We are the ones we have been waiting for.
A medical intuitive able to see energy since birth, Prune helps facilitate optimum health and vitality. She lives in Cornwall, UK, and is the founder of Imaginal Health; an Institute created to bring awareness and consciousness to the health and harmony of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Prune is a certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and one of Donna Eden’s core faculty in Europe and America. A passionate educator whose primary objective is self-empowerment through knowledge and understanding of energy, she has authored dozens of articles, writes regular blogs and founded the Consciousness Energetics program.
Through Consciousness Energetics, Prune enables individuals, families, community groups and corporations to align their whole-system energies. Such alignment is achieved with sustainability and an understanding that each one of us is part of a matrix of connectiveness and, as such, all actions, thoughts and intentions carry the energetic potential to either enhance, stagnate or damage this vast matrix of connection.
As we walk within this current ecological and social crisis Prune increasingly feels the awakening of ancient energies, returned anew to help reshape our relationships with ourselves, with each other and with all of life on earth.
She divides her time between her teaching and speaking engagements, and nourishing her spirit with all kinds of passions and interests including her beautiful family, horses, bees, spinning, listening to the universe and being in nature.
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Prune offers a range of Energy Medicine and Consciousness Energetics classes through the year.

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  1. Dear Prune,

    Thank you so much you will post the meditation on your Youtube channel! I am looking forward to it. Delighted to have come across your work. I also really loved the sacred figure 8 meditation that was part of your presentation of the summit. Connecting the heart and the womb I remember. So much wonderful material to work with! Thank you again and I will await your post with a smile!

    Warmly, Eveline

  2. Dear Prune,

    As Steph I also listened to your teaching on the energy summit and was amazed and delighted to do the visualization that you gave for the womb. That week a number of amazing things started to happen around suppressed emotions on not having had the chance and possibly not even the possibility of carrying a child and becoming a mother. I feel i am finally on the way of healing these old wounds and your visualization helped me a lot!
    May I ask if you would please consider to offer the visualization as a Youtube video or audio? Or even as an audio one can purchase in your store? It would mean so much! Looking forward to hearing from you..
    Warmly, Ev

    1. Hi Ev, I am so delighted to read of how your connection to your womb has deepened your connection to your healing path. That makes my heart sing with joy! Yes, I will certainly put it up on Youtube. That is a great idea. Can’t promise it will be immediate as I’m into some busy times at the moment, but as soon as there is some free time then I will do. Thanks for the suggestion, with love to you, Prune

  3. Hi Prune

    Listened to you on the Energy Medicine Summit last week. I had never thought about my womb in that way and when I did your visualisation, it was amazing, all tingly and sort of glowing warmly, lovely.
    I was off sick with asthma and that’s how I got to read about the Summit as I had looked up Donna after ‘re reading her Energy Medicine book after a long break . Have you any suggestions as to how I go about ending my asthma? I’ve been told in past life was buried under volcanic ash from Krakotoa. As a child I was very sensitive to others feeling but brought up in an unemotional family Often felt stifled. At work as a mental health social worker in the Midlands I find I can’t help patients as I’d like due to bureaucracy and policy and funding. The Summit has helped me to realise maybe all connected? Started cleansing heart and lung meridians, and wondering if sweating triple warmer an idea as calmness helps my asthma? Feel like the Summit and hearing your warm voice from the UK was a life changing week for a relative novice! Steph xxx

  4. Hi Prune

    Are you personally intending on facilitating the EM Foundations level again in the future? and do you think that there is any possibility of Energy medicine being taught in Cardiff at any point? I am focusing hard on manifesting both!

    1. Hi Trudi, no I will not be teaching Foundations level again in Europe. We have trained some wonderful Foundations teachers and there are many classes now being offered. If you need some help finding one then Innersource.net has all the information for who is teaching where. with love, Prune

  5. Hi Prune. I am looking for someone who practices Eden energy healing or any other energy healing modality in the U.K. Do you have any recommendations. I assume that you do not see private clients any longer. Hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi Lisa, yes, please email me at info@imaginalhealth, and let me know where you are in the UK and what you are looking to achieve with EEM and I will happily make a recommendation.

  6. Dear Prune, I live in Florida USA and I love watching your teaching on YouTube. I love your haircut and I am searching for courage to cut my hair very short. May I ask what inspired your short hairstyle.? Thank you Gabrielle

    1. Hi Gabrielle, it was a shamanic initiation. I went into a barbershop and asked the barber to give me the same haircut as whoever it was he was about to cut. You saw the result!

  7. HI Prune

    Since discovering energy medicine I have been able to increasingly affect my health and well being to the positive.

    I do appreciate your wonderful utube instruction. It has helped round out and increase my ability to learn new techniques.

    I live in the US and have a wonderful facilitator near my home but turn to your website for new insight and to keep my practice on the right track. Thanks

  8. Thank you Prune, for your highly professional colour/elemental work with me; It is unimaginably super! Still processing and experiencing ongoing triggers and gaining fresh insights into the meanings, and purposes in every aspect of my life experiences. It is really empowering to wake up to the reality that I have never been a victim, as I’m the creator of all my experiences.

    1. Thank you for writing such powerful insights, Daphne. Indeed, we are the creators and the co-creators of our world.

  9. Hello Prune! I am so happy to have found your work. You have such a calming and loving presence, I thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I was also wondering if there are any limitations to any of your energy work if one is expecting, and if you may have any particular suggestions for prenatal energy work.

    Lots of love!

    1. Hi Julie, I am so glad that you are going to be loving your liver during your pregnancy. The liver is so very important for hormonal balance. During March we are going to be exploring the hormonal aspects of helping the liver so there will be a lot of information for you to dive into then. There are blogs on my website and some of them explore pregnancy. Most importantly…..be happy, communicate with your baby and spends lots of time being in love with your partner. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy this precious time. with love, Prune

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