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  1. The Daily Energy Routine upgrades every part of our body, and it takes less than 10 minutes. Some parts, like separating Earth and Sky may become favorites. I now have bronchitis from two summers of extreme smoke from wildfires, so while I try to remember to use my nebulizer daily, it also helps to stretch one arm to the side and let the fingers of my other hand rub my lung points; you may need to study meridians a bit to do this effectively. Today I had a melt-down when my caseworker cut my caregiver hours from 72 hrs./month to 40, or 10 hours a week. Then she forgot to send out vouchers, negligence on her part. I in turn forgot to do the releasing venom pose, which I am now recalling at 8 pm. It’s good to be playful as we learn what postures are most helpful for each of us. Tapping the meridians can help ground us too. So much we can do for ourselves instead of getting stuck in anger or frustration when life hands us somethough ones. We do live in turbulent times, and the DER can help us find our inner courage, peace, persistence. See for yourself!

  2. Hi Prune,
    I am SO GRATEFUL for your You Tube channel and website because while I have studying EEM for 2 years on my own I have found So much useful and enlightening information through YOU! Just your presence and voice are so calming and instructive in such an easy way helps me so much! MY QUESTION though is this – I have tried the temporal tap for weight reduction and seem to be doing something wrong as I believe I am ‘gaining’ more weight. I am desperately trying to study all the ways to balance TW and Spleen and balance hormones but to be honest am feeling quite discouraged at the moment. 60 lbs of extra weight and not seeing any changes. Can you help in any way possible? That would be wonderful? Cheers!

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