The Wisdom of the Womb; Soul, Sex, Sensuality and Power

Do you know, that when you were born you were born with all the eggs that you have produced in your fertile cycle? That means that when you were in your mother’s womb, you already had those eggs.
Just as your mother was a baby girl with all her eggs inside her mother’s womb.
This means that your grandmother’s womb held the baby girl with her eggs, one of which became you. You (in your egg form) were inside your grandmother’s womb.
OMG! I have known this fact for decades, but it still blows my mind and heart. Because I am a woman, and because they were women, I was inside my grandmother’s womb (a grandmother I never met as she died when my mother was young), and yet, we are linked through our wombs down the generations of women. The power and sacredness of the womb is something that can never be captured by the bio-medical view of the ‘uterus’.
And often, we come to sex with no concept of the power, the sexiness, and the desires of the womb. Have you ever thought about the different types of orgasm you experience?
Energetically, there are three different types of orgasms; the clitoral orgasm that is gorgeous and sends waves of energy and warmth from the external genitals (clitoris, labia), into the vagina where it gets transmitted through the penetrating flow everywhere in the trunk. Sort of on a scale of 4 or 5. Lovely. The aura enlivens, the electrical system dances and waves, the radiant circuits glow, the chakras get a good dusting.
The vaginal orgasm is a bit deeper than this. This is the stuff of the famed g-spot (although what that is I have no clue!). The energy of this orgasm begins deeper in the body, not quite the womb, but in the vagina, the clitoris, the perineum and as it waves through the body it has a deeper core to it. 7 or 8 on the orgasm Richter scale. The chakras shift and expand pop, pop pop, the electrical system sparks brighter, the aura gets strengthened, the radiant circuits bloom.
And then there is the womb-gasm. This is the full engagement of the fibres, nerves, and consciousness of the womb as well as your clitoris, vagina, perineum. It rises and rises, until it is held in the womb, to be released in a watery fire explosion through all of the lower body, reaching into the heart field and taking a second explosion as the empowered electrical field of the womb meets the electrical field of the heart. Off the scale. These are often the orgasms that release a load of emotion with them, either tears, laughter, both, or simply emotions that are so big that for a few breaths they roll through you again and again as you experience them as too powerful for words or consciousness. The aura explodes into colours and connectivity, the radiant circuits gets wired in power and grace, the meridians become super charged and balanced, electrically everything is aligned and connected in flow and power, and the energetic core comes alive. And this is the difference between the 3 types of orgasm. When you experience a womb-gasm, the energetic core starts shining your bright soul light through your physical body, through your energetic body and into the world. You literally light up the world. This is all to do with your womb, and is irrespective of whether you are giving yourself an orgasm, whether you are having oral, penetrative, anal or any other kind of sex. Any kind of sex can be womb sex, and any kind of sex can be far, far away from even touching soul/womb connection.
What I really want you to hear, is that as women, there is only one way to shine this soul light in this way, and that is through connection to the womb. When you are in relationship with your womb, compassion for yourself is at the very centre of your experiencing and your sensuality comes into every part of your life. You notice the world around you, you experience your essential role in it. Your soul is sensual, and when you are in relationship with your womb, you are a sensuous being, loving your world and your life.
Sensuality is so very different from sexuality. Sensuality is to do with the experiencing of the senses, sexuality is to do with sex (or gender, but in this article, we are going to be using the word ‘sexuality’ to refer to sex rather than gender).
The reason that there is a HUGE difference between sensuality and sexuality is that one isn’t loaded with social and personal expectations! Sensuality is touching, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing. I am a deeply sensuous person. I love touching things just to feel them, the texture of food is as important to me as the taste, I notice and adore the smells of the universe, I notice all the little sounds around me (from someone grinding their teeth, to the birds starting their morning warm up). Are you sensuous? Are you in relationship with them? Do you ever thank your nose just because you can smell? When you see that soul-touching sunset, do you feel amazed at your own eyes as well as the colours in the sky?
When we are deeply connected to our womb, each of us have the ability to be exquisite beings living a sensual, soulful experience.
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Your womb is filled with wisdom!

Do you listen to the immense wisdom of your womb?
I am so fascinated by the womb. It holds an energy unlike any other in the body and when I look at it, one of the things I see energetically that most intrigues me is the way that it is connected to so much more in the body; the heart, the kidneys, the breasts, the soul. Filaments of golden light emanate from the womb, connecting, questing, asking for you to reach your consciousness down to her so that she may show you more. And this is whether or not you still have a womb. If you are a woman then the energy of the womb is within you.
The womb is deeply sacred. She is the power that sits deep inside us, guiding us and wanting us to greet her and know her secrets. She houses our creativity and our fertility, not just for our physical children but also for all of our creativity and fertility. She will take our pain and fear deep into her house to protect us and help us walk our way forward in our world without having to experience their proximity. She is fierce, burning with rage if our children are threatened or wronged. She is fire and water perfectly balanced, living in close relationship with the soul, and when we are listening to her, when we are connected to our womb, we are never alone. We know our power, we know our strength, we know that beauty is what is held inside and we emanate that power, strength and beauty through our whole body. When we are in relationship with our womb, we are mighty women, able to laugh and to cry openly and easily, able to galvanise communities with the warmth of our connection to self and others. Each of our wombs are connected to the womb of the world, and from there, we are always nourished, always loved, always wanted, always belonging. The power and sacredness of the womb is something that can never be captured by the bio-medical view of the ‘uterus’.
When you are in relationship with your womb, your sensuality reaches into your soul and every part of your life. You notice the world around you, you experience your essential role in it, you are a sensuous being, loving your world and your life.
Click on the player below to listen to Prune sharing more about the amazing power of the your Womb, in a recent interview on the Energy Medicine Summit.
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What is special about the Autumn Equinox?

This evening we will experience the Autumn Equinox. At 1.54am UTC the Earth’s central plane (the equator) passes the centre of the sun. At this time the Earth’s axis is not tilted either towards or away from the sun meaning that the length of the day is equal at all points on the Earth’s surface. The days and the nights are also of equal length. Although the exact point of passing is at 1.54am UTC (2.54am here in the UK) the unique energy of the Equinox time cocoons us for three or four days and happens twice a year in Spring and autumn. These equinoxes partner the summer and winter solstices in being points in the cosmological turning of the wheel.

So there is a very special energy building around us and will still be here for the these next few days and I wanted to share with you some of the characteristics of this energy.

The most striking difference when we come into the equinox times is that there is a stillness in the energy of the earth. Like a pause. A time for balance. It hangs in the air and sits on the grass like blanket mist, touching all of the earth and her inhabitants with a gentle invitation to pause, balance and feel the stillness.

We can choose to work with this pause in different ways. This is the time to honour the fruits of the spring and summer and begin to prepare for the turning inward that occurs during the darker days and longer nights. Perhaps we do more work in our dreamtimes, or find that our mediations have a different quality to them. For many people sitting in stillness at the equinoxes is easier than at other times where there is a more inherent push/pull energy surrounding the Earth. Perhaps this is a time when you are called to reconnect with friends, to celebrate the continued rich harvest of the heart that friends bring to us year in and year out and the fulfilment of the soul that such friends enable.

Have you ever stood in the middle of a see-saw (teeter-totter for those of you in North America), standing with one foot on the left branch of the see-saw, and one on the right? Knowing that you holding the power of balance, movement or stillness in your body and your legs. If you intend your weight and energy through the left leg then that side of the see-saw moves toward the ground. If you intend your weight and energy through the right leg then that side of the see-saw moves to the ground. If you centre your weight and your energy that you remain still, in balance. This is the place that we exist within during the 3 days of Equinox enegy.

For many cultures this Autumn Equinox encourages us to begin to pass within. A little like one part of our being is still in the activity and joy of the shift from Summer to Autumn, and one part of our being is in the stillness and depths of winter.  Gradually we turn our attention away from the external and enter the depths of ourselves. Our intentions can be around gathering understandings about the spring and summer learnings, and taking time to assimilate such understandings so that we might learn the lessons (the easy ones and the challenging ones) of the last 6 months.  You might do this though taking meditative walks through nature, being in silence for several hours, journalling, singing or dancing the shift between movement and stillness.

This is also a great time to connect into the moon.  This is because the moon closest to the Autumn Equinox, known as the Harvest Moon, has a very special astrological attribute. For a few days around this Harvest Moon, that occurs on Monday night, the timing of the moonrise is different from the rest of the year. Usually, the moonrises 50 minutes later each day. But during the time of the full Harvest Moon, it switches to rising a little under 50 minutes each day. This aids the feeling of stillness, of potential shift, and readies us for the moment towards winter. Take time to notice the moon rise over these next few days. You can deeply ground this shift in your own being by working with a powerful energy medicine technique to support the Stellar Diamond energy system, especially at sunrise, sunset or moonrise. This supports your energetic core to keep you expansive and safe as you move through the seasons and grounds you into the cosmic web to ensure your vitality and wisdom.

With blessings to you at this special time of year,  Prune

Consciousness and Energy

Hello! And welcome to the Imaginal Health Blog.

It is my intention to write weekly to really help understand the ways in which we can so easily connect into our energy systems to enable us to live consciously.

And by that I mean live in our fullest, deepest experience so that we can move through our day, our week and our lives in harmony, health and vitality.

Because when we are able to do that, then everyone around us is also touched by our harmony; suddenly that busy schedule doesn’t seem quite so stressful and you have time to have a cup of tea with a friend, or that comment that your sister teased you with doesn’t press any of your reactivity buttons and you are able to laugh it off, or that fierce determination to get to the gym (that never quite gets you to the gym) relaxes into an easy commitment where you not only go to the gym but you walk there and back as well!

And the great news is that it really doesn’t take much for us to be able live with energetic consciousness. There are so many tools available for us to use as anchors for our well-being, in fact, in many ways there can sometime seems like there are so many ways that it can feel overwhelming. So a main intention of these blogs is to give you the key insights and simple techniques into how to live sustainably, energetically and consciously.


I have been able to see energy since I was born. Simple fact. When I look at people I see just what you see; their clothes, their eye colour, their haircut, whether their expression is happy or sad. And I see their aura, the health of it, the shape of it, the colours that are weaving within it. I can see the way that the individual energy systems are moving within and around the dense, physical body.  I can see the way that these systems connect with each other, or where they are trying to connect but not quite able to, or where there is energy congestion leading to pain, inflammation or disease.

If I am working with a client I open this perception wider to see, feel and hear some of the experiences that have shaped that individual in order to help them heal any outmoded patterns that are causing restrictions or limitations to their harmony, health and vitality. All such experiences and stories are held in our energy system; great databanks of stories that we use as navigation tools through the daily journey of our life. Such navigation tools help us determine if a situation is safe for us, or allow us to access ways of knowing to help us resolve a situation or to get the most out of something that we are experiencing.

Our energy systems weave between dense energy and subtle energy, our conscious mind and our sub-conscious mind, so when we can understand and work with our energy systems we have the ability to work with all that we are. David Feinstein, in his article, ‘The Principles of Energy Medicine’ does a wonderful job of explaining that;

  1. Energies form the dynamic infrastructure of the physical body
  2.  Energy has to move
  3. Energy moves in specific patterns
  4. Imbalances in the energy body results in imbalances in the physical body
  5. When the energies of the body are healthy then they physical body is healthy

So I hope you are able to join me on these blogs as we explore ways in which you can achieve your deepest, most joyful balance for the sake of yourself, your loved ones, and your local and global community as we walk together through this time of vital global transition.

with love, Prune

A Cosmic Web of Connectiveness

‘We have a word to ‘be’, but what I propose is a word to ‘interbe’. Because it’s not possible to be alone, by yourself. You need other people in order to be. Not only do you need father, mother, but also uncle, brother, sister, society. But you also need sunshine, river, air, trees, birds, elephants and so on. So it is impossible to be by yourself, alone. You have to inter-be with everyone and everything else, and therefore, to ‘be’ means to ‘inter-be’.

