Re-Visioning the Soul – Initiation

Glastonbury, Spring Equinox 17-20th March 2019

So many of us express a desire to be connected to our Soul Path or our Soul Purpose. And yet so many of us ask How? How will I know it? How do I find it? What do I have to learn in order to connect to my soul path?

In a new 4-day residential course, Prune Harris and Jyotish Patel will help you to explore these questions and deeply connect into the understandings of your soul. Prune and Jyotish have shared a path of learning and teaching together for many years, and are now delighted and honoured to offer Re-visioning the Soul, a course borne out of their own journeys into the depths of their souls, interweaving energy medicine, consciousness energetics, shamanism and corporate leadership practices.

Through a series of soul initiations, Re-visioning the Soul enables us to connect into and craft the Way of the Soul.  We learn to listen to the voice of our soul and engage in a dialogue that creates a lasting connection with our inner depths. This graces us the ability to weave the soul needs and soul song into our everyday lives, so that we are truly and effortlessly living our soul purpose.

When we live from the spark of the soul we embrace creation, moving from one moment of perfection to the next moment of perfection. We emanate vitality and strength, bringing a necessary courage and joy to all of humanity. Our resiliency is vast, our consciousness expands beyond previous limits of awareness, and our energy body transforms into greater and greater health.

If your Soul is calling you to fully claim your place in your own life, in all of creation and to become guardians of the Earth Community, then we’ll see you there.

Date: from 6 pm on Sunday 17 March, until 2.00 pm on Wednesday 20 March 2019.

Cost: Early bird price £650(until January 31, 2019) / full price £795 including tuition, shared accommodation and food

Location: EarthSpirit Centre, Glastonbury

- Vegetarian meals: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners.

- Shared Accommodation for 3 nights. There is limited availability of twin or single accommodation, and special dietary options, available for a supplemental charge. Please let us know the specifics of any food requirements after registration.

Jyotish is an advanced Eden Energy Medicine and Zero Balancing practitioner who has pioneered the application of Eden Energy Medicine into the world of business to complement organisational learning and development programs.

To register, use the button to the right

The Wisdom Womb – January 18-21, Heerde, Netherlands

The Wisdom Womb - Initiating the Healing and Power of Woman

Prune has created this sacred retreat for all women, inviting them to experience and discover the immense depth of power and vitality of the Divine Feminine, housed and nurtured within the womb and womb area. It is a power and wisdom so often denigrated, misplaced and abused emotionally, sexually and physically by our modern-day cultures. As we attempt to navigate our lives separated from our personal and cultural flow of womb wisdom, we can experience power-loss and oftentimes soul-loss. Our dreams, desires, creativity and actions are all affected by such power-loss, in fact our very being is limited and contained when we are unable to access the flow of womb wisdom.

During this Wisdom Womb gathering we will:

  • Work with powerful healing ceremonies to reclaim our individual and collective wisdom womb
  • Develop and deepen our understanding of the womb and womb energy
  • Connect, explore and listen deeply to the immense celestial energy and wisdom housed within each of our wombs
  • Learn shamanic and consciousness energetics techniques to take with us, empowering us to continue to support and nurture our immense individual womb wisdom.

Our womb healing will then continue through 13 moons, after which we meet again to work on empowerment of the womb, bringing passion and power into the very centre of our being and our lives.

During our time together, we will also acknowledge and honour the need to create balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, especially within this time of social transition. It is impossible for us to focus on one without the other, for there can be no yin without yang, no Shiva without Shakti, no life without life-force.

For the Wisdom Womb gathering, there is only one requirement: womanhood. Empowered or disempowered, radiant or exhausted, inspired or weary - this is a time for us to come together to bring healing and wisdom forward in our individual lives and within the great Cosmic Web of connectivity. For those who have had their womb removed, the womb energy remains exactly as it was beforehand, and this energy can be fully healed and re-balanced through our work together. 

Maximum participants: 30 women
Date: from 3 pm on Friday 18 January, until 11.30 am on Monday 21 January 2019.
Location: Helios Centrum, Badhuisweg  3, 8181 RA, Heerde (Veluwe), The Netherlands
Cost: £795 (early bird rate £775 until 30 November)
The fee includes:

- Vegetarian meals: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

- Shared Accommodation for 3 nights. There is limited availability of single accommodation, at an additional price of £25/night for the 3 nights, offered on a first come first served basis. Contact us upon registration if needing a single room. Those living in the Netherlands and/or travelling by car are requested to bring their own sleeping bags/duvets and towels. Those flying in can reserve them in advance for €7.50 per person.

For further details and to register, use the button to the right

The Chakras and Headaches

In the previous blog we explored the way in which toxicity in the body can result in headaches. Today we are going to look at how congestion in the chakra system can produce headaches, especially congestion in the first and second chakras.

Jyotish Patel’s excellent overview of the chakras informed us that ‘Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through the chakras. They are an energetic imprint of your personal story.’ (Click here to read more of Jyotish’s wisdom.) Well, not surprisingly, our personal stories can often need a little help with processing. Alberto Villoldo explains how neurologically, we experience feelings for 20 minutes. If someone annoys us or upsets us then we experience and feel that for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes we move into a new neurological cycle, and if we are still experiencing annoyance or upset then those feelings are actually solidifying in what Villoldo defines as ‘emotions’. In this understanding all emotions (rather than the 20 minutes of feelings) are toxic. He writes, ‘Only when we exchange our toxic emotions can we establish new neural networks which can change our perception ( Although the semantics of this division between ‘feeling’ and ‘emotions’ doesn’t quite work for me, I completely agree with the neurological and energetic understanding.

As humans many of us have a tendency to hold onto our stories even after the storyline has been played. Think of those times when you have experienced a negative feeling…perhaps someone said something that irritated or upset you in some way. When you are in a resilient and grounded place in yourself, you experience the feeling of the irritation/upset and then you process it. You bring in the groundedness of your whole-body system to say, ‘Well, actually I did snap at him first’, or ‘Well, she’s struggling today, I’ll give her a bit more space.’ Or perhaps you assert your needs and feelings without judgement and and as such resolution is quickly brought to the situation.

But on those days when you aren’t in that place of resiliency and groundedness, or when emotional triggers within you are being touched upon,  then that ability to process your feeling is much more difficult. And often, you simply can’t. Judgements and attachment to your own story become much more important and that is when you hold onto our own storyline fiercely. This is when the feeling moves into the toxicity of emotions. Such emotions become triggers for us, and through our lives we can build trigger upon trigger until we are a complex bundle of trigger points waiting for some poor soul with their own bundle of trigger points to come and trigger us! Now, this is where we take a deep breath, and while either groaning or laughing at the truth of it, remind ourselves that we have the knowledge and the tools to help ourselves process and release each and every one of our emotional triggers.

Most of these emotional triggers are firmly locked into the chakra system. The first and second chakras are responsible for bringing energy from the earth deep into the energetic core, thus affecting the whole-body system. The flow of energy also works in the reverse with the Root and Sacral chakras releasing emotional toxins from the whole-body system back into the earth. When we understand that much of our emotional toxicity is held in the first two chakras we understand another factor in why being grounded is so important. Without that groundedness, the first two chakras get stuffed with emotional toxicity that can’t be easily processed.

An important piece in this understanding of your energy anatomy is that the first chakra acts as the pilot light for stoking and firing up the energy through the whole of the chakra system. The chakra system holds the movement and fluidity of energy through the energetic core, so when the root chakra is congested and compromised one of the places that gets especially congested is the crown chakra. If you think of the root chakra as being the source of energy that then flows up through each of the chakras before flowing out of the crown chakra. When there isn’t enough movement in the root chakra to initiate such upward flow of energy the crown chakra doesn’t get the flow of energy through it and can get sluggish and congested. At this point we are likely to experience headaches. I have often worked with clients whose splitting headache has been removed completely by us working exclusively with the root chakra.

So, what can help your root chakra to ensure that you don’t experience congestion, and emotional toxicity? I was recently at a children’s concert in a wonderful local theatre. My daughter was doing a Taiko drum performance and for 2 hours I sat and watched the music flowing through the entire theatre. Pulsing, rolling coloured waves of music wrapping everyone of us sitting there. Some of the waves were bouncing off the walls and coming back to encircle us again, some of them disappearing into the density of the red velvet curtains or the carpet. Each person’s aura expanded out to meet the rolling waves, and then carried that exquisite vibration deep into the physical. It was such a beautiful experience. And why I write about it now is that the music moved the chakras in such depth that everyone of us in the audience got an amazing chakra balancing! So…if you have a fabulous child’s concert to go to then go and help your chakras that way.

If not then below is a very simple exercise designed specifically to balance the first and second chakras. Do it regularly if you know you are working with first or second chakra issues or experience headaches.  To watch a video of this chakra connection exercise, click here 

  1. Starting with your hands on the pubic bone draw a figure 8 around the first and second chakras several times.
  2. Take hands from front of body to the sacrum and smooth hands all down the back of the legs, squeezing the sides of the feet as you continue off the toes.
  3. Rake fingers up the inside of the foot/legs back to the pubic bone.
  4. Repeat the figure 8 around the first two chakras several times
  5. Smooth hands all the way down the front of the legs squeezing the sides of the feet as you continue off the toes.
  6. Repeat step 3

You can do this sequence as many times as feels good to you, or until your headache shifts.

With love, prune

Horrible Headaches and what to do about them!

How many of you know A.A. Milne’s wonderful collection of stories, ‘Winnie the Pooh’?. I grew up being read those stories and have loved reading them to my children. One of our favourites is when Pooh and Piglet try to trap a Heffalump. Poor little Piglet gets terribly frightened in the Hundred Acre Wood and in the dead of night runs away shouting, ‘Help! Horrible Hairy Heffalump!’ at the top of his tiny little lungs. Well today I want to write about what to do when you are wanting to shout, ‘Help! Horrible Hairy Heachache!’.

Headaches are always due to congestion in the head area. Not one of us has ever experienced a headache when we feel wonderfully relaxed and delighted in our lives. We experience headaches when we are stressed, off balance, feeling like we are overwhelmed and juggling too much. In other words, headaches are our whole-body system telling us something is off-kilter and out of balance.

One of the big factors in headaches is the level of toxins that we have in our body. The liver, kidneys, and large intestine are the primary organs that deal with the processing and elimination of toxins from the physical body. The lungs are also involved in the way in which they move carbon dioxide out of the body. Energetically, the aura and the chakras are the most important systems for removing toxins from the whole-body system.  And it is this aspect of balancing toxicity to prevent and treat headaches that I want to concentrate on in this article. We will explore other ways to work with headaches in subsequent blogs.

The most common reasons for having too many toxins in the physical body are;

  • eating food not suited to our body’s nutritional needs
  • side-effects of medication
  • hormonal imbalances
  •  drinking more alcohol than our detoxification systems can manage

The most common reasons for having too many toxins in the whole-body system are

  • 1st and 2nd Chakras too congested to be processing effectively
  • Being un-grounded
  • Stress creating Triple Warmer emergency response
  • Compromised connection between the head and the heart

So,  headaches are the symptom of imbalance. Mostly this imbalance is in the chakra system and the meridian organ systems that manage toxicity, they can be closely linked to hormones and stress, and (the good news), you can do something about them!

