Welcome to Imaginal Health

Welcome to Imaginal Health, the website of energy worker and medical intuitive, Prune Harris. Prune created Imaginal Health to bring awareness and consciousness to the health and harmony of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. She is a shamanic practitioner and is a certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and one of Donna Eden’s core faculty in Europe and America. An inspired educator whose primary objective is the self-empowerment of others through knowledge and understanding of energy, she has authored dozens of articles, writes regular blogs and founded the Consciousness Energetics programs, including A Commitment to the Soul.
Journey through the website for information on Consultations, Practitioner Mentoring, Residential Courses, Online Courses and the 2017 Sacred Pilgrimage to Orkney. There are over 150 free videos in the ‘Free Resources’ section as well as hundreds of blogs on Energy Medicine and Consciousness Energetics.
Are you ready to commit to your soul? Are you willing to meet the depth of yourself in joyous acceptance and power?  Do you wonder, ‘Why am I here?,  ‘What is happening to our world?’ ‘How can I really make a difference?’
Then it is time to make a Commitment to the Soul. Your soul. The world soul.
As a shaman and Spirit Walker, Prune has been guided to offer programs that have at their essential core the objective of empowering, enlivening, freeing and reconnecting the Soul in each of us.
There is no single approach to finding this depth of liberation and reconnection. It is as simple as feeling the Soul joy of being with a child who is laughing in delight, and as complex as embracing our individual fears, limitations and personal demons so that we can truly live the life that we came to experience.

Registration for the ‘Love your Liver’ program is now closed, but there will be new programs coming soon.