Chinese 5 Elements model, is the season that corresponds to the element of Metal. As you can see from the diagram, there are two meridians in metal; the Lung (Yin) and the Large Intestine (Yang).

Together they really hold the balance for how we can move from lacking in trust of others or needing to overly-control, into experiencing the balance of trust and inspiration.  If you feel like you need to control every aspect of your life, or if you find yourself unable to complete something in your life, needing instead to repeat the same patterns over and over, then the likelihood is your metal needs some help!

The metal energy in balance is truly inspirational. Think of a person that you know who you trust to be someone with a deep integrity, someone who is able to be see listen to and consider all sides of a story and then to bring wisdom and insight into the situation. Someone you know who would never tell a lie, even if the truth is uncomfortable. Some who aspires to be the very best that they can be, and who inspires you to be the best that you can be.  Those are a few of the essential qualities that metal in balance can aid within us.

Another important consideration with Metal, is its role is the last of the 5 elements in the model. The cycle begins with Water, flows  to Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, and as such, this last element holds the place of completion. The reflection and centring energy of Earth moves towards completion as we sit in Metal.  But, it is not as if the energy of the cycle stops in Metal, as it continues into Water, bringing with it the energy of rebirth, of moving into a new pattern of growth. In order for us to be able to work with the energies of this season, our Metal energy needs to be moving in its fullness and balance.

There are many energy medicine techniques that can help with balancing all of the elements, and the one that I am sharing today is the way that certain foods hold the nutrition and vibration that suits specific meridian organ systems more than others. This of course, will be specific to you and your whole-body needs, and as discussed in the blogs on self-testing, test test test before you ingest! If you need reminders on how to self-test read here  .These blogs also have links to video so you can watch how do self-test effectively. Also, needless to say, don’t eat any of these foods if you are allergic to them, simply because they may be beneficial for a specific meridian. You are wonderfully, totally, marvellously unique collection of energy, consciousness, expression and physicality. Work with this information in the ways that can most nourish and support you.

Central Meridian: Water, sardines, spirulina, bee pollen, propolis, raw honey

Governing meridian: Meat, fish, eggs, dairy food

Water Element

Kidney: Water, kidney meat, foods rich in Vitamin A and B, parsley, green pepper, green leafy vegetables, wheat germ and green peas. Strawberries, lemons, oranges, egg yolk, beans, nuts and yoghurt.

Bladder: Foods rich in Thiamine (B1) such as peas, beans, wheat germ, whole grains, fruit, cabbage, eggs, yeast. Also Calcium foods such as bone, dairly, eggs, green leafy vegetable, beans and nuts.

Wood Element

Liver: Liver and foods containeing Vitamin A such as green leafy vegetables, parsley and green pepper)

Gallbladder: Nofat food sources of Vitamin A such as carrots, parsley and other yellow and green vegetables.

Fire Element

Heart: Foods that contain calcium, Vitamin B and Vitamin E, such as brewers yeast, wheat germ, bone, dairy products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, peas, beans, nuts, strawberries, lemons and oranges.

Circulation Sex: Foods rich in Vitamin E such as wheat germ, green peas, green leafy vegetables.

Small Intestine: Vitamin B foods such as yeast, wheat germ, yoghurt, buttermilk, liver, green peas, green leafy vegetables.

Triple Warmer: Organic iodine found in seaweed (kelp) and raw or slightly cooked fish. Also foods high in Vitamin C and B such as citrus fruits, green peppers, and green leafy vegetables

Earth Element

Spleen: Vitamin A as found in yellow and green leafy vegetables, tripe, sweetbreads, citrus, green peppers, buckwheat, bone meal and dairy products.

Stomach: Vitamin B foods such as wheat germ, whole grains, liver, brewers yeast, tripe, yoghurt, fish, kelp.

Metal Element

Lung: Vitamin C foods such as green peppers, citrus and increased water

Large Intestine: Fibre, Water, yoghurt, honey, liver, buttermilk, brewers yeast and green leafy vegetable

(Source: Touch For Health; Nutrition for Meridians)


With love, Prune


Triple Warmer and Caffeine

We are going to continue exploring the amazing Triple Warmer system this week and tips for moving from patterns of limitation to ones of expansiveness. I wanted to start with having a look at the effect caffeine has on Triple Warmer and share with you how the energy system changes when caffeine is present.