Because they are the yang support partners to Liver and Kidney, (elimination organs), Gallbladder and Bladder are often working hard to keep the balance when Liver and Kidney are struggling. Think about those times when the wife in a relationship has just got too much to do….the husband comes in to play a bigger role in the relationship with family/work/home. He has to pick up the slack. But meanwhile, the wife is really struggling, totally overwhelmed with what she is trying to manage, and it just doesn’t stop, the workload keeps piling up. At this point the stress in the situation begins to affect the husband and whereas at the start, he had been able to manage the situation really well, with a bit more work, now he is feeling stressed and strained too. This is exactly what happens within the relationships of yin/yang partners in the meridian system. When Liver or Kidney are overwhelmed with trying to process toxins, Gallbladder and Bladder step up and try to hold the balance. But this wonderfully wise energetic solution should only be a short term measure, and if Liver and Kidney continue to struggle (perhaps we continue to eat food that isn’t good for us, or to have that extra glass of wine) Gallbladder and Bladder begin to really feel the strain too. With the Gallbladder and Bladder meridians encircling the head (and especially the scalp) then when they feel a sustained strain one of the physical symptoms we experience are headaches.

I should specify at this point, that for most people it will be EITHER  the liver/gallbladder relationship OR the kidney/bladder relationship that mostly shows up for you. If you experience headaches then as you do the exercises below you’ll notice that one of them simply feels better to you, you will resonate with it more than the other exercise. That one is the one that you will use most often. There are many videos on my YouTube Channel that show you ways to help shift your headaches. If you click on the links below you will be taken to them.

For Liver/Gallbladder headaches

  • First, work the neurolymphatic points under both breasts and either side of the sternum and either side of the clavicles (Liver and Gallbladder neurolymphatics)
  • Do a crown pull to create space for the energy in the head to rebalance
  • Massage the scalp above the top of the ears as deeply as you are comfortably doing so (Gallbladder 7 and 8). I call this one the Gallbladder buzz!
  • Massage the sides of the breasts (GB23)
  • Massage the place on your outer thighs where your fingers touch if you are standing with your   arms straight alongside your body (GB31)
  • Massage the place between the first and second toes, but an inch or so towards the main section of the foot (Liver 3).
  • Finish by slowly raking up the insides of your legs, through the groin creases and up the front of the body, crossing your hands over your heart and taking a few releasing breaths here.

For Kidney/Bladder

  • First massage the area underneath the clavicles (Kidney Neurolymphatic Reflex points) and across the pubic bone (Bladder Neurolymphatic Reflex points) as deeply as is comfortable
  • Do a crown pull to create space for the energy in the head to rebalance
  • With one hand gently hold the  neurological processing point ( middle finger and thumb either side of the bridge of the nose and index finger on third eye) and with the other hand gently hold the power point (the indentation where the neck vertebrae meets the skull)
  • Take three breaths here.
  • Place one hand flat on your forehead and the other hand flat on your abdomen below the belly button. Take several breaths here until you feel your headache shift.

You can watch me doing these exercises by clicking here ;

Liver /Gallbladder balancing for headaches

Kidney/Bladder balancing for headaches

They can be wonderful to do when you have a headache, but also remember to do them when you feel like the pressure is building for you. Doing them regularly can help balance the systems to prevent headaches.

We will look at other ways to work with headaches next time.

With love, Prune

Introducing…..The Magnificent AURA

In this blog we are concentrating on how to increase vitality in your aura. We really need a healthy aura. First, perhaps I should define what an aura is. Aura, biofield, energetic spacesuit, call it what you will; it is the space around us which energetically we fill and claim as an extension of ourselves.

For some people this space is large and robust…..those people who walk into a room and we feel their presence before we even see them. For others it can be small and fragile. Think of someone who desperately doesn’t want to be noticed (perhaps you are at a dance and you just can’t dance and really hope that no-one asks you to do so!). At that time you have brought your aura, your energetic space, really close to your body trying to become invisible and not noticeable. Or think of times when you feel shocked or exhausted and like every thought and intention can penetrate into you and make you feel even worse….in those times your aura has collapsed inside you to protect your very core.

Here are some of the attributes that having a strong aura can bring:

  • Feeling grounded
  • Being able to connect to others more easily
  • Feeling protected
  • Increased vitality and joyousness
  • Better ability to absorb nutrients such as vitamin D
  • Better boundaries
  • Less tiredness, more energy
  • Increased intuition
  • Mental clarity
  • Physical/Muscular strength
  • Being less stressed, and more relaxed
  • Understanding the bigger picture
  • Protection from environmental pollutions such as electromagnetic pollution from computers, wifi etc and toxic chemicals in our air

So who wouldn’t want to know how to bring health, vitality and resiliency into their aura!

Donna Eden’s exercise ‘The Celtic Weave’ is a wonderful way to work with your aura. You can do it with me on this video.

Another wonderful way to strengthen and revitalise your aura is by regularly doing the Dragon Breath or Ujiya breath. This wonderful video by Ekhartyoga demonstrates how to do it.

Our energy follows our thoughts so we are going to stay with the theme of breathe and work with a breath based visualization; below is a short and excellent way to strengthen and revitalise your aura. Enjoy!

First tune into the space around you. To me, the aura looks like an incredible, dynamic weaving of miniscule filaments. It is always moving, turning, changing, going deep into the body here, skipping the surface there, moving quicker in some places than in others, filled with colours and patterns, criss crossing. It can look like an incredible dance with thousands of dancers all dancing on the same dance floor around all of your body. Each of the dancers have their own unique and beautiful moves, never once getting in the way of or stepping on the toes of another dancer. At the edge of this incredible field of energy is a membrane; fluid and tough, holding all of your energy intact and strong. So now you have that picture of what is going on around you. Tune into your own unique dance and let your breath explore that space all around you.

When you are ready, breathe in, consciously bringing your aura close to your body, allowing that membrane to come closer to you, bringing the whole web of dances closer to your skin. At the same time feel your chakras expanding within your body as they get fuelled by the energy in your aura.

Now breathe out, inviting the outer edge of your aura to expand away from your body, perhaps 3 or 4 feet around you in all directions. Allow your chakra energy to fuel your aura as it expands.

Continue to do this for several breaths, enjoying revitalising your aura and reaping the benefits of having your unique aura strong and resilient around you.

With love, prune

The Mighty Menopause – Online Course

A 12 Week online programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris


Join natural health expert, Prune Harris, in this 12 week online program to explore how to navigate through the menopause years with your health and sanity intact! (and the health and sanity of those around you). The menopause years bring huge hormonal changes to your body, your vitality, your perceptions of life and your place within it.
For many women, the pre-menopause years begin to bring changes that might at first be subtle, such as mood shifts, changing body shape or increasing tiredness, but these subtle changes can ramp up into hormonal havoc as hot flashes, anger, exhaustion, and pain charge up your life. The menopause is mighty indeed.
In this 12 week online program Prune will facilitate understandings of how to begin to balance the changes and the hormones in your body so that you are able to live in harmony  with these hormonal changes and the opportunities presented within it. For, as the menopause hormones initiate great change within the whole body system, they present an opportunity for you to reclaim the power of your balanced health and explore the vastness of your empowered woman’s wisdom. Rather than a living torment, the menopause can be an amazing rites of passage from one phase of your life to another phase, filled with richness, vitality and joy.
Each week, in blogs and videos, Prune will present techniques and understandings for you to learn how to:
  • Balance your hormones
  • Manage weight gain/loss
  • Stabilise your mood
  • Engage with the fullness of life
  • Activate your vitality
And you can share your explorations and thoughts on the Mighty Menopause forum; a online place for women to gather for knowledge, information and supportive community.
With these techniques and understandings, your menopause can be a time of balance and healthy change. Be part of the growing revolution of women who look forward to the menopause and the post-menopausal years as a time of power, wisdom, health and vitality.

Program starts on September 6th .

£95 for 12 weeks online course, the content of which is all fully downloadable.

Healthy, Energised and Empowered; Energy Medicine for Women with Prune Harris

   September 29th&30th 2018 class in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Learn how to

  • bring balance to your health
  • change hormonal havoc into hormonal harmony
  • feel energised throughout the morning, day and night
  • hold your own empowered strength no matter what (or who!) happens
  • increase resiliency and joy

This 2 day class is for women everywhere who wish to understand more about how they can live a balanced, joyful, empowered life. Prune Harris, able to see energy since she was born, specialises in inspiring and educating people about how the human energy system works in a connective and cohesive way. When we are able to understand our energy system and how to balance it through simple and powerful exercises, we are able to create and maintain health, vitality and balance. Join Prune in this 2 day class to learn how you can live your fullest, healthiest life.

We will be particularly focusing on the way in which women’s hormones are able to either enhance balance, energy, intuition, and vitality OR create havoc in every part of women’s lives. This often shows up through fatigue, pain, mood swings, depression, lack of resiliency, lack of connection with life or simply in the way in which you are having to survive rather than thrive in your own vibrant life.

What students have written about classes with Prune

 “ My grateful thanks for your inspired and careful handling of the workshop over the past three days..It was truly a privilege to be there and to witness and the share in all the energy movement and transformation which was happening in that sacred space. Thanks so much Prune”
“Wow. I have indeed changed on a cellular level and I am so deeply grateful. I am enjoying doing my exercises and feel so much more compassion for myself. It is truly beautiful and my heart feels connected again.”
“Thank you.  And thank you for being you.  I have been to a lot of workshops in my day and it is rare that I feel a sensation of true integrity coming from the person leading it.  I don't feel any dissonance between what you say and what you do.  That's an extraordinary quality!


Please note: Men who are interested in how to support the health, vitality and empowerment of women in their lives are very welcome to attend this class. Likewise, male healthcare practitioners are also very welcome.


Date: September 29th and 30th 2018

Location: Westersingel 44, 3014 GT, Rotterdam

Cost: £275

   September 29th&30th 2018 class in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring Program – Level 1

Sign up now for PAM level 1  - Register before September 1 2018 and access four scheduled PAM teleconferences over the next 12 months.

Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring program- Level 1

A 12-part online programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris

£260 (or £22/month for 12 months)

Prune has created this program with the objective of helping you develop your skills and provide a bridge from student to confident practitioner.

The program includes:

  • 12 articles on Clinical Methodology relating to specific energy medicine topics
  • 12 videos (approximately 1 hour) with Prune demonstrating clinical approaches to specific energy imbalances

Clinical topics have been chosen that may present again and again in your practice.

  • Competence and confidence with body work
  • Energy Testing those difficult clients
  • Working with clients who have experienced sexual abuse
  • What to do when a client’s health no longer improves
  • Tools for Trauma
  • Working with loss and bereavement
  • Working with clients with chronic illness
  • Understanding reactivity
  • Exploring Adrenal fatigue
  • Self-care for the practitioner
  • Working with children
  • How to choose the most appropriate homework for the client

Sign up now for PAM level 1  - Register before September 1 2018 and access four scheduled PAM teleconferences over the next 12 months.

The Ground Beneath Our Feet



In my last blog  I wrote about why it is important to be grounded and began to explain some of the anatomy of the energy system so that you can understand, perhaps even easily visualise, how your body’s energy moves and flows. Having seen energy all my life, in people, animals, trees, food, plants, the Earth itself, I can tell you that your energy is breathtakingly beautiful and exquisite. And totally unique to you.

