How do screens affect us?

Rewiring our energetic software for our modern world.
Growing up as a child and youth in this modern era is an amazing, dynamic and stimulating time of daily technological advancements that are uploaded to devices ever attached to our fingertips. It can also be inherently stressful, with no or little time or space for more traditional ways of interacting with friends, nature or the broader social community. There are days when, if allowed (!) my 14 year old son would be sitting in our living room, playing computer games with 5 or more of his friends, while each are firmly ensconced in their own living rooms.  All their communication is being done via either the headset or the typepad.  The constant thrum of social cyber living is in most rooms of most houses as computers, smart TVs and mobile devices provide entertainment, social networking, chat time, news, information, shopping and many other ‘needs’ . Bruce Lipton reminds us that the average child has access to more information in their backpack than was ever available to Maggie Thatcher or Ronald Reagan! We live in a very different world of information than ever before. And there are huge pluses to this, but there are also huge downsides.
Energetically we evolved at time when our greatest stresses were drought, famine and the sabre-tooth tiger. Occasionally there was a threat from a neighbouring clan.
These are all very quantifiable stresses, and usually quite rare. We faced them as a social community and created solutions and survival strategies. I have already written on the general way in which our energy systems are having to learn how to redefine or evolve beyond our traditional concept of threat and danger (Surviving or Thriving) but in this article I want to concentrate on the ways in the we all, and especially our children, can use energy medicine techniques to help with both the insidious and overt stresses of our technological age.
I have plenty of opportunity to observe children. I grew up in a home of 6 children and an open door, and although I have only two children there is a constant stream of other children coming and going through our house with sleepovers,playtimes, visits and regular drop ins. I know for some parents that isn’t  their ideal situation, but I love it. And there are a few things that I notice as I see children’s energy before, during and after interacting with screens (tablets, Xbox, television).
  1. The organisation of the energy fields before screen interaction and after screen interaction are significantly different
  2. Up until about 60-90 minutes of screen time, the extent of post-screen disorganisation  depends on the extent of pre-screen organisation
  3. No-one is unaffected by being on screens, no matter how organised their energy fields or how short a time they are on the screen.
  4. Games that involve adrenaline (fighting/racing/shooting/being chased etc) have a more immediate and greater effect on the organisation of the energy systems than games/screen time that do not produce adrenaline.  It also takes longer to correct or re-organise their systems.
  5. Some children (and adults) have more sensitive energy systems and as such are more affected by the energy fields of electrical devices.
So, as ever with energy medicine, the good news is that you can do something about this! It doesn’t mean ban your children from being on screens, or give up your job because it involves being infront of a computer. Rather, learn how to keep your energy systems balanced so that you and they are more resilient to interacting with screens, and know what to do after you have been using screens in order to minimise the negative effect and to evolve the energy systems into full health, resiliency and vitality.
What happens when you sit in front of a screen for longer than your energy systems can hold? At first the aura reaches out to the screen, assessing it and interacting with it. If you are reading information (such as a cooking recipe) then this interaction minimises as your aura recognises that it has an electrical and electromagnetic energy, but isn’t sentient. The energy from the screen can still freeze your electrical energy around your eyes but often just moving away from the screen and moving through your daily life (in this case making the recipe that you have just looked up), your energy fields will adjust themselves back to coherence. This is much more likely if you are in a good place of organisation and resiliency in the first place (keep doing that Daily Energy Routine!)
If the screen interaction is a game, music video, YouTube video etc then the aura continues to interact with it in a much more dynamic way. After a while, this begins to drain the aura until the aura in front of the trunk and face is thin and holey and often detaches.
Meanwhile, the cross-over patterns in the body increasingly become more and more homolateral, the ability to process neurologically also becomes compromised and after a while, the ability to stay grounded or with the correct polarity also becomes compromised. Time after time, I see a child with a dynamic, vibrant, connected energy system, sink and sink when involved with a screen until they look like someone who is managing a chronic illness.  Without energy medicine techniques, the patterns do eventually rebuild, taking anything from a 30 minutes to a few hours  but meanwhile, you are managing a child who is feeling dreadful. This can show up as them being hyperactive, restless, exhausted, moody. Does any of this sound familiar? And how about if you think about yourself, at the end of day on a computer?
So, what can you do about it?
Daily techniques that help repattern your energies after you have interacting with a screen.
  1. The Four Thumps
  2. Activating the Cells (Expelling the Venom)
  3. The Celtic Weave
  4. The Zip Up
  5. The Hook Up
Usually, this little series of exercises is enough to bring organisation right back into the system. If still feeling less than vibrant and energised then you or your child can also put in the Crown Pull and the either the Wayne Cook exercise or the Neurological Processing exercise.  All of these mentioned exercises can be found on videos at my website or my YouTube channel
with love, Prune