Buddhist teacher and author Thich Nhat Hanh


Have you ever really looked at a spider’s web? Upclose and personal with your nose nearly touching the silver thread? When shifts are happening it can help to remember that each of us are continually supported in a web of connectivity and consciousness  that holds us just as the spider is held in her web.  When heavy rain or tempestuous winds arrive the web dances, bouncing and stretching, expanding and contracting in order to stay strong and anchored. We are exactly the same.

Folklore abounds with wisdom that connects us to this knowledge. I grew up being told that when I had troubles then the nook at the end of the garden was there to ease these troubles; and that I could go to that leafy shady corner and tell my woes, offering them to the universe. To sit, to stand, to dance out the pressures of my thoughts so they could be transmuted into part of the greater web, while all the time trusting that I was, (and still am at 41), a child of the universe. In other families who remember being close to the earth, or who are still connected to their gardens or farms, I have heard of other ways to offer up troubles; talking to the bees (those great keepers of secrets), talking to the pigs, writing the trouble and the desired solution on a piece of paper and wrapping it around a stone to throw into running water so that the great web of creation can bring understanding to resolve the problem.

This is the gift of Earth Medicine. Feeling always supported, always loved, always connected to trust, hope and the magnificence of creation. Having just engaged in  a three week shamanic earth healing pilgrimage, the truth of Earth Medicine feels stronger than ever as I perceive the way in which our very grids are woven together in total interconnectiveness.

As Energy Medicine practitioners, we have many tools that we can use and recommend to clients that recognize and activate the essential healing relationship between Energy Medicine and Earth Medicine. Radiant Circuits are my favourites for their incredible power, and ability to bring deep transformation in less  time than it takes to smile. When we throw our arms up in gratitude of receiving while doing ‘Connecting Heaven and Earth’ our Radiant Circuits spring forward to connect to the web of creation. At that moment we are not simply being, but as Thich Nhat Hanh suggests, we are consciously inter-being.  Through our Radiant Circuits, all our energy systems are connecting deep into the earth, grounding and replenishing, while also feeling supported and nourished by the invisible web of energy all above and around us. With such health and vitality speeding through our Radiant Circuits, we are reminded at our deepest level that we can never be alone.  It is the same when we hug a tree, give love to a pet, show kindness to a stranger or marvel in the colors of a sunrise.

I have always grown up surrounded by nature and Earth Medicine, but as I increasingly teach in cities, I hear from many clients and friends that they feel nature-starved. They feel disconnected from nature, from each other, and from hope for the future of our planet. The only way they feel more connected is when they are able to immerse themselves in nature through activities such as hiking, or playing on the beach. At these times they are able to get away from the pressures and stresses of their daily lives and allow the gifts of Earth Medicine to recharge them, but they fully recognize that those infrequent escape times are not enough to keep them vibrant and energized.

Yet nature is everywhere. It is not possible for us to live separate from it as everything we are is nature. Remember, ‘Not only do you need father, mother, but also uncle, brother, sister, society. But you also need sunshine, river, air, trees, birds, elephants and so on.’ (Thich Nhat Hanh). Well, I know I need elephants! Even here where I live in Cornwall, my existence is intricately bound with the existence of the elephants of Africa and India, because the same web weaves us all.  If the reality of our daily lives is such that we are rarely able to fully immerse ourselves in our natural world, then perhaps we need to redefine what ‘nature’ is. So here goes! Nature is not only a mountain range or a sparkling ocean or a 3 hour hike in the wilderness. Nature is a park in a city, a tree at the end of a street, a bird on a window sill, a plant in a living room, the rain falling, the sun shining, a muddy puddle that splashes on your pants on the way to work. Nature is the incredible, life-giving air that we breathe.  Nature is a dog barking, a child laughing, food on a plate, the cotton that we wear, nature is me, nature is you. Earth Medicine is offered to us every second of every day, it is offered to us because when we are vibrant and energized, then we make the web stronger and more abundant for all (even the elephants). And when we remember this, then we know we are never far from the nourishing, sustaining life-force that feeds us with energy, joy and purpose, even when, or especially when we are going through times of deep change and transition; when SHIFT HAPPENS!




Earth Energies Rising : The Dance of Life

Earth Energies Rising :The Dance of Life

It feels to me that there are some very fundamental shifts occurring in the collective consciousness of our modern societies, and also in the Earth. Whether or not you give any weight to the predictions of so many of the indigenous cultures (that we are entering a time of extreme change, the death of one way of being and the creation of a new, more inspired and enlightened global human society), it is hard to ignore the fact that our world is shifting. When we look at the challenges we face, an out-moded economic situation based on a flawed premise of continued growth and expansion, the immense value placed on status and material goods, a disease-care medical model rather than a healthcare medical model, changes in our climate, an Earth scarred by perceived human need, threatened mass extinction of hundreds of species of our animal brothers and sisters as well as our plant and tree brothers and sisters…well, enough…I could go on of course, but these are all aspects of life we are familiar with. In fact, not only familiar with, but often overwhelmed and exhausted by simply trying to get our heads around how we can help facilitate the shifts needed to truly heal and bring back to balance all of these dysfunctional aspects of modern life.

I completely trust that, as a human species seeking balance and harmony with our environment, we can do it! And Energy Medicine is a wonderful place to start. Over these next few blogs I want to share ways in which I have seen that the Earth herself can be balanced by working with Energy Medicine. I deeply encourage everyone to spend the little time every day to give thanks and gratitude to this amazing sentient planet that holds us and houses us, feeds us and clothes us, nourishing our energy with her own.

Lynne McTaggart, (author of The Field, The Intention Experiment) recently did an experiment with scientists from a US university and Dr. Masuro Emoto, to use intention to change the pH level of a polluted lake in Japan. The lake was acidic to the point that its marine life was severely compromised. In a group of 800 people, joined by others across the globe who had welcomed the chance to be part of the experiment to help Lake Biwa, these participants sent love and healing intention to the lake for 20 minutes. The pH level of the water was measured immediately prior to the timing of the intention and then immediately after. The results showed that the pH level had moved up by one whole point on the scale rendering the lake less acidic.  I cite this example as inspiration that what we think/how we feel/how we intend our world to be really does make a difference. And yes, of course intention is magnified when you have 1000+ people all holding and sending the same intention, but each one of us are part of the millions and millions of people who are holding intention, trust and hope that our world is moving into more balance and health with each breath that we take.

Today, why don’t you choose a tree, a plant, a loved space in your city/garden, flower box and simply sit with it and breath a ‘Dance of Life’. We breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide, plants and trees breathe in Carbon Dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. In other words, we breathe in what the trees exhale, they breathe in what we exhale…a timeless Dance of Life that is continually being played out in every cell in our body. Consciously engaging in this Dance of Life is profoundly grounded and I have yet to meet a person who does not experience a sense of gratitude during this exercise…gratitude to the plant/tree for nourishing us with breath, gratitude to our lungs for being the recipient of the breath, gratitude to all of our cells and all of creation. When we remember that gratitude activates the Radiant Circuits in our body we understand how the Dance of Life opens us to health, vitality and joy.

Next time I’ll write more about how our Radiant Circuits are directly connected to Earth Energy…
With love, prune


The Winter Solstice

Each year, the Winter Solstice occurs between the 20th and 23rd December. This year it is on December 22 with the precise moment of the Solstice being at 04:49 GMT. This is when the North Pole is tilted furthest – 23.5 degrees – away from the Sun, delivering the fewest hours of sunlight of the year. So that is the science! What fascinates me most about the Winter Solstice is its energy. The shortest day, the darkest day, the longest night. Hundreds of people will gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the rising sun at the time of the Solstice, watching (weather permitting!!!) and celebrating the returning sun return after the longest night.

It is an honouring celebrated all over the world, as the returning light amid the depth of the dark is a theme that has an enduring relevance. The Talmud recognizes the winter solstice as Tekufat Tevet. In China, the Dongzhi Festival is celebrated on the Winter Solstice with feasting and gathering.  In ancient Rome, the winter solstice was celebrated at the Feast of Saturnalia, to honor Saturn, the god of agricultural bounty and in pre-Christian Scandinavia, the Feast of Juul (Yule) lasted for 12 days celebrating the rebirth of the sun god and giving rise to the custom of burning a Yule log. We are familiar with this now with the legacy of the chocolate yule log cake that adorn many a table at parties at this time of year as the Christian world celebrates the movement away from dark and the return of light through the birth event of Jesus in the celebration known as Christmas.

Nowadays, with the use of electricity, the length of daylight does not have to impact us directly, but for our ancestors, this time of year truly was a time when their days were greatly impacted and they knew the depth of darkness. It is a time of deep yin energy, when we are called upon to rest into the depth of ourselves, to reflect on the stillness of our being. We can even dare to look into the darknesses within us and honour them, shining a light so that we can understand ourselves better and bring healing to those places that are in need of attention and nourishment.

It is ironic, that for many of us at this time of year, the concept of stillness, meditation, reflection and self-focussed consciousness is nigh on impossible as we celebrate the holidays with friends, family, rushing around doing holiday shopping and preparing to cook feasts. And yet, this energy has its place too within the Solstice time. As well as bringing our attention to the depths within us, and taking our time to hibernate if we need to, it is also a time to celebrate. Time to celebrate the connections that we have with the loved ones in our life and celebrate life itself. Traditionally this is a time of family and community gathering, of story telling, feasting, and singing the light back into the world.

In the Celtic tradition, the Winter Solstice is known as Alban Arthuan,  or The light of Arthur. It connects us to the remembering of the great Warrior king, Arthur, named after the Bear (Art). It was understood that it is a time when each of us are called to be a shining light represented by the Pole Star of the Great Bear Constellation. It is a time to become the balance of light and dark, the balance of yin and yang, so that we can live from our intuition and our learned wisdom, marrying our head and our heart for the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones and all of creation.

So what can we do to connect into this energy? Firstly, celebrate! Celebrate life, celebrate loved ones and celebrate you. We can expand this celebratory spirit by sharing some of our love, joy and abundance with others, perhaps those who you don’t know or who are in need at this powerful time of year. And we can bring power and balancing into this celebratory spirit by also spending time to nourish oneself through stillness, meditation, walks in nature, and perhaps lighting a candle to shine a light into our inner darkness so that we can grow in our wisdom.

Blessings to each of you at this Solstice time.



Alignment and purpose; the Assemblage Point

This blog is inspired by Strictly Come Dancing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it is a television show in which celebrities pair up with professional dancers over a series of several weeks to entertain the audience with their journey into dancing (or not, as the case may be). There are lots of sequins, bare chests, toe flicks and gossip. And just sometimes, there is something that transcends the ordinary.

This weekend proved to be one of those times. When Jay McGuiness came out to dance his 3rd week dance, everyone recognised they were seeing something extraordinary. (click here to view it) The audience when wild, and the Strictly fans all over the nation went wild. Why? Yes, he could dance, but there was something else….