I hope that you know that already 🙂

Your body’s energy innately knows how to move, how to flow, how to re-generate and heal your body. It knows when to give you the signals that you are tired and need to have restorative sleep. It knows how and when to activate your protection or defence mechanisms to keep your safe or alert you to danger. We are all energetic and intuitive as well as physical and logical.  We just have to learn how to listen a bit more deeply to these energetic messages, and feel empowered to help ourselves balance and evolve through our communication with our own energy systems. We teach our children that they have 5 senses, but it has been known for centuries that, as the Celtic Bard Taliesin writes in the 6th century, we have 7 senses

  • One is for instinct
  • Two is for feeling
  • Three is for speaking
  • Four is for tasting
  • Five is for seeing
  • Six is for hearing
  • Seven is for smelling

At this time in the history of our planet we are moving rapidly through a time of great change. Change on every level of our consciousness. Our myths are moving, our societies are moving, gender divisions are merging, our very identity as human beings is changing as we recognise human responsibilities rather than simply human rights. And forefront to it all is the question of how we are going to balance this transitioning so that we create a sustainable society, harmonious not only to all humans, but for all of the inhabitant of this Earth. This is indeed, as Jean Houston writes, ‘humanity’s greatest  jump time’.

I began our exploration with sharing thoughts on groundedness. One aspect that I want to further explore here is the way in which it is getting more difficult for us to remain grounded. So even those of us who normally don’t have any challenges with staying grounded may have noticed that it simply isn’t that easy anymore. For some of us this will because of something that is going on within us, something that has knocked our internal balance and energetically the pattern that has previously held so well has now been shaken and is struggling to find a harmonious balance. But for others of us, it is less to do with changing internal energy patterns and more to do with the fact that the electro magnetic energy of the earth is shifting right now.

I still love the image that my science teacher solidified for me at school…that Earth as an orange with the crust of the earth like the skin of the orange. Imagine that the skin of the orange is not attached to the juicy flesh but is free floating, intact but not attached to the orange. Well, this is what is happening to the Earth right now. The crust (skin) is moving. In 1973 the North Pole moved on average 9km a year, it is now moving at 53 km a year, which is faster than at any other time in human history. In just the last decade the speed of movement has increased by one third and this is dramatic change for the ground beneath our feet. A good article that sums up this movement can be found  here

Such movement is challenging for migratory animals who are having to evolve their navigation systems faster than in the past, but it is also highly challenging for our ability to be deeply grounded, and it is impossible for us to be healthy, vital and joyous if we are chronically ungrounded.

There are many videos on my Youtube channel to help with grounded so try a few to see what really works for you.  Take as much time as you can out walking or sitting in nature as you expand deeper and deeper in your ability to be grounded.

With love, Prune



The Wind Points

This week, I’m excited to share with you a very valuable Energy Medicine understanding. Recently, I have noticed that many of my clients and loved ones have been having real challenges keeping the wind points in the body stabilised.  

The wind points are access points where the energies of the environment can enter the body if the biofield is not vibrant and resilient. Do you recall your grandparents telling you to always wear a scarf on a windy day? Well, they were right. And first up, we have to be aware that the ‘wind’ points are just about when it is a windy day. ‘Wind’ in the Chinese understanding means an force of external environment or climate, and therefore can carry various types of external energies into the body, including damp, dry, wind, and heat. Once this external energy is in the body then the point is open and unprotected. It is now a portal where your vital life energy can leave you and the mischievous affects of the external climates can continue to flood into your whole body system.

 These energies are called various names in the ancient Chinese texts, including the Wind points, Climate points, and (this one makes me laugh every time) the 5 pernicious devils!  It is very common for us to have challenges with the wind points when we are ill or when the seasons are changing, but I have rarely seen so many people have such sustained challenges with the wind points during a stable season. So, this blog is to help share information about the points and ways to keep them stable. 

First; the location of the points: 
1. The powerpoint at the top of the neck where the spine joins the skull (Governing 16)

2. The points one inch either side of the powerpoint and one inch up (Gallbladder 19)
2. The point where the spine of the back joins the spine of the neck( Governing 14)
3. The points just behind the earlobe (Triple Warmer 17)
4. The top of the head (Heart Neurovascular/Governing 20)
5. The trapezius muscles above the clavicles (easily reached muscle that goes from the neck to the top of the arms) (around Gallbladder 21)

You can watch my video demonstrating the location and correction of the points here

If you know how to energy test you can energy localise any of these points and test to see if they are strong or weak. If weak then you can correct them as below. If you don’t energy test then you can simply work in the following ways on any or all of the point. Be mindful if any feel more vulnerable to sensitive than others and give them especial attention. 

Trace figure of 8s deeply into the point on the skin for a minute or more, before then tracing the figure 8s from the point out through the biofield several centimetres off the body.This will probably need to be done several times over 3-5 days to really keep the point vibrant and resilient to external winds. 

You can also support the wind points by spinning a glass crystal over them and most definitely by wearing scarves when you go out into the wind!

If you are someone who doesn’t like the wind or feels affected by being out in the wind then you may need to work with these points every time that you go out in wind, until your points are more and more resilient. 
I hope this is useful to you and helps you keep your energies stable and joyful.
with love, Prune

Consciousness and Energy

Hello! And welcome to the Imaginal Health Blog.

It is my intention to write weekly to really help understand the ways in which we can so easily connect into our energy systems to enable us to live consciously.

And by that I mean live in our fullest, deepest experience so that we can move through our day, our week and our lives in harmony, health and vitality.

Because when we are able to do that, then everyone around us is also touched by our harmony; suddenly that busy schedule doesn’t seem quite so stressful and you have time to have a cup of tea with a friend, or that comment that your sister teased you with doesn’t press any of your reactivity buttons and you are able to laugh it off, or that fierce determination to get to the gym (that never quite gets you to the gym) relaxes into an easy commitment where you not only go to the gym but you walk there and back as well!

And the great news is that it really doesn’t take much for us to be able live with energetic consciousness. There are so many tools available for us to use as anchors for our well-being, in fact, in many ways there can sometime seems like there are so many ways that it can feel overwhelming. So a main intention of these blogs is to give you the key insights and simple techniques into how to live sustainably, energetically and consciously.


I have been able to see energy since I was born. Simple fact. When I look at people I see just what you see; their clothes, their eye colour, their haircut, whether their expression is happy or sad. And I see their aura, the health of it, the shape of it, the colours that are weaving within it. I can see the way that the individual energy systems are moving within and around the dense, physical body.  I can see the way that these systems connect with each other, or where they are trying to connect but not quite able to, or where there is energy congestion leading to pain, inflammation or disease.

If I am working with a client I open this perception wider to see, feel and hear some of the experiences that have shaped that individual in order to help them heal any outmoded patterns that are causing restrictions or limitations to their harmony, health and vitality. All such experiences and stories are held in our energy system; great databanks of stories that we use as navigation tools through the daily journey of our life. Such navigation tools help us determine if a situation is safe for us, or allow us to access ways of knowing to help us resolve a situation or to get the most out of something that we are experiencing.

Our energy systems weave between dense energy and subtle energy, our conscious mind and our sub-conscious mind, so when we can understand and work with our energy systems we have the ability to work with all that we are. David Feinstein, in his article, ‘The Principles of Energy Medicine’ does a wonderful job of explaining that;

  1. Energies form the dynamic infrastructure of the physical body
  2.  Energy has to move
  3. Energy moves in specific patterns
  4. Imbalances in the energy body results in imbalances in the physical body
  5. When the energies of the body are healthy then they physical body is healthy

So I hope you are able to join me on these blogs as we explore ways in which you can achieve your deepest, most joyful balance for the sake of yourself, your loved ones, and your local and global community as we walk together through this time of vital global transition.

with love, Prune

A Cosmic Web of Connectiveness

‘We have a word to ‘be’, but what I propose is a word to ‘interbe’. Because it’s not possible to be alone, by yourself. You need other people in order to be. Not only do you need father, mother, but also uncle, brother, sister, society. But you also need sunshine, river, air, trees, birds, elephants and so on. So it is impossible to be by yourself, alone. You have to inter-be with everyone and everything else, and therefore, to ‘be’ means to ‘inter-be’.

Buddhist teacher and author Thich Nhat Hanh


Have you ever really looked at a spider’s web? Upclose and personal with your nose nearly touching the silver thread? When shifts are happening it can help to remember that each of us are continually supported in a web of connectivity and consciousness  that holds us just as the spider is held in her web.  When heavy rain or tempestuous winds arrive the web dances, bouncing and stretching, expanding and contracting in order to stay strong and anchored. We are exactly the same.

Folklore abounds with wisdom that connects us to this knowledge. I grew up being told that when I had troubles then the nook at the end of the garden was there to ease these troubles; and that I could go to that leafy shady corner and tell my woes, offering them to the universe. To sit, to stand, to dance out the pressures of my thoughts so they could be transmuted into part of the greater web, while all the time trusting that I was, (and still am at 41), a child of the universe. In other families who remember being close to the earth, or who are still connected to their gardens or farms, I have heard of other ways to offer up troubles; talking to the bees (those great keepers of secrets), talking to the pigs, writing the trouble and the desired solution on a piece of paper and wrapping it around a stone to throw into running water so that the great web of creation can bring understanding to resolve the problem.

This is the gift of Earth Medicine. Feeling always supported, always loved, always connected to trust, hope and the magnificence of creation. Having just engaged in  a three week shamanic earth healing pilgrimage, the truth of Earth Medicine feels stronger than ever as I perceive the way in which our very grids are woven together in total interconnectiveness.

As Energy Medicine practitioners, we have many tools that we can use and recommend to clients that recognize and activate the essential healing relationship between Energy Medicine and Earth Medicine. Radiant Circuits are my favourites for their incredible power, and ability to bring deep transformation in less  time than it takes to smile. When we throw our arms up in gratitude of receiving while doing ‘Connecting Heaven and Earth’ our Radiant Circuits spring forward to connect to the web of creation. At that moment we are not simply being, but as Thich Nhat Hanh suggests, we are consciously inter-being.  Through our Radiant Circuits, all our energy systems are connecting deep into the earth, grounding and replenishing, while also feeling supported and nourished by the invisible web of energy all above and around us. With such health and vitality speeding through our Radiant Circuits, we are reminded at our deepest level that we can never be alone.  It is the same when we hug a tree, give love to a pet, show kindness to a stranger or marvel in the colors of a sunrise.

I have always grown up surrounded by nature and Earth Medicine, but as I increasingly teach in cities, I hear from many clients and friends that they feel nature-starved. They feel disconnected from nature, from each other, and from hope for the future of our planet. The only way they feel more connected is when they are able to immerse themselves in nature through activities such as hiking, or playing on the beach. At these times they are able to get away from the pressures and stresses of their daily lives and allow the gifts of Earth Medicine to recharge them, but they fully recognize that those infrequent escape times are not enough to keep them vibrant and energized.