The Wisdom of the Womb; Soul, Sex, Sensuality and Power

Do you know, that when you were born you were born with all the eggs that you have produced in your fertile cycle? That means that when you were in your mother’s womb, you already had those eggs.
Just as your mother was a baby girl with all her eggs inside her mother’s womb.
This means that your grandmother’s womb held the baby girl with her eggs, one of which became you. You (in your egg form) were inside your grandmother’s womb.
OMG! I have known this fact for decades, but it still blows my mind and heart. Because I am a woman, and because they were women, I was inside my grandmother’s womb (a grandmother I never met as she died when my mother was young), and yet, we are linked through our wombs down the generations of women. The power and sacredness of the womb is something that can never be captured by the bio-medical view of the ‘uterus’.
And often, we come to sex with no concept of the power, the sexiness, and the desires of the womb. Have you ever thought about the different types of orgasm you experience?
Energetically, there are three different types of orgasms; the clitoral orgasm that is gorgeous and sends waves of energy and warmth from the external genitals (clitoris, labia), into the vagina where it gets transmitted through the penetrating flow everywhere in the trunk. Sort of on a scale of 4 or 5. Lovely. The aura enlivens, the electrical system dances and waves, the radiant circuits glow, the chakras get a good dusting.
The vaginal orgasm is a bit deeper than this. This is the stuff of the famed g-spot (although what that is I have no clue!). The energy of this orgasm begins deeper in the body, not quite the womb, but in the vagina, the clitoris, the perineum and as it waves through the body it has a deeper core to it. 7 or 8 on the orgasm Richter scale. The chakras shift and expand pop, pop pop, the electrical system sparks brighter, the aura gets strengthened, the radiant circuits bloom.
And then there is the womb-gasm. This is the full engagement of the fibres, nerves, and consciousness of the womb as well as your clitoris, vagina, perineum. It rises and rises, until it is held in the womb, to be released in a watery fire explosion through all of the lower body, reaching into the heart field and taking a second explosion as the empowered electrical field of the womb meets the electrical field of the heart. Off the scale. These are often the orgasms that release a load of emotion with them, either tears, laughter, both, or simply emotions that are so big that for a few breaths they roll through you again and again as you experience them as too powerful for words or consciousness. The aura explodes into colours and connectivity, the radiant circuits gets wired in power and grace, the meridians become super charged and balanced, electrically everything is aligned and connected in flow and power, and the energetic core comes alive. And this is the difference between the 3 types of orgasm. When you experience a womb-gasm, the energetic core starts shining your bright soul light through your physical body, through your energetic body and into the world. You literally light up the world. This is all to do with your womb, and is irrespective of whether you are giving yourself an orgasm, whether you are having oral, penetrative, anal or any other kind of sex. Any kind of sex can be womb sex, and any kind of sex can be far, far away from even touching soul/womb connection.
What I really want you to hear, is that as women, there is only one way to shine this soul light in this way, and that is through connection to the womb. When you are in relationship with your womb, compassion for yourself is at the very centre of your experiencing and your sensuality comes into every part of your life. You notice the world around you, you experience your essential role in it. Your soul is sensual, and when you are in relationship with your womb, you are a sensuous being, loving your world and your life.
Sensuality is so very different from sexuality. Sensuality is to do with the experiencing of the senses, sexuality is to do with sex (or gender, but in this article, we are going to be using the word ‘sexuality’ to refer to sex rather than gender).
The reason that there is a HUGE difference between sensuality and sexuality is that one isn’t loaded with social and personal expectations! Sensuality is touching, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing. I am a deeply sensuous person. I love touching things just to feel them, the texture of food is as important to me as the taste, I notice and adore the smells of the universe, I notice all the little sounds around me (from someone grinding their teeth, to the birds starting their morning warm up). Are you sensuous? Are you in relationship with them? Do you ever thank your nose just because you can smell? When you see that soul-touching sunset, do you feel amazed at your own eyes as well as the colours in the sky?
When we are deeply connected to our womb, each of us have the ability to be exquisite beings living a sensual, soulful experience.
Find out more & join Prune for a live webinar on Facebook this Sunday 25th November @ 1pm GMT or to dive deeper into your own amazing and powerful  womb wisdom join Prune for The Wisdom Womb retreat, January 2019