In a healthy person the aura is magnificent; a dynamic, constantly changing pulsing array of colour and vibration. Some can be dramatic and fiery, others fluid and gentle, housing and illustrating the character and moods of the individual. When caffeine is in your system, everything begins to look quite different!

Caffeine that is not affecting the system very much simply produces a level of static in the aura. Parts of the auric movements speed up, but mostly at the subtle energy level, caffeine brings in a fogginess. The electrical energy of the body looks like it is a little hyperactive, but nothing too dramatic.

With a second shot of caffeine, things start getting a bit messy! For a start, the whole body system moves into dehydration, leaving it more jittery and discombobulated. The electrical energy system starts really revving up, with much less organisation than usual. The heart can become affected which in turn activates the yin and yang protection system; Triple Warmer and Circulation Sex. Both of these protective systems raise their heads in alarm, setting off a cascade of stress hormones and chemicals. Because of the jittery and hyperactive state of the whole body system, these powerful hormone messengers can act erratically resulting in peaks of adrenaline and cortisol.

With the next cup, the aura begins to look like a drunken dancefloor with sections of it literally bumping it other sections.

This is nothing I see in an aura except when caffeine is concerned. The cross over energy systems start dropping and any left/right (yin/yang) imbalance shows up leaving you struggling against a tiredness so deep that you reach for another shot of caffeine, or its partner, sugar.

At this point Triple Warmer is quite desperate. All systems are acting crazy and the great Yang Protector can’t bring anything on board, at this point you are in full flight/fight/freeze response. Being in this state repeatedly quickly advances one towards adrenal compromise, fatigue, exhaustion or burn out, meaning you feel constantly tired unless you reach for caffeine or sugar.

Ok, Ok, enough of the scary! If you have had caffeine today it doesn’t mean that your aura is necessarily resembling a roller coaster ride. But if you feel like that, or if you recognise a love-affair with caffeine, then perhaps it is a good idea to work with some of the suggestions below in order to support your whole-body system and bring your relationship with caffeine into balance.

  1. Support the heart by working with the  fire yin/yang loop
  2. Reassure Triple Warmer by using techniques to support spleen and circulation sex. As Triple Warmers yin partners it can be a beautiful way to nourish your whole-body system and bring TW down off alert.
  3. Sedate Triple Warmer
  4. Do the hormonal hook up. This is an excellent one to calm TW, nourish the endocrine system and help you feel relaxed and resilient (very important if you are working with your system to change your relationship with caffeine).
  5. Strengthen the aura with the Celtic Weave.

And a final thought: eating well and drinking plenty of water can greatly aid our whole-body system as we move away from the limiting patterns of caffeine. Coffee is not a substitute for food! With each cup of coffee we drink, it takes 2 cups of water to begin to negate the dehydrating effects of the coffee. That means for every cup of coffee you drink you have to drink 2 cups of water simply to be at zero water intake.

And be aware that decaffeinated tea or coffee aren’t necessarily a better option. Harsh chemicals can be used in the decaffeination process that can also deeply impact your health. Coffee that has been treated by Swiss Water Process (seen on the label as SWP) is a very gentle and effective way to decaffeinate coffee so look for that as an option.

With love, Prune

The Thyroid and Digestion, by Tara Beck

If you’re reading this article, it is likely that you are one of the millions of people who are currently struggling with a thyroid disorder.  Thyroid disorders have reached near epidemic levels in recent years, yet we still know very little about proper diagnosis and treatment.  The lucky few who are succeeding in healing thyroid conditions, seem to be doing it mostly on their own through research, trial and error, and often a leap of faith.

If you find yourself with any type of thyroid disorder, (Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Thyroid cancer) it is vitally important to study and learn as much as you can about this beautiful and complex gland yourself.  Modern medicine often falls short of effectively treating the root cause of the thyroid condition, and there are some excellent books written about incredibly helpful alternative approaches and treatments.

One interesting point that has surfaced in my own research and experience is the frequent correlation between thyroid disorders and digestive disorders.  If you have a thyroid condition, it is very likely that you also have a fairly long-term digestive disorder.  It’s one of those “Chicken or the egg” questions about which came first: the thyroid imbalance or the digestive imbalance?