Yet nature is everywhere. It is not possible for us to live separate from it as everything we are is nature. Remember, ‘Not only do you need father, mother, but also uncle, brother, sister, society. But you also need sunshine, river, air, trees, birds, elephants and so on.’ (Thich Nhat Hanh). Well, I know I need elephants! Even here where I live in Cornwall, my existence is intricately bound with the existence of the elephants of Africa and India, because the same web weaves us all.  If the reality of our daily lives is such that we are rarely able to fully immerse ourselves in our natural world, then perhaps we need to redefine what ‘nature’ is. So here goes! Nature is not only a mountain range or a sparkling ocean or a 3 hour hike in the wilderness. Nature is a park in a city, a tree at the end of a street, a bird on a window sill, a plant in a living room, the rain falling, the sun shining, a muddy puddle that splashes on your pants on the way to work. Nature is the incredible, life-giving air that we breathe.  Nature is a dog barking, a child laughing, food on a plate, the cotton that we wear, nature is me, nature is you. Earth Medicine is offered to us every second of every day, it is offered to us because when we are vibrant and energized, then we make the web stronger and more abundant for all (even the elephants). And when we remember this, then we know we are never far from the nourishing, sustaining life-force that feeds us with energy, joy and purpose, even when, or especially when we are going through times of deep change and transition; when SHIFT HAPPENS!






An essential place to start with being more energetically conscious is in our understanding of whether or not we are grounded.

What does that mean? We have a cultural awareness of someone feeling ‘grounded and stable’ or perhaps the opposite is true if you know someone who you feel is ungrounded and regularly ‘away with the fairies’. But what does it mean energetically and why is it important?

We are energetic beings. Technological advances have produced scientific machines that can read with great precision the electromagnetic energy that we emanate. Some of these are very familiar to us, such as ECGs (electrocardiograms) that measures the electrical activity of the heart. Work done by scientific researchers such as the Heart Math Institute attest to the electro-magnetic field that the heart gives off; measurable up to more than a metre off the body.

Other machines can measure the electro-magnetic energy of the points of the body used by acupuncturists and validate scientifically what the Ancient Chinese have known for thousands of years; that we have channels of energy (known as meridians) that run within the body carrying energy from one part of the body to another, and that along these channels are certain points through which the energy of the channel can be most easily accessed and influenced.

So this electrical energy is not simply flowing around and around. There are points in the body where energy or ‘Chi’ is both brought into the body to restore and energise and is released from the body to remove toxins and enable the channels to retain their flow. One of the most important of these access points is in the ball of the foot, the first acupoint on the Kidney meridian. Known to the ancient Chinese as the ‘Wellspring of Life’, it literally sucks up energy from the earth.
Just as the Earth is electromagnetic and has a north pole and a south pole, we also have an energetic pole through our centre. Remember one of the principles of energy medicine; that energy flows in patterns. The flow of energy from our feet, through our energetic pole and out of our head, is one such pattern. And this energy also moves in the opposite direction; from the crown of the head, through our energetic pole and then through our feet into the earth.

When we are grounded we feel safe, solidly present, able to think clearly and process information well, we feel energised and stable. We feel nourished by the very ground that we are standing on.

But what happens when that flow of energy is compromised and we are not grounded? When that energetic pole is not being nourished and cleansed? Yep, you guessed it, we feel off. For many people that may show up with them feeling dizzy, discombobulated, unable to remember things or to think clearly. Maybe nauseous, tired and irritable. And if you are someone who is chronically ungrounded then these symptoms can solidify into chronic patterns of imbalance leading to ill health or disease.

So now you know WHY you want to be grounded, how are you going to make sure that you are grounded? There are many simple ways to activate the energetic pole so that you can stay grounded.

• Being consciously in nature
• Walking barefoot on grass
• Stretching one hand up to the heavens and one hand down to the earth. Switching hands as you breath in and out, bringing in that great stretch and activating your energetic pole. This exercise, put together by Donna Eden, is shown in my Daily Energy Routine video. 

• Rubbing the sole of your feet with a spoon. You can watch how to do this at HERE . Yes, it really is that simple! Just make sure that the spoon that you are using could stick to a magnet (it needs some magnetic material in it). This spoon then picks up on the magnetic haemoglobin in the blood and activates the body’s energy fields to correct the electromagnetic energy is every cell in your body. Imagine your cells as batteries…each one has a north and south polarity.When you are not grounding and activating that energetic core then although some of those batteries will be lined up n/s n/s n/s there will be many clumps of cells where north and north or south and south are trying to face each other …ending up in a face off as we all know that same polarity repels each other. Your energy cannot flow through places where the electromagnetic forces are repelling each other.

Rubbing that spoon on the sole of your feel lines up all the cells in their correct polarity allowing that flow of energy into and out of your feet. If you think that you are chronically ungrounded then do this before you get out of bed in the morning. Keep a spoon on the bedside table, one in your bag or at work, one in the bathroom. The more you are able to spoon your feet the more being grounded will become your normal healthy pattern.
I hope you enjoyed this post. More on grounding next time.
With love, Prune

Earth Energies Rising : The Dance of Life

Earth Energies Rising :The Dance of Life

It feels to me that there are some very fundamental shifts occurring in the collective consciousness of our modern societies, and also in the Earth. Whether or not you give any weight to the predictions of so many of the indigenous cultures (that we are entering a time of extreme change, the death of one way of being and the creation of a new, more inspired and enlightened global human society), it is hard to ignore the fact that our world is shifting. When we look at the challenges we face, an out-moded economic situation based on a flawed premise of continued growth and expansion, the immense value placed on status and material goods, a disease-care medical model rather than a healthcare medical model, changes in our climate, an Earth scarred by perceived human need, threatened mass extinction of hundreds of species of our animal brothers and sisters as well as our plant and tree brothers and sisters…well, enough…I could go on of course, but these are all aspects of life we are familiar with. In fact, not only familiar with, but often overwhelmed and exhausted by simply trying to get our heads around how we can help facilitate the shifts needed to truly heal and bring back to balance all of these dysfunctional aspects of modern life.

I completely trust that, as a human species seeking balance and harmony with our environment, we can do it! And Energy Medicine is a wonderful place to start. Over these next few blogs I want to share ways in which I have seen that the Earth herself can be balanced by working with Energy Medicine. I deeply encourage everyone to spend the little time every day to give thanks and gratitude to this amazing sentient planet that holds us and houses us, feeds us and clothes us, nourishing our energy with her own.

Lynne McTaggart, (author of The Field, The Intention Experiment) recently did an experiment with scientists from a US university and Dr. Masuro Emoto, to use intention to change the pH level of a polluted lake in Japan. The lake was acidic to the point that its marine life was severely compromised. In a group of 800 people, joined by others across the globe who had welcomed the chance to be part of the experiment to help Lake Biwa, these participants sent love and healing intention to the lake for 20 minutes. The pH level of the water was measured immediately prior to the timing of the intention and then immediately after. The results showed that the pH level had moved up by one whole point on the scale rendering the lake less acidic.  I cite this example as inspiration that what we think/how we feel/how we intend our world to be really does make a difference. And yes, of course intention is magnified when you have 1000+ people all holding and sending the same intention, but each one of us are part of the millions and millions of people who are holding intention, trust and hope that our world is moving into more balance and health with each breath that we take.

Today, why don’t you choose a tree, a plant, a loved space in your city/garden, flower box and simply sit with it and breath a ‘Dance of Life’. We breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide, plants and trees breathe in Carbon Dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. In other words, we breathe in what the trees exhale, they breathe in what we exhale…a timeless Dance of Life that is continually being played out in every cell in our body. Consciously engaging in this Dance of Life is profoundly grounded and I have yet to meet a person who does not experience a sense of gratitude during this exercise…gratitude to the plant/tree for nourishing us with breath, gratitude to our lungs for being the recipient of the breath, gratitude to all of our cells and all of creation. When we remember that gratitude activates the Radiant Circuits in our body we understand how the Dance of Life opens us to health, vitality and joy.

Next time I’ll write more about how our Radiant Circuits are directly connected to Earth Energy…
With love, prune


Enhanced Energy Perceptions 1

New dates announced for EEP 1! Nov 7-10 in Cornwall

‘Life transforming! EEP gave me the gift of seeing everything in a totally different way. It connected me deeply with other people, with nature, and with all of creation.’

- Learn how to perceive energy through your own primary sensory lens

- Weave your energy perception into your life, your relationships and your practice

- Deeply connect to your intuitive wisdom ways of knowing and healing

Join Prune to learn how to see energy, feel energy, and perceive energy in your own unique way. Able to see, feel and work with energy since a child, it took Prune until her 30s to understand that not everyone experienced this as their reality. And yet, it is possible for all of us. 

When we are born we are all able to perceive energy but as we grow our socialisation diminishes this ability within us. Yet, as practitioners and healers, it is essential that we are able to deeply perceive the energy of our clients (it is also a wonderful skill to have within all of our relationships). 

The Enhanced Energy Perceptions  (EEP) course is designed to reconnect you with your own innate ability to see/perceive energy as well as to work with your intuitive wisdom ways of knowing. This is an integrated approaches course that will merge Shamanism, Energy Medicine and Consciousness Energetics.

The full EEP curriculum consists of four classes, for you to progress within according to your own timeframe. Each class is residential, at a beautiful site within the sacred energy of Cornwall. Classes start Wednesday early afternoon until Saturday midday and are intensive, so be prepared to work!

Date: Wed 7th November - Sat 10th November 2018  

Location: Elmswood House, Tywardreath, Cornwall

This is a beautiful venue that has held the energy of EEP several times now. Gentle and powerful, it is perfect for our needs.  Cornwall is great for accessing energy inside and outside, so bring your wellies!

Cost: £440 including tuition, lunch on the Thursday and Friday

There are a few rooms available at Elmswood House for those who wish to stay on site. This can be arranged directly with on a first come first served basis.

New dates announced for EEP 1! Nov 7-10 in Cornwall

In Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Sacred Tour of Ancient Cornwall, Oct 6-12, 2018

In Cerridwen's Cauldron - The Magic and Mystery of Cornwall

Cornwall, October 6-12, 2018

‘I am so honoured and delighted to be facilitating this Cornish Pilgrimage. Each year, I listen to the spirits of the land to see where is waiting for us,  where is opening to us,  and where is calling for us to join them. When I recognised the deeply familiar voice of the Spirit of Cornwall, I was touched to the core of my soul. The theme for this year’s Cornish Pilgrimage immediately became apparent; Magic and Mystery, two characteristics that Cornwall resounds with. 

The archetypes held within this pilgrimage have also come forward and there are three of them to guide our way over the 5 days of pilgrimage;  the Mystic, the Witch and the Warrior. Do you hear them calling your name? Do you hear them calling your soul? 

This sacred tour will span 6 nights and 5 full days, between October 6-12, 2018. Accommodation, all meals, transportation, and admission to all relevant sites is included in the price as well Prune’s leadership in exploring the magic and mystery of Cornwall, and carrying out sacred work. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to Cornwall, suitable travel and/or medical insurance, and any alcoholic beverages and incidentals during the tour.

 For further details, download the tour description here,
and to register use the button to the right

The Healthy Healer – One day class in Dorking – November 27

Do you give your time to look after other people or animals?