Your womb is filled with wisdom!

Do you listen to the immense wisdom of your womb?
I am so fascinated by the womb. It holds an energy unlike any other in the body and when I look at it, one of the things I see energetically that most intrigues me is the way that it is connected to so much more in the body; the heart, the kidneys, the breasts, the soul. Filaments of golden light emanate from the womb, connecting, questing, asking for you to reach your consciousness down to her so that she may show you more. And this is whether or not you still have a womb. If you are a woman then the energy of the womb is within you.
The womb is deeply sacred. She is the power that sits deep inside us, guiding us and wanting us to greet her and know her secrets. She houses our creativity and our fertility, not just for our physical children but also for all of our creativity and fertility. She will take our pain and fear deep into her house to protect us and help us walk our way forward in our world without having to experience their proximity. She is fierce, burning with rage if our children are threatened or wronged. She is fire and water perfectly balanced, living in close relationship with the soul, and when we are listening to her, when we are connected to our womb, we are never alone. We know our power, we know our strength, we know that beauty is what is held inside and we emanate that power, strength and beauty through our whole body. When we are in relationship with our womb, we are mighty women, able to laugh and to cry openly and easily, able to galvanise communities with the warmth of our connection to self and others. Each of our wombs are connected to the womb of the world, and from there, we are always nourished, always loved, always wanted, always belonging. The power and sacredness of the womb is something that can never be captured by the bio-medical view of the ‘uterus’.
When you are in relationship with your womb, your sensuality reaches into your soul and every part of your life. You notice the world around you, you experience your essential role in it, you are a sensuous being, loving your world and your life.
Click on the player below to listen to Prune sharing more about the amazing power of the your Womb, in a recent interview on the Energy Medicine Summit.
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What is special about the Autumn Equinox?

This evening we will experience the Autumn Equinox. At 1.54am UTC the Earth’s central plane (the equator) passes the centre of the sun. At this time the Earth’s axis is not tilted either towards or away from the sun meaning that the length of the day is equal at all points on the Earth’s surface. The days and the nights are also of equal length. Although the exact point of passing is at 1.54am UTC (2.54am here in the UK) the unique energy of the Equinox time cocoons us for three or four days and happens twice a year in Spring and autumn. These equinoxes partner the summer and winter solstices in being points in the cosmological turning of the wheel.

So there is a very special energy building around us and will still be here for the these next few days and I wanted to share with you some of the characteristics of this energy.

The most striking difference when we come into the equinox times is that there is a stillness in the energy of the earth. Like a pause. A time for balance. It hangs in the air and sits on the grass like blanket mist, touching all of the earth and her inhabitants with a gentle invitation to pause, balance and feel the stillness.

We can choose to work with this pause in different ways. This is the time to honour the fruits of the spring and summer and begin to prepare for the turning inward that occurs during the darker days and longer nights. Perhaps we do more work in our dreamtimes, or find that our mediations have a different quality to them. For many people sitting in stillness at the equinoxes is easier than at other times where there is a more inherent push/pull energy surrounding the Earth. Perhaps this is a time when you are called to reconnect with friends, to celebrate the continued rich harvest of the heart that friends bring to us year in and year out and the fulfilment of the soul that such friends enable.