Thyroid health is largely determined by a proper balance among the brain, the thyroid and the gut.  Long ignored and minimized, the gut is now being understood as an important foundation for our immune system, our overall health and a requirement for optimal thyroid function.  For example, one of the frequent symptoms of Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s is constipation.  And constipation can likewise contribute to a sluggish thyroid.  Which condition came first is really a moot point because both require our attention.

The large intestine is the last stop for our food before exiting the body.  After our food has been broken down and processed, it goes through the large intestine to be removed from the body as waste.  With a thyroid condition, however, our colon can become sluggish and leads to constipation.

Depending upon the severity of the constipation, our large intestine can get backed up even further, and waste can actually move back up into the small intestine, interfering with the illeocecal valve that normally only allows waste to move downward and out.  Regular constipation can eventually lead to a failure of the illeocecal valve, and waste can back up even further into the small intestine.

At this stage, your health can begin to deteriorate rapidly, because the role of the small intestine is absorbing and assimilating.  If waste pushes back up into it, the small intestine will absorb waste toxins into the body, which can cause rashy skin, bloating, and a number of other conditions.  If the situation persists, the intestinal lining itself can eventually be compromised, allowing waste to enter the blood stream and cause even more severe problems.

The blood will recognize this foreign matter as a danger and develop antibodies to fight it off, but if the lining of either intestine is damaged, the flow of waste into the blood stream will continue unabated.  The body will then be in a constant state of alarm, producing endless quantities of antibodies against what?  Well, against whatever food you happened to eat that day.  In theory, any food, no matter how nutritious it may be, could then be viewed by our immune system as a threat, leading to chronic autoimmune conditions.  If you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, bloating, or pain in the abdomen, the above scenario may be relevant for you.

In these situations, the typical advice is to add more fiber to your diet (in the form of whole grains or a fiber supplement usually composed of psyllium husk), but this can actually make things worse since grains can be difficult to digest, and our digestive system is usually already overwhelmed with a modern diet high in grain.  Making matters worse, today’s grains are not grown nor prepared anything like they were in ancient times.

Our ancestors, even up to our grandmother or great grandmother, would soak, sprout or ferment grains, often for days before consuming them.  Our fast-food world has used science to shorten the preparation of grains, but they have done nothing to make the food more digestible.  The food industry really has little to no incentive to properly research the impact of modern production methods on the nutrition and digestibility of the food products they sell, so very few studies have ever been published on the topic.

Even though we have been here less than 100 years, our immune system has been developing through the numerous generations that came before us, and it evolves far more slowly than our technology does.  With all of these foods and food-like products (genetically modified, chemically treated, packaged, processed, and stripped beyond any remnant of a living, whole food) that are so common in our food supply today, it’s no wonder our digestive system is struggling.  But once we understand that our digestive system is the key to our immune system, and how incredibly important that is to our overall well being, we can begin to make choices that will forever impact our health.

Below are a few of my favorite tips to support and heal your digestion.  If any of these tips sound vaguely familiar, it may be because this is how everyone ate 100 years ago.

  1. Add fermented foods to each meal.  Think of sauerkraut, kimchee, whole milk plain yogurt, lacto-fermented condiments such as chutney and homemade lacto-fermented dressings.  Condiments were created as digestive aids, and before modern mass production, they were always fermented in some way.  This came from ancient wisdom that our digestive system needs a little help digesting the food we eat.  By adding small amounts of fermented foods to each meal, we are giving ourselves living enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics that help the food to be broken down, enable the nutrients to be accessed, and give our digestive system a boost.  Here’s a recipe for flu-prevention kimchee that is easy and delicious.  Sadly, in order to produce these condiments quickly and cheaply, manufacturers today have dropped fermentation from the process and added sugar (or even worse, high fructose corn syrup) as a sweetener to trick our brains and taste buds without any redeeming nutritional value.
  2. If you don’t have a fermented food to add to each meal, consider taking a probiotic and digestive enzyme.
  3. Before, during and/or after eating, give your spleen meridian a thump by vigorously thumping the sides of the rib cage at about the level of the bra line.  The spleen helps metabolize all we eat and experience, so thumping here gives a surge of energy to spleen to help compensate where our diet or digestion lacks.
  4. To stimulate digestion, do the daily energy routine.  Also, for a quick support to the intestines, rub the lymphatics deeply with as much pressure as you can tolerate on both the inner and outer thighs, beginning from the upper thighs working all the way down to just above the knees.
  5. Take a stainless steel spoon and rub the rounded side of the spoon on the inside of the cheeks, on the inside of pursed lips, and then flip the spoon over and gently rub it on the gums.  This is great for TMJ as well, and helps support digestion.
  6. Use a stool in your bathroom….aka squatty potty.  Before modern toilets, we would squat which is the ideal posture for bowel movements.  By simply having a stool in the bathroom, you can have the convenience of tall modern toilet, with the good posture that opens the root chakra and allows for easier movement.
  7. Lastly, imagine that it is 100 years ago and enjoy a great meal with family or friends while expressing gratitude for the food and for all those who participated in bringing that food to your table.  Feeling gratitude and pleasure in a meal, creates an energetic synergy between your body and your food, assisting in digestion and allowing the food to truly nourish you.