When Susan Boyle strode onto the Britain’s Got Talent Stage at the age of 47 and announced she wanted to be famous and sing like Elain Paige, the watching nation were mockingly cynical, and yet most had tears in their eyes by the end of her song and she now sings to packed concert halls. Why? What does she have that can touch so many people? Watch Susan here

When Paul Potts walked onto the stage, with barely enough confidence to put one foot in front of the other after the years of bullying he had endured at school, the studio audience were mildly impatient. And yet they were on their feet by the end of it and The YouTube video clip from the show has had more than 140 million views, making it one of the top 100 most watched YouTube videos.  Why? What did we all see?

We saw each of these people connect into their soul, their deepest essence, and live from that place. They expressed not only their essence, but their connection to it. And when such alignment happens we all see it and know it. Even if don’t think you are someone who can see energy, you can. We all can and do every day, we simply don’t have the language to talk about it. And without the language, we can’t describe it or define it as a shared experience, so it gets lost as something intangible. But intangible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Yes, ‘Seeing is believing’ but also ‘believing is seeing’. So, when we watch Jay, or Susan or Paul, we all see something extraordinary. We see someone moving into alignment with their deepest essence and living it. And as they move into that place, not only do they transcend the ordinary, but they inspire us to recognise that it is possible for us too.

There is an aspect of your energy anatomy known as the Assemblage Point.

It is usually 15-30cm in front of the chest area and is connected by energetic threads, like silver filaments deep into the energetic core, where we house our essence. This Assemblage Point is one of the most remarkable aspects of our energy, not only because it regularly moves to adjust to different situations and perspectives, but its sheer luminosity denotes it as something connecting the human and the divine in our embodied human experience. I can get very excited about the Assemblage Point!

  • It is the only part of our energy anatomy that has its own biofield
  • It receives information and takes it into the energetic core as well as expressing information from the energetic core
  • It is connected to our Chakras, the Dantiens, the Taiji Pole, Grid, the Stellar Diamond
  • It filters our perceptions

One of the best ways I can help you understand the effect of the Assemblage Point is to for you to think of a time that you have fallen in love. The whole world turns rosy! That neighbour/relation/colleague that has always been so annoying in your daily life, suddenly becomes quite an OK guy and you even share a joke together. The sunsets are extraordinary, food tastes better, the wind in your hair is caressing (instead of frustrating!), you can find beauty in all of the world. How? Why? How can life be experienced so differently simply because you are in love? The answer is held in your energy. When we fall in love, the Assemblage Point moves, sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly, depending on its original position. As it moves, we see the world differently. We experience the world differently, and thus, the world is different. Our energy fields hold our consciousness and when we change our energy fields, our consciousness changes.

So, if you didn’t click on those links to watch Jay, Susan and Paul, then go ahead and do it now. Watch for how, when they begin to sing or dance, they transform. Energetically, their Assemblage Point lights up and begins to vibrate as such a deep resonance that the chakras change their vibration, the aura changes its vibration, their entire energy changes; they are literally rewired as they sing/dance. And we can notice it show up in their eyes, their body stance, and in the fact that their nervousness disappears; it is transformed as they transcend the personal.

One of the clearest examples is to see Paul Potts when he is getting ready to go on stage, when he is presenting himself to the judges, and asking the assistant to turn on the music. His nervousness and insecurity is thoroughly apparent. Then we catch a glimpse of him as he prepares himself. Watch his eyes! You’ll see the moment that the assemblage point comes into alignment as his eyes suddenly shift deeper, and become more focused; the nervousness goes and he stands there a pillar, a strength, composed. And then he opens his mouth and magic happens as Nessun Dorma pours from his soul. But then, watch once he finishes singing. Within a second, you see his smile suddenly droop, his eyes shift as he is simply Paul standing in front thousands of people waiting to be judged. His assemblage point has moved back into its ‘usual’ position. Of course, the more he sings, his confidence grows, his personal power and energy grows and his Assemblage Point remains in its enlivened, empowered position.

With Susan Boyle, The Assemblage point begins to move as she hits the higher note (BY) of the opening sentence ‘I dreamed a dream of time gone BY’. By the time she starts the second sentence ‘I dreamed that life would never DIE’ it is fully in its aligned place and from then on it seamless beauty. Her Assemblage Point stays in place as she walks off the stage, but as she turns once she is called back on by the judges, it slips. Not much, she is still in her deep alignment, but is suddenly aware of where she is and what she has just done. Her assemblage point looks more resilient than Paul’s and his disclosure of years of bullying helps explain that.

And finally, to finish where we started; Strictly Come Dancing. In the clip that I have put on, you get to see the very start of the dance where Jay and his partner are sitting at the table. It is AMAZING to watch his assemblage point as it is literally moving between where it ‘usually’ sits and where it is about to be transported to. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Hanging out in front of his chest and then shifting higher, connecting right into the 6th chakra so that it hovers somewhere in front of his nose (often,  when I’m teaching about the Assemblage Point I’ll ask people to think of the Snitch in the Harry Potter movies as there are appropriate similarities!).

And then, with Jay, the instance the music starts, the Assemblage Point settles into its inspired, aligned position and he moves. Interesting as he actually holds the bridge of his nose for a second at the exact point it settles in. Whether that was choreographed or spontaneous, I don’t know, but it makes great sense energetically. From that point on, the dance is quite remarkable, and is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you even if you don’t like dance. We are all humans, and seeing such human transformation speaks to our depths and our essence. And, what I love about watching Jay’s energy is that over the previous few weeks, his Assemblage Point is changing its ‘usual’ position. So, now, at the end of the dance, it doesn’t return to where it was in Week 1, it is raising, enlivening, shining brighter, and being the guiding light that will carry him forward. And maybe, just maybe, inspire a few of us towards our deepest alignment too.

with love, Prune


Beltane and May Day

Happy Beltane! Today and tomorrow herald the Celtic festival of Beltane, the turning of the cosmological wheel where we move from spring towards the early bloom of summer.

Many of us will know this turning of the wheel in our memories of May Day, and some of us may live in communities that still celebrate it! In Helston in Cornwall today and tomorrow will see the ancient ceremony of the Hobby Oss  

In Germany this turning of the wheel will be celebrated with Walpurgis night, in many countries May Day is a labour day where traditional workers had the day off to celebrate in community, and in the UK tomorrow, many communities will be celebrating with May Pole dancing,  I remember as a child dancing around the May Pole, following ancient footsteps to dance and weave the red and white ribbons until the pole was intricately wrapped, symbolising fertility and the merging of yin and yang.

Usually boys dance in one direction holding red ribbons while the girls dance in the opposition direction holding white ribbons (although in my memory I was holding a red ribbon!), each direction represented the way in which the yin energy rises from the earth up to the sky, and the yang energy descends from the sky towards the earth. Merging in peace and power. Just as it does in each of us.

Known as a cross quarter day, in that it is positioned between the vernal equinox and the summer soltice, Beltane represented by the  archetype of the maiden, which is why we have the May Queen crowning, to honour the gentle, early yin fertility and to marry it to the rising yang/sun energy so that all of creation can benefit. While the May Day festivities held the balance of yin and yang, the Edinburgh Beltane Fire festival represents a wilder and fiercer side of Beltane. Feasting, revelry, fire breathers, and bonfires big enough to either terrify or inspire awe, calling on the fire to help the sun return in its fullness and power. .

And this is a lusty time of year, where traditionally festivals would honour procreation and the sacred merging of yin and yang. This is a time that there may have been celebrations that included sex and any ‘cultural norms’ regarding morality were given the night off during the Beltane celebrations. An interesting product of this event was that babies that were conceived at the time of Beltane were likely to be claimed by the community to grow versed in spiritual and healing knowledges, understanding that they were conceived within a powerfully sacred energy.

All in all, big energies today and tomorrow. Celebrate life, celebrate abundance and the wonder of how our Earth supports us. Look for balance in yourself even as the push and pull of Beltane can create paradoxes for us to explore. Honour your male friends and female friends, dance, be glad for the gift of life. These times of transition call for bravery and silliness, resolution and irreverence, and Beltane leads the way.

with love, Prune

Healing the Waters; follow up

First, a great bow of gratitude for everyone who was a part of the collective consciousness in working with healing the waters throughout the month of February. More than 50 crystals were sent from many different parts of the world, as well as prayers, wishes and songs given up as offerings to waters close to the participants hearts.  If you missed the original posting then you can read more here.

I placed many of the crystals in and around the poisoned Well, and others are now being part of a web of healing connectivity as they work with other sacred Wells and waters.  I wanted to write an update for those of you who participated, and even if you didn’t at the start, it is always possible to connect into the web of healing that is being continually reinforced and enlivened as we continue to send our prayers, love and healing energy to the waters.

I began the work with the Well in Tywardreath on 1st February, Imbolc; St. Brigid’s day,  by meditating at the poisoned Well, bringing a favorite vase to place flowers in. At that point the energy around the well was flat, heavy, dense and non-vibrant Along with one of the care-takers of the Well, we worked in ceremony and began placing some of the crystals around or in the water. At that time, as I have already written, the energy of the well was stagnant and internal, no longer holding the vibrant and dynamic energy that it previously had. Over the month, I continued to work with the Well and the crystals, some called to be placed in the water , some at water level, and others in the walls, and vegetation surrounding the Well.

A web of crystal energy began to form. On sunny days, it looked like the web was being magnified, pulling energy from the water, even as energy was being given to the water. The air around the Well began to have more movement, swirls of light and radiance began to come back, although the energy in the water itself looked as thick and murky as ever. At this point, I began to bring water from other sacred Wells in the area, to pour into the poisoned water; bringing the healing from St. Brevita’s Well in Lanlivery, St.Neot’s Well in St.Neot, and the Chalice Well from Glastonbury.  And still the crystals and stones poured in. Each day my mailbox received another powerful gift, imbued with healing and love.

The end of February was drawing near, a web of crystal energy was becoming stronger and stronger, but it still felt like work was to be done. The full moon came a few days into March and I wondered if, perhaps, this cycle of the work would be complete by then. At the full moon I went to the Well with more crystals, but still the guidance was to continue the work. So I did, we did, as the stones still came in. International ones that had travelled far; Australia, Brazil, Austria, America. Stones that had been bathed in grottos and lakes, wells and streams, held in rain water and blessed in ancient watery power.

By the end of March, the Well was changing. A power, a depth was returning to it, in a way that I had never seen before. The fronds and vegetation in the water became covered with a bright green coating  making fascinating fractal patterns just under the surface of the water. The energy was deep and moving in an internal vortex, being supported by the light, bright crystal web above it. It looked like the water was fighting back against the poison. A thick, deep rejection of toxicity.

And still the work was not complete. Last week I went to Ireland. At Powerscourt waterfall I gave a striking crystal quartz wand that was gifted, honouring the land, the ancestors, and the waters. It felt like a piece of the energy of the Well changed with that action. The next day, I offered a crystal to the lake at Glendalough. Powerful, peaceful and expansive. Ah…another shifting in the Well energy. And then two days later, found myself (through a series of unplanned and wonderful coincidences) getting out of the car as St. Brigid’s Well in Kildare.