Have you ever stood in the middle of a see-saw (teeter-totter for those of you in North America), standing with one foot on the left branch of the see-saw, and one on the right? Knowing that you holding the power of balance, movement or stillness in your body and your legs. If you intend your weight and energy through the left leg then that side of the see-saw moves toward the ground. If you intend your weight and energy through the right leg then that side of the see-saw moves to the ground. If you centre your weight and your energy that you remain still, in balance. This is the place that we exist within during the 3 days of Equinox enegy.

For many cultures this Autumn Equinox encourages us to begin to pass within. A little like one part of our being is still in the activity and joy of the shift from Summer to Autumn, and one part of our being is in the stillness and depths of winter.  Gradually we turn our attention away from the external and enter the depths of ourselves. Our intentions can be around gathering understandings about the spring and summer learnings, and taking time to assimilate such understandings so that we might learn the lessons (the easy ones and the challenging ones) of the last 6 months.  You might do this though taking meditative walks through nature, being in silence for several hours, journalling, singing or dancing the shift between movement and stillness.

This is also a great time to connect into the moon.  This is because the moon closest to the Autumn Equinox, known as the Harvest Moon, has a very special astrological attribute. For a few days around this Harvest Moon, that occurs on Monday night, the timing of the moonrise is different from the rest of the year. Usually, the moonrises 50 minutes later each day. But during the time of the full Harvest Moon, it switches to rising a little under 50 minutes each day. This aids the feeling of stillness, of potential shift, and readies us for the moment towards winter. Take time to notice the moon rise over these next few days. You can deeply ground this shift in your own being by working with a powerful energy medicine technique to support the Stellar Diamond energy system, especially at sunrise, sunset or moonrise. This supports your energetic core to keep you expansive and safe as you move through the seasons and grounds you into the cosmic web to ensure your vitality and wisdom.

With blessings to you at this special time of year,  Prune

What does the Daily Energy Routine do for you?

Often in my blogs I cite Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine as a foundational starting point for beginning to evolve your energy systems towards patterns of full health and vitality. Donna’s great book, ‘Energy Medicine’, explains the Daily Energy in several chapters.

In this blog, I thought it would be useful to summarise why the Daily Energy Routine is so transformative. We are a living, pulsing, highly co-ordinated electrical and electromagnetic organism. Scientists such as Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, William Bengston, James Oschman and Rupert Sheldrake (to name just a few) are bringing understandings that our whole-body system is not governed by the brain as was the primary thesis in the 50s,  or our genes as was the primary thesis of the previous 30 years. Rather we are held, nurtured and developed through a greater energy field. The energy systems that make up this greater energy field are subtle, electromagnetic and electric, and are what in Consciousness Energetics I refer to as the ‘whole-body system’.

David Feinstein has written a quite brilliant article on the 6 Pillars of Energy Medicine and if you haven’t read it then I highly recommend it for helping yourself become deeply familiar with the terminology and  premise of the energetic paradigm. His article can be found here . We have been so steeped in the terminology and precepts of the biomedical paradigm that there is much about the energy paradigm that can seem hugely woo-woo! But it is grounded in ancient understandings, science and practice-based evidence.

So, the basic principle of the energy paradigm is that our energy moves in patterns of optimum health and vitality. When we are tired, stressed, or in danger, our energy patterns move into patterns of survival or maintenance. Such patterns can either prime us for fight/flight or freeze, or they can make us tired, clumsy or forgetful. This then slows us down, inviting sleep. During the sleep time when much of the active functioning of the body (sight, movement etc) is slowed down, the energetic patterns are able to find their balance back into the template of optimum health and vitality. What can really mess with these instinctive patterns of optimum health and vitality is sustained stress, threat or tiredness as we simply don’t have the energy/time/space in our lives to recharge. Thus, the patterns that are trying to respond to stress or tiredness become more and more entrenched in our systems until these patterns have become patterns of imbalance. Over a period of time, such patterns can result in ill-health.