With love,



About the Author: Tara Beck is an Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner and founder of Energy Passage.

Self-testing using a pendulum

Following the blogs on self-testing using the sway test and using muscles, here we are exploring using a pendulum for self-testing. There are many different kinds of pendulums that you can use for this, from crystals hanging on silver chains, to a stone with a hole in it hanging from string. Personally, since I learned to work with muscles for self-testing I no longer use this form of testing , but for many people, working with a pendulum remains the easiest and quickest system to learn so I am including it here in this range of self-testing.

It moves the emphasis away from direct connection with the energy systems of the body and more into the connection that you have with your higher self and the wisdom held in the web of creation. For this reason, Donna Eden doesn’t teach using a pendulum, as her work is wonderfully grounded in the body and being able to test the energy systems physically. I would also encourage you to work with either the sway test or a muscle based self-test, but (and it is a big but!) if you feel that you hold much more resonance working with the pendulum then the most important factor is that you energy test your food with a reliable testing tool. If the pendulum is the tool for you then, use it!

You can watch me using a pendulum to test food here 

  1. Centre yourself and ensure that you are grounded and hydrated (same as in the other forms of self-testing). It is important that when you put the food into your energy systems that they are in their best place of cohesion and balance to enable the most accurate testing.
  2. Hold pendulum in front of the heart.
  3. Ask to see a ‘yes’ answer. Note the direction of the pendulum swing
  4. Ask to see a ‘no’ answer. Note the direction of the pendulum swing
  5. Place food on solar plexus
  6. Hold pendulum in front on heart. Remember to remain objective and non-biased.
  7. Observe which way the pendulum moves. If in the ‘yes’ direction, your body holds resonance with the food being tested. If in the ‘no’ direction, your body does not hold resonance with the food and cannot fully assimilate/metabolise the food.

The reason we do the testing over the heart field is that the heart field holds the resonance of the entire energy system. When you take food into your body or energy system that does not resonate with you, the heart field dips. Literally, the energy of the food is knocking the energy of your body off balance, and the magnificent heart field that co-ordinates much of the orchestra that is our energy system, has to try to reset around it.

When you are working with a sway test then this shows up by the heart field dipping and the body moving backwards. When you are working with a muscle test, this dip in the heart field shows up in the integrity of the strength in the muscle. When working with a pendulum, the dip in the heart field creates a disturbance that the pendulum will demonstrate with the ‘no’ direction.

As with any of the self-tests, the most important place to be in is enquiry. When you can bring the spirit of exploration and adventure into testing food then your relationship with food broadens, expands, becomes much less limited. In this way, no only are you eating food that resonates with you, but you are doing so with consciousness and confidence.


With love, Prune

Self-Testing: Muscle test

As we explored in our last blog there are three main ways that you can self-test your own energy systems. It is important to ensure that you are grounded and hydrated prior to testing and it is good practice to get your energies balanced and cohesive before you start testing by doing the Daily Energy Routine. (You can read more about these pre-checks here).

In this blog we are going to be concentrating on using specific muscles, testing the flow of energy through your muscle in order to determine whether the food is beneficial, neutral or detrimental for you.

All of the muscles in our body are governed by specific organ meridian systems. So, for example, the muscle that runs either side of the spine (sacrospinalis) is governed by the bladder meridian system. If we have tightness or pain in this muscle then working with the bladder meridian can release, relax and balance the meridian, which in turn balances the muscle. And this is true for every muscle within the musculature system. When we use muscles as a self-testing tool, we are assessing the overall balance of the muscle and then placing food within our energy systems (usually on the Solar Plexus because of its relation to the digestive system organs) and retesting the specific muscle, to ascertain if the energy of the food is in resonance with our system.  Remember that our energy fields are dynamic; ever changing to the environment, our thoughts, the vibration of the colours around us, electro-magnetic currents…and many many more change factors. When we place food within the centre of our energy system then our body’s energy fields change.