If the answer is yes then this class may change your life. The Healthy Healer is designed for all levels of knowledge and experience (from the complete beginner to the most advanced) and is for everyone who works with caring for others, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

We are living in very different energetic times than pre 2012. Remember that whole 21/12/12 predictions of the end of one world and the beginning of the next? Well, it happened. Not in a major apocalyptic way (but not many of us really thought it ever would be like that).

Instead, an energetic shift occurred that is affecting us all and it especially affects our ability to work with the energy of others. So for those of us who work in healthcare, we are noticing many many things: how easy it is to work at profound levels of change and healing, how our patients and clients are presenting with very chronic or dynamic health challenges, and perhaps mostly, how exhausted we are after a day’s work. Have you noticed that? Have you asked around your peers and realised that it isn’t just you, or it isn’t just that time of your life….it is a professional phenomenon. With changing energetic and earth patterns, we need to understand how we can work in ways that are beneficial to our patients/clients, ourselves and the globe. How we tap into the healing field is very different now. This one day class will bring forward deeper understandings about how the morphogenic healing field has changed, and how we can evolve and develop with it.

In this one day class, Prune will guide you through simple and powerful techniques to track, maintain and enliven your own energy fields while you engage in the powerful and vital role of caring for others.

In this class you will learn:

  • Techniques to energise you and balance you while at work
  • Tools to help you transition between work and home so that you have energy, time and patience for your loved ones
  • To rejuvenate your own health and energy
  • Understandings of the wider dynamics that are unfolding within the universal healing field
  • How to navigate these changing energies around you in safety and abundance
  • How to protect your own energy so that you are not vulnerable to being drained by others or by your work

Whether we work as an EEM practitioner, therapist, nurse, doctor, vet, or a healer and carer in any capacity, we can become emotionally, physically and spiritually drained. This directly impacts our ability to live our life to the fullest, as well as our ability to care for our clients, patients, family or friends. Learn powerful and transformative ways to nourish and maintain yourself while engaging in this oldest vocations of healing and caring.

Location: Wotton House Hotel, Dorking, Surrey
Date: Tuesday, November 27th, 2018
Timings: 9:30am-5pm

The cost is $154 paid in advance to Innersource, on the Class 7-UK registration form or paid at the door of the Post Class. You can register through the Innersource website for details, by clicking here. A healthy-option buffet lunch is included in the cost of the class. Please note that there will not be credit card facilities on site, so if you are paying on the day of the Post Class, please bring £ sterling cash. 

Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring program – Level 2

Sign up now for PAM level 2  - Choose between a monthly subscription payment, or a single upfront fee. Use the buttons below.

Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring program- Level 2

A 12-part online programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris

£260 (or £22/month for 12 months)

Following on the success of the Level 1 of the program, Prune is continuing with the objective of helping you develop your skills and provide a bridge from student to confident practitioner.

The program includes:

  • 12 articles on Clinical Methodology relating to specific energy medicine topics
  • 12 videos (approximately 1 hour) with Prune demonstrating clinical approaches to specific energy imbalances

In PAM Level 2, we will be exploring the following specific themes

  • The Yin protective system: Circulation sex
  • Understanding the power of Mingmen
  • The deep mysteries of Central and Governing
  • The Energetic core
    • The Taiji Pole
    • The Stellar Diamonds
    • The Dantiens
  • The Spiralling Chakras
  • The Thyroid
  • Balancing the brain
  • Evolving Triple Warmer
  • When Heart has left the system; how to help the Dis-Heartened client
  • The Wise Electrics

Sign up now for PAM level 2  - Choose between a monthly subscription payment, or a single upfront fee. Use the buttons below.

Clinical Skills Series

If you have enjoyed several of the Clinical Skills topics, then you might want to access the whole series, by joining the Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring program. Any Clinical Skill Series topics already purchased will be credited against the £260 program cost. Click HERE for PAM Level 1, and HERE for PAM Level 2

Clinical Skills Series

It is possible to purchase some of the individual topics presented in the Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring Program (PAM) levels 1 and 2. Each topic in the Clinical Skills Series presents a clinical skills theme with an in-depth article and a video of a live, one hour session of Prune working with a client around the theme. It gives you the chance to watch Prune navigate the energy of the client, listen to how she presents the issue to the client and the language she uses, as well as explore how to master the clinical skill and why you would choose that particular way to work with the client.
Please note, not all of the PAM program material is available in this Clinical Skills Series. If you buy from the Clinical Skills Series and then wish to purchase the Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring Program you can do so at a discounted price.
Some of the PAM Level 1 Topics that will be available individually as part of the Clinical Skills Series. More topic are added every month, so check back regularly
  • Competence and confidence with body work
  • Energy Testing those difficult clients
  • Working with clients who have experienced sexual abuse
  • What to do when a client’s health no longer improves
  • Tools for Trauma
  • Working with loss and bereavement
  • Working with clients with chronic illness
  • Understanding reactivity
  • Exploring Adrenal fatigue
  • Self-care for the practitioner
  • Working with children
  • How to choose the most appropriate homework for the client

CSS Topic 1 - Competence and Confidence with Bodywork

If you have enjoyed several of the Clinical Skills topics, then you might want to access the whole series, by joining the Practitioner Advancement and Mentoring program. Any Clinical Skill Series topics already purchased will be credited against the £260 program cost. Click HERE for PAM Level 1, and HERE for PAM Level 2

The High Vibration Heart – Online Program

The High Vibration Heart; the second online offering in Prune’s ‘Commitment to the Soul’ program

A 12 Week online programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris


Join Prune in this 12-week exploration of The High Vibration Heart.
Our heart is the place of our greatest wisdom and highest consciousness. It is through the dense electromagnetic heart-field that all of our energy fields are organised, including our ability to walk through our life grounded and energised. It is through the heart organ that our nutrient-rich and oxygen-rich blood gets pumped around our body to every cell, and it is through the energetic heart that we experience emotions and conscious connection in our life.
Our heart can limit us or expand us, it can create a balanced, safe and joyous interconnection with all of creation, or it can enclose us in a prison of our own making, unable to perceive the radiant joy peeking around us at every corner.
In Chinese understandings, the Heart is the Emperor of our entire body system, housing our ability for consciousness and this understanding is reflected in myriad other cultures too. If we are working with a commitment to our soul, we need to nurture and nourish our High Vibration Heart.
When we experience a High Vibration Heart we are;
  • Peaceful
  • Joyous
  • Resilient
  • Grounded
  • Healthy
  • Able to connect easily with others
  • Assertive
  • Compassionate (to self and others)
  • Creative
  • Unafraid
During the 12 weeks, you will embark upon an educational and experiential journey that can transform your heart health and your connection to your Soul. 
Each month we will explore a different aspect/level/vibration/consciousness held within the heart, spiralling closer and closer to its awe-some and infinite connective consciousness ;

Weeks 1-4 : The Human Heart
Weeks 5-8: The Energetic Heart
Weeks 9-12: The Cosmic Heart

Prune will facilitate and lead this journey with:
  • Weekly videos tips demonstrating easy and powerful techniques to support your Heart
  • Soul Food; weekly nutritional advice for balancing and nourishing your Heart
  • Weekly blogs with ongoing energetic, scientific, and anatomical information on Heart health and transformation
  • Online community forum
In the last Commitment to the Soul program, the Soul Food was a much-loved aspect, and nutrition is a vital component in helping the Heart system organ function in its fullest, healthiest way. When we are working to create a high vibration heart, the vibration of what we eat is a vital component. Therefore, Soul Food will offer weekly nutritional advice to creating and nourishing you High Vibration Heart.
 The weekly videos and blogs are designed to aid the expanding vibration of your heart and heart field through energy exercises, meditation and breath understanding, and consciousness energetics techniques.
This 12 week adventure to discover your High Vibration Heart and what that means for your health and life, begins on April 1st and costs £95 , with the material available online for a full 12 months.


US Energy Medicine classes with Prune Harris; The Healthy Healer, and From Plateau to Prowess

Fredricksburg, Virginia. May 17-19th, 2018

Prune will be teaching two Energy Medicine courses in Fredricksburg Virginia this spring. 

Day 1: open to everyone. The Healthy Healer. This class is for everyone who works with caring for others. This may be Healthcare Practitioners (mainstream and new paradigm), parents, teachers, those supporting people with mental health or special needs etc. In this one day class, Prune will guide you through simple and powerful Consciousness Energetic techniques to track, maintain and enliven your own energy fields while you engage in the powerful and vital role of caring for others. Whether we work as an EEM practitioner, therapist, nurse, doctor, or a healer and carer in any capacity, we can become emotionally, physically and spiritually drained. This directly impacts our ability to live our life to the fullest, as well as our ability to care for our clients, patients, family or friends. Learn powerful and transformative ways to nourish and maintain yourself while engaging in this oldest vocation of healing and caring. 

Cost: $175 includes lunch. (Early Bird rate of $150 until March 1)
Location: Unity Church, Fredricksburg, VA
Dates: May 17th
Timings: 10am-5pm

Day 2 and 3. From plateau to prowess; fast-tracking health, vitality and connection to self. This 2 day course is created for the EEM practitioner who wants to more easily and gracefully help their clients transcend into their fullness of health and vitality. It is so very easy to find ourselves at an energetic plateau, with our healthiest, most expansive self beckoning…..but remaining just out of reach. This class shows the practitioner how to enable the leap forward to embrace this whole, vital and healthful self. Grounding us in Practitioner Consciousness, Prune will guide us to work with the Seed of Health to enable the client on their own pathway of health and joy. These key steps in her own practice have empowered hundreds of clients to embrace their healthy wholeness and rejoin the fullness of life. 

Completion of EEMCP is a prerequisite. If you feel you are well qualified for this course but have not completed EEMCP please contact Prune directly to chat about whether this is the course for you.


Cost: $375 includes lunch on both days. (Early Bird rate of $325 until March 1)
Location: Unity Church, Fredricksburg, VA
Dates: May 18th and 19th
Timings: 10am-5pm

Registration is now open, to pay and secure your place, use the buttons to the right

The Wisdom Womb – Initiating the Healing and Power of Women – First US Class

The Wisdom Womb - Initiating the Healing and Power of Woman


Prune has created this retreat to work with shamanic energy medicine techniques to help women discover the immense power and vitality of the Divine Feminine that is housed and nurtured in the womb and womb area. It is a power, wisdom and vitality that so often has experienced denigration, misplacement and abuse, (emotional, physical and sexual) within our modern day cultures. Such actions, insidious or overt, create power-loss and oftentimes soul-loss, as we attempt to navigate our lives separated from our natural flow of womb wisdom. Our dreams, our desires, our actions and thoughts are all affected by such power-loss, our very being is limited and contained when we are unable to access the flow of womb wisdom. And please know, that for those of you who have had your womb removed, the womb energy remains exactly as it was when the womb was removed and this energy can be healed and restored to full balance through our work together. 

During this Wprune-in-glastonbury-abbey-orchardisdom Womb gathering we will work with powerful healing ceremonies to reclaim our individual and collective Wisdom Womb. This will be the focus on the first part of our time together, next we will learn how to connect, explore and listen deeply to the immense wisdom housed in each of our wombs. We will lastly learn shamanic and consciousness energetics techniques to continue to support and nurture our immense individual womb wisdom. 