The Daily Energy Routine affects much within your energy systems. Doing it regularly begins to establish new patterns of health, and supports those that are already in their effective and healthy patterns. It provides a vast foundation for all of your health and well-being to improve. You can watch the Daily Energy Routine on my Youtube channel.

Click here to do the Daily Energy Routine with me.

Specifically, the Daily Energy Routine helps;

  • Grounding (Hook Up, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Celtic Weave, Four Thumps)
  • Cross-over pattern in your whole-body system (Homolateral Cross Over, Wayne Cook, Celtic Weave)
  • Neurological processing (Wayne Cook, Homolateral Cross Over, Crown Pull, Hook Up, Zip up, Neurolymphatic reflex massage)
  • Increase oxygen (Freeing the Diaphragm, Crown Pull)
  • Eyesight (Four Thumps, Connecting heaven and earth)
  • Sense of safety (Zip up, Hook up, Celtic Weave, Four thumps)
  • Metabolism (Four thumps, Connecting heaven and earth)
  • Connectivity with self and others (Four thumps, Zip Up, Hook Up, Celtic Weave)
  • Relieving stress (Crown Pull, Freeing the Diaphragm, Hook up, Celtic Weave)
  • Recovery from ill health or disease (Homolateral repatterning, Celtic Weave, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Four thumps)

The Daily Energy Routine takes less than 10 minutes and can transform your life. The energetic paradigm does not have to be a mystery to any of us, it is tangible, effective and empowering.

Enjoy! With love, Prune

Step into your most beautiful life

Energetically, each one of our energy systems are involved with keeping us alive and allowing us to live our most balanced, vital experience. They hold the balance between our ability to survive and our ability to thrive, a balance that is dynamic and changes with every thought or situation.

Whatever your cosmological view, I hope we can all agree on the fact that we are not here only to survive, we are capable of far more than that. When we are in survival mode then we are living the most constricted existence we are capable of. Surviving is hand to mouth existence. It is having to fight for your place. It is having to continually effort to be heard or respected. Surviving is feeling joyless. Surviving is that feeling you get some days when you wake up and the only thing you look forward to is being able to go back to bed at the end of the day. Surviving is stress.

When someone is in this survival state then there are several things going on simultaneously in their energy systems. The hind brain, or reptilian brain, is running the show sending a cascade of stress hormones through the body and shutting down your neo-cortex capacity for logic and creativity. At this point you are operating within a vastly reduced capacity. Your fight/flight/freeze system (known in Chinese medical philosophy as the  Triple Warmer system) is also in high alert, meaning that there is ultra-vigiliance through all of the meridian system, the aura, and the chakras and your entire biofield of information. For many people this triggers a lack of groundedness, the heart energy sinks either internally for protection, or it literally bottoms out so that it looks like the heart energy is sagging and defeated. A highly defensive, well-armoured hopelessness would be the best way to describe the effect that being in survival mode long term has on your energy systems. How your energy fields react to all of this superstructure patterning will be specific to you, and that is why stress is so very difficult for the bio-medical approach to effectively treat.

At this point, we should emphasis that there are sometimes in our life when it is very relevant for us to move into a survival mode and we are perfectly created in order to do so. Perhaps we need to cross a busy road and we need our hyper vigilance in order to do so safely. Perhaps we are in a traumatic situation such as a car crash and need our whole body system to go into survival in order to deeply heal and repair injuries etc. We can always trust that there are times when we truly do have use of the incredible ability of our whole body system to keep us alive, just as a zebra does when it runs from a predator. But the essential difference is that when our energy systems were becoming so finely tuned such survival threats were short lived. Stress came into the system, (a sabre toothed tiger), emergency responses get activated (we get ready to run or hide), the situation changes (the tiger goes away), our energetic and physical state assesses the situation has passed (blood starts to flow between the hind brain, the limbic brain and the neo-cortex) and we return to a peaceful, balanced equilibrium (adrenaline is no longer produced and can be processed out of the body).