  • If the vibration of the food enhances the energy in our system then the muscle test will show strong.
  • If the vibration of the food is neutral for the energy in our system then there will be no change in the test.
  • If the vibration of the food is detrimental and cannot be assimilated or metabolised by our body, the muscle test will weaken.

So, first, we need to choose the muscle that will be reliable for us. Click here to watch the video of me demonstrating the various muscle based self-tests.

  • Identify which muscle you want to work with.
  • Keep practicing self-testing with Yes/No truths. For example, ‘My name is (your name).’ Test. ‘My name is Mickey Mouse’. Test
  • Don’t be worried if you at first you are not 100% accurate. Keep practising the self test until it becomes much more accurate.
  • Always make sure you are well hydrated when you are energy testing.
  • If you are someone who is often ungrounded (or if you are feeling a bit ungrounded/flighty/stressed) then rub your feet with a spoon before you energy test in order to have the correct polarity in your body.

When we are working with self-testing in this way, we are communicating with the energy of the muscle that is being tested, in order to attain information about the specific food/energy system. This means that it is important to remain non-biased as you test, or the powerful energy of your intention can affect the accuracy of the testing. If you are testing a piece of chocolate cake and you are determined that the cake is going to test strong for you, then guess what, it is probably going to test strong! And not because the muscle really is holding its integral strength, but because you are not listening to what the muscle is telling you. If you were to meet someone for the first time and after the initial handshake all you did was talk about yourself, you would come away with very little information about that person. It is the same with self-testing. If you are already talking yourself into one understanding (I am going to eat that cake) then your ability to listen to what your energy system is telling you will be very limited.

When we use self-testing to determine which foods our body can digest and metabolise, usually there are big surprises when we discover what we can eat on that specific day, and what we can’t eat effectively. Donna Eden and David Feinstein regularly advise, ‘Test before you ingest’. We can feel so much more energised and healthy when we are fuelling our body just as it needs rather than taking up precious energy resources trying to digest food that isn’t suited to our body.

Good luck, bring the spirit of curiosity and play into your energy testing practice, and enjoy the results of eating to the needs of your body, mind and spirit.

With love, Prune

Self testing: The Sway test

One of the greatest empowerment tools that you can have in your daily life is to be able to test your own energy. You may want to find out if you are grounded, or whether you are fully hydrated, you may want to test a specific energy system, or test to see what food your body best resonates with. Over the next few blogs, I’m going to be concentrating on tips and techniques for ensuring that your energy testing is easy and accurate. For ease and most common (and essential) application I will concentrate on using self-testing for food for the first explorations of self testing,  looking at deeper ways of working with self-testing in a later blog.

The first and most important understanding is that energy testing is a process of communication. Self-testing is an art that, in most cases, you acquire through practice and developing a language of communication with your body.

Our energy fields are continually changing. They are a marvellous dance of dynamism. When we think of something joyful our energy fields shift and change, when we think of something saddening our energy fields shift and change; we are essentially dynamic. And it is exactly this dynamism that we are working with to communicate the overall needs/balances/imbalances of our energy system when we are self-testing. Thus, if my overall energy is doing OK and I bring some food into my biofield that is detrimental to me (i.e that my energy cannot assimilate or metabolise) then my whole energy system will fluctuate and actually become less-energised. If I self-test at this time with focused and non-biased intent then this will be communicated by the energy test indicating a weakened energy state.

There are three general ways to self-test;

  1. Using a sway test
  2. Using a muscle test
  3. Dowsing

In this article we will be concentrating on how to self-test food using a sway test, but first it is important to energetically set yourself up so that there is a greatly reduced chance of inaccuracy in your testing. There are a few key things that can seriously compromise our energy systems

  1. The first is not being grounded so if you are learning to self-test or if you are someone who struggles with being grounded then bring in a simple energy correction by spooning your feet. I explain this more fully at
  2. The second situation that can compromise our energy system, and thus the effectiveness of the self-testing, is if your body is dehydrated. We are all aware of how water conducts electricity (precisely the reason we don’t balance an electric radio on the edge of the bathtub!), well, we need good conductivity of our electrical energy systems in order use energy-testing.  It is a good idea to drink water prior to self-testing so that you rule out dehydration as a possible negative influence on the accuracy of your testing

It is also a great idea to do the Daily Energy Routine (DER)  before you test as that way you’ll be in your tip-top energetic shape whereby communication with your energy systems is going to be more enhanced than if you are feeling quite discombobulated.