At this time of social transition, there is an urgent need for each of us to co-create balance within both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. It is impossible for us to focus on one without acknowledgement and honour of the balanced other. There can be no yin without yang, no Shiva without Shakti, no life without life-force. In this light, Prune led a pilgrimage to Orkney to help balance the Divine Masculine at the Autumn Equinox in September 2017, and will be leading a pilgrimage to ancient sites in Cornwall in October 2018.

For the Wisdom Womb gathering, there is only one requirement; womanhood. Empowered or disempowered, radiant or exhausted, inspired or weary. This is a time for us to come together to bring healing and wisdom forward in our individual life and within the great Cosmic web of connectivity.

Space will be limited to 20 participants. 

Date: 21-24th May 2018

Location: Northern Neck, Potomac River, Virginia

Cost: $700 (Early Bird rate $600, until March 1, 2018)

Fee includes tuition, shared accommodation and food

Accommodation is now full, with a possibility of two spaces on Air mattresses for those who are very keen! If you are interested, get in touch using the button to the right. Also, there is the prospect that Prune might teach the class again in the area in the future, so if you are interested in being notified in the event that she does, use the button to the right, and we will keep you posted!

Wisdom Womb 2 – the Healing and Power of Woman

The Wisdom Womb, part 2 - the Healing and Power of Woman

Our 2nd Womb Wisdom gathering will allow for the initiation of the healing and POWER of woman. This is where we get to move from release into regeneration, from woundedness into creativity, from observer of our life into powerful creator of every aspect of our life. I’m excited to see where, together, we can reach and what we can dream into being within our special circle. 

prune-in-glastonbury-abbey-orchardFrom our time together for the first Womb Wisdom, we will be together at the 13th moon and also for the Spring Equinox again. Powerful turnings of the wheel. 

I feel the power of this time already rising. It has been a deep, dark, womb-like winter, full of opportunities to explore what isn’t in balance. Now it is drawing close to the time to expand out of this depth and into the flow of life. 


Places are limited to those who participated in the first Wisdom Womb workshop, or who have made prior arrangements with me.

Date: 18-21nd March 2018 

Location: EarthSpirit Retreat Centre, Dundon, Somerset

Cost: £440 including tuition, shared accommodation and food

For further details and to register, use the button to the right

Energy Anatomy – Monday, January 22nd 2018 – 1 day post-class

Glastonbury. January 22nd, 2017

What do our energy systems look like? How do our 9 energy systems fit together? Where are the access points that allow us to influence the systems most effectively?   

Join Prune Harris for a visual extravaganza of colour and interconnectiveness as she explains the dynamic dance of our energy bodies. Able to see energy since a child, Prune has a deep and innate knowledge of the way that our systems interact. 

If you have wondered how the chakra system carries information into the meridian system, or what place the aura has in relaying messages from the basic grid, or how our electromagnetic energy interacts with our subtle energy; if you have wondered what energy looks like; then this class will provide the answers through a radiant, colourful class. Prune has worked closely with an amazing artist and feels that the living dynamic energy body has been superbly captured in order to empower you to deeper understandings of your own energy fields and those of others. 

Prune has designed this class with the objective of making energy tangible to everyone. Whether you are a student of EM, a massage therapist, psychotherapist, bodyworker, health care professional, or simply interested in learning more about your energy fields and the energetic paradigm, this unique class will transform your understanding of the human body and the human experience.  


Cost: £120

Location: St. Mary's Church, Glastonbury, 

Dates: Monday, January 22, 2018

Timings: 10am-5pm

Registration is now open, to pay and secure your place, use the button to the right

EEM Foundations Year 2017

Prune is teaching an EEM Foundations class this year in Glastonbury!

Class dates are:

Class 1 - May 18-21st

Class 2 - August 3-6th

Class 3 - Nov.2-5th

Class 4 -  Jan(2018) 18-21st


For info on how to register, see below

The Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Classes in Glastonbury is a one-year program designed for those people desiring in-depth coursework and supervision in Donna Eden’s style of Energy Medicine ( This program is based on a curriculum developed by Donna, along with her faculty members. The goal of the program is to help any student of Eden Energy Medicine obtain a firm foundation in the body of work Donna has created over the past 30 years and to develop the skill levels necessary to begin using these techniques regularly, either with family and friends, or in a professional setting. 
Successful completion of the Foundations Classes in Glastonbury will give students the option of applying this class work toward Year 2 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program held in Phoenix, Arizona, or in Dorking, UK. Completing Year 2 is optional; students in the Foundations Classes may feel satisfied after one year and not see a need to take their studies further. At the end of the one-year Foundations Program, students will receive a certificate stating they have completed the Foundations Program in Eden Energy Medicine, but this should not be construed as a certification in Eden Energy Medicine, as that requires the completion of the Year 2 program.
The main purpose of the Foundations Classes is educational and classes will include lecture, small group time for practice, as well as question and answer sessions. Each class is designed to provide you with skills for working with the body's energies to promote physical and emotional well-being. This can be an intense experience, and doing energy work in a large group can be taxing, so if you are not in good health we ask you to take this into account before registering.

How to Register

  1. To sign up for this exciting year-long program, register and pay your non-refundable $300 deposit direct to Innersource HERE. (Will open in a new window)
  2. Then, download the registration form HERE , which includes full information on the course schedule, terms and conditions, and payment information, and send the completed form back to us by email or by post, to the addresses in the form. Also, feel free to email us at to ask any further questions you may have.
  3. You can then pay the tuition cost for Class 1 (due April 18) by using the payment link HERE.

Summoning the Sun – Sacred Tour of Orkney – September 16-22

Summoning the Sun – Healing the Divine Masculine

Orkney Islands, Scotland – September 16-22, 2017


During the powerful energy of the Autumn Equinox, Prune will lead this work in Orkney to work with an immense Yang Portal energy housed within Orkney. We will be a small gathering, working with the intention of balancing the Divine Masculine so that human consciousness can expand in balance and harmony. We will be in some stunning landscapes, and soak up the heritage of thousands of year of history, but this will be an active, empowering shamanic workshop, not a tour in the 'tourism' sense. 

orkney0917The Orkney Islands are an archipelago to the North of the Scottish mainland, with some of northern Europe’s most striking and best preserved Neolithic and Bronze Age sites. Our trip will concentrate on the main Island of Orkney, where the majority of ancient sites are found, and on the Island of Hoy, the scene of the Orkneys’ most stunning natural landscapes.

The tour will span 6 nights and 5 full days, between September 16-22, 2017. Accommodation, all meals, transportation on the Islands, and admission to all relevant sites, and Prune’s leadership in exploring the energy of the Yang Portal, and carrying out sacred work, is included in the tour price. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to Orkney, either by air or ferry, suitable travel and/or medical insurance, and any alcoholic beverages and incidentals during the tour.


 For further details, download the tour description here, and to register use the button to the right

Love Your Liver – Online Program

If you are a member, (if not logged-in, do so first here) use this button to to access

Love your Liver; the first online offering in Prune’s ‘Commitment to the Soul’ program

A six month online programme with natural health expert, Prune Harris

£90 - Designed to last for six months with weekly blogs, recipes and videos to nourish your Liver health, the Love your Liver program is now available to use and engage with at your own schedule. You can make your way through the material as fast or slowly as your own liver wants to, and it will all be available online for 12 months from when you sign up.
Join Prune in this six-month exploration of how to deeply cleanse, nourish and support your liver. Did you know that the Ancient Chinese understood that Liver is the Seat of the Soul? It is responsible for the emotions of kindness, generosity, and self-love and when Liver is in balance we are able to access the energy and wisdom to create the pathways forward to realise our dreams.  Physically, the liver is responsible for over 800 jobs in the body and its health is foundational for: 
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Emotional Balance
  • Enthusiasm for life
  • Moving Creative thought into Creative Action
  • Transmuting the inner critic into the inner friend
  • Eyesight and Eyehealth
  • Transforming judgement, anger and criticism
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Inspiring the peaceful warrior spirit within each of us
When the liver is compromised and being a bit sluggish about doing its 800+ jobs, our whole body system begins to suffer. It can suffer silently and internally, it can suffer with fits of anger or bouts of crippling fatigue. It can be insidious or explosive.
During the six months, you will embark upon an educational and experiential journey that can transform your Liver health and your connection to your Soul. Prune will facilitate and lead this journey with:
  • Weekly videos tips demonstrating easy and powerful techniques to support your liver
  • Soul Food; weekly nutritional advice for balancing and nourishing Liver as the Seat of the Soul
  • Weekly blogs with ongoing energetic, scientific, and anatomical information on Liver health and transformation
  • Online community forum
Nutrition is a vital component in helping the Liver organ function in its fullest, healthiest way and because of this, the LOVE YOUR LIVER program will offer weekly nutritional advice as well as how to support the liver through energy exercises, breath understanding, and consciousness energetics techniques.  The weekly videos and blogs are all designed to aid, step by step, one week at a time, the deep balancing and restoration of your Liver organ, in order to free the Liver energy so you are able to connect with your unique Soul Path.  
Liver is at its most creative during the Spring months. By beginning our work together on February 1st, a day sacred to the Celts, we will be in alignment and harmony with the rhythms of nature, aiding our Soul journey through the cosmos.

This 6 month adventure to discover your healthiest Liver and what that means for your health and life, begins on February 1st and costs £95 if you sign up by January 21st, or £120 full price.

If you are a member, (if not logged-in, do so first here) use this button to to access

The Cosmic Tree; introductory shamanic course – November 12-15, 2017

To maintain small class size, there will be two sets of dates for both Class 1 and Class 2. And to maintain the group energy that we will be creating, we aim to keep the groups intact for both classes, so in choosing the group which best suit you, make sure to confirm the dates for both Class 1  and Class 2.
Group 1  FULLY BOOKED    
Class 1 – Thursday, July 6 – Sunday, July 9, 2017
Class 2 – Sunday, February 18 – Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Group 2
Class 1 – Sunday, November 12 – Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Class 2 – Thursday, February 22 – Sunday, February 25, 2018
The Cosmic Tree is Prune’s offering in response to frequent requests to create a structured shamanic training.
The Cosmic Tree will explore the shamanic worldview and introduce the skills and techniques necessary to navigate within the Shaman’s world. The course is dreamt, visioned and guided around the central concept of The Cosmic World Tree, with its roots in the Lower World, its trunk in the Middle World, and the branches in the Upper World.
In the two classes we will learn how to safely navigate each of these worlds, with close guidance from the Shaman’s Helper. We will also explore the many otherworld realms to discover our inherent indigenous pathway to our internal and external spirit landscape.
This is a prerequisite for the 2018 Shamanic Practitioner Training Course. The course venue will be Elmswood House, in Tywardreath, Cornwall. Limited accommodation is available on site. 

The fee for each class is £380, and includes all tuition and 2 lunches. To register, Download the registration form HERE and pay for class 1, use the buttons to the right to select your chosen set of dates.

Healing the Spirit; Healing the Soul – Bristol, December 2-3, 2017

Bristol. December 2nd and 3rd 2017

In this two day class, Prune will use Energy Medicine and Energy Anatomy understandings to share techniques on how to work with, and heal, the Soul level matrix of the body. Understanding the anatomy of the Soul allows us insights into how to bring energetic adjustments to ensure continual healing through the body field.