The huge difference in our modern existence is that for most people, we are living within survival hyper-arousal every waking minute. And if this is your energy pattern in your waking minutes then it won’t change when you are asleep, meaning at best, sleep that isn’t restorative and at worst, an inability to sleep.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do to help change your energy patterns from that of survival to that of thriving. So what does it feel like to thrive?

Thriving is living the most expansive existence you are capable of. It is that feeling that nothing is insurmountable, even if it is challenging. It is seeing the magnificence in all of creation. Thriving is when you know that you are swimming downstream in your life. Thriving is being able to burst out laughing with no hesitation. It is being able to live from your heart centre with trust and openness. Thriving is being able to say, ‘I love myself. I love all of creation’.

For a simple and powerful way to repattern the fight/flight/freeze response use this great exercise as you move more and more along your journey of health and vitality.

With love, Prune


Why love your adrenal glands?

Have you experienced any stress this week? Likely, the answer is YES!

When you are stressed it is really easy to move into hormonal havoc, with your stress hormones interrupting the finely tuned hormonal balance that operates throughout your whole body system.  Your hormones are highly sensitive, and are therefore highly responsive. This is great news for those of you who work consciously to maintain balance in your life through exercise, nutrition, down time, and play time as each breath or thought can help can help move you back towards calm and relaxation. However, because your stress hormones are so highly sensitive, they can also get locked into a pattern of stress response where even if you try to relax, you simply can’t. How many of you know what it feels like to have a continual list going on inside your head or all the things you should do, have done, will do, or need to do. You lie on the sofa to take 10 minutes out and  before you know it you are more stressed while you grab for a pen and paper or reach for your phone to write down the growing list. Or maybe you are hit by a lethargy and reach instead for a large glass of wine and the Netflix remote to binge on more box sets. This is hormonal stress kicking showing up! And a powerful place to start shifting this in the body are the adrenal glands.

Sitting on top of the kidneys and responsible for the production of adrenaline, the adrenal glands are responsible for our fight, flight, freeze response. In Chinese medical philosophy, they are governed by a system called Triple Warmer which is an energy channel (meridian) and a key player in the protective systems that keep us alive when we are in life-threatening situations. When our Triple Warmer energy perceives we are in a life-threatening situation a series of physiological and energetic processes are enacted that result in us moving our whole-body system into an emergency response reaction. At this point, adrenaline begins to be pumped into our body, triggering cholesterol and estrogen (other stress hormones) to also activate.

One really important fact here is that generally, your body has to choose between making stress hormones and making reproductive/sex hormones. Anytime Triple Warmer rolls out the protective systems then it is stress hormones that begin to rule your body. This is one of the reasons that women can get so hormonally out of balance when they are experiencing long-term stress….the stress knocks out the equilibrium of the reproductive/sex hormones and can send the whole hormonal system into disarray; irritability, sleeplessness, fatigue, polycystic ovaries, fibroids, thyroid imbalance..the list can go on and on. It is a blessing that women’s hormones cycle so regularly as women tend to see the results of stress in their system quite quickly (over a timeframe of only a few months). As long as you are empowered to make the necessary changes (and that is what energy medicine gives you), then you can move your hormonal system back into balance, vitality and health. During the menopause, the adrenal glands begin to take over estrogen production so keeping them healthy before , during and after this powerful stage in life is vital. For more information about how to do this join Prune in her 12 week online program, The Mighty Menopause.

The affect of Triple Warmer setting off the protective alarm is the same in men’s systems, with testosterone getting out of balance and leading to a build up of tension, intensity, overwhelm and sometimes aggression. But one of the challenges with men’s hormones is that the symptoms of imbalance can take longer to show up which means that by the time they do they can be deeply entrenched patterns, such as prostate cancer. Such deep patterns take more work and time to change back into ones of health.

So how do you know if your fight/flight/freeze is engaged and your adrenal glands are overworked? Stress knocks us so off balance, it is addictive and accumulative. This means that even when you know you are stressed, tired and should be looking after yourself, you instead find that you are doing even more work or that suddenly it is imperative that you completely clean the house. You lose your centre and you lose your balance when the adrenal glands are producing adrenaline and cortisol in excess.