Three teenagers were sitting by the momument to Brigid, hanging out with their dogs and each other. We stayed for a while as the dog played agility by leaping over the well, the streams, the stones, the monument. A seamless weaving of sacred and daily, of reverence through fun, of the extraordinary within the ordinary. I stayed to work with the Well long after the teenagers had left.  Watching older folk come with their grace and reverence, crossing themselves as the approached the waters, casually stroking a hand over Brigid’s shoulder as they passed. The easy love, the easy care, the easy place within Creation. The energy of the Well was timeless, swirling vortexes of golden energy to and from the Well, spiralling patterns travelling a significant distance from the waters. Powerful, ancient, life-giving. It felt like a Mother Well, watching and protecting, offering and accepting, lighting the way for anyone who come.

I arrived home late last night and have not yet gone to the Well in Tywardreath, but I know a change is happening. We will be coming to the next turning in the Celtic wheel in only 2 more weeks, Beltane on April 30th, and I feel that this cycle of working with the Well may be complete at that time.  I will continue to place flowers at the Well, and to light a candle whenever I work with it, watching, loving and praying for all of the waters, all of us, and all of creation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, it is truly my honour to be part of this work with you, (and for those of you who are still sending in crystals then know that I will continue  to work with then in this connective and powerful work).


Expressing your truth; finding your power

Astrologically, we have a big day coming up. This Friday is the Spring Equinox. It is also a New Moon, and a Full Solar Eclipse.  The Equinox energy begins today and lasts for 3-4 days so we can ride the wave of harmony that the Equinox brings, even as we are asked to stretch and expand by the power of the Solar Eclipse. All astrologers agree that it is an immensely powerful day energetically, maybe the most powerful in all of 2015. So what can we do to work with these energies? How do we house them or match them? How can we work in harmony with them?

As ever, with everything (!) the most important aspect is to be well grounded over these next few days. This is getting increasingly difficult with the rising intensity and shifting grounds of our times, so it is great to be mindful of it through conscious grounding. You can do this by being outside in nature, meditating, loving and by working with any of these exercises:

Spooning your feet
Connecting Heaven and Earth
Embracing the Sun
The Hook Up
Heaven Rushing In 

(If you want to learn more about grounding you can read more here )

So, starting from being connected to the earth, this is a time to sit deep within ourselves, even as we move forward. Holding a dichotomy of stillness and action, depth and expansion, internal and external, yin and yang. ‘Ah, that old chestnut.’ I hear you say. ‘Just the small task of being perfect and holding it all together’. Actually no. This is the time to take the throat chakra and release it in its immensity. Time to throw out everything that has been swallowed down, or diluted to make it more appeasing. This is the time to speak your truth. This may be with peace and clarity, it may be in awkwardness and hesitancy, it may be that you ROAR YOUR TRUTH OUT LOUD, or sing it to the earth and the stars.

The throat chakra is unique in that it holds channels within it governed by each of the other chakras. That is because of the throat chakras primary role as integrator and communicator of the whole of the chakra system. Perhaps think of each chakra as a musical instrument. The base chakra is an instrument that has a deep vibration, maybe a big drum beating out the sacred beat of your life. The sacral chakra is  a little higher in its vibration, a playful cello, the solar chakra higher still, perhaps a trumpet, while the heart may hold the lyricism of a harp. For the third eye think Aker Bilk on the soprano saxophone, and the crown chakra holding the vibration of the finest, purest, highest note you can imagine (I know it’s not exactly an instrument but the closest I have heard to the sound of the Crown Chakra was a skylark singing a summer song. It seemed to hold the last note simply to please all of Creation).  But the throat chakra is the orchestra. It takes the tones, timbres and notes of all the other chakras and lets them run through the centre of itself. When the throat chakra is out of balance then we can imagine it is a bit like when the orchestra is warming up, lots of notes and tunes all being played simultaneously but not in harmony. It might produce cacophony of sound and vibration that never quite seems connected to each other (do you ever feel like that?).   It is the role of the throat chakra, in its exquisite fineness of vibration, to allow all of the individual tunes, and all of the notes, but hold them together at just the right tempo, pitch and tone so that each chakra sings its own song while creating something larger than itself. When this happens the sounds of your life become integral, authentic and expressive of the fullness of your soul.You can help this energetic movement by 
stretching the chambers of the throat chakra regularly. By stretching each of the chambers you are able to clear congested or stagnant energy in the individual chakra so that it is able to flow easily and effectively through the integrative throat chakra. A bit like keep your instruments cleaned and tuned so the orchestra sounds wonderful!

During the powerful cosmic energies of the next few days allow the possibility of connecting into an awareness of something bigger than yourself, bigger than humanity and even bigger than our collective human consciousness. These energies are truly cosmic, and our beautiful planet is an essential part of the cosmos. Allow the energy of the planets and stars to move through your body, holding you safe and strong, as you speak, sing, write, dance, draw your biggest truth, your deepest self.

We are all connected to each other and all of Creation. We are all loved and supported. I’ll be dancing my truth tomorrow, for the Earth, for myself and each of you. Prune

Working with Earth Energies: Healing the waters

Can you participate? 

I live in a village in Cornwall, UK, that is nestled in a hillside between the sea and a river valley. A Norman church (dedicated in 1343) chimes every half hour to mark the progression of the day as the people of the village go about their life. Tywardreath has a primary school, a pub, a village shop, and my sister’s butchers shop. It also has three Wells. Two  are deep in the earth, and are in a little public garden, sitting close to each other.

The third is opposite its two partners, across the road, named Well Street of course. The water comes up from the Earth, collects behind a wall and then pours from a pipe into a shallow pool. It exits the pool to continue its path deep in the earth as it travels the mile or so into the sea.

This third Well, the biggest in Tywardreath, has been poisoned. Even as you approach it the smell of turpentine pervades the area. The foliage around the Well has now seeped the chemical in through the roots so that each leaf reeks with the stench, the water holds an oily sheen on it, and then energy of the well is much less clear than usual. Usually the energy of the Well is deeply radiant, charging the water, the earth and the air with its power and flow. Hundreds of spiraling vortices, mostly a golden pink colour lift from the water and move out into the biofield of the Well. Now, the Well and water sits surrounded by energy that resembles a stagnant, murky cloud.
At this time of year we are approaching Imbolc, the advent of Spring, which begins around February 1st.  Imbolc is dedicated to Brigid, reverered for thousands of years in the Celtic tradition, and adopted by the Christian Church as St. Bridget. Long associated with the arts of healing, smithwork, poetry and midwifery, she has a ancient connection to sacred Wells. 

During the month of February, beginning on Imbolc, I will be working with the energy of the Well in Tywardreath to help transmute the poison in the water as it continues it flow into the sea. I cannot do anything about preventing it entering the Well, as the souce of the turpentine is unknown. Perhaps it is the action of decades ago in the burying of barrels of turpentine by a farmer who had no knowledge of the future consequence of his/her actions. Perhaps it is a more recent travesty.

The cause cannot be found, but the effects are plain for anyone to see. During February  I will be working with crystals to track the energy of the poison in and around the Well, to contain it, and eventually to heal it. Holding the intention that this work is not simply for this individual Well, but rather for all of the water in the world that is being poisoned or abused. 

When we move with consciousness that we are all part of the great web of connection then we understand that our individual and collective action can be effective and powerful. We also understand that each thread of the web that we heal strengthens the greater web, helping all of us in this time of deep transitioning from one consciousness to another.

I would like to invite you to help in this Earth Healing ceremony. You can do this in various ways:

1. Go to a Well or sacred body of water in your life. Send prayers and blessings into the water, for all of the water in the world. Prayers for all of the water that is poisoned or toxic.

2. Find a crystal that calls to you for being part of this work. It may be small or large, new or old, found on the ground or bought from a shop. It can be any colour, any shape; all it has to do is seem right for this work.

Hold it as you say your prayers for the waters of life. You can then send me the crystal to 71 Tehidy Road, Tywardreath, Par, Cornwall, PL24 2QD, England  Or give me the crystal  in person. Each of these crystals will be used for the Well, the waters, and the greater web of connection to aid in healing the Earth.

With love to you at this powerful time of year, and in gratitude for being part of this web of life,


Life Colour Readings

Life Colour Readings

60 minute session: £150

Near the outer edge of the aura, just before the auric membrane, each of us have energetic vibration that is unique to us; our Life Colour.

An individual’s life colour never changes. Coming from the energetic core, this vibration is the story of our soul, replete with the strengths, the challenges and the needs that we are here to express. The Life Colour determines much of what we bring to our life and will show up in our choice of relationships, jobs, hobbies, and passions. It is instrumental in most of our mistakes as well as our achievements.

It is possible to have one, two or three different colours making up the specific blend that is your unique vibration. Knowing of your Life Colour and its corresponding understandings can deeply empower you to connect into your soul path with more grace and ease. Able to see energy since birth, and having a specific calling to work with Essential or Soul energy, Prune will share with you the themes and expressions of your Life Colour, and help create a plan for working to express the beauty of your Life Colour in its most balanced aspect.

Other relevant information:

Self-care: Prune will share information on exercises or other self-care technique that are most suited to your life-colour.

Recording:  The session is recorded for you to be able to review the information as you need.

If you are interested in learning more about your Life Colour contact Prune at


Essential Energy Guidance

Essential Energy Guidance

2 hour session £300.

In this 2 hour session, Prune uses her gifts of psychic connection and clairvoyance to give you deeper understandings of the energy of your essence. It is this essential energy, from our energetic core or basic grid, that determines much of how we experience life. Whether we are flowing with ease and joy, or working with illness and disease, by connecting into our essential energy we are able to move more gracefully through the life we were born to experience. At times when it feels our life no longer has the array of choices we desire, connecting back into our essential energy allows the rejuvenation of hope, joy and personal power.

Within the session Prune will concentrate on three specific aspects of your essential energy:

Life Colour: She will explain your life colour and its meanings, the inherent strengths that you have been gifted as well as the lessons that you have come into master.

Primary Rhythms: She explores the specific combination of your primary elements and how they create a rhythm that you can either thrive within or struggle against.

Timeline: It is also possible for Prune to examine your energetic timeline for incidents or experiences that shaped your essential energy, either bringing attention to the gifts of the experience or the ways in which they still need to be transmuted. Often an experience that touches our essential energy (our energetic core or basic grid) imposes limitations that can become our deepest challenge. In the Essential Energy Guidance session Prune is able to connect you into the knowledge of these experiences, helping  you evolve away from patterns of limitation towards patterns of expansion.

Further information:

Self-care: Prune will provide guidance as to how to best follow up on the information that comes forward during the session.

Recording:  The session is recorded for you to be able to review the information as you need.

Essential Energy Guidance sessions are stand-alone sessions and do not need to be repeated. Very occasionally a second session can be beneficial to further track an aspect of your timeline.

For more information and to schedule an Essential Energy Guidance session contact


Why Halloween?

You will probably have noticed that this weekend is Halloween! A time of dressing up, scary stories and lots of sugar. As one friend would say when opening the door to trick and treaters with his bucket of candy on offer,  ‘Hello, happy diabetes-promotion day!’

Halloween takes it name from ‘All Hallow’s Eve’, the day before All Hallows Day, known in the Christian cosmology as All Saints Day and in the many other cultures as the Day of the Dead.In the Celtic tradition, October 31st is the last day of the year, a  New Year’s Eve festival to celebrate the ending of the season of Lammas (Autumn) and the beginning of Samhain (Winter). You could very much confuse people by opening the door to Trick and Treaters and shouting, ‘Happy New Year!’

Samhaim, beginning November 1 and ending January 31st, with the Winter Solstice in its centre,  holds a specific energy to it and has many sacred correspondences of its own;  it is associated with the element of Air, the sacred direction of the North, and the building of foundatins. As such it invites us to travel internally, into the knowledge of our deep Yin, the dark places within of wisdom and clarity.