Our energetic and physical body knows how to be healthy, radiant and vibrant. In every one of our 50 trillion cells we contain the blueprint for health. But life can bring knocks to that blueprint, and our emotional, physical, cognitional and spiritual responses can become long term patterns of imbalance. This can show up in ill health, patterns of stuckness, lethargy, hormonal challenges, relationship issues or a sense of disillusionment with life. For many people, it shows up in a nagging feeling that life is about more than what they are experiencing on a daily basis. All of these symptoms of imbalance are messages from the deepest level of your being, asking you to find your way back to that template of health and heal at the Soul level matrix of the body.

During the 2 days, Prune will share understandings on the Anatomy of the Soul, the Song Lines of the Soul and how the Spirit Points of traditional Chinese medicine allow us to rejuvenate and repattern the template of health through activating these powerful energy lines.

Healing the Spirit, Healing the Soul, will take place at the Bristol Hotel, and will involve both theory and practical ,hands-on aspects to each day as well as demonstrations on how to affect the healing of the Soul. Please bring a massage bed or yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.

Cost: £220

Location: Bristol Hotel, Bristol

Dates: December 2nd and 3rd

Timings: 9.30-5pm

Registration is now open, to pay and secure your place, use the button to the right

Cauldrons of Power, Consciousness and Transformation

prune and jyotish earthspirit

During these three days together Prune Harris and Jyotish Patel will facilitate a journey through each of powerful energy centres of the Dantiens.

In the Celtic tradition, these three immense energy centres are known as the three Cauldrons, and they house the energies of individual power, transforming beyond duality, and collective consciousness. Building on the Luminous Chakra and Housing Indigo classes, we continue to work with powerful Earth Medicine ceremonies to aid our own healing as well as the collective healing. 

This class will involve movement, meditation, energy medicine, yogic practices and Consciousness Energetics understandings, woven together to support your journey through your own energetic core.

The fee includes tuition, food, and shared accommodation. The food is vegetarian, using organic ingredients where possible, and is varied, tasty and nourishing. If anyone has specific dietary requirements, such as Gluten Free or Dairy Free, there is a £15 supplement, payable after registration. Please inform us once you have registered what the specifics of your food regime are. 

Shared accommodation is in a dormitory room, with twin rooms available, and a limited number of single supplements, all available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Date: 6:30pm, Sunday 23 October 2016 until 3:30pm, Wednesday 26 October 

Location: EarthSpirit Retreat Centre, Dundon, Somerset

Cost: £440 including tuition, shared accommodation and food


For further details and to register, use the button to the right

The Winter Solstice

Each year, the Winter Solstice occurs between the 20th and 23rd December. This year it is on December 22 with the precise moment of the Solstice being at 04:49 GMT. This is when the North Pole is tilted furthest – 23.5 degrees – away from the Sun, delivering the fewest hours of sunlight of the year. So that is the science! What fascinates me most about the Winter Solstice is its energy. The shortest day, the darkest day, the longest night. Hundreds of people will gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the rising sun at the time of the Solstice, watching (weather permitting!!!) and celebrating the returning sun return after the longest night.

It is an honouring celebrated all over the world, as the returning light amid the depth of the dark is a theme that has an enduring relevance. The Talmud recognizes the winter solstice as Tekufat Tevet. In China, the Dongzhi Festival is celebrated on the Winter Solstice with feasting and gathering.  In ancient Rome, the winter solstice was celebrated at the Feast of Saturnalia, to honor Saturn, the god of agricultural bounty and in pre-Christian Scandinavia, the Feast of Juul (Yule) lasted for 12 days celebrating the rebirth of the sun god and giving rise to the custom of burning a Yule log. We are familiar with this now with the legacy of the chocolate yule log cake that adorn many a table at parties at this time of year as the Christian world celebrates the movement away from dark and the return of light through the birth event of Jesus in the celebration known as Christmas.

Nowadays, with the use of electricity, the length of daylight does not have to impact us directly, but for our ancestors, this time of year truly was a time when their days were greatly impacted and they knew the depth of darkness. It is a time of deep yin energy, when we are called upon to rest into the depth of ourselves, to reflect on the stillness of our being. We can even dare to look into the darknesses within us and honour them, shining a light so that we can understand ourselves better and bring healing to those places that are in need of attention and nourishment.

It is ironic, that for many of us at this time of year, the concept of stillness, meditation, reflection and self-focussed consciousness is nigh on impossible as we celebrate the holidays with friends, family, rushing around doing holiday shopping and preparing to cook feasts. And yet, this energy has its place too within the Solstice time. As well as bringing our attention to the depths within us, and taking our time to hibernate if we need to, it is also a time to celebrate. Time to celebrate the connections that we have with the loved ones in our life and celebrate life itself. Traditionally this is a time of family and community gathering, of story telling, feasting, and singing the light back into the world.

In the Celtic tradition, the Winter Solstice is known as Alban Arthuan,  or The light of Arthur. It connects us to the remembering of the great Warrior king, Arthur, named after the Bear (Art). It was understood that it is a time when each of us are called to be a shining light represented by the Pole Star of the Great Bear Constellation. It is a time to become the balance of light and dark, the balance of yin and yang, so that we can live from our intuition and our learned wisdom, marrying our head and our heart for the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones and all of creation.

So what can we do to connect into this energy? Firstly, celebrate! Celebrate life, celebrate loved ones and celebrate you. We can expand this celebratory spirit by sharing some of our love, joy and abundance with others, perhaps those who you don’t know or who are in need at this powerful time of year. And we can bring power and balancing into this celebratory spirit by also spending time to nourish oneself through stillness, meditation, walks in nature, and perhaps lighting a candle to shine a light into our inner darkness so that we can grow in our wisdom.

Blessings to each of you at this Solstice time.



Alignment and purpose; the Assemblage Point

This blog is inspired by Strictly Come Dancing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it is a television show in which celebrities pair up with professional dancers over a series of several weeks to entertain the audience with their journey into dancing (or not, as the case may be). There are lots of sequins, bare chests, toe flicks and gossip. And just sometimes, there is something that transcends the ordinary.

This weekend proved to be one of those times. When Jay McGuiness came out to dance his 3rd week dance, everyone recognised they were seeing something extraordinary. (click here to view it) The audience when wild, and the Strictly fans all over the nation went wild. Why? Yes, he could dance, but there was something else….

When Susan Boyle strode onto the Britain’s Got Talent Stage at the age of 47 and announced she wanted to be famous and sing like Elain Paige, the watching nation were mockingly cynical, and yet most had tears in their eyes by the end of her song and she now sings to packed concert halls. Why? What does she have that can touch so many people? Watch Susan here

When Paul Potts walked onto the stage, with barely enough confidence to put one foot in front of the other after the years of bullying he had endured at school, the studio audience were mildly impatient. And yet they were on their feet by the end of it and The YouTube video clip from the show has had more than 140 million views, making it one of the top 100 most watched YouTube videos.  Why? What did we all see?

We saw each of these people connect into their soul, their deepest essence, and live from that place. They expressed not only their essence, but their connection to it. And when such alignment happens we all see it and know it. Even if don’t think you are someone who can see energy, you can. We all can and do every day, we simply don’t have the language to talk about it. And without the language, we can’t describe it or define it as a shared experience, so it gets lost as something intangible. But intangible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Yes, ‘Seeing is believing’ but also ‘believing is seeing’. So, when we watch Jay, or Susan or Paul, we all see something extraordinary. We see someone moving into alignment with their deepest essence and living it. And as they move into that place, not only do they transcend the ordinary, but they inspire us to recognise that it is possible for us too.

There is an aspect of your energy anatomy known as the Assemblage Point.

It is usually 15-30cm in front of the chest area and is connected by energetic threads, like silver filaments deep into the energetic core, where we house our essence. This Assemblage Point is one of the most remarkable aspects of our energy, not only because it regularly moves to adjust to different situations and perspectives, but its sheer luminosity denotes it as something connecting the human and the divine in our embodied human experience. I can get very excited about the Assemblage Point!

  • It is the only part of our energy anatomy that has its own biofield
  • It receives information and takes it into the energetic core as well as expressing information from the energetic core
  • It is connected to our Chakras, the Dantiens, the Taiji Pole, Grid, the Stellar Diamond
  • It filters our perceptions

One of the best ways I can help you understand the effect of the Assemblage Point is to for you to think of a time that you have fallen in love. The whole world turns rosy! That neighbour/relation/colleague that has always been so annoying in your daily life, suddenly becomes quite an OK guy and you even share a joke together. The sunsets are extraordinary, food tastes better, the wind in your hair is caressing (instead of frustrating!), you can find beauty in all of the world. How? Why? How can life be experienced so differently simply because you are in love? The answer is held in your energy. When we fall in love, the Assemblage Point moves, sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly, depending on its original position. As it moves, we see the world differently. We experience the world differently, and thus, the world is different. Our energy fields hold our consciousness and when we change our energy fields, our consciousness changes.

So, if you didn’t click on those links to watch Jay, Susan and Paul, then go ahead and do it now. Watch for how, when they begin to sing or dance, they transform. Energetically, their Assemblage Point lights up and begins to vibrate as such a deep resonance that the chakras change their vibration, the aura changes its vibration, their entire energy changes; they are literally rewired as they sing/dance. And we can notice it show up in their eyes, their body stance, and in the fact that their nervousness disappears; it is transformed as they transcend the personal.

One of the clearest examples is to see Paul Potts when he is getting ready to go on stage, when he is presenting himself to the judges, and asking the assistant to turn on the music. His nervousness and insecurity is thoroughly apparent. Then we catch a glimpse of him as he prepares himself. Watch his eyes! You’ll see the moment that the assemblage point comes into alignment as his eyes suddenly shift deeper, and become more focused; the nervousness goes and he stands there a pillar, a strength, composed. And then he opens his mouth and magic happens as Nessun Dorma pours from his soul. But then, watch once he finishes singing. Within a second, you see his smile suddenly droop, his eyes shift as he is simply Paul standing in front thousands of people waiting to be judged. His assemblage point has moved back into its ‘usual’ position. Of course, the more he sings, his confidence grows, his personal power and energy grows and his Assemblage Point remains in its enlivened, empowered position.

With Susan Boyle, The Assemblage point begins to move as she hits the higher note (BY) of the opening sentence ‘I dreamed a dream of time gone BY’. By the time she starts the second sentence ‘I dreamed that life would never DIE’ it is fully in its aligned place and from then on it seamless beauty. Her Assemblage Point stays in place as she walks off the stage, but as she turns once she is called back on by the judges, it slips. Not much, she is still in her deep alignment, but is suddenly aware of where she is and what she has just done. Her assemblage point looks more resilient than Paul’s and his disclosure of years of bullying helps explain that.

And finally, to finish where we started; Strictly Come Dancing. In the clip that I have put on, you get to see the very start of the dance where Jay and his partner are sitting at the table. It is AMAZING to watch his assemblage point as it is literally moving between where it ‘usually’ sits and where it is about to be transported to. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Hanging out in front of his chest and then shifting higher, connecting right into the 6th chakra so that it hovers somewhere in front of his nose (often,  when I’m teaching about the Assemblage Point I’ll ask people to think of the Snitch in the Harry Potter movies as there are appropriate similarities!).