When I see someone whose adrenal glands are working too hard then it looks like their whole system is buzzing. Think of how you feel when you feel affected by caffeine…that buzzing feeling deep inside that seems to work throughout all of your cells. Now think of the visuals of that. It is like the aura, the organs, the meridians, the skin, the brain…all are buzzing with an slightly crazed electrical energy, released by the adrenal glands to help you to fight, flee or freeze in order to resolve your perceived life-threatening situation. But if your stressor is your work, your home, your relationship, your financial situation, or the stories told by the media, then your poor adrenal glands are never getting a break. They are working 24/7.

At first it looks like the whole system is buzzing, ready to burst out. Then, after a few weeks or months, it looks like the system is internally collapsing. The best image I can think of is for you to think of your adrenal glands as a black hole that are consuming vast amounts of your energy.

At this point a level of fatigue is settling in and even after a ‘good night’s’ sleep’ you’ll wake up tired. Many people will be turning to sugar at this point as sugar can keep fuelling the adrenal glands in their desperate attempt to keep producing adrenaline. And it will be sugar that never satisfies (which in turn of course plays havoc with your metabolism and your over all energies as the sugar toxifies your system)

If the situation doesn’t alter significantly, then after several months most people will start heading towards adrenal burnout, which is a full system collapse. This can take months or years to come about and months or years to heal from. I work a lot with people who have ME/CFS and without exception they are experiencing adrenal burnout.

So, interested in loving your adrenal glands right back into health and balance? There are many videos that I have up on my youtube channel that are specifically geared to working with triple warmer and the adrenal glands. Here are my favourite three:

Massaging the adrenal gland neurolymphatic reflex points , Triple Warmer Connector

and the Triple Axis hold for hormones  If you are working with stress and compromised adrenal health then this is great to do every few days for several months until you feel that you are back on track with your true health and vitality. You can make such a huge difference to your health, your vitality and your whole life by helping balance your adrenal glands.

With love, Prune

Are you in good relationship with your weight?

Do you struggle with your weight? Weight is an issue that is packed with reference: personal, familial, ancestral, sexual and cultural.  There are few topics that can have so many powerful correspondences attached to them.  Some people want to lose weight, others want to put it on, many would love to be able to take a bit of weight from somewhere on their body and place it somewhere else. My daughter and I were speechless when in a the lingerie department of a department store recently we came across a several pairs of pants with a built-in padded bum! Coming from my family genetics such a padded accoutrement had never crossed my mind!

Too  much or too little weight can be related to serious health issues such as malnutrition, diabetes and heart disease. Bulimia and anorexia compromise the quality of life for thousands of women every year, and increasingly men. According to Anorexia and Bulimia Care, “The UK has the highest rate of eating disorders in Europe and also of self-harm. Exact figures are hard to know. Those quoted in studies etc are only the tip of the iceburg and one must differentiate between figures for those receiving treatment as opposed to those suffering.

Recent figures suggest that 1 in100 women has a clinically diagnosed eating disorder (approx 269,000 females in Eng and Wales alone) and over half have a ‘serious issue with food’ that wouldn’t be clinically diagnosed but causes them significant trouble. Estimates vary, but between 11 and 13 million people in this country have psychological issues or problems connected with food that often leaves them in effect on a permanent diet.  1/4 of adults admit they feel guilty after eating.  1/4 of adults also say that they think they would be happier if they were thinner (when in fact they are not overweight).  6/10 women say they cannot stand the way they look and only 1 in 25 is totally happy with their body.  1 in 6 women and 1 in 10 men regularly skip meals in an attempt to control their weight. On the other end of the weight see-saw is obesity, which is suggested at being more than 50% in the UK.

And of course, this continues to make weight a hot topic. Most highstreet popular magazines devote thousands of pages a year telling you something about your weight, and whatever it is, it’s unlikely to be self-empowering.  Or it purports to be self-empowering within the article and then every second page has advertisements selling slimmer, sexier yous; Slimming pills, slimming drinks, diet fads, exercise crazes!