But what of the energies of Halloween? Why do we dress up, eat sweets and celebrate the scary? There are certain points in the year where the cosmological energies lend themselves to more fluidity than at other times. Sometimes this is referred to as a ‘thinning of the veil’. This was recognised throughout the world and was non-culture specific, lending validity to the understanding that this lack of solidity between the worlds of the living and the non-living, between the physical and the non-physical is a cosmological energetic reality. It was understood by the ancients that this was the day that the dead walked. And no, not in any kind of dastardly way, but simply that it was a time when spirits returned to their homes, to their descendants, to the familiarity of their physical life.  In order to ensure that only the spirits of your beloved entered your homes, masks were painted on the door, or lanterns patterned with faces were placed at the threshold. This later became the pumpkin ‘Jack o’lanterns’ that we are so familiar with in our current cultural expression of this ancient festival of honouring the ancestors. They were the messengers that said to the spirits, ‘No, wrong house, keep on moving’, or ‘Yes, you are our beloved, come in, we are waiting.’

For me, it still didn’t explain the sugar! Why do we give sweets out at Halloween? I wasn’t cynical enough to believe it had all been a giant marketing success on behalf of the sweet producers…their marketing had to based on something historical, just as our modern Halloween is based on the older tradition of the Christian All Saints Day which, in the vast geographical area that was once the Celtic Empire, is based on the ancient tradition of Samhain. So why the sugar? A book on Chinese ancestral festivities perhaps provides the answer. In the Chinese cosmology reincarnation was an established precept.  Therefore, In order to honour the ancestors, sweet treats (which would have only been available at celebrations) were offered to children in celebration of their lineage. I thought this was a beautiful concept as it was not looking specifically to honour familial ancestry, but rather our common ancestry. Sweets were offered to the children to honour whatever spirit that had chosen to reincarnate, from whatever country, family, or social strata, thus honouring the cosmic web of connection and our relation to it. Imagine how the energy of all of those sweets would transform if the children eating them on Friday night were doing so in conscious honouring of our common ancestors!

So what about energy medicine approaches to Halloween/Samhain?

  1. Check your groundedness. For those of you who are conscious of being sensitive to changing energy, being grounded can be deeply stabilising. Read more information on being grounded here.
  2. Pay attention to any dreams that you have over these next few days. The energy of Samhaim is thick for the day before, during and after November 1st. As my shamanic teacher would remind me, ‘The ancestors don’t need to sleep’, and often some of their wisdom is shared in our sleeping hours. Keeping a dream diary or jotting them down when you are still able to remember them can be a wonderful way to garner wisdom from these deep dreamtimes.
  3. If you are involved in the sugar-fest then pay good attention to Spleen. This video sequence is a great way to help spleen get ready for the onslaught of sugar and to metabolise it once you have consumed it.
  4. Samhaim, and any of the turnings of the Celtic calendar, are wonderful times to pause for a moment of reflection and gratitude. This may be personal, with a simple meditation ceremony, or it may be a time for a family meal, an honouring of your own ancestors through sharing memories and stories of their life and character. This weaves the web of connection between the generations, providing each of us with the comfort and nourishment of personal story. Think of it as the enlivening of one of your strands of DNA; the ancestors are happy to be talked about and honoured and as their cells are part of you, then it is an honouring and enlivening of your cells too.

Enjoy this deeply magical time of year, with love, prune


Tips for the Autumn months; Solar Energy

This next few blogs will hopefully come to you before you have succumbed to a cold, a cough or a general slump in energy as your whole-body system fires the immune system up a notch. There are some wonderful physical/energetic and nutritional aids that you can bring in at this time of year to help the transition from the yang-fuelled Summer months into the cooler Autumn months, and it feels important to understand what happens energetically as we move through the seasons.

In these September months, it is a time to start to gather our energy, so we have plenty to carry us through the darker, deeper months of Winter. Much as during the harvest festivals where we celebrate the abundance of harvest and store/freeze/can/preserve what we need until the bounty returns next year; our energy system mirrors this natural occurrence.

Hopefully, wherever you are, you have had the opportunity to stock up on the amazing abundance of sun energy that was plentiful in Europe during this summer. Vitamin D is carried into our whole-body system firstly through our aura, and then our skin, and this is also how we bring in the vital yang energy of the sun. As we progress through Winter, for many it will become important to supplement Vitamin D, but at the moment, as long as you were able to spend time outdoors over the summer, your natural stocks of Vitamin D should be plentiful. In my clinic I generally start testing clients with Vitamin D supplements in Jan and most do not need it until February or March. It seems ironic that it is often the return of the sun that sees us most deplete in this vital vitamin but in the early spring we aren’t really getting much D from the sun so it can be important to continue to take Vitamin D through the spring.  This is where energy testing your supplements can be so important to your health and your finances!

Having a good stock of solar energy and Vitamin D is not only a big determinant as to how you will respond to bacteria and viruses over these next few weeks, but also how your mood will manage throughout the Winter before the return of the sun in the Spring.

So, priority number 1 is to keep the aura active and vibrant to enable us to continue absorbing the vital solar energy that is still available to many of us.  You can do this with the Celtic Weave exercise or by tracing lots of figure 8’s throughout your biofield. Your aura cannot be strong without your whole-body system being grounded, so ensure you are grounding well. (You can refer to my blogs on grounding or work with Spooning your Feet and Connecting Heaven and Earth). And, I know it is obvious, but I’ll say it anyway….get outdoors! The more time you spend outdoors at the moment the vaster the benefits to your aura, your grounding and to your whole health (physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitional and energetic).

More to follow on how to be healthy, vital and resilient this autumn.

With love, prune

Sacred Food

For most of us there are many unexplored assumptions in our daily existence, and this is especially true for food and nutrition. How many of us stopped eating butter and switched to margarine? Or thought that low-fat options were the most healthy? Thankfully, now mainstream nutrition is being revised and we all understand that butter ishealthy and is back on the menu!

We have listened to food advice from different sources, for different reasons and, overwhelmed with the variety of disparate information, we are all having to choose for ourselves what most suits our body. My view is that we need to eat the foods we thrive on. Not the foods we can simply survive on. In this respect, we have quite a challenge in our family.

Thives on Does well on Detrimental
Prune Cooked vegetables Cooked fruits

Fermented food


Legumes (pulses)


Occasional meat(1x 10 days)

Regular fish (2x week)



Raw fruit and vegetables

Collin Legumes (pulses)

Cooked vegetables



Most carbohydrates

Having too much food (especially carbs)
Rowan Grains

Very regular meat

Raw milk


Raw fruit and vegetables



Dairy (he does not do well on milk unless it is raw milk)
Ellarose Cooked vegetables

Regular fish




Legumes (pulses)


So do we cook different meals for each individual? No, we ensure that each meal has the nutritional needs that each of us require and then apportion the foods accordingly. Such self-selection of the foods at the dinner table enables each of us to eat the foods that we need in the quantities that suit our whole-body system. But this does also show that there is no right diet for all people. Each of us have very specific, ever changing nutritional needs.

Food is sacred. And there are traditions all over the world that recognise and honour such sacredness.  Our foods are homegrown whenever possible, with organic, local meat and fish caught along the coast 1 mile away. And I feel connected to each and every mouthful of what I eat. I have stroked the cows that our milk comes from and watched my children play with their calves, we have planted vegetable seeds and helped them grow, we love the chickens that provide us with eggs and laugh at their funny antics in the rain and sun. We steward (and yes, have been stung by), the bees whose honey we eat! The connection to the sacred within each mouthful is a large part of the delight of food, as well as connecting us to the energetic power of what we eat. When we eat with this kind of mindfulness then if ‘you are what you eat’ then we all have the potential of being vibrant, healthy, interconnected and powerful.

And, no matter how far removed from the growing/nurturing of the food chain you may be in your own lives right now (and not everyone has the time, space or inclination to nurture vegetables or animals) you can still connect into it through your consciousness and your energy.

One powerful way of doing this is to say a blessing as you are ready to eat. You can either say it aloud for your family to connect with, or say it in your mind as you connect to it in your heart.

‘I give blessings and thanks to every person who has helped to create this meal, and to all the people who care for them’.

I recognise that sometimes there are only a few people involved, but usually, there are 10s, 100s, 1000s of people who are involved in bringing the food to my table. For example; if I am eating rice…my blessing of thanks goes to all the people who planted, tended, and harvested the rice, and their carers (by this I  mean the people who nourished the rice planters…perhaps the parent, spouse or child who was at home cooking for the family member who was harvesting the rice). Then the people who sorted the rice and packed it into sacks, those who put the sacks onto the truck to take it to the ships, those who put it on the ships, those who work on the ship that brought the rice to England, those who unloaded the sacks and delivered them to my local shop, the people who put them on the shelves and then took my money as I paid for it. And all the people who cared for them. And this is just for the rice portion of my meal!

That one line of conscious blessing goes a long, long way, in a great circle that comes back to the food on our plate and directly into you; your body, your cells, your energy systems, and your consciousness.

Next time we’ll explore how to energy test for food so that you know what food your whole-body system needs to thrive.

With love, prune

Summer solstice and personal power

I am in Ireland sitting with one of my beloved teachers and we are talking about the urgency of the times upon us. ‘Oh yes,’ she laughs, ‘this isn’t a time to be wishy washy’.

Sitting in the Celtic season of Beltane, we are approaching the midpoint within the summer months of the  Summer Solstice, (20-22nd June) known as Alban Hefin in the Celtic world. This is the time for coming into our strengths and realising our desires. The time when we are able to feel the full yang influence of the sun, a beautiful bursting forth of male energy to be received by the female energy of the earth in order to produce the fertility of crops, flowers, trees, animals; all of the abundance from the cosmos that we depend upon for our physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitional nourishment.

Even deep within the dark, wet mountains of western Ireland the increasing yang energy is palpable. This is the time of year when we can open ourselves to our broadest presentation of who we are. In safety and expansion we can throw open our arms and move forward on our paths of truth and forthrightness. This is not a time for hiding behind masks of inadequacy and fear, or playing games of manipulation. At this time of year we can call to us our balanced yang energy.

Think of a summer barbeque; you are having a great time with friends, laughing, maybe playing football or throwing a Frisbee. The sun is shining late into the evening,  food is weaving in and out of your time together, kids are shouting with laughter. The unspoken values of mutual love, understanding and desire to be together are at the centre of the barbeque ritual. This isn’t a time for arguments or wracking over internal conflicts, this is not a time to be sinking into the depths of who we are or what we want to be doing when we grow up. Rather it is the time to smile at strangers and laugh with friends, to feel our strengths and use them.  It is the time to experience our power

Power is a word that holds so many connotations within our modern world that it is necessary to specify what I mean when I use the word. Power is about having access to your full and whole energy. Power is about claiming all of who you are, with trust and willingness to sit with your own challenges. Power is not projecting your challenges onto others and believing it to be a truth. Power is about living from your centre with consciousness, and compassion. And, vital in our times, is the understanding that one cannot experience either personal power or compassion for others without fully embracing compassion towards self.

A great energy medicine exercise to help you connect into your balanced yang energy is ‘’Embracing the Sun’.  Humans receive yang energy through a yang vortex that is above our heads. You can think of a gentle whirlpool of energy that is spiraling anti-clockwise above our heads about 1metre wide. This vortex spirals into our energy fields, getting narrower and narrower, coming to a point a centimetre or so wide just below the navel.