So, once you know you are grounded and hydrated, get into a centred and balanced standing position.  Do not be right against a wall as, with this test, your body is going to sway either forwards or backwards depending on the results of the self-test.

  1. Take a few breaths in this position so that you can really feel your balance. Have the intention of being really grounded and yet really light within your own centre of gravity. Self-testing using the sway test can be difficult if you are feeling ‘rigid’ within your body frame. Doing the DER can be a great way to lighten yourself if you are feeling a big stiff and rigid.
  2. Take the food that you are wanting to test and hold it on your solar plexus.
  3. Bring your consciousness to being open to whatever information your whole-body system will show you. Do not bring a bias into the testing (‘Oh, I really want to eat this and want the test to be strong’ or ‘I know I’m allergic to gluten so this bread is bound to be weak’). Keep your focus on your breath and your centre of gravity as you allow your energy fields to interact with the energy field of the food.
  4. Observe which way your body moves:
  • Forward sway (towards the food); the food is beneficial for you
  • Backwards sway (away from the food); the food is detrimental for you
  • No sway (no movement); the food is neutral for you

As mentioned earlier, this technique can take practice to learn how to deeply listen to the communication from your energy system. There will be some of you who do it and from the first time it is easy and accurate. There are others who may have to practice for a while to feel confident about the results, and there are still others of you for whom this test won’t resonate (don’t worry, there’ll be two other forms of energy self-testing that we’ll explore in the next blogs).

To watch me demonstrating the sway test on video you can click here

Let me know how you get on,

with love, Prune

Sacred Food

For most of us there are many unexplored assumptions in our daily existence, and this is especially true for food and nutrition. How many of us stopped eating butter and switched to margarine? Or thought that low-fat options were the most healthy? Thankfully, now mainstream nutrition is being revised and we all understand that butter ishealthy and is back on the menu!

We have listened to food advice from different sources, for different reasons and, overwhelmed with the variety of disparate information, we are all having to choose for ourselves what most suits our body. My view is that we need to eat the foods we thrive on. Not the foods we can simply survive on. In this respect, we have quite a challenge in our family.

Thives on Does well on Detrimental
Prune Cooked vegetables Cooked fruits

Fermented food


Legumes (pulses)


Occasional meat(1x 10 days)

Regular fish (2x week)



Raw fruit and vegetables

Collin Legumes (pulses)

Cooked vegetables



Most carbohydrates

Having too much food (especially carbs)
Rowan Grains

Very regular meat

Raw milk


Raw fruit and vegetables



Dairy (he does not do well on milk unless it is raw milk)
Ellarose Cooked vegetables

Regular fish




Legumes (pulses)


So do we cook different meals for each individual? No, we ensure that each meal has the nutritional needs that each of us require and then apportion the foods accordingly. Such self-selection of the foods at the dinner table enables each of us to eat the foods that we need in the quantities that suit our whole-body system. But this does also show that there is no right diet for all people. Each of us have very specific, ever changing nutritional needs.

Food is sacred. And there are traditions all over the world that recognise and honour such sacredness.  Our foods are homegrown whenever possible, with organic, local meat and fish caught along the coast 1 mile away. And I feel connected to each and every mouthful of what I eat. I have stroked the cows that our milk comes from and watched my children play with their calves, we have planted vegetable seeds and helped them grow, we love the chickens that provide us with eggs and laugh at their funny antics in the rain and sun. We steward (and yes, have been stung by), the bees whose honey we eat! The connection to the sacred within each mouthful is a large part of the delight of food, as well as connecting us to the energetic power of what we eat. When we eat with this kind of mindfulness then if ‘you are what you eat’ then we all have the potential of being vibrant, healthy, interconnected and powerful.

And, no matter how far removed from the growing/nurturing of the food chain you may be in your own lives right now (and not everyone has the time, space or inclination to nurture vegetables or animals) you can still connect into it through your consciousness and your energy.

One powerful way of doing this is to say a blessing as you are ready to eat. You can either say it aloud for your family to connect with, or say it in your mind as you connect to it in your heart.