And then, with Jay, the instance the music starts, the Assemblage Point settles into its inspired, aligned position and he moves. Interesting as he actually holds the bridge of his nose for a second at the exact point it settles in. Whether that was choreographed or spontaneous, I don’t know, but it makes great sense energetically. From that point on, the dance is quite remarkable, and is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you even if you don’t like dance. We are all humans, and seeing such human transformation speaks to our depths and our essence. And, what I love about watching Jay’s energy is that over the previous few weeks, his Assemblage Point is changing its ‘usual’ position. So, now, at the end of the dance, it doesn’t return to where it was in Week 1, it is raising, enlivening, shining brighter, and being the guiding light that will carry him forward. And maybe, just maybe, inspire a few of us towards our deepest alignment too.

with love, Prune


Beltane and May Day

Happy Beltane! Today and tomorrow herald the Celtic festival of Beltane, the turning of the cosmological wheel where we move from spring towards the early bloom of summer.

Many of us will know this turning of the wheel in our memories of May Day, and some of us may live in communities that still celebrate it! In Helston in Cornwall today and tomorrow will see the ancient ceremony of the Hobby Oss  

In Germany this turning of the wheel will be celebrated with Walpurgis night, in many countries May Day is a labour day where traditional workers had the day off to celebrate in community, and in the UK tomorrow, many communities will be celebrating with May Pole dancing,  I remember as a child dancing around the May Pole, following ancient footsteps to dance and weave the red and white ribbons until the pole was intricately wrapped, symbolising fertility and the merging of yin and yang.

Usually boys dance in one direction holding red ribbons while the girls dance in the opposition direction holding white ribbons (although in my memory I was holding a red ribbon!), each direction represented the way in which the yin energy rises from the earth up to the sky, and the yang energy descends from the sky towards the earth. Merging in peace and power. Just as it does in each of us.

Known as a cross quarter day, in that it is positioned between the vernal equinox and the summer soltice, Beltane represented by the  archetype of the maiden, which is why we have the May Queen crowning, to honour the gentle, early yin fertility and to marry it to the rising yang/sun energy so that all of creation can benefit. While the May Day festivities held the balance of yin and yang, the Edinburgh Beltane Fire festival represents a wilder and fiercer side of Beltane. Feasting, revelry, fire breathers, and bonfires big enough to either terrify or inspire awe, calling on the fire to help the sun return in its fullness and power. .

And this is a lusty time of year, where traditionally festivals would honour procreation and the sacred merging of yin and yang. This is a time that there may have been celebrations that included sex and any ‘cultural norms’ regarding morality were given the night off during the Beltane celebrations. An interesting product of this event was that babies that were conceived at the time of Beltane were likely to be claimed by the community to grow versed in spiritual and healing knowledges, understanding that they were conceived within a powerfully sacred energy.

All in all, big energies today and tomorrow. Celebrate life, celebrate abundance and the wonder of how our Earth supports us. Look for balance in yourself even as the push and pull of Beltane can create paradoxes for us to explore. Honour your male friends and female friends, dance, be glad for the gift of life. These times of transition call for bravery and silliness, resolution and irreverence, and Beltane leads the way.

with love, Prune

Healing the Waters; follow up

First, a great bow of gratitude for everyone who was a part of the collective consciousness in working with healing the waters throughout the month of February. More than 50 crystals were sent from many different parts of the world, as well as prayers, wishes and songs given up as offerings to waters close to the participants hearts.  If you missed the original posting then you can read more here.

I placed many of the crystals in and around the poisoned Well, and others are now being part of a web of healing connectivity as they work with other sacred Wells and waters.  I wanted to write an update for those of you who participated, and even if you didn’t at the start, it is always possible to connect into the web of healing that is being continually reinforced and enlivened as we continue to send our prayers, love and healing energy to the waters.

I began the work with the Well in Tywardreath on 1st February, Imbolc; St. Brigid’s day,  by meditating at the poisoned Well, bringing a favorite vase to place flowers in. At that point the energy around the well was flat, heavy, dense and non-vibrant Along with one of the care-takers of the Well, we worked in ceremony and began placing some of the crystals around or in the water. At that time, as I have already written, the energy of the well was stagnant and internal, no longer holding the vibrant and dynamic energy that it previously had. Over the month, I continued to work with the Well and the crystals, some called to be placed in the water , some at water level, and others in the walls, and vegetation surrounding the Well.

A web of crystal energy began to form. On sunny days, it looked like the web was being magnified, pulling energy from the water, even as energy was being given to the water. The air around the Well began to have more movement, swirls of light and radiance began to come back, although the energy in the water itself looked as thick and murky as ever. At this point, I began to bring water from other sacred Wells in the area, to pour into the poisoned water; bringing the healing from St. Brevita’s Well in Lanlivery, St.Neot’s Well in St.Neot, and the Chalice Well from Glastonbury.  And still the crystals and stones poured in. Each day my mailbox received another powerful gift, imbued with healing and love.

The end of February was drawing near, a web of crystal energy was becoming stronger and stronger, but it still felt like work was to be done. The full moon came a few days into March and I wondered if, perhaps, this cycle of the work would be complete by then. At the full moon I went to the Well with more crystals, but still the guidance was to continue the work. So I did, we did, as the stones still came in. International ones that had travelled far; Australia, Brazil, Austria, America. Stones that had been bathed in grottos and lakes, wells and streams, held in rain water and blessed in ancient watery power.

By the end of March, the Well was changing. A power, a depth was returning to it, in a way that I had never seen before. The fronds and vegetation in the water became covered with a bright green coating  making fascinating fractal patterns just under the surface of the water. The energy was deep and moving in an internal vortex, being supported by the light, bright crystal web above it. It looked like the water was fighting back against the poison. A thick, deep rejection of toxicity.

And still the work was not complete. Last week I went to Ireland. At Powerscourt waterfall I gave a striking crystal quartz wand that was gifted, honouring the land, the ancestors, and the waters. It felt like a piece of the energy of the Well changed with that action. The next day, I offered a crystal to the lake at Glendalough. Powerful, peaceful and expansive. Ah…another shifting in the Well energy. And then two days later, found myself (through a series of unplanned and wonderful coincidences) getting out of the car as St. Brigid’s Well in Kildare.

Three teenagers were sitting by the momument to Brigid, hanging out with their dogs and each other. We stayed for a while as the dog played agility by leaping over the well, the streams, the stones, the monument. A seamless weaving of sacred and daily, of reverence through fun, of the extraordinary within the ordinary. I stayed to work with the Well long after the teenagers had left.  Watching older folk come with their grace and reverence, crossing themselves as the approached the waters, casually stroking a hand over Brigid’s shoulder as they passed. The easy love, the easy care, the easy place within Creation. The energy of the Well was timeless, swirling vortexes of golden energy to and from the Well, spiralling patterns travelling a significant distance from the waters. Powerful, ancient, life-giving. It felt like a Mother Well, watching and protecting, offering and accepting, lighting the way for anyone who come.

I arrived home late last night and have not yet gone to the Well in Tywardreath, but I know a change is happening. We will be coming to the next turning in the Celtic wheel in only 2 more weeks, Beltane on April 30th, and I feel that this cycle of working with the Well may be complete at that time.  I will continue to place flowers at the Well, and to light a candle whenever I work with it, watching, loving and praying for all of the waters, all of us, and all of creation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, it is truly my honour to be part of this work with you, (and for those of you who are still sending in crystals then know that I will continue  to work with then in this connective and powerful work).


Expressing your truth; finding your power

Astrologically, we have a big day coming up. This Friday is the Spring Equinox. It is also a New Moon, and a Full Solar Eclipse.  The Equinox energy begins today and lasts for 3-4 days so we can ride the wave of harmony that the Equinox brings, even as we are asked to stretch and expand by the power of the Solar Eclipse. All astrologers agree that it is an immensely powerful day energetically, maybe the most powerful in all of 2015. So what can we do to work with these energies? How do we house them or match them? How can we work in harmony with them?

As ever, with everything (!) the most important aspect is to be well grounded over these next few days. This is getting increasingly difficult with the rising intensity and shifting grounds of our times, so it is great to be mindful of it through conscious grounding. You can do this by being outside in nature, meditating, loving and by working with any of these exercises:

Spooning your feet
Connecting Heaven and Earth
Embracing the Sun
The Hook Up
Heaven Rushing In 

(If you want to learn more about grounding you can read more here )

So, starting from being connected to the earth, this is a time to sit deep within ourselves, even as we move forward. Holding a dichotomy of stillness and action, depth and expansion, internal and external, yin and yang. ‘Ah, that old chestnut.’ I hear you say. ‘Just the small task of being perfect and holding it all together’. Actually no. This is the time to take the throat chakra and release it in its immensity. Time to throw out everything that has been swallowed down, or diluted to make it more appeasing. This is the time to speak your truth. This may be with peace and clarity, it may be in awkwardness and hesitancy, it may be that you ROAR YOUR TRUTH OUT LOUD, or sing it to the earth and the stars.

The throat chakra is unique in that it holds channels within it governed by each of the other chakras. That is because of the throat chakras primary role as integrator and communicator of the whole of the chakra system. Perhaps think of each chakra as a musical instrument. The base chakra is an instrument that has a deep vibration, maybe a big drum beating out the sacred beat of your life. The sacral chakra is  a little higher in its vibration, a playful cello, the solar chakra higher still, perhaps a trumpet, while the heart may hold the lyricism of a harp. For the third eye think Aker Bilk on the soprano saxophone, and the crown chakra holding the vibration of the finest, purest, highest note you can imagine (I know it’s not exactly an instrument but the closest I have heard to the sound of the Crown Chakra was a skylark singing a summer song. It seemed to hold the last note simply to please all of Creation).  But the throat chakra is the orchestra. It takes the tones, timbres and notes of all the other chakras and lets them run through the centre of itself. When the throat chakra is out of balance then we can imagine it is a bit like when the orchestra is warming up, lots of notes and tunes all being played simultaneously but not in harmony. It might produce cacophony of sound and vibration that never quite seems connected to each other (do you ever feel like that?).   It is the role of the throat chakra, in its exquisite fineness of vibration, to allow all of the individual tunes, and all of the notes, but hold them together at just the right tempo, pitch and tone so that each chakra sings its own song while creating something larger than itself. When this happens the sounds of your life become integral, authentic and expressive of the fullness of your soul.You can help this energetic movement by 
stretching the chambers of the throat chakra regularly. By stretching each of the chambers you are able to clear congested or stagnant energy in the individual chakra so that it is able to flow easily and effectively through the integrative throat chakra. A bit like keep your instruments cleaned and tuned so the orchestra sounds wonderful!

During the powerful cosmic energies of the next few days allow the possibility of connecting into an awareness of something bigger than yourself, bigger than humanity and even bigger than our collective human consciousness. These energies are truly cosmic, and our beautiful planet is an essential part of the cosmos. Allow the energy of the planets and stars to move through your body, holding you safe and strong, as you speak, sing, write, dance, draw your biggest truth, your deepest self.

We are all connected to each other and all of Creation. We are all loved and supported. I’ll be dancing my truth tomorrow, for the Earth, for myself and each of you. Prune