When doing this exercise you open your energetic core, the centre of your being, to the yang energy that is so fundamental to;

  • Grounding
  • Calling up and balancing our yin energy
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-empowerment
  • Self-expression
  • Connecting into our energetic core
  • Balancing the central and governing meridians
  • Realising our soul path

With love, prune

Space Clearing your Home

With each moment of sentience we create an energetic imprint that gets positioned in the great energy matrix within which we are all blessed to live.

Recently I was asked to go into a house build that was nearing completion. The family wanted me to clear the somewhat chaotic energy of construction, and invite the energies of balance and abundance into the house before they moved in.

I went from room to room helping weave the web of energy that filled the house. One part of the house was to be where aging parents would live. As I walked into this part I could strongly feel the energetic trace of the 89 year old man who had been to see his ‘home-to-be’ as it was being built and furnished. With all my senses I could trace where he had been in the house, feeling that energetic imprint as I moved through the rooms. When I went into the bathroom it was immediately clear that this wonderful Elder had not been into this specific room as his energetic imprint was not part of the web there. Later, through chatting to him he confirmed that he hadn’t been interested in seeing that room and had never stepped through the door. Furthermore, his energetic trace held much sadness, and while talking with him, I was able to touch on that. He had recently lost the home that he had lived in for decades in a fire and, although he was looking forward to moving into a shared house with his wife, daughter and grandchildren, he also felt sadness for what he was having to let go of.

For me, this was an incredibly tangible example of how, whatever we are doing, whatever we are thinking, feeling, experiencing, we are creating an energetic imprint that is shared into the web of consciousness that continually surrounds us.

When I enter a room that I will be sleeping/learning/working/sitting in, I recognise the room, allowing my heart to open to its space, feeling gratitude for its presence and the container that it is gifting to me to pursue my activity.

Sometimes, if it feels particularly heavy, or if once I am in the room then I begin to feel there is some kind of energetic dysfunction, then I will weave figure 8’s throughout the room (maybe only in my mind and intention if I feel that it would cause alarm to others in the room!).

You are probably all familiar with the experience of feeling fine, walking into a room or sitting in it for a while and feeling knocked off balance. Often this shows up with less mental clarity than before, or just simply feeling tired. When you leave the room then you realise that you feel much better. Often we put that down to the fact that when we sat down realised we were tired, and sometimes that can be the case, but often it is the energy of the room that is impacting us as energy is not flowing as the room requires. Feng Shui has recognised this principle for thousands of years.

If there are areas of stagnation or heaviness then normally figure 8s will allow the web to transmute such area into being part of the overall balance and connection once more. It is also important to remain mindful to your own thoughts and actions while in the room, knowing not only will they impact everyone in the room with you, but also that they will  continue to leave an energetic imprint that will continue to impact the energy of the room long after you have left.

When you do leave, thank the room for providing a nurturing nest for you. The sum total of all of this conscious intention would not total more than 10 seconds most of the time, yet the energy in the room can be greatly altered or reinforced.

If you are a practitioner, then you already know how important it is to take good care of your treatment room, so that it is at its energetic best to take good care of you and your clients when you are working together. It can really help the energy in any room to meditate, drum or sing.  Each day as I enter my work space I greet the room, and as I leave, I thank it.


Smudging is a simple, easy and powerful way to clear the energy in a room. You can smudge with visualisation and intention, the smoke of a clearing and balancing herb such as sage, water, song, or weaving figure 8s.

  • Chose your smudge and walk into all the rooms/corners/spaces in your home. You can have something that is sending some smoke out like a sage bundle, or incense, or you can have a little bowl of water and as you walk around the house you dip your fingers in the bowl and flick/sprinkle the water around. Be especially attentive in the corners of the rooms and the doorways as that is where energy can get stuck sometimes. You can also use little cymbals or a drum to allow the vibration of the sounds to clear and smudge the area. Whatever resonates with you.
  • Before you smudge your space, smudge yourself! With smoke (sage/incense/water/sound.)
  • It can really help keep a space energetically clear if you have access to a window that opens. If you have no window in the specific room then you may have to clear the energy in that room more often.

Energetically clearing and blessing a new house

  • If you are clearing the energy into a house that you are moving into then be conscious that you are engaging in a blessing for your room and home, your resonance with it, your gratitude that it is a home for you, a space where you will be happy, be sad, have challenges and have delights. Make it a special event to clear this space. It is sacred. So have your favourite music on, maybe put a special scarf on or a fancy dress….whatever feels right to you. You may chose to be on your own, or may choose to have friends over to do it with you. You can have lots of fun and still be sacred!
  • Once you have finished smudging the house then go around to all the rooms/spaces again and dance figure 8s. You can do it with your body, you can trace them with your hands, you can get a couple of scarves and swirl them in figure 8s. It is so powerful at resetting the energy and revitalising the space that you are in.

Keeping crystals clean

It is vital that crystals and stones that you have in rooms are kept energetically clean. Some of them, like a beautiful Obsidian I use, are specifically there to help hold negative energy that is being released. It is my responsibility (and honour) as a practitioner to ensure that the crystals and stones are clear energetically so that they can do their work too. My preferred way to clean them is to place them all out in a large bowl of water in the full moon and leave them for the night. The next morning they are so clear I can almost hear them singing! But I have one stone that I need to clean more regularly that once a month, so I keep an eye on it, and work with it as appropriate.Crystals (no matter how big or small) are beautiful, sentient objects and when they are left to sit in a room without attention then then can absorb a whole lot of energy that really needs to be cleared. So, know the characters and properties  of any crystals/stones that you have and make sure they are adding to the flow of energy in any room rather than negatively affecting it.

There are so many ways to be conscious of the energy in rooms, and to have as part of our intention to aid that energy, allowing more connectedness and more sweetness into all of our lives.


With love, Prune





Nourishing our children

In the Uk this week, many 11 year old children have exams, known as SATS. This is what the says about these exams.

“Key Stage 2; SATs take place in May and are far more formal than Key Stage 1, hence they seem much more stressful! The tests which are taken in year 6 cover the three core subjects, English, Maths and Science. Very bright children may be assessed by teachers to see if they can reach higher levels. The papers are sent away to be marked with results being available before your child leaves primary school in July.”

The words HENCE THEY SEEM MUCH MORE STRESSFUL saddens me so deeply. With our fast paced, technologically focused modern world, we seem to fully accept that being a child involves experiencing stress within our education system. Well, I don’t accept that. I believe we should be able to have an education system and social system that nurtures a child’s spirit rather than putting them under the stress and pressure of a week of exams (sometimes morning and afternoon). And please recognise that I am not criticising the schools or the many amazing teachers that devote their lives to helping our children learn. It is the model of education that needs to change.

And, no matter who we are, what we do, or whether we have children, we can all hold the consciousness and intention for a nourishing, inspiring and joyful education system. We are at a time in our human development where our norms are changing…daily….oftentimes faster that we can keep track of. This can feel like we are running just to keep up. But that is an illusion. We are all creating our reality with each thought, each breath and each conscious action. Lets create a reality that we want to live within, that we want our children to live within. We are so much more powerful than we understand.

All of this week in my blogs and posts, I’ll be making suggestions for how we can be helping our children manage the many stresses of the modern education system. Please join me in adding your consciousness in prayer, meditation, and daily thoughts for the creation of a future in which our children can thrive.

For all of you in England who have children currently taking SATS, this is a great exercise to do in the morning at the breakfast table. While I deeply disagree with the pressure such exams put our children under, at least we can help our children remain balanced and able to bring clarity to their thoughts and concentration by balancing the neurological processing point.

You can watch me balancing this powerful point by clicking on this video. Also, if your children don’t already do the Daily Energy Routine then it is a wonderful way to help them . The most important thing about doing the Daily Energy Routine with children is to make it FUN! Otherwise it is a rigid routine that they are enduring, rather than a series of exercises that can balance their energy, help remove stresses from their system and connect them deeply to their joy. Do the DER with music on, or race each other to see who can do it the fastest. Ask your child which exercise they love, and which they don’t. What could you change about that specific exercise that would make it more enjoyable for them? Bringing our consciousness to these energy exercises makes them work at deeper and deeper levels. More in the next blog.

With love, Prune

Consciousness and story

Something a little different today from the Imaginal Health blog.

When I lived in Canada I worked in the Institute for Integrative Science at Cape Breton University, and worked very closely with Elders of the Mi’kmaq First Nation. One of the projects we created was a book called ‘My Grandmother’s Words’, which are a selection of stories used as the primary teaching vehicles for childraising.

The use of story in all cultures is fundamental to the sharing of wisdom, practical knowledge, and science, and help us navigate through the vast choices of life.  This story below shows the deep consciousness wisdom inherent in the indigenous worldview. I hope you enjoy it. It was told to me by Elder Albert Marshall and speaks to us all, child or adult alike.

The Two Wolves

“I am sitting with my grandson. He is 12 years old. I have 13 grandchildren and 5 greatgrandchildren and I live a rich life. I look at my grandson here beside me. In some ways he lives in a different world from the one that I grew up in. When I look at him I see hope, I see strength and today I see confusion;   it is not always easy for our children who walk on Mother Earth at this time. I think of the stories, of the stories of my people and how the stories and the words gave shape to me as I grew. He sees me watching him and looks at me.

‘Grandfather’, he asks, “How come there are so many good people out there and then so many other people who are not good, who do not show any compassion or love?” I know this question is from deep within his heart and I think to myself, ‘What message do I convey to this young fellow that will mean something to him?’

So I say, ‘You know son, only humans have this conflict.

A rabbit does not have to think about how to act, he knows that he must eat and breathe, stay close to his family, be watchful, sleep.

A coyote does not have to think about how to act, she lives with her pack, she hunts, she runs and she plays.

A bear does not have to think about how to act, all winter he sleeps in his cave, waking in the spring to walk and climb, eat and swim, before sleeping again the next winter.

Animals do not have to think how to act, they feel how they must be, and that is how they live.

But humans have to think about how to act. There are two levels of consciousness within them…let’s call them two wolves, one is the good wolf and the other one is the bad wolf. They live inside each of us and are always fighting’.

My grandson understands this, he thinks about it and after a while he says;

‘If they are fighting …who wins?’

So I tell him, “That is very simple son, the one who wins is the one that you pay attention to more, the one that you feed the most. If you feed the negative wolf all the time that is the one that is going to win, if you feed the positive wolf then that one will overcome all the negative aspects of you, because the one thing that the good wolf has is love.

If you do not have love; love for yourself, love for others, love for the earth that you live in, love for the ones who have gone before you and the ones who are yet to come, then you can be defeated at anytime. But if you have this love then the good wolf will never be defeated and like the rabbit, like the coyote, like the bear, you will feel how you must be, and that is how you will live.’

I believe this is a wonderful story.”

In respect for the indigenous language of this story and the knowledge that the multi-layered information held within Mi’kmaq I am also including that version in my article here. For those of you who can read it, with love, prune

Pemkopiek nuji’j.  Newtiskekipuna’t jel ta’pu. Newtiskeksijik jel ne’sijik nuji’jk aqq nanijik pitu’-nuji’jk aqq weljaqeyi. Ankamk nuji’j toqpiek.  Nekm pilu’kaqnik wsitqamuem aqq ta’n telkaqnikip ni’n nutqweyanek. Ta’n tujiw ankamk nemitu ajipjutaqn, mlkikno’ti aqq kiskuk nemitu sespeta’sit; metu’kaqnik wsitqamu ta’n eymu’tijik knijjanaq kiskuk. Ankite’tman a’tukwaqnn wjit kikmanaqi’k aqq ta’n teli-ila’kwenuksi’kl ula a’tukwaqnn wejkwikweyanek. Mikwamit iloqamk na ankamit.