‘I give blessings and thanks to every person who has helped to create this meal, and to all the people who care for them’.

I recognise that sometimes there are only a few people involved, but usually, there are 10s, 100s, 1000s of people who are involved in bringing the food to my table. For example; if I am eating rice…my blessing of thanks goes to all the people who planted, tended, and harvested the rice, and their carers (by this I  mean the people who nourished the rice planters…perhaps the parent, spouse or child who was at home cooking for the family member who was harvesting the rice). Then the people who sorted the rice and packed it into sacks, those who put the sacks onto the truck to take it to the ships, those who put it on the ships, those who work on the ship that brought the rice to England, those who unloaded the sacks and delivered them to my local shop, the people who put them on the shelves and then took my money as I paid for it. And all the people who cared for them. And this is just for the rice portion of my meal!

That one line of conscious blessing goes a long, long way, in a great circle that comes back to the food on our plate and directly into you; your body, your cells, your energy systems, and your consciousness.

Next time we’ll explore how to energy test for food so that you know what food your whole-body system needs to thrive.

With love, prune

The energetics of what we eat

Don’t eat carbohydrates. Don’t eat fat’.

Eat fat.  Eat only saturated fats. Don’t eat saturated fats’.

‘Red meat is bad for you. Your body needs red meat’.

‘Don’t eat raw food. Only eat raw food’ ……..(we could go on and on in this thoroughly confusing way!)

No matter whether you are chatting with friends, reading magazines and newspapers, or researching the cutting edge knowledge of the food world, we are  continually surrounded by different diets and a seemingly endless flow of essential dietary advice.

I am not trained in nutrition, but I do eat everyday and have spent years exploring the somewhat crazy food paradigm that we all find ourselves living within. This article will explore some of the energetic understandings that have shaped my life.

And for those of you who are interested in exploring the most excellent food information that I have found then I’d recommend reading, for a short and very astute exploration of how we got to the current state of nutritional confusion as well as what we can do about it. And also, if you have time for a more thorough exploration, Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions, will give you food for thought that will nourish you for years (puns intended!)

  1. What we eat determines our energy and whole-system health. This includes every aspect of our physical body, hormones, moods and emotions, cognitional ability, and our ability to connect into the web of life (or the food chain, however you view it). What we eat therefore determines thus, our spiritual connection too. It is difficult to feel connected with the universe when we are toxic, acidic and lacking vital nutritional needs.
  2. What we eat determines how we will feel for the short term (after the meal, the day after and perhaps the day after that depending on our metabolism and elimination processes.)
  3. What we eat determines our energy and our whole-system health for many years after the meal. Again and again I work with clients who have eaten consciously, ethically and excellently (!) for many years before walking into my clinic, and yet their bodies are struggling with the after-effects of the diets that they had several years previously. So perhaps they didn’t eat well as children, or when they first left home they lived on junk food, or they lived such hectic work lives at the high point of their career that their food culture revolved around eating out and putting ready-made meals in the microwave on the rare occasions they did eat at home. From practice-based evidence I would suggest that we eat for 10+ years ahead of the meal. Obviously this is irrelevant if your ‘poor’ food choices are occasional, but if they are the main bulk of your nutrition then the effects stay in the body for a very long time. I have found this is especially true for women as the energetic imprint of inadequate nutrition is held in the hormonal system for years. A large number of women who I have worked with for fertility issues were anorexic/bulimic for large periods of their young adulthood, and this nutritional after-effect was still governing much about the energy and thus the functioning of their hormonal system. Often a vital step to creating the right conditions for fertility is clearing the energetic patterns left from years of poor nutrition.

More on the energy of food in my next blog,

With love, prune

The Energy of Food

We have all heard the old adage, ‘You are what you eat’, and it is true on so many levels. Energetically there are two main components of this. Firstly every item of food has its own vibration and energy field and second that we need to be able to resonate with the food’s vibrational energy in order for us to benefit from eating it. In this article I’m going to concentrate on the vibrational energy of food and then next time, we’ll explore how each of us individually resonate with food.

The energetic vibration of food.