So, to write a blog on the fullness of weight issues is outside the scope of this blog! But the good news is that Energy medicine approaches can be powerful with all aspects of weight issues, from reconnecting individual self-esteem, to changing negative eating patterns,  to rebalancing your body’s ability to digest and assimilate the  nutrients in food. Because of the complexity of the issue of food and weight, and the way that it is a continual battlefield of advertising companies, multi-national corporations, and political entities such as Dairy Boards or the Sugar Lobby, this may necessitate sessions with an experienced Energy Medicine practitioner. But there is also a lot that you can do yourself to ensure that your relationship with food and nutrition becomes one of balance, health and vitality. Because, you eat every day! There is no getting away from your relationship with food, so the priority becomes to make it a relationship that is healthy and nourishing.

Here are 5 ways to be in good relationship with your weight:

  1. Help your metabolism by stretching regularly. Energetically this keep the Spleen meridian flowing well so that you can metabolise easily. Great stretches for metabolism are the Spleen Stretch and  Connecting Heaven and Earth 
  2. Flush the Spleen meridian so that you keep stagnant energy moving. This will help prevent toxins settling into the system.
  3. Help your fight/flight/freeze response settle down with this simple exercise. When we are stressed we tend to fall out of relationship with our eating and it also greatly affects our hormones. This can often lead us to get the messages in our body to eat more. Keeping the fight/flight/freeze response calm can be key to healthy eating.
  4. Plan ahead. Figure out what food you will be cooking/eating for the next 2 or 3 days and buy accordingly. That way, when you get to having to prepare your food you know what the plan is and are ready to get into action. There is nothing more disheartening than getting to the early evening and then wondering what on earth you are going to eat. That is when it is so easy to choose easy, convenient (and therefore often poor nourishment) choices.
  5. Share your food with friends! Research shows us that eating socially improves our health and our well-being. It doesn’t have to be fancy or cordon bleu, just gather a friend or two and get the health benefits of eating together.

Bon Appetit!


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What can the Spinal Flush do for you?

If there is another person in the room as you are reading this then don’t let them leave….it will be of benefit to you both! One of the most simple and powerful energy techniques that we can share with another person is the Spinal Flush.

A spinal flush can help bring balance to:

Fatigue. Dizzines. Brain fog. Nausea. Indigestion. Negative emotions. Digestive issue.The nervous system. Insomnia. Hormonal imbalances.(Really, the list is endless…..)

By massaging either side of the spine in the spaces between the vertebrae, we are able to affect change within the whole-body system. And this is because these powerful points, known as Shu Points in Chinese medicine, work to stimulate and balance the movement of lymphatic fluid, bring balance to the nervous system and helping us move from stagnation into movement, from restriction into expansion.  Watch a demonstration of the Spinal Flush here on Prune’s YouTube channel.And the great news is that you can do this fully clothed so literally, you can offer and receive a Spinal Flush at any time, any where.

I have yet to meet anyone who can’t give a good spinal flush, but it is like much that we share with another person, it can take time and feedback before we get it right. So be patient with yourself and patient with your partner as you are learning how to give each other the spinal flush that suits their system. Ask if the pressure is correct for that specific point. The objective is to massage each point as deeply as is possible without causing any pain. You will find that some days there are certain points that give a lot of discomfort, and these are the very points that need to be worked the most on that particular day, in order to bring balance to the specific meridians organ system represented by the painful point. In general, and as with all energy balancing approaches, the more regularly you do a Spinal Flush the greater the benefits as the superficial imbalances become non-existent and the deeper health challenges are able to be addressed.

The Spinal Flush is one of our most powerful and simple daily tools to stay healthy, joyful and vibrant. Kids LOVE them (as long as you don’t do it too tickly) and it is a great way to share health and happiness with those you love. It is even easy to incorporate into a long hug with your loved ones.  I hope you enjoy getting and giving a Spinal Flush.

With love, prune