Pipanimit “Kujjinu, tal-kis-tla’sik pikwelkik eymu’tijik menaqaj telo’ltijik wenik  ula wsitqamu’k aqq app pilue’k mu nestuo’lti’k, aqq mu ewlite’taqati’k aqq kesala’tikik wikmawaq?” Kejitu wkamlamunk wejiaq ula pipanikesit na ankita’si ta’n tlimates. Ankite’tm ta’n tl-kinua’tuaq ula mijua’ji’j ta’n nsittew.

Na telimk,

“Kwi’s mimajuinu’k na pasik telo’ltijik .

Mu apli’kmuj ankite’tmuk ta’n tle’tew, kejitoq amujpa ketaqma’sit aqq kamlamit, kejitoq amujpa kelamajik wunijink, jiko’teket aqq ketaqma’sit.

Mu Coyote ankite’tmuk ta’n tle’tew, kejitoq amujpa tekweywajik wikmaq, ketanteket, altukwi’k aqq papit.

Mu muin ankite’tmuk ta’n tle’tew, kesik nepat tujiw siwkw tukiet aji-ala’sin, alkusuen, mijisin aqq tkismin ke’sk mna’q app nepaq kesik ika’q.

Waisisk mu ankite’tmuk ta’n tlo’ltitaq, kejitu’tij ta’n tla’taqatitaq aqq ta’n tl-mimajultitaq.

Na’sik mimajuinu’k amujpa ankite’tmi’tij ta’n ketu’ tla’taqatijik. E’tasiw ala’tu’kl tapu’kl ankita’suaqnn…. tli-ankite’te’n staqa tapusijik paqtismk, newte’jit Paqtism menaqajewe’k aqq ktik Paqtism mu nestueyuk. Kitk ala’lu’kik aqq te’sikiskik matntijik.”


Nuji’j ankite’tk ta’n kis-tlimk, tujiw klapis pipanimit;

“Ta’n tujiw paqtismk matnti’tij … teken kespu’tuet?”

Na telimk, “Naqamasiaq nekmewey kwi’s,  kespu’tuet ta’n teken  maliamt, ta’n teken mawi-eplew-smt. Maliamj pasik mu nestue’te’w paqtism na nekm ksipu’tuetew, maliamj pasik menaqajewe’te’w paqtism na wisuiknettew koqoey mu kelu’ktnuk etek kkamlamunk, mita menaqajewe’te’w Paqtism waju’et ksalsuti.

Mu ala’tu’n ksalsuti, mu ksalsiwun, mu ksalawj kikma’j aqq mu ksatmu’n wsitqamu ta’n eymu’ti’k aqq mu ksalawj kniskamijinaqi’k aqq ta’nik wejkwita’jik na kis-wiswiknemuksitisk. Katu ala’tu’n ksalsuti na menaqajewe’te’w paqtism ma’ elam wisuiknemat aqq staqa apli’kmuj, coyote aqq muin kjijitesk ta’n nuta’q tla’teken  aqq na tle’tesk.”

Telte’tm na wel-kina’muek ula a’tukwaqn.


The Chakras: Bridging physical and spiritual worlds by Jyotish Patel

Your physical, psychological and spiritual evolution is reflected in your chakras. Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through the chakras. They are an energetic imprint of your personal story as well as the template to realise the clear light of bliss.

In yogic tradition, the theory of the chakras is related to the belief in a universal soul with which the individual’s soul can unite. They reflect how the unified consciousness of humanity is divided to manage different aspects of earthly life. All of your senses, all of your perceptions, all of your possible states of awareness, everything that is possible for you to experience, is mapped in your chakras. Beyond the specifics are elaborate pictorial and mythological associations which have developed over the centuries. These poetic statements and myths share the visions and experiences yogis have encountered as they have activated the specific chakras. The body is considered to be “the Shrine of the Spirit” where the power of nature dwells. An understanding of each chakra will suggest that knowledge of the yoga system enables access into the rich and ancient reservoir of the body’s natural wisdom.

The human experience can be demanding and often damaging to our true nature. How have you designed yourself to function, that you are not honouring? Has your uniqueness felt misplaced? Why did you go so far out of balance? What did you lose sight of?

The normal, unstimulated awakening or energising of the chakras follows a natural progression in human growth, often considered in seven year cycles.  This is the inherent order of progression, although in all the chakras, the layers are acting and overlapping each other all the time. Their functions are with us throughout our lives, although each one prevails or leads the dance at different times depending on our life process. Energetically the path through life may be seen as a spiral, where we perceive life issues from the different window of perception of the seven chakras. We interpret our personal history and our relationships through these portals. The same issues, the same questions come up in each period of our lives as we spiral upwards but have different implications as our vantage points change.

Insights into the challenges you have chosen to overcome and living in conscious partnership with your chakras will empower you to experience the pure consciousness that lies within each one of us. We need only learn that we already posses the required energy to live our highest destiny.

Time to honour you, time to regain balance within self and refer within to know yourself and your connection to the web of creation.

_________________________________________________________________Bio; Jyotish Patel EEM-AP. Jyotish’s Energy Medicine Journey began in 1996 when he met Donna Eden, building on his life long fascination with energy, he has been feeling the love and energy ever since. Delighted to be part of the Year 2 teaching team.

Founder of Inspiring Energy an enterprise created to empower and inspire individuals, families, communities, and organisations to live in conscious partnership with their body’s energy systems to ‘connect’,’ create’ and ‘grow’.

 He has pioneered the application of Eden Energy Medicine into the world of business, creating and delivering innovative programmes designed to bring a new awareness to individuals, leaders and their teams to optimise their health and performance within orgnisations.

Jyotish is a certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, certified Zero Balancer, Touch for Health Practitioner and an Aromatherapist. Drawing on his diverse background and over twenty years of experience in the Healing Arts, he is a able to offer an integrative approach with intuitive insight to help facilitate client’s optimum health and radiance.

He collaborates with Prune Harris on various engagements including creating new approaches to client work and practice, co teaching ‘The Illuminous Chakra” workshop and in bringing EEM to Charitable Foundations.

Jyotish maintains his primary practice in Lewes close to where he lives in rural E Sussex with his partner Lianne, daughter Anousha and Leela the spaniel. He is inspired by shamanic practices, consciousness studies, loves cooking, yoga, being in nature with family and having fun.  contact:

Guardian of the heart

We are continuing with our exploration of the intricate and intimate energy systems governed by the heart, and in this article we are going to concentrate on the vital role played by the Pericardium. The organ of the pericardium encircles the organ of the heart and is known as the Heart Protector, or in other translations of ancient Chinese understandings it is referred to as Circulation Sex. This is because much of its energetic workload is related to the flow of circulation in the body and with healthy sexual and reproductive function.

In traditional Chinese understandings the heart system sits in the element of Fire, with its yin protector, Circulation Sex (or the Pericardium) and with its yang partners Small Intestine and Triple Warmer. This positioning of Heart in the Fire element helps fire hold the energy of love, passion, and joy when in balance, and panic, hysteria and withdrawal when out of balance.

Fire can be warming and nourishing; we use it to cook the food that nourishes us and we have all known the joy of coming into a warm fire when we are cold. We also know how much we are affected when we are with people who we would define as nourishing our heart. Perhaps for you it was your grandparents, or a special friend who you know always accepts you just as you are. Perhaps it is your spouse or lover. Our life would be much more sparse without them stoking and feeding our heart fire.

On the other hand, fire can be destructive and all-consuming. How many of us have had addictions that we wish to break, but we find such an addiction is essential fuel for our fire. Whether this is cigarettes, caffeine, sex, gambling, unhealthy food, facebook (!) such fuel to an out-of-balance heart fire drains our life-force and brings disorganisation to the entire heartfield. At these times the fire of the heart is flaming too high and then near depletion, weaving a spiral of imbalance.

Circulation Sex (Pericardium) is the main protector of the heart. As the yin protector, its job is to protect the heart from anything that would knock the heartfield out of balance. Think of Pericaridum/Circulation Sex as a wonderfully wise guardian of the heart that looks at each external event/experience/interaction and assesses whether it will allow the event/experience to be allowed into the depth of the heart. I visualise my Pericardium as a wonderful Celtic Warrior, either ready for battle or to roar with laughter and have fun with all of the other systems, depending on what is called upon; a system that loves life and lives it with depth and passion. She is magnificent and powerful in her strength and her humility guarding not only the Heart, but all of the yin systems and even our energetic core that houses the soul.

But sometimes, sometimes, this powerful yin protector gets a little too protective. At this time, the energy of Pericardium can start being too much of a gatekeeper/bodyguard, and can actually begin to restrict the ease of the heart with the overprotection of the heart energy system. This especially happens when we are falling into a pattern of self-criticism. There are few things we experience that are more insidious and threatening than the ways in which we can think of ourselves. ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not kind enough’, ‘I’m not strong enough, pretty enough, brave enough….’My mother was right….’my father was right’… ex-boyfriend was right…’i’m overconfident, …i’m not as clever as you…….I’ll never be any good at this…..

You will have your own particular patterns and words of self-destruction, little insidious thoughts that play out from deep in the subconsciousness and take out vast parts of the coherence and vitality of your energy system. And it is these thoughts that can overwhelm the pericardium.

Often when people are experiencing the feeling that the heart is being ‘squeezed’ then it is the pericardium that is working a little too hard and is creating an imbalance in the connective heartfield. When this happens it is important to work with the energy of the pericardium to remove such a limiting pattern and return to expansiveness again.

A wonderfully simple exercise that can help the heartfield by bringing the pericardium and the heart back into resonance is The Heart Loop. This involves tracing the heart meridian forwards from the armpit to the edge of the little finger and then immediately tracing the pericardium meridian backwards going from the middle finger, over the palm of the hand, up the inside of the arm and ending in the centre of the breast/pec muscle. Return to the armpit in one fluid motion and repeat again and again creating a loop. We are working with a circle of energy here, strengthening the heart energy to reassure the pericardium and then relaxing the pericardium to reassure heart. Brilliant! You can do this anywhere, anytime and enjoy the benefits of bringing the heartfield into greater balance. To watch a video of me doing The Heart Loop click here.

We have a delight in store on Monday when Jyotish Patel writes his guest blog on the overview of the chakras. I have watched incredible healers working with the chakras and yet Jyotish’s connection with the chakras remains the most profound. Just like some people can connect to horses on a different level, or dogs, or cats, and others can connect to trees or plants on a different level than most, one of Jyotish’s gifts lies in his connection to and understanding of the chakras.  On Monday his blog reflects on how the unified consciousness of humanity is divided into the chakras in order to manage different aspects of earthly life. Over the next few months Jyotish will be a regular guest as he moves from chakra to chakra.

with love, Prune

The Energy of the Vernal Equinox

Today we sit within the energy of the spring or vernal equinox. At 4.57pm UTC the Earth’s central plane (the equator) passes the centre of the sun. At this time the Earth’s axis is not tilted either towards or away from the sun meaning that the length of the day is equal at all points on the Earth’s surface. The days and the nights are also of equal length. Although the exact point of passing is at 4.57pm (UTC) the unique energy of the Equinox time cocoons us for three or four days and happens twice a year in Spring and autumn. These equinoxes partner the summer and winter solstices in being points in the cosmological turning of the wheel.