There is a vast range in the vibrational energy of the food we eat. Imagine a scale ranging 0 (no vibrational energy at all) to 100 (bursting with vitality and vibrancy). Now think about placing every food item that you eat somewhere within that scale; I suspect there may be a few surprises. When we eat food that is energised, vibrant and in resonance with us, then we give our digestive system a gift. It is so easy for our whole-body system to absorb, assimilate and process the food and its nutrients, as well as to eliminate what isn’t needed by the body. After we eat energetically vibrant food we have energy! We feel good and our whole system health is enriched by being in resonance with the food that is now giving us life.

And yet, I often see food on plates or on shelves that has no vibrational energy at all. Time after time I go into restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and see ‘dead’ food. And it makes my heart ache. This is food that should be nourishing us, fueling our bodies, energising us, and instead it is flat-lining. It will still give us some nutrients. If we take a nutritional reading of the values of the food then there will still be some calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates etc, but the life-energy is missing and when we eat food that is flat-lining, our cells also diminish in their vitality. Now just imagine that you are regularly eating food that has no life-force in it, or that a mass section of our society is eating food that has no life-force in it, or that our children are mainly eating food that has no life-force…..what do you think that will do to your/their whole-body health,  and not only to the development of your/their bodies, but also the development of your/their consciousness.

We are currently undergoing a real revolution in the consciousness energetics of food so perhaps there is very little new in the information that I’m going to give you in the list below as far as what food is good for you, but the reasons are perhaps a little different; This lists the food that has the most vibrancy, the most life-force.

  1. Fermented foods (Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir etc). I love looking at fermented food  (I love eating it too). More than any other food, fermented food has a rich array of colours and vibrations. I have gone to my fridge to open up my sauerkraut to look at it as I’m writing this blog. It is now sitting on the table in front of me and has a vast energyfield around it. Generally, the more vibrant the food is, the more the energy field emanates from the food, and this is so true of fermented foods, but there is also something that is quite unique about them, and that is that the energy within and around the fermented foods swirl. They move and dance and swirl in a rainbow of colours. It is like they are thousands of living foods rather than one. Perhaps this is also the energy of the bacteria and fungi that are co-creating the fermentation process, and making is so powerful. Most fermented food is a definite 100 on the scale and my most favourite food for its energy, its richness and its life force.
  2. Food that has been loved by the sun, the earth, the rain and humans. I know, I know, this sounds so terribly corny, but it remains so terribly true! The more nourishment and nurturing the foodsource has had, the more life-force it contains to be passed on to the human eating it. If the plant or animal has been given harsh chemicals or medication in order to break its natural cycle with life then that will show up in a drop in its vibrancy. The wholeness of the plant or the animal is broken at that time. They are no longer in right relationship with their natural environment and when you eat that food, your energy systems and your cells inherit this imbalance.
  3. Food that you have grown/raised yourself. In this extension of the previous point, a plant or animal that you have grown or cared for will always resonate with your whole-body system far more greatly than one that you have bought.
  4. Local food. There is great power in the resonance with plants and animals that have been grown and cared for within the energy of the same piece of the earth that you live within. The energy of our land is the energy that we most specifically resonate with, (it is literally the energy that we are gifted every day), so plants and animals that have also been given life by that piece of land can resonate with us even more deeply. For some of you this may be a radius of a few miles from your home, for others it will be more like 100 or 200 miles as you recognise that the energy of your land spreads in similarity for a long way around you. Here in Cornwall where I live there is a specific energy held within the culture, but the energy of the land spreads out for most of the Westcountry up to and into the county of Somerset, so if I’m buying food from Cornwall, Devon or Somerset then my cells are still in deep resonance with the cells of those plants and animals.
  5. Food that has been grown or raised by someone else who loves caring for the plant or animal.

Right at the bottom of list is:

  1. Food raised in monoculture with pesticides/growth hormones  etc. This is devastating for the crops and the animals that are forced to endure gross conditions of survival. When such plants and animals are viewed merely as a resource rather than for their own sentience within the interconnective web of life, then we have robbed them of the vitality of their life experience and this is deeply reflected in the energy of the food that is then carried into our whole-body system.

So, yes, what I am saying is that all food has the ability to be vibrant or completely lacking in all vibrancy; vegetables, meat, grains, dairy…. If we want to eat the most healthiest and vital food in order to be our most healthy and vital selves, we really can’t follow a model of ‘eat this food and don’t eat that food’. It is much much more the quality of food that we are eating that will impact our whole-system health for both the short term and long term.

More on food in the next few blogs,

With love, Prune