So there is a very special energy around us for these next few days and I wanted to share with you some of the characteristics of this energy.

The most striking difference when we come into the equinox times is that there is a stillness in the energy of the earth. Like a pause. A time for balance. It hangs in the air and sits on the grass like blanket mist, touching all of the earth and her inhabitants with a gentle invitation to pause, balance and feel the stillness.

We can choose to work with this pause in different ways. Perhaps it inspires us to take a deep breath before re-engaging in the dynamic springing forward energy of the Spring. Perhaps we do more work in our dreamtimes, or find that our mediations have a different quality to them. For many people sitting in stillness at the equinoxes is easier than at other times where there is a more inherent push/pull energy surrounding the Earth. Perhaps this is a time when you are called to reconnect with friends, not to party wildly, but to eat dinner, share a cuppa or a walk.

Have you ever stood in the middle of a see-saw (teeter-totter for those of you in North America), standing with one foot on the left branch of the see-saw, and one on the right? Knowing that you holding the power of balance, movement or stillness in your body and your legs. If you intend your weight and energy through the left leg then that side of the see-saw moves toward the ground. If you intend your weight and energy through the right leg then that side of the see-saw moves to the ground. If you centre your weight and your energy that you remain still, in balance. This is the place that we exist within during the 3 days of Equinox enegy.

For many cultures this Vernal Equinox is the heralding of spring and  is celebrated with festivals, especially those that have the symbol of the egg involved, representing this a time of fertility and rebirth. If you feel inclined to do so then a simple exercise to honour the vernal equinox is to give yourself some time in stillness to recognise what you have let go of during the winter months and what you are looking forward to birthing and growing in the spring and the summer.

Depending on your preference you can do this by drawing up a list up, painting it in a pictures, making a collage, drawing it with a stick in the mud….however you can access the wisdom of your energetic core so that you can bridge the space between the conscious and the sub-conscious. Being conscious about such letting go and creating, and working with that consciousness within the energy of the vernal equinox makes ripples in the web of creation that spread far and wide bringing support for your intentions and dreams.

An energy medicine technique that can aid this is Heaven Rushing In ….an exercise that is so quintessentially Donna Eden that I am posting this link so that you can do it with her.  It is a

gift for this special time of year when what you put out into the universe is received and held in a place of resounding, magnificent stillness.

Blessings of all of your dreams. Next blog we’ll return to understanding the True Heart.

With love, Prune

The Earth Electrics

I want to share with you something that has changed my life. When my Mum died several years ago we had a ceremony a few months after her death and placed her ashes in a special place in the garden, planting a copper beech sapling in the same place. That little sapling is now a magnificent tree of nearly 20 years old. I greet it everyday as I drive into my Dad’s farm to look after our chickens and bees, and often my children will have their car window down ready to tap a leaf as we drive past and call ‘High five, Granny Mo!’. It is a sacred place for all of us.

One day, a few years after her death, I was sitting with the tree, spending time in meditation and journeying. I sat cross-legged, facing the trunk. The ground was fairly damp and as I sat I buried my fingertips deep within the soil, anchoring myself in the earth. After a while I noticed that a lot was going on in my energy fields and so I brought my consciousness to what was happening and realised that there was an electrical energy moving through me that was much stronger than my own normal electrical energy. I watched, fascinated, as a deep, incredible wave of energy pulsed through my little finger and up my heart meridian into my body. My aura was beginning to move in great waves of 8s and spirals and such a deep relaxation took place within me that it felt as if I might never move from that spot. For those of you who have been lucky enough to have a really great treatment with someone that left you feeling recalibrated and relaxed in every cell in your body…well on that day, sitting there with my fingers in the soil, it looked and felt like I was getting the best treatment I had ever had!

After a while, the waves lessened, almost like my body had received all that was necessary, and the activity in my energy systems began to lessen. The treatment was over. I felt completely charged up, like my whole being was full of balanced, revitalised energy. I have been in many sacred sites where the energy of the earth revitalised or informed me, but I had never experienced anything quite as tangible through my meridian system as I had just experienced. I had been plugged into the electrical energy of the Earth. I wondered if this was specific to my connection with this sacred place and tree….was this a gift from Mum? I left it for a few days, enjoying my vitality and radiance, before doing the same exercise in a different place. It was just the same. There was a way to plug into the electrics of the earth for our own healing.

We are familiar with the concept that we have electromagnetic energy all the way through us and around us. That is why grounding is so important and we have explored that in previous blogs. We know that the Earth has a North and South Pole and as such is an electromagnetic organism as well. We walk on a blanket of electrons that cover the surface of the earth and with each step we suck in these electrons through our soles (as long as we are holding the correct polarity and our kidney energy is strong). So we have all the science to understand that we absorb essential, life-giving energy from the Earth, and now we have a way to tap into that. All we need it a little time and some soil and it is possible to tap into the electrics of the earth so that we get an electric treatment more organically powerful, and healing than any practitioner or machine can give us.

I have taught the Earth Electrics to many students who love to experience the deep revitalising healing it provides them. It can be done in your garden, in a park, in a field…anwhere you can sit or lie with your fingers in the soil. And it really is that simple. You can enhance your energy in order to be able to get the most out of working with the earth electrics by doing your Daily Energy Routine and massaging your hands and feet before you start, opening them to allow the flow of energy to move through you unimpeded. And then you simply sit or lie on the ground outside in a position that you can easily hold for 5 minutes or more. Once you are comfy, bury your fingertips in the ground so that earth is right over your nails. Sometimes the connection is established within a minute or so, other times it takes several minutes and you can hold the position for as long as you have available to you. Relax and enjoy the gift of the earth’s electrics moving through your body.

For some people they experience excess energy or tension leaving their body leaving them relaxed and recharged, others feel energy moving into their system leaving them relaxed and recharged, and others experience both of these directions. But the important factor is that it leaves them relaxed and recharged.

I have seen powerful and profound changes occur in people who work with this exercise regularly, not only in their health and vitality, but also in their connection to themselves, others and all of Creation. Try it, experience it, and if you are inspired to do so then leave a reply and let me know how you get on.

With love, Prune

Survival of the fittest

The survival of the fittest is one of the most damaging myths of our modern culture. The overarching structure in nature is co-operation and mutual symbiosis. Whether we look at ants or elephants, a pride of lions, or the Emporer Penguins, there is the focus on the collective. I’ve recently become the honoured keeper of bees and as I’m learning about their complex social structure, the most striking feature is the emphasis on the health of the community. If an individual needs to be sacrificed for the good on the whole, then it is a necessary action, but that is a far cry from the central concept of the survival of the fittest.

This myth has as its central tenet the understanding that all beings are self-serving and those who are weakest are worthless. But, more accurately, nature holds that everything has its place in the intricate design of Creation, and no place is more important than the other. Even those who live in hierarchical societies, such as baboons or wolves, understand that the hierarchy only exists because of the interdependence of each individual on other individuals. It is not about mastery but about interdependence.

Now let us think of ourselves. There is more DNA in your system that isn’t yours, than there is that is yours. Cancer cell biologist, Joan Borysenko, informs us that of our 100 trillion cells, only 10 trillion are human mammalian cells. The rest are bacteria that live within you, and on your skin. In the gut alone there are over 4lbs of healthy bacteria that are essential for your well being. Infact, when you understand that there is more non-you DNA than you-DNA then it creates the question of who are you? Are you an individual or are you a symbiotic organism? If we think of Planet Earth as a grand organism teeming with other organism then perhaps each of us is a miniature representation of the Planet. If you didn’t have the good bacteria in your gut system then not only your digestion but your immune system, your vitality and your very life force would be severely compromised. So you need that bacteria just as much as it needs you. You are a symbiotic organism, not an individual.

So throw out the concept the only the fittest survive. It is incorrect, and always was, although it perfectly suited the worldview of the mainstream culture that created it in the 19th century. And all of this is important as we begin to realise that life is not about fighting for survival. Survival should rarely ever have to be what we are hoping to achieve. Life should be about living, about thriving, about discovery and enlightenment.

And our energy fields hold this understanding deep within their templates. Yes, we have an incredible protective system that can take over most of the functioning of the physical and energetic when necessary, but we also have the template for optimum health and vitality that operates at every level of our energetic anatomy. And it is this pattern of optimum health that we need to encourage daily and there are so many ways that we are able to do this. It is one of the most wonderful and empowering aspects of understanding our energetic anatomy and the way it affects our physical body; that we really can affect deep and lasting change by working with exercises and simple techniques.

So some of the most effective ways that we can help activate our template for optimum health are: click on the links to watch them on my YouTube channel

  • Doing the Daily Energy Routine 
  • Tracing our Radiant Circuits
  • Spending time outdoors (See my earlier blogs on grounding)
  • Spending time with friends, and loved ones, including our beloved animals. This is another way to activate those powerful Radiant Circuits
  • Working to balance your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are central in your ability to thrive rather than survive and in the next blog I’ll explore much more about them.

Working with the Daily Energy Routine and the Radiant Circuits start allowing the changes from your survival and protective patterns, back into the patterns of optimum health and vitality so can begin to truly thrive rather than simply survive. Doesn’t that sound great?

With love, Prune

The Grandmother’s Secret

What are your feet resting on right now? Unless you happen to be in bed reading this (lovely!) then your feet will most likely be on the floor. And whether that floor is grass, concrete, tarmac or 12 storeys high you have the ability to connect deeply into the nourishing energy of the Earth. This blog will show you another way to activate that nourishment within your whole system.

Donna Eden, in her book, Energy Medicine for Women, describes an exercise called The Grandmother’s Secret. It is a simple exercise in which, lying on your back with your hands on your lower abdomen, you rotate your hips in a continual figure 8 pattern until you begin to feel that pattern pulsing within and around you. The figure 8 (all done with the hips) can be towards your head and your feet, which is the way that it is used in the Cherokee Nation, or can be from side to side, (the way it is used by women in the Middle East…think Belly Dance!). It is a fundamental rhythm that connects us to the earth. Well, more than that, it feels to me that it is the yin energies of the earth that are enveloping me, pulling me deep into the rich juiciness of the earth, and also into my own rich juiciness of being a woman, alive and conscious.

This deep, resonating earth bond has been with me and around me for most of my life, as I grew up in rural, Celtic Cornwall, England, surrounded by hills of incredible power and energy. Maybe it is more accurate to say that the land grew me up, rather than I grew up; we are so deeply affected by the environmental aspects of where we grow and live and I feel great gratitude to have been grown within the energy of that land. I lived  and grew on the Rainbow Dragon ley line and learned through its rhythm, its power, its secrets. In my late teens, after moving house and no longer living on the Rainbow Dragon line,  I experienced two years of being bed ridden with illness, and at that time I lost my deep connection to the earth and to myself. As I returned more to balance and health and spent more time outdoors, I felt that deep pulsing rhythm come back into my body and I sobbed at the reconnection, recognising an old cherished friend that I had not even realised I had missed.

As we move forward in these times of environmental and social upheaval, I feel that such challenge and opportunity will be greatly aided by deepening our connection with the rhythms of the earth so that our amazing logical analytical brains can be guided by our open hearts, informed by the wisdom and awareness of our sentient planet. So I advise all my clients, male and female, to get those hips moving! Not just for individual health and personal vibrancy, but for benefit of all of creation.

With love